Wednesday, January 16, 2013

No More Hand Written Love Notes at WHS

    So I got my answer today about cursive writing. A teacher in the City school district told me they do not teach it anymore...No more lined paper and forming perfect letters...
    No more notes on Christmas cards or love notes or heartfelt expressions of grief and regret on paper...It's all text messages and emails.
    At the risk of sounding overly fossil-like, I am saddened at the loss of this form of expression.
     It must have happened very recently as friends I asked about it in their mid 20s all were taught it, and a source says its still taught in parochial schools. Of course they have that tradition of monks as scribes.


Anonymous said...

Can they read cursive? A can of coke or the GE logo?

Anonymous said...

So, these kids aren't ever going to have to pen a note in their entire lives? Or is it just going to be socially acceptable to see adults printing a note like a 6 year old?

Makes no sense why the teaching of cursive writing would be stopped.

Anonymous said...

I blame it on Obama and "free stuff."

Anonymous said...

Lots of adults print when they write. Especially drafting/architect/engineering types.

Anonymous said...

Imagine a complete culture that cannot communicate without a device which includes a battery

Anonymous said...

That's true, 1:45. There will come a time when these kids will have to write. On their first trip down to the Dept of Social Services they will have to write down a few things to get their phone, food stamps, FreeHouse, babycrap, and travel vouchers. Here's hoping Planned Parenthood will abort their fetus without having to fill out any forms. I certainly wouldn't want a simple thing like illiteracy to stand in the way of some profitable medical waste. I'm sure you wouldn't either. Obama doesn't need the votes. He already has the oppressed babymomma and the missing babydaddy to support him. And he's got your stupid kids to pay the entire bill.

Anonymous said...

Thats why kids get more and more stupid and shallow today.

There is a reason to learn cursive writing in a young age.

It is important for the brain development, the development of the synapses and also is a for a basic for mathematic understanding and order and also for spelling.

It should be a basic cultural skill like counting and reading.

We really dumping down our kids.

I remember a collegegraduate where I learned computer skills which she was teaching five years ago, telling me that she could not write a letter with out a computer, because she is relaying on spell check.