Monday, January 14, 2013

Gov wrestles with fellow Dems over gun-control push -

   Despite a promise to have the nation's toughest gun law passed in a heartbeat, Governor Cuomo is having trouble getting people in Albany to agree on a plan that restricts private sale of weapons, requires your shrink to turn you in and limits county's on how long they can issue pistol permits. Definitions of weaponry is also a dispute and it's unclear if Mr. Cuomo can beat out the President in getting a law passed quickly.
    This issue is widely seen as a measure of the Governor's ability to bend the Legislature to his will, something he had better luck than most at during his first two years.
Gov wrestles with fellow Dems over gun-control push -


Anonymous said...

I dunno...he isn't in to his third year too far yet...I wouldn't say he has bad luck at it yet.

I thought the issue was too see if he has the self discipline to control and hide his natural, ultra left wing totalitarian tendencies, or if he will broadcast his idiocy to the country when left unchecked by an R senate.

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike' said...

"Republicans Can't Think Outside The Box on Gun Control”

Why isn't it shocking that Republicans in NYS cannot understand that Gov. Cuomo has asked them to get on board with his tough "Gun Control' legislation? The are still more worried about the opinion of the NRA and the Conservative Party, than The wrath of Gov. Cuomo if they try to screw up this legilation. That's why! "During the interview, Dicker read an email from Republican Assemblyman Steve McLaughlin who questioned why Senate Republicans would give Cuomo an early victory — and high profile one at that — on gun control."

Why is this being framed as just a victory for Gov. Cuomo and not a victory for the people of NYS who want the 'Madness' to stop. I give the Governor all the credit in the world for pushing strong legislation, but the Republicans are ignoring the will of the people of NYS, and their desire for 'Gun Control' now. Well if you can't work with the Republican Party on 'Gun Control' then forget about getting Cuomo's legislation passed in anything but watered down versions. It makes me angry that the Republicans are foot dragging on 'Gun Control' legislation., and it is a sign they're not going to be gung ho about 'Progressive' legislation.

It's time for a Democractic Majority in 'State Senate' to get Gov. Cuomo's "Progressive' legislation passed now

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike'

Dan Francis said...

What if game time question:

What if each level of government (e.g., national, state, local) were in only GOP controlled hands?

What do you think the country would look or act like (guns, budget, and foreign affairs matters)? What would that foretell?

Give that serious thought before you answer.

? said...

Mike it is not all of New York.

Anonymous said...

Dannie asks what the nation would be like if the GOP ran it. Let's ask another question. Let's ask what the nation would look like if Dannie and Mikey ran it. First off, individual freedoms would be gone. Freedom of speach would be ok as long as you agreed with the three main networks. Dannie has told us many times how he hates other sources of information than the media elite. There is not intrusion into personal privacy that Mikey wouldn't support. He thinks posting the legal gun owners' lists was perfectly fine. I'm sure he wouldn't want us to map out the homes of criminals. Both would want us to apologize to the world, and send more money. Both have no problem at all with debt or taxes, as they aren't responsible for either. One gets tax breaks and the other doesn't work. In both cases you will be paying for "progressive" ideas, or FreeStuff, whatever that is. Just shut up and pay, as both are much smarter than you. They took education classes. As proud Democrats, neither has a problem with voter fraud. Dan tells us it's just not that big a deal. Uh huh. About the only good thing to come of those two running the country would be a vast, nationwide improvement in our golf game. That, and the price of matty brown sport coats would go down. Factories all over the world would jump on the bandwagon to make them. Size XXXXXL.

Anonymous said...

MCM never mind King Andrew and his lack of accomplishments(were still 63B in the red) I have owned a rifle made in the USA and now it's an assault rifle thanks to King Andrew...................