Sunday, January 6, 2013

EXCLUSIVE: Welfare recipients getting cash at strip bars and X-rated video stores — on taxpayer dime -

   So what ?
    If welfare recipients use their government supplied benefit cards at ATM's located in liquor stores, bars or adult video stores, how or why would anyone know ?
   People are given debit cards so they won't be stigmatized by having to use food stamps.

So we see people with debit cards and if the machine accepts them, end of story.
    If you are going to give people money, be prepared to learn they will spend it as they please.
     The Post presents this, suggesting businesses are doing something wrong. Not so. If someone has cash, they have the right to buy what they want.
EXCLUSIVE: Welfare recipients getting cash at strip bars and X-rated video stores — on taxpayer dime -


Anonymous said...

Well Mr. Mayor I must disagree wholeheartedly with you on this issue. It's a lot of crap when you walk into the welfare office and put up a sob story how you have no money to support your basic needs and then go to the strip club on the taxpayer dime. I suppose your a big fan of Nelson Rockefeller also, the father of all this B.S.


Anonymous said...

I see nothing wrong with this. The many folks who have poisoned themselves by drinking or drugging are perfectly entitled to taking their FREEMONEY to strip joints and spending on ass. Why should you, the taxpaying provider, have any say in any of this? The dregs votes are all that matters, and we know where those are going. You stupid taxpayers who are so worried about taxing the successful should just shut up. Someday you too will be able to live in a taxpayer subsidized home by the golf course.

Anonymous said...

Could be worse:
News Junkie has a link on its site today, about pregnant women in South Africa, drinking heavily and cheap alcohol to have dissabeled Children so they can collect the way higher dissability payments for their children and not the lower welfare payments.

Visiting the Social Security office a while ago I could not help but notice, that the majority of the people their where at this time acually women/families with children, not a lot of retirees.

Sometimes I wonder if there is pressure to teachers/ counselors / doctors to diagnose a child with ADHD or Autism so to get dissability and a couple of other special help, they would otherwise not recieve.

One Poster in the NY Post commentary section estimates the Abuse of food stamps and Section 8 of around 25% in this country. .