Monday, January 21, 2013

Inauguration 2013: Ralph Nader sees 'political bulls----

      Not everyone is like the press looking for that "soaring" moment of rhetoric. Some grumpy people like Ralpy Nader have already concluded the President speech in front of the Capitol today will be just fluff.
      When you have watched politics as long as Ralph, it's easy to be cynical.
       I look at it as not that big a deal today as hearing a President give a "major" speech is not an occasional event we can all focus and fixate on.
       Today, Presidents are making "major" addresses all the time as they fly across the country and across the cable news screen all day, every day.
       Mr. Nader's choice of words is accurate and what is said will change no one's mind about anything, other than when the last word is spoken, Mr. Obama becomes a lame duck and the 2016 circus officially begins.

Inauguration 2013: Ralph Nader sees 'political bulls---' - Kevin Cirilli -


Anonymous said...

Ralph Nader's one accomplishment in life was getting George W. Bush elected POTUS. And, How did THAT work out for u?

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike' said...

"President's Soaring Rhetoric"

The President’s speech spoke to the foundation of equality allowing for the building of a Skyscraper of American achievement, in the economic and cultural spheres, that all citizens benefit from and participate in to create a better future.

Mike Flynn ‘Middle Class Mike’

Anonymous said...

BS, 10:54. And GW's presidency left the nation in much better shape than the current occupant will.

Anonymous said...

He also set Detroit back 30 years with his unsafe at any speed book. He could have picked any car made in any country and found problems he could sensationalize, but he choose to make a name for himself trashing the American Auto industry

Anonymous said...

Back then, all cars were made in Detroit.

Anonymous said...

“BS, 10:54. And GW's presidency left the nation in much better shape than the current occupant will.”

I nominate this statement for the “Dumbest Comment of the Year Award.” Of course it’s only January and we still got a long way to go.

? said...

I have no real dislike of Nader or the President. BUT, these stupid tire sensors the President made the car industry put on new cars to save oil suck. Just like any other tire valve in this area, they rust up to fast. Then it costs the owner an arm and a leg to replace them. Cost for one is about $100 on average. Any fool should have been able to make sure the tires had enough air or at least have their service tech check at oil changes. BUT, no. Nanny state had to step in. Anyone want to protest this week? Protest the use of these things.

Anonymous said...

Sorry 4:16, but you have to be the only guy left to believe GW Bush was a great President. I would like to list all of his screw ups, but instead wil only point out that there is a reason he has disappeared from public. And the reason is: His own party has disowned him.

You saw Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter at the Dempcratic Convention. The Republicans are so embarrassed by Bush, they have literally buried him.

"You may proceed, Governor."