Saturday, January 19, 2013

Journal News Takes Down Gun Maps

   The newspaper that published the names and addresses of gun permit owners in the lower Hudson Valley has beat a hasty retreat and removed the interactive map from its website.
    The Journal News says it did so to reflect the spirit of a newly passed gun law that grants privacy rights to permit holders. In fact the language on privacy was included because of the flap in Westchester.

     Ironically the paper hired armed guards due to the furor over the publication which publishers said was in the public interest...but is no longer in the public interest.
      Ironically, no other papers have sought to publicize such things. While I don't think individual addresses serves any purpose, it would be interesting to know how many permits there are by community.

Journal News takes down gun maps


Anonymous said...

The paper did a "great" job to bring law enforcement or prison guards in great danger, now that the criminals know, where the guys live who arrested them or watched them in prison.

Anonymous said...

When a liberal has a preformed idea, which is the only type of idea they ever have, they will not be stopped by the facts. 12:33, you are exactly right. But the Mikey types wanted this law soooo bad they just had to piss all over themselves to pass it. This is not about safety of anyone. It's about pandering to people who have no idea of what they are talking about. Ignorance and the Democrat party are like STD's and Planned Parenthood, they go together.


Anonymous said...

C'mon Mayor. You can print it. It's public information.

Janet Hasson
3 Gate House Ln
Mamaroneck, NY10534

Don't be afraid. Dannie won't sue you. This has been published all over the world. Do you part. Stand up straight. Have fun.

Anonymous said...

Gate House Lane. Sounds like a liberal to me. I'll be she doesn't pay her taxes either.