Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Cuomo Lauded for Herding Lawmakers

    Governor Cuomo, with his penetrating stare and in-your-face speaking cadence is proving he can bend the Legislature to his will and the quick passage of a gun control bill may signal another good year for the Governor in Albany.
     The Governor says progressive New York led the nation on the issue. That's true, as President Obama surrounds himself with children today for his stop-the-violence legislative package.
      The Governor should be able to pass the rest of his agenda in Albany this year as the Legislature is mostly of his party and frankly few want to stand up to the forceful governor who when it comes to politics, definately keeps score.
Lupica: Gov. Cuomo shows effective leadership by bringing parties together in passing ban on assault weapons - NY Daily News


Anonymous said...

I realize billion is the new word for pocket change. However, this dumb, incompetent, misguided, Governor still had a two billion dollar deficit, even with his 35 billion in federal stimulus money. That all gets added to our states 300 billion dollar debt. And he spends his time on this nonsense that will not prevent a single gun crime.

It is not leadership to get the 85% of freestuff voters to vote for your bills. I don't recall anyone talking about Bush's leadership when he got so many to sign on to his 911 agendas.

cat rancher said...

I hear the crowd in the back ground humming a tune.

Give Peace A Chance? Is that what I hear?

Be clear, it isn't all bad. Some people do have way to many guns. Some people are not safe with them. Others need guide lines in their lives. Most of it is bull and will help no one. All it will do is give the people being shot at something to question.

I thought that wasn't legal?

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike' said...

“Gov. Cuomo finds the ‘MARK’ on ‘Gun Control’ and other Progressive issues”

Gov. Cuomo stood up to the NRA and said enough is enough, we have now passed strong ‘Gun Control’ legislation. The Governor’s 'State of State ‘address showed Cuomo to be a pragmatic 'Progressive' Governor who is going to run NYS with the right kind of business acumen.

1. He'll attempt to have businesses 'Big or Small' see NYS as a reasonable place to set up shop, with economic hot spots and even tax free zones, and that is Progressive.
2.He has made a commitment to early Childcare, which is a big cost for parents paying for early daycare now.
3. He has recognized the need for a raise in the minimum wage to 8.75so people can pay their bills. Cuomo advocated for a Woman's Equality Act.
4. He'll improve eduction quality in NYS, by beefing up early childhood education and advocating that gifted and hard working teachers are paid more merit pay. These Teachers then perform as mentors or 'Master Teachers" to other less skilled teachers, who need to improve those skills.

These are morally correct pieces of legislation for the Governor to propose and they are needed and they're ‘Progressive’ in their thinking and application to citizens needs.

The decision by the Gov. creating a five hour day for the Pre-K education of children was both a moral, and pocketbook issue that helps to get Middle and Working Class students off to a decent start at school. It lays the groundwork for those children to perform well in school throughout their education.

He believes in a Safety Net, and he believes that he must stay the course on making NYS attractive to business; and he's right on both counts. He’s also going to raise the 'Minimum Wage' and that is also Progressive, but he still must show how ‘Unions” are considered friends of the State, and not enemies of the State in his contract negotiations.

The Governor reaffirmed his commitment to equal justice under the law, with the end of racially biased 'Stop and Frisk' actions by police on the minority community. He pointed out how Marijuana needed to be decriminalized to a large degree, because the cases going before judges were racially biased as a result of 'Stop and Frisk' laws funneling Blacks and Latinos at a highly disproportionate rate to whites.

Fiscally, he held the line on not increasing taxes to an already strapped "Middle Class and created economic opportunity for start up businesses in the NYS. He's out to attract business to NYS and is succeeding. The idea of High Tech Business areas in NYS lays the ground work to take NYS well into the 21st Century. He's doing this by not taxing business out of the State of New York, but by going so far as to create tax free zones for business, to attract them or spawn them in NYS.

I still feel he needs to push for a ‘Democratic Majority in the Senate, 'Coalition' Gov't with Skelos dragging on 'Progressive' legislation won't work and he can get it done with a 'Democratic Majority' run by Jeff Klein if that's the way it has to be in order to get it done.

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike'

Anonymous said...

Hey Mikey shillaber, Newz Junky beat you to the shill talking points by using the term "gun reform" before you did. You have been stuck on "assault weapons" too long.

Anonymous said...

A spokesperson for Governor Cuomo, who cannot be named as they were not authorized to speak on the issue, has confirmed that the Governor will announce his actions to resolve the gasoline/diesel supply shortage way ahead of President Obama’s anticipated announcement of new fuel efficiency standards for cars and trucks.

Effective in a month it will be illegal for motorists in NYS to fill their vehicles tanks more than 70% full. Additionally, the Governors top financial advisors claim his quick action will benefit NY consumers because it will only cost $70 during their next trip to the pumps rather than the $100 it would have cost without Mr. Cuomo’s superior intelligence and foresight having been brought to bear on this vexing issue.

Anonymous said...

I noticed today that Obama is supporting more "resource officers" in schools. That is code for armed security in school. I guess when the NRA says it then it is crazy but when Obama says it then it is smart and sensible.

Max Volume said...

Let's all sit back now and watch New York's crime rate plummet.

If it doesn't, we were fooled yet again.

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike' said...

“Gun Control Sooner rather than Later in NYS”

All we are saying is Gov. Cuomo is giving 'Gun Control' a chance to save lives in NYS and showing the way for America to get gun violence under control. The need to act swiftly is had to do with the history of doing nothing once a tragedy recedes in the mind of the public. Sadly we now see that these incidents continue routinely in or out of NYS. This legislation is a good start and Gov. Cuomo should be given high marks for seeing this bill was passed sooner rather than later.

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike'

Anonymous said...

I believe Cuomo acted way to fast just to be the first! This issue needs a lot more work. His crazy rant the other day out did Howard Dean! Few will stand up to his "forceful" politics for obvious reasons.

Anonymous said...

So Cuomo was so concerned about assault rifles being used in Conn. he fast tracks a law in NY that allows them to be sold in PA where they could be used in a mass killing. Heckofa job you're doing there Andy!

Before that puddle gets too big you might want to rethink your man crush there Mikey.

Anonymous said...

Mikey, your stupidity never ceases to amaze. Only fools have gotten behind this Cuomo legislative bowel movement. And to see you roll around and support it comes as no surprise. This law will change nothing regarding criminal behaviour. It will, however, make things very difficult for law abiding people. And that really is what you wanted, isn't it? You wanted to chip away at freedom, the 2A, an the rights of good citizens. You and yours accomplished that. NYS is increasingly a state full of fools, or people who have managed to get others to pay their taxes, or find employment in the public sector. You've failed in that regard, so far. If I were you I would keep up the lip work. It is your only chance for success.

And Mikey, the Gov never stood up to anyone. Like you, he lied about the facts, then pushed people around IN PRIVATE. People who believe in what they stand for would have provided the time for an honest debate.

Anonymous said...

Mikey calls the current gun bill a "good start". That's what the libs always say, whatever they want is a "good start". Do you need any more clarification that the Constitution means nothing to a guy like Mikey and his clones? This is a just a start. Remember this when a Mikey leaves a puddle about anything.

Anonymous said...

Yes, raise minimum wage so we can all pay our bills..don't worry about the inflation on those bills so the employers can make up the difference in lost revenue. So, those of us not making minimum wage and are on a fixed yearly salary get screwed again. Nice logic Mike and Andrew, well played.

Anonymous said...

I see Albany as the place for Payola and Secret Handshakes.
I don't trust a single one of our politicians. Anything they do is to further themselves.

? said...


Drinking related deaths way out numbered shootings this past year. Why doesn't anyone throw up crazy laws to stop that? O-ya they already have crazy laws to stop drinking and driving. I forgot, because they don't work.

MIKE, criminals don't care if the law says they have no right to shoot people or drink and drive. You just don't get that, because your head is deep in the land of ME!


Anonymous said...

The gun in my cabinet is not in need of control. The whacked out idiot that would use it to kill is.

Anonymous said...

I sincerely apologize for any ill will I ever sent your way. The logic coming out of your mouth shows me I was wrong all along.

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike' said...

ANON 8:25

Evidently the NRA doesn't care much about the law either as long as they can sell more guns with background check loopholes. That's all over now. Good for our side! MCM

Anonymous said...

MCM what happens at the next shooting????? 3rd mags. I bought my ammo long before this law I knew people like you and the King would just pass something to placate the liberals now It's complete.

? said...

WRONG AGAIN MIKE! The NRA sold more guns? The Gov. and you sold thousands of guns my friend. Be proud of that. You and your kind put several more guns onto the streets. Thank you.