Elise Stefanik at a Labor Day Parade in Ausable Forks

Elise Stefanik at a Labor Day Parade in Ausable Forks
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Knowing Tom I Don't Think He Feels This Will Get Him in Trouble

Knowing Tom I Don't Think He Feels This Will Get Him in Trouble
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Friday, January 25, 2013

Republicans in Virginia and Other States Hope to Changes the Rules in Bid for White House

     Changing the rules could change the end result, but proposed changes in some states to the method of selecting Presidential electors could favor the GOP, at least the way things are now.
     For as long as anyone can remember, 48 states have allocated electors on a winner take all system. Two states Nebraska and Maine have allocated by Congressional district.
     In fact in 2008, Barack Obama lost Nebraska by a considerable margin but still got one electoral vote because he narrowly carried the state's Second CD based in Omaha.
      An effort is afoot in Virginia and other state's to switch to that system, which in some cases could mean the candidate getting a majority of a state's popular vote would get a minority of the electoral vote.
       This is bringing cries of foul on MSNBC  where commentator Ed Schulz labed the effort, you guessed it, "racist".
        Who carries a given CD isn't necessarily significant to voters making their choice for national office. After all, most CD's are of such a shape, nobody identifies with the blob on a map.
         This move is clearly a gambit to better position the GOP for 2016, so if they lost say a VA or PA, they still get electoral votes. By cherry picking the states where it could help them (and ones where they could get it passed) Republicans could make the system more complicated nationally but more friendly to them.
       Of course they could just nominate a candidate capable of winning a few more states as well as the national popular vote which they lost this time 51-47.

Republicans in Virginia, other states seeking electoral college changes - The Washington Post


Anonymous said...

So you are saying what would be easier is if they just nominated a democrat?

The last guy they nominated was a saint but the MSN, late-night crowd and Hollywood successfully painted him as evil. Mitt could have won if he was running against someone that doesn't give them a tingle up their leg.

Anonymous said...

Mooochele Obama rolls her eyes at boner at the inauguration dinner. What a lovely classy person she be.

cat rancher said...

Look at the Hillary Shuffle from You-tube and realize they have a real shot. Go onto my blog, I have a link.

Anonymous said...

Republican motto: Goodbye e pluribus unum, hello, "Just win, baby".

Anonymous said...

Republican motto: Goodbye e pluribus unum… hello, "Democracy in a Bottle".

Anonymous said...

The guy with the most votes should win. Period. What happened to the "One man, one vote" clause of the Constitution?

I guess the GOP wants to only quote the Constitution when it suits them. GOP = Guns Over People.

Dan Francis said...

I'll try to make this as simple as possible:

The GOP plan is simple:

There are half a dozen states that are controlled by Republicans but that often vote for Democratic presidents.

Since most states (Nebraska and Maine are the only exceptions) use winner-take-all rules, this means that when Democrats win these states they get 100 percent of their electoral votes.

So what would happen if these states instead divvied up their EVs by congressional district?

Some Arithmetic Here

If the congressional district system had been used in these six states in 2012, instead of Obama winning all of their 106 electoral votes, it appears that Romney would have won 61 electoral votes to only 45 for Obama.

As a result, Obama’s margin in the national electoral vote would have been reduced from 332-206 to only 271-267.

That certainly makes things closer, and with a result like that, Republicans would have been in the game .. just a single small state away from victory.

The name of this game: Rig the Vote and System to Win at Any Cost.

Dan Francis said...

She rolled her eyes because Boehner's smoking joke was directed about the Prez toward Mrs. Obama controlling his smoking.

No issue here - stop looking.

Anonymous said...

What about a CD like ours. If we had a proportional share of votes would not that mean the Pres. candidates would hsve to cater to all voters. We never see a candidate as NYC dominates NY politics. It is not worthwhile for the candidate to spend time here. If Romney made one visit here I would bet Obama loses the CD.

Why should certain states get all the power. MSNBC are elitist and wants to shut out the rural vote.

TDS said...

Nothing's stopping Democrats in charge of red states from doing the same thing in their states. In fact, I'm a fan of the proposal. Too many people in this country-- especially around here-- have no say in the process because the cities control the vast rural regions as colonial possessions.

Anonymous said...

Dannie was issued an explanation of Marie Antoinette Obama's childish behavior. His info comes directly for Donkey Central. Thanks, Dannie, for sharing the party line explanation with us. We know we can count on you for the proper, party line spin.

Anonymous said...

Hey 9:05pm, it's called "majority rules." Try and let that sink in for a minute and then get back to us.

Anonymous said...

“MSNBC are elitist and wants to shut out the rural vote.”

WTF!! That hit the gong for me.

Anonymous said...

The latest outbreak of Republican stupidity may actually be good news. They're past the point of caring how desperate they appear and refuse to understand that social media moves at nearly light speed.

If Republicans continue along this avenue there could be hell to pay. If they are successful at doing what they are planning to do (and this is a big IF) it will most likely end up in the Supreme Court anyways.

When you make a minority of rural votes (mostly Republican) worth more than the majority of urban votes (mostly Democrats) and minorities it smacks of voter inequality.

So let the yahoo state legislatures propose voter disenfranchisement. The inevitable backlash may forever shatter the GOP.

Jeff said...

Why bother voting in the other 44 states when it is only up to the "swing states" this is how most voters feel that I know in NY state. I think this would encourage more voters to actually come out and vote since their vote would actually count regionally.

Anonymous said...

Not many Americans live in NY or California. We should find a way to factor that in. If you or your parents haven't held a job in either of your lifetimes, you shouldn't be able to vote. You can still keep your FreeStuff, just not vote.

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike' said...

The 'Stupid' Republican Party:
Sure change the rules, but don't change the image of the Republican Party. That image and lack of real issues gets Gov. Bobby Jindal of Louisiana speaking to all the Republican power brokers at their big get together last week to say, "Really we've got to stop being the 'Stupid' party. Extra funny is he as Governor pushed Creationism versus Evolution in Louisiana schools. At least he knows no Republican wins National office if they talk about Rape, or are against a woman's right to choose. Like Peggy Noonan, respected Conservative commentator for the Wall Street Journal says adopt some Democratic thinking and issues. Like maybe tax cuts for the Rich were a goooood idea and not a 'Stupid' Democratic idea. Like how smart was Gov. Arnold Swartzeneger? Not very – huge deficit and people voted in Jerry Brown. Guess what? Dem. Gov. of California Jerry Brown has a sssssuuuuurrrrrrppppplllllluuuuussssss, (Surplus) you 'Stupid' Romney Republicans and please ''Explain that to each other and tape it, because Democrats may want to use it next election.” I’m so sick of Stupid Conservative Republicans and we all know who you are, Duff, Gun Nut, etc. Get the hell out of Dodge and take the Tea Party crap with you.

Mike Flynn ‘Middle Class Mike’

Anonymous said...

The Constitution was written specifically to stop the majority from ruling. Not only are there situations that require two thirds instead of simple majority, but there are also three branches and one branch has an upper and lower house.

The less populated states get the same share of the upper house as the big and populous states do.

The whole thing was designed with gridlock in mind. The founding fathers rightfully wanted gridlock. They were wise enough to know that any low worth passing or any dollar worth spending should require way more than a simple majority of free$$tuff Mikey ACORN voters.

? said...

They are using the word Progressive to run now Mike, Dan. They use it more and more every day. It will be the rope that hangs them again. Watch and see. You are a Progressive or a Republican. Not both.

By the way Mike, I am sick of you using the word Dodge all the time. It's a great AMERICAN PRODUCT. Please stay away from things us true AMERICANS ENJOY! I have really had enough of that. You drive a BMW? Even the place DODGE is too cool for you anymore. You need to take more classes on CLASS. I enjoy a lot of what you have to say. But that poop is getting old. Step up with new PRODUCTS.

Anonymous said...

Mike and Dan like the present system because it favors urban areas which are controlled by unions aka democrats. These areas are easily manipulated and discrepences in vote tallies are common place.

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike' said...

ANON ? 9:52
? You’re out of your mind, I own a Dodge Truck 3500 Diesel, The words Republican and Progressive aren't mutually exclusive, and their number is growing every day except to Tea Party nuts like yourself. As for same old stuff – you’re a broken record without an idea or issue. No ideas on how to get Corporate America to commit to growing America except to cut their taxes, which are tooooo low, at the same time they are enjoying ‘RECORD’ profits.
Take the economy -looks like those job numbers weren't fudged after all, 330,OOO new applications for unemployment benefits is 5 yr. low, anything below 350,000 is magical to Republicans who keep rooting and lying about jobs reports. Inflation is not an issue and there is wide consensus on Wall Street that economy is in much better shape than thought previously. S&P 1500 is at historic high today bright boy. Growth outlook for next year’s GDP 3.00 plus and that's 'Wall Street talking pal. If Romney had won you would have cut, cut, cut, and that sure hasn't worked in England or Spain, etc. Get some new ideas and by a Dodge yourself and start helping to get the Republican Party out of the hands of lunatics.

Surplus in California!!!!!!!!!!! REPEAT! Surplus in California!!!!!!!!!!! REPEAT ! Surplus in California!!!!!!!!!!! REPEAT! …..

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike'

Dan Francis said...

I offer nothing that the DEM party, or any party advocates for me to say on their behalf. I speak for myself... I may support the DEM party and principles, but I do not spout lines the way I am accused of ... if I do, you will know clearly since I reference my sources.

Dan Francis said...

I have been tracking this issue in some detail being covered by the NY Times and my take is here.

This is growing story and it needs public attention ... the right to vote - the "one-man/one-vote" is at stake - believe it.

Anonymous said...

Basing voting district borders on a region's land area rather than its population size is not only unethical, it defies logic ... unless your motivation is to rewrite the rules of American democracy to give your party an unfair advantage...

One man, one vote... it’s as simple as that!

Anonymous said...

“These areas are easily manipulated and discrepences in vote tallies are common place.”

The imaginary fraud the T/Pubs has yet to prove ever happens, but exists only when the Right loses the WH. Please document these “discrepancies” you refer to.

Anonymous said...

“…Gov. Arnold Swartzeneger? Not very – huge deficit and people voted in Jerry Brown. Guess what? Dem. Gov. of California Jerry Brown has a sssssuuuuurrrrrrppppplllllluuuuussssss, (Surplus)”

Exactly correct. I was just about to post a similar comment until I read your post -- you beat me to it.

Do you think these yahoos are capable of letting that simple ‘fact’ or any other information that doesn’t fit their absurd narrative sink in their thick skulls -- hell no! Rather, they are too busy being hung up on a word like ‘dodge.’ They can’t address the issues so they resort to irrelevant and unnecessary personal attacks. These guys are bent on self destruction, and they don’t have a problem taking the rest of the country along for the ride.

I think what makes them act so desperate now, in political terms, is the realization that their base is demographically and ideologically failing. They also refuse to recognize a needed change to their agenda to match the reality of voters changing values and priorities.

To understand Republican thinking
I like to use the “Republicans Trapped in a Burning Room” analogy:

They will…

1)Call up a conservative think tank and find someone who questions whether the room is burning.

2)Hold a debate and poll people in Iowa about whether they believe it or not.

3)Throw $200 million or so into creating a "faux grass roots movement" that says the room isn't burning.

4)Blame it on Obama, Hillary and Pelosi...

5)Blame it on Muslims...

6)Blame it on Gays...

7)Blame it on Free Stuff and the “47%”…


And then go down in ashes, all the while denying the room is burning!

Anonymous said...

5:31 sounds like he thinks he's smarter than the men who wrote the Constitution. Only a matter of time before he proposes correcting the founding fathers who gave us 2 senators per state without regard to population.

Can anyone answer the age old question...why are libruls soooo stooopit?

Anonymous said...

Cicero Ill 1960

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike' said...

I couldn't agree more and have said so repeatedly -Republicans would rather change Electoral College (Constitution be damned) then allow people to vote and have those votes counted. That's why I spent months advocating for now Dem. Sen. Cecilia Tkaczyk 46th District to have the final votes counted (She won race by 18 votes after count resumed of final 99) and the Appellate Judges agreed unanimously - but every State will be a different battle ground. Michigan is going all out to be branded crazier than Florida, with the changes they want on awarding Electoral College votes; as if long lines weren't enough to try to screw the voter. The Republican Party stands for nothing if they keep voters from voting and those votes have to be honored.

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike'

Anonymous said...

The Tea/Pubs love wearing flag pins on their lapels, but for most of them, that's about as deep as their patriotism goes.

The leadership of the GOP is effectively admitting that their party cannot win on the strength and merit of their ideas… and therefore must resort to voter suppression and manipulation of the Electoral College to hold on to their dwindling power.

This amounts to putting their ideological agenda ahead of their country and that's a hell of a lot closer to treason than patriotism.

Their inability to see themselves on the receiving end of their own scheme goes a long way toward explaining the moral ineptitude and weakness of their ideas.

Anonymous said...

So, Donkeys are NOW concerned about the Constitution?

And Mikey, declaring that there is a surplus in CA is not quite the same as having one. The place is in debt up to its eyeballs. People are leaving in droves. Do me a favor, stay here. Don't move again. You and your type ruined NYC years ago. Now you are destroying what is left of the state. Stay right here where the welfare queens and non-workers live, and where our kids are no longer able to. If we could get all of you to stink up only one place life would be good. You MIGHT consider California, now that you think it is saved. Either way, just let us know where you are so we can avoid paying for you.

Anonymous said...

According to the Joint Economic Council of the US Congress, only 2 states have higher unemployment than Kalifornia. Then again Mikey doesn't care much for jobs, as he doesn't even bother to have one himself. Working does't rank very high on his scale of priorities. Yes Mike, I see your point. Kalifornia is neat place. All that sun and no workie. Consult that.

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike' said...

ANON 8:04 And ANON 8:12

Never let the FACTS get in the way of a good personnal attack on MCM, the Republican Tea Party 'stupidity 'knows no bounds and California is a good example where Republican policies were a complete bust under the 'Arnold' administration.

Gov. Jerry Brown has 'Progressive' policies in place, that experts agree will likely give him a Billion dollar surplus in the next 2 years.

I Repeat:
Surplus in California!!!!!!!!!!! REPEAT! Surplus in California!!!!!!!!!!! REPEAT ! Surplus in California!!!!!!!!!!! REPEAT! …..

Anonymous said...

Hey, here is a novel idea... has the GOP ever considered something radical – you know, like getting better candidates, you know, so they wouldn’t have to cheat....

Oh, wait there isn’t any!

Anonymous said...

For the cabal of right wingers on here who apparently have nothing to do today but name calling and attacking anybody who posts a fact, all the while maintaining that the President was elected by the stupid people of America, know this:

The 25 states won by President Obama are the states with the most college graduates and the highest educational rates in the country. Mitt Romney carried the 25 Red southern and western states, which have the lowest number of college graduates and lowest educational rates. Arizona was the only state from this low-information/low-education demographic that went for Obama.

Check it out; these numbers are of record...

And then check this out...

Off the Charts: Shrinking



Anonymous said...

“Their inability to see themselves on the receiving end of their own scheme goes a long way toward explaining the moral ineptitude and weakness of their ideas.”


Anonymous said...

The Party without Shame, (GOP) reacts to election losses first by denial, then anger, then acceptance and finally.... by cheating.

Anonymous said...

Mikey you ignorant slut. Remember that, from Sat Night Live? That was fun.

Mikey, California politics was hardly formulated by Aaaahnold. It has been a cesspool if progressive BS for a generation. That's why, along with NY, it is the cesspool of individual freedom. Certainly you know that.

As far as your claims that most people WANTED their taxes increased, Mikey, again, you're full of it. NYPost today did interviews with people on the street, asking them about the recent (January 1st) increases. NBC Nightly news did the same thing, same question. They all answered the same way. The respondents said they "thought the rich were going to pay". As well they should. Liars like you and our preziedint sold the people on the idea that someone else would pay for our overspending. No one gave it a thought that it might be them. So now, Mikey, live with it. Be proud. This is what you wanted. More government, more spending, which ultimately always means MORE TAXATION. Unless you're Dannie, who gets tax breaks all over the place. If you're A Francis, you get income and property tax breaks that only A Francis can get. It makes it easier to advocate for tax increases when they don't touch you. And Mikey, what on earth would anyone "consult" you about? So many are so interested in knowing. I see you and Dan as experts in defending your party no matter what the facts are. Thanks you guys for this latest pile of baloney. I'm always amazed at your creativity. Mike says we wanted the tax increase, while Dannie claims it was the Republicans that did it. Whew.

Anonymous said...

Anywho, back on topic…

It looks like after being caught with their hand in the proverbial cookie jar in their despicable attempt to ‘flip’ congressional districts from red to blue, it appears as though, at least some Pubs may be having second thoughts:

Virginia’s Governor Bob “ultrasound” McDonnell has come down against the scheme saying:

“…Virginia’s existing system works just fine as it is.”

In Florida, the State House Speaker, Will Witherford, went on the record against the attempt to rig the presidential election, saying to the Miami Herald:

“…To me, that’s like saying in a football game, ‘We should have only three quarters, because we were winning after three quarters and they beat us in the fourth. I don’t think we need to change the rules of the game, I think we need to get better.”

Don Gaetz, President of the Florida Senate, went further stating:

“…I think we should abolish the Electoral College but nobody in Washington has called to ask for my opinion. If James Madison had asked me, and I had been there, I would have said a popular vote is a better way to do it.

The farmer standing in his field in North Dakota should be just as important as the factory worker in Ohio…”

Looks like the state parties are starting to feel the heat from a deservedly outraged electorate.

Anonymous said...

If I had to transport Mikey's belly and his ego, I'd drive a one ton pickup truck too. And the supply of BS in the back probably requires a hazardous material placard.

Anonymous said...

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