Friday, January 11, 2013

In a Politically Correct World, Be Careful of Your Old Quotes....Especially Quoting the Old Testament

     What was this minister thinking...Surely he knew a comment he made in the mid-90s about aggresively gay agendas would disqualify Rev. Louis Giglio from being the giver of the benediction at the Obama inauguration.
      Forget that the remark was based on scripture and was consistent with what many were saying in the mid-90s , a period when Mr. Obama himself had yet to evolve to his current positions on gays.
      There is no tolerance among the chronically tolerant for those not adhering to the orthodoxy of secular humanism and political correctness.
Louie Giglio pulls out of inaugural over anti-gay comments


Anonymous said...

I'm surprised Obama doesn't have someone quoting the Koran do the inauguration instead. Muslims love gays and treat them great like their women.

Anonymous said...

That's funny, 9:08.

Anonymous said...

That’s not funny 9:08am.