Monday, January 21, 2013

Cuomo seeking support for wage hike - Times Union

      Gun law passed...Now it's on to a minimum wage hike, publicly financed campaigns and looser pot laws as Governor Cuomo pushes his "progressive" agenda that he sees as New York's legacy to the nation.  
      With a rubber-stamp Legislature in place, the Governor should have no problem.
       This week Mr. Cuomo also releases a proposed budget he says will contain no tax hikes, but likely no other initiatives as well.
       There will be lots of rhetoric as the Governor tees up his 2016 ambitions, after a first two years of staying low key and building a record in office and record high poll numbers.
Cuomo seeking support for wage hike - Times Union


Anonymous said...

You omitted saying that Cuomo wants looser pot laws because current pot laws are they disproportionately affect minorities who (we will assume Cuomo means) are genetically predisposed to smoke it, carry it and sell it.

Now to reward all those pimply faced, muffin topped, video game playing, texting, fast food workers.

Why don't the republicans compromise and have two minimum wages? One for adults and one for kids?

Anonymous said...

Minimum wage was meant for teenagers starting out with their first job. It was not meant to be kept as a lifestyle. If you are an adult and are still working for minimum wage, you have failed in life.

Anonymous said...

I think we should have the two levels of minimum wage as suggested by 9:58. But the lower level would be for people who have never broken the law and a higher level of pay would exist for THUGS and Democrats. That's the only way they will work.

Anonymous said...

9:58 am

I like your idea. We need someone with ideas to run for office

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike' said...

ANON 1:40

That goes against the logic of an economy that often forces people to start second and third careers in the workplace. While adults are learning new skills and being trained they deserve realistic compensation in terms of salary like anyone else in the marketplace. These 'Minimum Wage ' earners are often working two jobs to keep their families afloat, etc. Work without fair compensation doesn't seem reasonabble to most workers, or most Americans and a fair 'Minimum Wage' corrects that problem.

Mike Flynn "Middle Class Mike'

Anonymous said...

They deserve realistic compensation in terms of salary? Mikey, do you know what superfluous means? Every time you write a sentence, you sound like an idiot trying to fit more words in than are necessary, in hopes of convincing someone you are not an idiot. No one is convinced yet.

BTW...what do you know about "realist" when it comes to "salary"? Please share with us your experience of setting prices and paying the bills with the proceeds and profits of your sales revenue income stream margin markup (insert extra unnecessary pleonasm here).

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike' said...

ANON 9:04

My background is none of your business, and we sure don't know a thing about you do we ANON 9:04. As for managing profit centers I was a partner in my own ITT technical recruiting LLC, and I was a recruiting manager helping support the IBM contract nationwide, when only 8 companies were allowed to submit directly to IBM; every other company in the Country had to submit resumes through one of the 8 primes. Try managing that bud. Your rudeness and stupidity amaze me. What do we know about you? Nothing and you'll keep it that way I'm sure.

As for a 'Minimum Wage' that helps people pay bills being superfluous, I take my hat off to you, that may be the stupidous thing ever said on this blog. Tell that to people who earn a 'Minimum Wage' work two jobs to support their families jack-ass.

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike'

Anonymous said...

You "was" a partner is the key Mikey.
If you set your prices and wages intelligently, it would be you "are" a partner. Oh no, wait, don't tell "retired" after making your fortune...right?