Friday, January 18, 2013

Owens revives Common Sense Act

   Congressman Owens has a good idea in trying to relieve local government of crazy EPA rules on demolition of blighted buildings.
   However, Mr. Owens must surely know that anything named the "Common Sense Act" stands no chance of passage in Washington.
    We commend your raising the issue however.
Owens revives Common Sense Act - Local News


Anonymous said...

So if it is to relieve local governments then it is worth turning a blind eye to the law? Like for Nicci's place?

But every business in the country will still have to suck it up and treat asbestos as if it is a poisonous touch chemical weapon? And spend the outrageous money to mitigate it?

Anonymous said...

My worry about Owens is his "A" rating from the NRA. Both my wife and I are moderate Republicans who voted for him because he seemed to make intelligent independent decisions. We especially didn't like mindlessly Doheny signing on with the Eric Cantor and Tea party agenda.

Now, we will watch Mr. Owens to see how closely he is in lock step with the NRA. We realize this is a touchy issue in the North country, but fewer people seem to be condoning the wide spread ownership of assault weapons. Hopefully, he will use his own intelligence and common sense when voting on this issue.

Anonymous said... 10:40, you make a very good point. Owens cannot be trusted to ban any guns or gun clips. You should quit voting for him. Either skip voting altogether or else vote for the third party.