Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Council To Huddle on Chilly Night

     City Council will be dealing with an extra issue tonight, and its an old familiar friend.  Alcohol concession issues.  In a state where the Governor wants to legalize marijuana, we never cease to have some issue concerning beer.
     Meanwhile the wind damage to the roof of the Arena at the Fairgrounds did not stop opening of the facility today and experts are hoping to get a look at damage this week.

     Council tonight will likely approve contracts with three sporting teams using City facilities. The Privateers, the Red & Black and the Rams (Wizards) will then be set for their next season.
     And Council will approve the sale of two tax sale parcels reauctioned after the initial bidder didn't close.  One property is the $80,000 sale of the warehouse on West Main Street to Knowlton Technologies, a prominent local firm.
       I hear a new gin mill is opening in Watertown later this week on State Street. That brings to three (four counting the reopening of Maggies) of  new bars in my neighborhood in the last few months.  A Renaissance for Demon Rum.   

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Anonymous said...

I thought you had the alcohol issue at the fairgrounds all figured out when you consulted the expert former ABC person for direction. How much did we pay him?