Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Grid: It's No More "Free Stuff" Than a Drink of Water on a Hot Day

   I am told proponents of installing a free electric car charging station say giving away the electricity is not Constitutionally prohibited as it is no different than installing a water drinking fountain that users get to quench their thirst at.
    The NYS Constitution does prohibit direct gifts to individuals or businesses and that was the rationale City Council seized on to drop the National Grid proposal to locate a network of state funded car chargers on municipal property.Even Governor Cuomo has boasted of creating the green network for travelers with dead batteries.
    It is not the small amount of electricity that was ever the issue, it was the notion of subsidizing one class of drivers as part of yet another bit of social engineering. It also was one of those little issues that generated alot of media interest and public complaints.
    Basicly, no one felt like taking grief over a device that would never be used anyway.
Watertown Daily Times | Watertown drops electric-vehicle charging stations proposal


Idi Amin Duda said...

Plus it never would have amounted to anything anyway. Who would have left their car down on the square for hours to charge up any way? No one. It was out there from the get go. Just people trying to spend free money our country doesn't need to waste.

Anonymous said...

If the state wanted one they should have had it placed at the SOB. Perfect spot, directly across from upscale lodging for the travelers, who I would assume that it would be intended for.

Anonymous said...

Does charging my cell phone at our public library constitute free stuff?

Anonymous said...

If it was "nothing", then why didn't National Grid build it and give away the electricity?