Wolves Celebrate Championship

Wolves Celebrate Championship
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Monday, January 14, 2013

Key NY Senate leader says he expects state legislature to pass tougher gun control bill - The Washington Post

    With no public debate and the deal cut in private, a gun control bill could pass in Albany as early as today.
     Details are trickling out, but the measure is said to be inevitable, according to a GOP leader in the Senate.
      If passed, Governor Cuomo will have succeeded in passing the nation's first new gun law since the Newtown killings a month ago.
      That puts Mr. Cuomo ahead of the President in the spotlight of progressives in his party who will view this and his passage of gay marriage as key tests of his 2016 prospects.
Key NY Senate leader says he expects state legislature to pass tougher gun control bill - The Washington Post


Anonymous said...

Few, if any, of the elected representatives will read or understand the full consequence and impact of these new laws prior to voting.

Which begs the question…why are so many dollars spent for the trappings of an assembly and senate when the People of the State of New York are ruled by the dictates of “three men in a room“?

Idi Amin Duda said...

You know the answer.

It's for the kids!

Anonymous said...

This shows you what disgusting people democrats are. If only the SCOTUS had the brains and balls to hold the despicable rulers of Chicago in contempt, maybe these control freaks would think twice about implementing new feel-good laws whose only use is to punish the good people.

Anonymous said...

We have to pass it to find out what's in it. And they don't have to understand it to know which way to vote on it. And MCM doesn't have to know a thing to leave a puddle.

Newzjunky has a link to a Syracuse area gun expert that asks some serious questions. He notes how foolish and unproductive this move is. But if it makes some people feel good, that's good enough for some. It will cause confusion. And it will eliminate Cuomo as a serious national candidate. He never really was one anyway.

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike' said...

ANON 8:52

Read the about 'Gun Control' legislation passing today -you're the one leaving a puddle now dummy. MCM