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Aaron Woolf Finds His Heritage in Visit to Arcade Antique Shop
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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Indiana Senator Wants Cursive Writing Back in Schools

   The chuckle we got over a cabinet nominee's signature brings to mind one of those things that if you are out of school for decades, you don't realize the changes made.....
   Cursive writing is out of favor these days, although a press-release seeking Indiana lawmaker has introduced a law to require its teaching in the Hoosier State.
    It's hard to imagine not having to make use that specially lined paper to form letters....And how about the grade for penmanship.
     I got poor grades for that, causing simmering anxieties that linger to this day.
     Is cursive still taught locally ?
Indiana senator renews effort to return cursive writing to schools | Lifestyles | Detroit Free Press | freep.com


Anonymous said...

No time for that as it would interfere with condoms on cucumber class.

You know that keyboarding is still not taught in grad school as it should be and typing is largely neglected throughout the entire 13 years? We have a country full of retards that type with two fingers and vote for freestuff.

Anonymous said...

In WNY I don't think it is. I was writing something a few months ago and my daughters looked at me as if I was from the moon, and they have been out of H.S. for quite a while. If you go into that new TOPS store up there check and see if they have any cursive writing aids. Cracked up when I saw them here.

Anonymous said...

So now schooling is, "Reading Typing and Rithmatic!"

What is so wrong with teaching students to write? Don't tell me they are so busy that it takes to long!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I agree with 8:58am… this is directly related to “free stuff.” That, and these liberal elitist types feeding their kids tofu!

Anonymous said...

Most of our kids have trouble checking the appropriate box, let alone writing anything. Who are you kidding, Mr Mayor? And correcting written assignments takes time, something our educators don't have. All the talk about the 14 hour days is just that, talk. They do have time to throw parties and get the kids drunk. But that's an entirely different thing.