Wednesday, January 9, 2013

City Hall Visit Yields Unexepected News for TV 7 Duo

        I was at City Hall to receive a Community Covenant from the Fort Drum Garrison Commander today and suddenly John Moore and a new reporter show up.    No news, just a get-to-know-you tour for Rachel.
        Now I certainly wanted the first time at City Hall to be productive for the Beehive State native, so I invited them to cover the visit by Col. Gary Rosenberg and we even did an interview on another subject that can be used to advance next week's meeting.
       I bored her with stories of my early days in TV news with the 16mm film and the kinescopes.
       I think she must have concluded I was post Sarnoff, but pre-cable news in my vintage.
       I gave her and the Colonel a city mug. Hope I don't get either of them in trouble.

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