Friday, January 11, 2013

New York Legislators Debate Details of Assault Weapons Ban -

      Governor Cuomo is racing to beat the President in getting a comprehensive gun control law in place and the only sticking point is said to how large a detachable magazine will be allowed for sale to NY gun owners. The Governor wants a seven round clip to be the max, which can be billed as the nation's most stringent law.
Albany Eyes Seven Round Clip Max for Guns

     Mr. Cuomo said Wednesday New Yorkers are fed up with gun crimes and that he values seeing New York as the nation's leader in promoting "progressive" legislation.
     Albany wants the matter resolved quickly and there is likely not enough opposition in the Senate to block the initiatives.
      Yesterday's school shooting in California makes it all the more likely the measure will pass.
New York Legislators Debate Details of Assault Weapons Ban -


Anonymous said...

I have a very honest question to ask.. It is this. Are any of these famous shooters legal gun owners.<>????????????
If not why the rush for gun legislation on legal gun owners.. IF only a small portion of these shooters over the year is I could see some sort of panic..
I just feel they are not. They got these weapons illegally and those are the laws that should have to loopholes closed.
As far as a legal owner goes they should be made very responsible for any bad done by weaPONS they own if they make them accessable..

Anonymous said...

Yesterday's school shooting in California has no impact on it passing. A band of NRA militia could have fought off a gang of terrorist from that school yesterday using high capacity magazine weapons, but it would still pass.

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike' said...


"All we are saying is give 'Gun Control' a chance."

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike'

Max Volume said...

Hmmm...I wonder if the shooter in California used an "Assault" shotgun?

In all seriousness, we should simply ban SCHOOLS. That would definitely stop school shootings.

? said...

Well to be the Devil's friend in this, MOST of the crazies as of late had guns that some one bought legal. The last one took his Mom's guns. Maybe you can say that he had no right to carry. Other then that the guns were purchased with all the proper paper work.

Clips with many shots being taken away won't do much. You can still carry several 7 round clips.

But it will look like the Gov. did some thing to save us all and he can run for President. Andy is a hero.

Did anyone hear Mike cry today? I said Russians Mike, not Germans. But look into the whole deal Mike. Hitler was the common German family friend till he took over. He was a hero and was saving the fatherland. Read his book. He had a plan from day one.

Anonymous said...

Screw your brand of gun control, MIke. I am a law-abiding citizen who registered my weapon with Ft Drum MP. None of your business what I own, or where I keep it. I have a constitutional right to keep and bear arms, bought and paid for legally.
And the Second Amendment is an unincorporated amendment, so the states get to decide how to deal with it, not the feds.

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike' said...

ANON 12:46
Have no idea what you're talking about concerning Russians or Germans, I never said anything here that's for sure. I've read “The book Mien Kamp’ dummy - like thousands of books on WWI and WW II history. You don't deserve my time, but here's how Hitler gained power and kept it on the road to WW II.

“How Hitler came to Power”

Hitler's armed Brown shirts were up against Communist armed militias. The weapon stores that Hitler and his cohorts were able to access were WW I surplus, that should have been destroyed under the Versailles Treaty but were hoarded and hidden instead by the military. What bought Hitler to power was an unjust peace treaty at Versailles France in 1918, in which the German Nation was asked to cede Alsace Loraine, and to accept a demilitarized Rhineland, and pay war reparations their Country could ill afford. Then a worldwide depression struck in the late twenties and Germans were facing hyperinflation, a wheel barrow of German Marks bought a loaf of bread.

Their professional army’s core was limited to a 100,000 troops under the Versailles Treaty. The military couldn’t accept that with a total lack of domestic tranquility and with Germany facing a revolution sponsored by the Communist Party in Moscow. The military primarily backed Hitler, because of the chaos in the streets, which to a large degree was generated by Hitler’s own Brown shirts, fighting a Communist menace that had to be dealt with quickly.

A year after coming to power in 1033, Hitler moved against his own Brown shirts who were seen as being more Socialist then Hitler and the Military and the German Industrialists were willing to accept as goals of the Nazi Party. The elimination of the socialist leaning Ernst Rohm and the SA leadership became an urgent need; because Rohm was getting ready to remove Hitler from power. A deal that guaranteed Hitler the complete backing of the Army was struck. The SS and their leader Himmler killed Rohm and a few thousand other enemies of Hitler’s in the ‘Night of the Long Knives’ solving the problem of a potential counter brown shirt SA revolution against Hitler.

The Army was satisfied that several million armed SA brown shirts could no longer push Hitler aside and take over Germany; and as part of the deal to eliminate Rohm swore an 'Oath of Allegiance' to Hitler and not the German State, causing them to place their total and unquestioned loyalty into Hitler's hands. With the Militaries backing, and the now unified support the Nazi Party, Hitler was in complete control of the Country and its direction. So yes guns played a part - but it seemed everyone jockeying for power had one and was willing to use their guns to gain power in Germany.

I think very armed Rightist Radicals in America, could start a revolution against our Government, with 300,000,000 million guns out there. It's a possibility and not likely to happen, but it could happen even in America. Love your Country and give 'Gun Control' a chance. Stop comparing our Government to the Nazi Government it's wrong period.

Mike Flynn ‘Middle Class Mike’


Anonymous said...

Mikey, by all means, stop the madness. Change your pants and shut up. Buy a new hat and lose the Mikey Moore coat. Clean up. If you have ideas, share them. If you have nothing to say but party line crap, please take a day off. Entertain your family and friends with your nonsense.

Then again your cheerleader act may just pan out into a state job. That is the way it works.

Anonymous said...

I agree with crazy ray...he is the devils son.

Anonymous said...

MCM is now saying give gun control a chance, before it was a sure thing.....Is support waning.?

Anonymous said...

People do tend to think about things, especially when the Mikey types foam at the mouth about nonsense, and things that will not effect the safety and security of people. His is all partisan baloney. He knows he has to get this thing now, while everyone mourns those children. Do stupid things quickly, before the media onslaught loses its appeal to the stupid. Go Mikey go.

Anonymous said...

Hitler was appointed by Pesident Paul Hindenburg as Chancllor of Germany, after his party was only elected with around Thirty Percent of the vote.
He put in Motion special Enabeling Laws for him special Emergency Laws for the Germans, so he could take over with out a lot resistance. Part of it was the to take the guns away from the People.
We know all what followed.

Does NDAA which Obama signed in law on New Years Eve 2011 or Patriot Act I and II ring a bell?
I guess this laws are comparable.

This is what former General Erich Ludendorff had to say to Hindenburg.
" By appointing Hitler, to be Chancellor of the Reich, you have handed over the German fatherland to one of the greatest demagogues of our time, I prophesy to you this evil man will plunge into the abyss and will inflict immesurable woe on our nation. Future Generations will curse you in your grave for this action.

Bye the way: Hitlers party was the National socalist party.

Anonymous said...

What bothers me is the mindless way some follow Obama, and the way media supports everything he does. We have no checks and balances at the present time. Executive orders rule the day. This is not good. Mikey and Dannie types would support ANYTHING the man proposes, based on party loyalty alone. Sound familiar? Party above all else is not good for the nation.

? said...

I think most of us are bringing up Hitler because of the taking of guns. Yes even I know we are far from what happened in Nazi Germany. But it seems like a start. Come on Mike!

You know just what we all mean. Hitler had a big rally right after he convinced the whole country of Germany it would be cool to turn in their guns. He said now the whole country would be safe. What he really meant was the whole country could not stand up to him and his thugs. I don't say the President is a thug, but don't think for a second that they are not there. You just don't get that thugs have different names now. Like Dems and Reps.