Wednesday, January 2, 2013

From NASCAR to rum, the 10 weirdest parts of the ‘fiscal cliff’ bill

    Help for for Hollywood....a rum tax to help distilleries in US territories, and subsidies for electric scooters....It's all a part of the fiscal cliff deal that raised taxes for us all...
 From NASCAR to rum, the 10 weirdest parts of the ‘fiscal cliff’ bill


Anonymous said...

Ask Mikey. I'm sure he can tell us why this is. And I'm also sure his explanation will have something to do with party line stupidity.

Anonymous said...

IT DID NOT RAISE TAXES FOR ALL OF US! Only those earning in excess of $400,000/year ($450,000 couples)!!

What it did was reinstate the 2% SS withholding that never should have been taken away in the first place!!!

Jesus Christ!!!! All this whining!!!!! Are you a democrat, Jeff?

Why is no one whining about the moratorium on the sequester i.e. 8% spending cuts we do desparately need??

Anonymous said...

The weirdest part is that they use the new democrat-speak. Opposite day, if you will.
It wasn't a fiscal cliff that we averted it was a semi fiscal responsibility. Now that they passed a new plan we are headed for a new higher cliff.

Just like when Cuomos and Patty plate raised state income taxes and called it a tax cut.

Just like they call Obamacare healthcare reform.

Just like Obama likes the term "social justice", when its goal is injustice.

Anonymous said...

How is being allowed to depreciate a race rack over 7 years a "tax break" or the government spending money? It is not.

Sounds like an average ordinary business expense depreciated over an average ordinary reasonable amount of years to me.