Dog Days... Prominent Manhattan Dachshunds Ready for a Nap

Dog Days...  Prominent Manhattan Dachshunds Ready for a Nap

Monday, January 21, 2013

Inside Albany: Gun owners plan boycott of Cuomo laws -

    Gun rights advocates were not listening to music Sunday. They were in Albany protesting the new gun law, with Dicker reporting that many plan to ignore the requirement to register so called "assault" style weapons by 2014, or face seizure or a misdeameanor charge.
Get His Name....He Get's a Visit Next Year

     Since the location of these guns is not known now, licensing is an imprecise science, but all the talk of civil disobediance will fade.
      It's the law and most people will obey, and the political fallout for the Governor is minimal.
      If everybody who owns such a weapon put aside all other issues and bothered to register and vote for the GOP no-name likely to oppose Mr. Cuomo in 2014, it wouldn't do much and Mr. Cuomo might  rival the 72% received last year by Senator Gillibrand.

Inside Albany: Gun owners plan boycott of Cuomo laws -


Anonymous said...

Its the law and most people will obey it. Just like marijuana laws, underage drinking and driving while talking on a cell phone.

Anonymous said...

Only the law abiding will obey it. That's why it's stupid. Benito Cuomo knew it was a publicity game. He's a crook and an egotistical asshole. Otherwise, he's a great guy.

Anonymous said...

King Obama decided the immigration laws we're worth enforcing. Maybe he will talk with Chief Crook Mr Holder and decide the gun laws aren't worth enforcing either. With this guy, I can see a future website where we can wake up in the morning and check to see which laws are politically correct for that particular day.

Anonymous said...

I disagree, Mayor Graham, about what good it would do to try to vote the fool out. Lots of people who enjoy shooting and value the Constitution learned a lot when the idiot went stupid on us during his speech. If they all voted their concience the little asshole would be looking for a job, and it wouldn't be president.

Max Volume said...

Why do the anti-gun crowd keep asking the same silly question: "Why do you need an assault rifle to hunt deer?"

Nowhere in the Second Amendment is hunting addressed.

Now go away.

Anonymous said...

Although I am sure it is heartfelt, please do not refer to the governor as an anus here.

I have to agree with the libruls and acknowledge that much of the NRA is comprised of idiots. Those idiots were so dumb that they did not hate Cuomo before he passed these gun laws. But now that he passed them, Cuomo has a lot more enemies, and that's a good thing. They don't have to show up at this demonstration or own an "assault" weapon, as long as they show up at the voting booth.

Anonymous said...

Time to really get your knickers in knots boys. The Million Mother March against assault weapons is on the move. Remember, women now make up 51% of the voting public, and there also a few guys like me who see no reason for the public sale of assault weapons.

The mothers, grandmothers, aunts, and sisters of this country are going to remove those assault weapons from your "cold dead hands". What are you boys going to do, shoot unarmed women?

So go and vote, just like you did for Romney and Doheny, and as Sarah Palin said, "How'd that work out for you?"

Anonymous said...

Te gun lobby is mired in the past witha waning constituency that is both getting older and smaller in size percentage wise when compared with the constituency of the whole .

Moreover the refusal to acknowledge that the MAJORITY in THIS democracy no longer support the NRA and the more extreme elements within the isolated , alienated and dysfunctional leadership in that organization

Angry, isolated , old ,luddite white guys are dying off ingreater numbers than the new demographic , so as Dylan said : The Times , they are a changin ;)

Anonymous said...

I didn't see anyone refer Governor Benito Cuomo as an anus, I believe he was referred to as an asshole, and it was heartfelt. The reason he wasn't spoken of like this beforehand is he had been a reasonable broker for common sense. No more. He is an opportunistic,,asshole. That's as nice a term many of us can think of. There is no sense in trying to educate many of you about what was done during the little fascists gun law last week. Most people don't know. Let me give you one more example. In 1972, Ruger came out with a model of a .22, one of the smallest calibers of rifles. It is a semi automatic and holds 19 rounds. Used mostly for killing tin cans and squirrel hunting, there are NO NONE NOT ANY Zero instances where this gun was used in a crime. It is not related to anything that was used in CT, nor is it restricted in any way, anywhere. Unconcealable, no special license is needed. It is a favorite first gun for youth as it is safe and easy to learn with. Now, due to the little fascist's desire to put his face on TV, it is outlawed. There is no way the company will redesign the magazine to market it in NY. So who pays and who benefits? No one benefits, as no one will be safer as it was never a gun cited in accidents or used in a crime. Who pays, youth, evil squirrel hunters, law abiding people. Congratulations Mr Cuomo. We respect you as our Governor and as the great man you are.

Jeff said...

We do not live in a Democracy in the United States....we live in a Democratic Republic anon history, read the Constitution and see why this country was set up the way it was by some very intelligent Founding Fathers!