Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's Eve Overdone in Some Places But Local Celebrations Not Too Wild- Mail Online

   New Year's Eve was a fun night on Pearl Street even if it was overdone in some places around the globe.
   Pearl Street Pub patrons enjoyed themselves without incident and welcomed the new year with enthusiasm. It was a busy night with many new customers.
    Many choose to welcome the year on New Year's Day with celebrations in many establishments.
         New Year celebrations turn ugly in cities across the country as country lives up to Binge Britain reputation | Mail Online


Anonymous said...

Saw the article and pix. And here I thought they were so prim and proper in England, guess not.

Anonymous said...

England is now a socialist state. They get free everything. If they fall down and puke on themselves, or take too many drugs and die like that Winehouse genious, someone comes, takes their photo and picks them up, feeds them, gives them a ride home, changes their underwear, and counsels them about being cool and having high self esteem. Who could ask for anything more> Doo dah.