Friday, January 4, 2013

Dems NYC Pols Show Why Senate Takeover Didn't Happen

   Once again, we see why there was a reluctance to embrace a voter decision last fall to select more Democrats to the State Senate than Republicans. A coalition of GOP and IDC Democrats now control the body.
    This Post story about alleged fundraising and other issues surrounding would be majority leader, Senator John Sampson, shows the continuing cloud surrounding the Dems leadership base downstate.  Remember Espada and company ?
     Feds launch probe into former NY state Senate Majority Leader John Sampson -


Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike' said...

Feds launch probe into former NY state Senate Majority Leader John Sampson
• Last Updated: 5:21 AM, January 4, 2013
• Posted: 1:02 AM, January 4, 2013
“”The feds have launched a criminal probe of former state Senate Democratic Majority Leader John Sampson of Brooklyn, The Post has learned. The inquiry focusing on Sampson’s campaign fund-raising stems from a broader federal probe into Queens Democratic Congressman Gregory Meeks, sources said. Shady real-estate broker Edul Ahmad is the common link that drew the feds from Meeks to Sampson, said sources familiar with the investigation.”

Mayor you're rationalizing why the Republicans should still have a Majority when they didn't earn it, because of an investigation into Sampson's connections to Abdul Ahmad. WE know how pure Dean Skelos and his crowd is so who are you kidding.

In the mean time you didn’t care about “Cecilia Tkaczyk filing an appeal on the 333 votes tossed out by a Montgomery County Judge” It doesn’t bother you a bit when Democratic voters are disenfranchised on technicalities to help a Republican Senate candidate like George Amedore trying to steal the 46th Senate seat before the votes are counted and appeals exhausted to finally get them counted.

Well it bothers me and I’ve been doing what I can to see it doesn’t happen. NYS Voters need to have their votes counted not discarded to elect Republicans, or elections in NYS are a bad joke and voters should be discouraged.

Cecilia Tkaczyk will hopefully win her appeal to put 333 votes in play, and the election in the 46th Senate District will be decided in her favor, (We’ll know by Monday) and that will be a beautiful thing for voters in NYS; who have a right to fair elections. The dominos will then start to fall in the New York State Senate and a Democratic Majority will likely emerge.

If Tkaczyk gets that seat, the whole coalition deal is going to fall apart and the Democrats will get the Majority they deserve. Don’t think for a moment the IDC and Jeff Klein can’t be bought back into the Democratic fold once this happens; there’s no love lost between IDC Sen. Jeff Klein and Dean Skelos trust me.
Voters want a Democratic Majority in the Senate, that’s why they voted for a Majority of Democratic Senators period. Gov. Cuomo is going to see the light once he’s see’s how inefficient ‘Coalition’ government is going to be in Albany, NY

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike'

? said...

WHAT? Mayor do you have to be special to understand the above?

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike' said...

ANON 4:29 PM

Not special, just a brain and being able to read and comprehend what you read would be a good start. You can read I hope, I know you have a comprehension problem, hence your comment.


Anonymous said...

Mikey you could slip a lot of swear words in there and it would still get posted because no one reads it.

Anonymous said...

This isn't exactly groundbreaking stuff. When Mikey talks, nobody understands anything he says. Never have so many words reflected so little thought. He's very interested in promoting himself and Bart Bonner's talk in tonight. If you want to hear Mikey make a fool of himself, be there.