The Vortex... Urban Legend or Is It Real ?

The Vortex... Urban Legend or Is It Real ?
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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Crowds pack gun store as legislators consider new laws - Times Union

     Albany's headlong rush to gun control was good for the Empire State's gun shops as customers packed them on news the "toughest in the Nation" gun law had passed.
    Such a cultural divide between these folks and those who want the Second Amendment eviscerated.
Crowds pack gun store as legislators consider new laws - Times Union


Dan Francis said...

Fear sells, but not as much as tears after seeing a family member or neighbors shot all to hell ... and sadly, school kids in their classrooms.

So, hurry and get an armload of guns and let the hi-cap mag/clips and lack of background check and wide open gun shows run amok.

Problem solving - yeah, sure.

Anonymous said...

They are idiots, and we are idiots if the state pays to buy the weapons back.

Make it a felony to own such weapons, and if the owners don't turn them in, they go to jail.

How many innocent 6 and 7 year olds have to die so these idiots can have their "rights"? Those little kids had A RIGHT to live, and it was taken from them by an assault weapon. PERIOD!!!

Anonymous said...

Once again our Legislature has shown what a joke they really are, especially the assembly. I watched the debate online for a bit today and they are already talking about the need for amendments due to the error and now well thought out provisions of the bill. What's with that Addie?

I can't wait for the first constitutional challenge

Anonymous said...

Just think about it. This morning when I woke up I didn't have one "assault" weapon in my house. Now by an act of the legislature I have 3 "assault" weapons (as defined by the legislature) I am one bad dude now! I want Blankenbush back as my assembly person!! He gets it.

Now, there is already talk of amendments to the law since they were in such a hellish rush there were numerous mistakes. One question I heard was during the live debate was whether cops can have magazines that hold more than 7 rounds. The answer was it is unclear and is being dealt with by and amendment. Talk about a world class screw up.

So now my question is, will I have more or less "assault" weapons when these idiots are finsihed with the amendments?

My guess is. Who Cares!

Anonymous said...

It's a great day for Amerika. We have taken steps here in NYS that will save no lives, will make us no safer, but will placate misinformed people and folks that clamor for more and more government control and less personal freedom. Last night I watched a show on the HISTORY Channel about people who lost their lives attempting to leave Berlin during the Cold War. They risked their lives for freedom. Not for food stamps. Not for the right to have someone else pay their property taxes for them or get ObamaCare. They tried to gain freedom. Now, we have a worthless Governor, leading character free legislators in giving up those rights that so many sacrificed so much to maintain for us. And for what? So Cuomo can put his screaming face front and center on a national stage in an attempt to become our newest dictator in Washington. These are proud days for Amerikans. The current legislation won't effect me. And in the current tradition I therefore shouldn't care. But I do. It is a shame that emotion, lies, a complicit media, and party line loyalty above love of country has won such a victory. Dannie, Mikey, congratulations. It is a great day for people like you. It is a day of shame for true Americans.

Anonymous said...

Today I joined the NRA for life and gave them $1000, but all I own is a model 94 and a single shot shotgun. Hopefully these totalitarian libtards will keep pushing until they galvanize all the white males..

Anonymous said...

Much credit given and claimed for the nations “toughest gun law” signed by the Gov. but precious few details as to exactly what is contained within that law. In the run up to this there was been mention of background check requirements for purchase of ammo, registration of magazines with capacity of more than 7 cartridges, etc.

As always the devil is in the details though…for example, what will become of the here to fore legal, magazine fed, firearms which have a cartridge capacity of more than 7 rounds and which there is no 7 round or less equivalent replacement?

Has in fact one of the most popular .22 caliber hunting and target rifles possessed, the Rugar 10-22 rifle that had no “assault weapon characteristics under the previous law and was legal to possess on Monday in the stroke of the pen become illegal on Tuesday?

Will a background check for all ammo purchases be required? Even ammo for a shotgun such as the Gov. claims to own?

Will a soldier, Marine, law enforcement officer or first responder seeking treatment for PTSD or duty related emotional trauma be subject to their (here to fore) confidential conversations with a medical professional be subject to reporting to law enforcement because they admit to violent or suicidal dreams or thoughts while seeking treatment?

Just a few examples of questions that will be answered in the weeks and months after the politicians focus on “more pressing issues” or their next made for media circus and previously law abiding residents of NYS are placed in jeopardy of being criminals.

Well done Governor…the loyal sheep are drooling in anticipation of voting for you in the 2016 presidential primaries.

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike' said...

Mayor, who said they wanted to destroy the 2nd Amendment on this blog. What BS and what does an Assault rifle have to do with the
2nd Amendment, besides make all gun owners look bad? Assault weapons in the hands of civilians have no place in America. That's what this NYS legislation is about, and hopefully we send the meesage Nation wide that the NRA can be put in its place. Get a clue about what people and legislators wanted to accomplish here please; you're off base here totally saying people were attacking the 2nd aAmendment, that's something the morons running the NRA would say to their members.


Max Volume said...

It seems Wyoming's got it right:

Anonymous said...

Hey MCM State Police can only have 7 rds in their mag also?? No questions were answered when the bill was presented totally dictatorship by King Andrew, Congraulations MCM YOU and your
AJR types got what you wanted now if there's another shooting I dont want to hear anything about it, Because we passed this much needed Law.

Anonymous said...

MCM will soon have a whole new group joining him in unemployment line. All the people who will lose there jobs at Remington Arms.

But MCM considers that a win for humanity.

Anonymous said...

Mikey, a clip that hold 8 rounds is not an assault weapon you idiot. I want a clip that holds more than 8 rounds in case a gang of Obama voters comes tries to assault my family or steal my stuff late at night instead of through the voting booth.

In fact, all weapons are defense weapons until they get in the hands of guys like the one in Webster that murdered his grandmother with a hammer. Guys like that, who we would have injected lethally but your party puts back on the streets and then blames weapons.

And the Webster shooter could have done the same thing with a seven round clip, so I have no doubt that is the next thing your party of retards will try to ban.

Anonymous said...

We put limitis on everything , you cant drive a car without facing speed limits , registrations. Annual inspection etc so WTF r u concerned over registering guns and putting some teeth into legislation . Doing nothing and maintaining the status quoo is NO LONGER an option . Thing have changed forever .

Systemic change is happening and you who live in the 15 th century will be dragged kicking and screaming into the future .

Your inability to adapt only continues to frustrate you .You LOST the election , you lost on THIS issue and your world is NEVER coming back .

Demographics have changed everything . Adapt and deal with it or go the way of the dinosaur .

? said...

Mike only sees one line in this. He can stand and tell you he won. He took your rifle away and you couldn't stop him. That's all it is. He cares nothing about people being safe. He cares about the win for him and his kind. Mike is stepping to the brass band right now. Just like so many before him, the fun will end when he realizes his freedom is gone too. Just like so many before him and after. Dance to the tune Mike, all you are good for.

Anonymous said...

MCM needs to find a life, and 535 Ive owned a pistol since 1979, Ive never killed a person with it, Get real..............

Anonymous said...

? is on it. I don't always agree with my friend ?, but he hit it. Mikey just wanted to get off, and he did on this. I'm still laughing at the vision of Mikey dancing. Can you imagine what that would look like?

Anonymous said...

12:50 In Germany, Hitler told his people that everything had changed too. He sold the idea that freedom for the individual mattered not. It was the power of the state that was important. It is you who were born at the wrong time. I feel sorry for you. You could have had yourself one of those shiney Hitley Youth daggars with the way you value freedom.

I'm not frustrated. But I am disappointed. I will never give up my freedom. You have no such standards. You're much more pragmatic than I am. Congratulations, coward.

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike' said...

ANON ? 4:43 PM

You're right, I do care about one thing, the same thing Gov. Cuomo cares about, a 'Gun Control' policy that makes all NYers a little safer. And the new Bill is a good start and I think people see that even if the NRA can't; and will never support sensible gun legislation.

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class MIke'

Anonymous said...

Very well said 12:50PM. And thank you for being the grown up in a room full of petulant toddlers…

? said...

Here's my grab on the whole deal without doing the safety dance with Mike.

Sure some people in this state shouldn't be allowed to even own a dog. They can't even handle that. But it is not the governments place to order us around like the king of England did hundreds of years ago. That's why we shot so many red-coats in the first place. We pushed them out and made our own laws. Plus we (TRIED) to prevent our leaders from serving us the same cold plate of food. Now Mike and friends try to do the same thing again.

We didn't elect a king for Gov. We elected a person who is to hear our needs and try to fill them the best way he can. Not tell us what our needs are. He didn't even allow our members of state government time to look at the laws well. He pushed the whole deal very fast.

That's my bitch Mike. We don't want a king or followers of a king type system anymore. We don't want to be in a safety blanket all the time. We don't need a nanny to handle our lives.

BUT, now you can go back to the safety dance and keep hooping around with your goofy hat on.

Anonymous said...

11:26 your are very welcome . i often tire of those who constantly bicker and refuse to realize the entire game has changed Petulant they are but more importantly they are becoming rapidly more isolated , delusional and harmful to THEMSELVES.

Most rational beings WILL IGNORE THEM as the lunatic fringe, but we NEED to include ALL in the hopes that logical , rational , non emotional discourse can actually take place

Idi Amin Duda said...

All the rash pushing of the law did, if you think for awhile, is put a thousands of more guns into the hands of jerk knee fearful people. Some of them shouldn't own a car and they ran out and bought rifles before they couldn't. That's all it did.

Dan Francis said...

We are not Germany cir 1938 and our President is not Hitler - that comparison is sick and as weak-minded as those who posted it.

Anonymous said...

Danny, this is about our governor not our president...try to keep up. We are not Germany but are you going to promise we could never become a Germany? The only thing that can promise that is well armed citizens.

Idi Amin Duda said...


No one said that we are in the 1938 Hitler taking us over cir. We know the President is not Hitler. BUT, there are others in this country just as ready as the Nazis were to take over and stamp us into the dirt under heal. You for one should know first hand that people are always out there looking for their shot to take over the whole package, not just a piece.

Admit it Dan! All the Gov. did was cause thousands of stupid people in fear to buy guns they really didn't need. He helped sell thousands of guns to fools. People who may or may not shoot their own stupid fingers off.

The whole law should have been shown to us first, then our reps in office should have had time to talk it over, and then a law should have been voted on. Not the rush job that was done. All it did was put more guns into more moronic people's hands.

Great job all around DAN!

Anonymous said...

Do you know hy in WW2 USA would not be invaded............To many civilians with weapons...........

Anonymous said...

Siena poll indicated today that 73% of New Yorkers approve of the new legislation, upstate the approval rte was 60 percent . The tide has turned on this issue , the NRA has been dealt a blow .

most people have indicated that this change is warranted and support it... That is democracy and liberty in action my friends .

Anonymous said...

@2:03 PM:

NDAA signed by Obama on 12.31.11,
while on Vacation an executive Order

This law can brand citziens of the United Staates Enemy combatants, with out due process, lawyer, jury or any other rights like habea corpus.

Idi Amin Duda said...

Only proves 73% of the state are LIBs! That's all. I am sure that they called mostly LIBs too.