Monday, January 7, 2013

Park Hill Job Security for the Orthopedic Group

      City Council learned tonight that two youngsters have suffered broken femurs in the past couple of weeks slamming into those frozen hay bales at the bottom of the Thompson Park Circle Hill.  Efforts to restrict access to the higher sections of the hill fell prey to vandals taking down fencing.
Park Circle Hill

    Its a great place for sledding...not break-neck sledding.Sometimes being the adult in the room means you won't be the most popular person in the room.
    I also outlined to Council my concerns over the pending closure of Mercy and the need for staff to be on top of closure plans and subsequent supervision of the 400K square foot complex.
   Council didn't really discuss those electric charging stations for Volt owners visiting town. There was widespread reluctance to free charging but I hear my interview on TV 7 was a hit....
    Perhaps not for the tofu-eating, Birkenstock-wearing, Volvo-driving, New York Times reading,  wish-I-went-to Berkeley instead of JCC crowd that might be inclined to buy an electric car. Come to think of it, don't many of them work on Arcade Street.
     Finally, I had a bottle of flouride on my desk tonight, left by Water Czar Mike Sligar. The liquid is what's put in the drinking water to keep us cavity free and to suppress our collective IQs.


Anonymous said...

You can bet Joe Knows is on it, if its worth $100,000.

Anonymous said...

The city is responsible for the bone doctor bills. And don't try to skirt it with that loophole law they passed that only gives people a few months to file a claim against government. Because I remember the kid at Sackets that got permission to sue years later because he was a minor when it happened.

Anonymous said...

Can't we just pass a laws against breaking bones or injuring yourself? Maybe we should ban sleds or register them and make the faster ones illegal.