Thursday, January 3, 2013

Panel Recommends Major Changes to NYS Education

   Governor Cuomo's commission on education reform is shopping a longer school day and longer school year as prime recommendations along with a call for district consolidations and regional high schools.
    Mr. Cuomo's panel was formed to propose reforms to the state's system of public education.
    The commission also wants better links between high schools and colleges; more transparency (whatever that means) and facilitated teacher education.
    Longer school years ? Good luck.


Anonymous said...

How about we have one superintendent,for a three county region..and then have the blue ribbon panel start looking at cutting those back to..9

Anonymous said...

Priceless look on BJ Bill's mug,looking at the channel 9 girl "oh yeah,Bubba is back in town!"..

Anonymous said...

You should not expect a guy like Cuomo to have a qualified commission that makes good recommendations. The guy only has experience as a government thug at HUD and as AG.

No reform is complete with:
No call for fewer laws and rules from Albany. No call for less special needs mainstreaming? No call for more homework. No call for more "tracking." NO call for stun guns to punish the kids.

And more call for corporal punishment. Like beating the sh$% out of that kid that bullied the bus driver.

Anonymous said...

There will be no longer hours nor will there be a longer school year. That would cut into Bahama Time for the teachers. Not gonna happen. It would "help the kids" you say? Who the hell are you kidding? Those teachers already work half the year, 7 hours a day. The nerve of you.