Sunday, January 20, 2013

Obama, Biden sworn in for second term -

   Today's quiet ceremony was enough for me, as President Obama and Vice President Biden were sworn in for a second term. Inaugural festivities and speechifying is being held tomorrow due to the 20th falling on a Sunday.
    The most interesting part of the event was Mrs. Obama's new do, which looks good.
Obama, Biden sworn in for second term -


Anonymous said...

If I were Alex Rodriguez, I'd go after the daughter in the blue dress. She looks hot. Course that kind of rudeness is only allowed if we're dealing with a Republican's daughter. Ahhh, the double standards, or actually no standards, we live by.

Anonymous said...

“Ahhh, the double standards, or actually no standards, we live by.”

Here, fixed it for you…

Ahhh, the double standards, or actually no standards, YOU live by.

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike' said...

“Four Good Years Coming Up”

It's going to be a very good four years with President Obama at the helm of our Nation. I'm tired of Republican and Conservatives who lack optimism for our Country and for our President Barrack Obama's leadership over the next four years.

The Republican dominated Congress won't stop:

1. Our Economy growing at 3.5 plus rate on average each of the next 4 years.

2. Immigration reform

3. New Federal Gun Control legislation focusing more on background checks and less on gun types. I do think that Assault Weapons will be banned once again; although it will be a tough fight. I also believe mental health histories that indicate instability will prevent people from passing those checks, along with a felony on your record.

4. I believe this President will create 12 -14 million new jobs in America.

5. I believe a sustainable deficit reduction program will be put in place and that overall by the end of four years America's deficit will be cut by 50% and our credit rating will be back to AAA.

These and many more positive things will happen, under the leadership of our President and I look forward to seeing them happen. It will even amuse me to watch the Republican and Conservative doomsayers discounting the importance of them happening.

They will never say a positive thing about President Obama no matter what he achieves in his second term. And really does it matter what they think, the election was won by a Democratic President, because Americans believed he had the right answers for America and its citizens.

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike'

Anonymous said...

I simply cannot wait to see what new laws Obama unilaterally decides to stop enforcing and what new laws he unilaterally implements by executive order. Of course the thing he does that will be the final nail in the coffin of the USA will be the SCOTUS choices. Although, he might have to wait for his third term to finalize and implement those ruinous choices.

MLK would have voted for Romney and publicly chastised Obama.

Anonymous said...

Maybe if Obama creates enough jobs, there will be one there for MCM.

That's some pretty good kool-aid you are drinking Mike.

Dan Francis said...

The ugliness directed to our President, I hope and pray, will disappear - will it?

Anonymous said...

NO Danny the ugliness will not stop. I voted for democrat presidents since the 90's and have never hated a president like I do this one. Probably because I am racist. (Couldn't be because he is derisive and divisive. Much like the liberal commentators on this blog.)

Anonymous said...


Did "your" party ever end the ugliness towards President Bush. 4 years into B Obama's presidency and it still existed. But, that was okay, right Danny?

Mikey is laying out expectations of the next 4 years. When they don't materialize you can rest assured it won't be Obama's fault, it will be the Republican!

Anonymous said...

Oh noo, 11:55. When it was Palin and her family it was perfectly acceptable to speak of underaged daughters having sex with baseball players. In fact, it was reallly cooooool. I'm so surprised you can't have fun with this. I didn't even suggest the long legged daughter of the King was having sex. I didn't go as far as YOU would go. I don't understand you. Laughing at both INNOCENT YOUNG GIRLS should be funny. It was in Palin's case. HaHAHAHAHAHA and all that. I sure hope you get you a bipartisan sense of humor. What are the chances? Nahhhhh

Anonymous said...

I'll tell you what, Dannie, when your King stops being ugly to us, we will stop being ugly to him. How bout he addresses the debt, stops lying about tax increases, stops lying about guns being sold/given to the Mexicans, stops ruling by executive order, starts defending our diplomats overseas, stops dishonest explanation campaigns about Benghazi being the result of a "nasty" movie, get an honest Attorney General, stops deciding which immigration laws should or should not be enforced (again executive order), tells his wife to cut out the traveling, stops making recess appointments, stops making inside deals re: our security with the Russians, stops apologizing for all the sacrifices our military has made over the last century, quit funneling our money to his green energy buddies who take the bucks and run, and most important of all, actually takes the advice of the deficit committee HE HIMSELF put together, then we can cut out some of the ugliness. I'd even pitch in for a new robe for him to wear at state functions.
Deal Dannie? Don't worry, they will tell you how to respond. Just sit there and watch the mailbox.

Anonymous said...

Concerning Obama's politics:

The best prediction of future behavior, is past behavior.

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike' said...

ANON 10:16

The Obama I Know:

has a track record to date that includes keeping us out of a Depression caused by Republican policies, like waging two wars without paying for them with tax increases, reigning in 'Wall Street and the Banking industry, saving GM and AIG, etc. Creating more jobs then George W did in his 8 years, pushing for equality in America, etc.
Now he'll take every regressive, "Hoover' like notion Republicans ever had and show how 'Progressive' thinking can grow this economy out of a devastating recession and pay down the deficit while creating 12-14 million new jobs. He'll reform America's immigration policies, and Obama Care will be implemented in the USA. He'll create cheaper energy in America with 'Natural Gas' and green energy to make growing the economy practical. That's just for starters. Go President Obama!

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike'