Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Half a Century Passes Quickly These Days

   Sometimes, you note those milestones that make you feel old....Tuesday marked fifty years since my Dad passed when I was seven.   Wow, that half a century moved right along.
    And this year, I have a forty year WHS reunion. 
     I still enjoy going to work every day, so hopefully I am not done yet.


Anonymous said...

Be they on earth or in heaven, any parent would have to be extremely proud of you. Not just of your accomplishments but even more for what a nice person you are.

Anonymous said...

True but the real secret here is just keep on keepin on !! attitude is everything ,and staying young at heart , intellectually facile and flexible and fit and trim is crucial to making the most of later life . At almost. 70 i downhill ski several days a week , golf several days a week and am in the gym on the days that i,m neither skiing , golfing or volunteering .

Giving back to ones community as a volunteer in any number of organizations is a wonderful social , intellectual and attitudinal enhancement that renders one many more benefits than it costs in your time .

celebrate your life , get out of the rocking chair and grab the gusto that life offers .

rage on. mayor !