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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Light Reading at Pete's

   I am at Pete's reading an audit of City finances....I like the part about the NYS Retirement System.
   In 2012 employees contributed $91,460.  The employer contributed $3,168,592.
   Hence, the best advice to kids in NNY is , get a government job.
   Now for the agenda for Tuesday....Contracts for the Privateers, Red and Black and Rams (formerly Wizards) are on the agenda. It's good to see these issues resolved so quickly.


Anonymous said...

I've been telling everyone for years to get a government job. The bucks ain't the half of it. $52 a month for a decent healthcare plan. Not as good as teachers but hey, not everyone can be a crook and work part time. We still have to pay our property taxes but some, golf course guys, don't have to pay theirs. Some of us, supported by our wives, get free frumpy brown sport coats and matching hats. It's a great life. We're off Monday, are you?

Anonymous said...

There were some years in the Pataki era that employers had the option of contribuating or not, but the employee still had to.

Anonymous said...

If you want to live in NNY government jobs are the best jobs. So whose fault is that? Plenty of blame to go around, when retail and hospitality are the only two other offerings in the area.

Anonymous said...

5:15 It's the other way around now. Now the taxpayers foot the entire bill, and what we get is untaxed when we leave the state. Dumbasses.


Anonymous said...

Hey first poster my Govt. healthcare plan costs me $70.00 every 2 weeks............