Thursday, January 24, 2013

Mayors to state: Don't let us drown - Times Union

      Lieutenant Governor Bob Duffy is in Watertown today as part of a tour explaining to local leaders the details of Governor Cuomo's proposed state budget.
       Like every year, there is a cacaphony from mayors and superintendents for more money and this year is no different. 
        One proposal locks in pension rate contributions at a fixed number for years to come. Of course the devil is always in the details.
        In any event, we welcome Mr. Duffy to Watertown today and are anxious to hear his message.
Mayors to state: Don't let us drown - Times Union

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Anonymous said...

Dear Lieutenant Governor:
Please send our city some free money.
We need it to pay our union staffed library extra money to work Sundays.
We need to to rehab a failed bird structure in our zoo, as a tribute to a former city mayor. And we need it to pay our legal counsel to opine that things routinely done throughout the state would be unconstitutional for our city to do.