Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Gawker publishes N.Y.C. gun-permit holders

   For all the fuss over the publication of names of gun permit owners in two suburban NYC counties, the gossip website Gawker claims it has made names available for the past two years and no one cared.
   The difference is the Journal News made its list more user friendly with an interactive map of Westchester and Rockland counties and its list came out in conjunction with a debate over gun control in the wake of Sandy Hook.
    While I don't want to know who or where permit holders are, it would be interesting to know how many permits there are in each county. There are said to be 1.2 million permit owners in New York State.
      Gawker publishes N.Y.C. gun-permit holders


Anonymous said...

I would like to know how many state retirees there are and where they live and how much money we are sending them and if there is any delay in them getting their checks in Florida. And how many months they live in New York but are not residents.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, there's a lot of people who care. But getting the State to do anything about it is a differnt matter. They are not about to pass any laws protecting the citizens of the State when it comes to Second Amendment issues and it takes a lot of money these days to take a case to court. This is a Foruth Amendment issue and taking something like that to court is going to take millions of dollars and years to accomplish.

? said...

Everyone must face it. With enough know-how and time anything can be found about anyone. Unless you live off the grid under a rock. The web will tell more then you know about yourself.

BUT, do we need to be abused by papers and web sights? I don't believe we do. It sure didn't make anyone safer. If anything it made some of the already on the fringe people even more on the edge. There are already people who worry about every little noise outside their home. Why make them worry more?

When it comes down to it all, don't worry about the legal permit guns. Worry about the guns that the government doesn't know about. Guns that were bought in other states and brought to NYS. A way to track that would be a beginning.

Anonymous said...

? You're such an idiot. A beginning. The problem is what people DO with guns. Not guns themselves. What are people like you going to do when fools discover that our roads are full of hazardous material trucks? I know, wait five days before you get a propane delivery. So many, you too, have this fear of guns. I fear criminals and fools. YOU scare the shit out of me.