Sunday, January 13, 2013

Barren Couple to Lead Large State

    North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory took office yesterday amidst no less than three inaugural balls in the Tarheel State. The former mayor of Charlotte and his wife have both been married twice and neither has children. Since Mom lives there, I get a regular primer on NC politics.
    How the heck did this Republican get elected in a political world where it's all about middle class, working families and the plight of "the children" ?
     Guess he was competent and made his case for good governance to the voters.
Governor and Mrs. McCrory in Raleigh Last Night

     I am sure the traditionalists were also raising eyebrows at the First Lady's leopard print inaugural gown, but animal prints seem to have some fashion staying power in recent years, at least in the red states.
Charlotteans join the party at McCrory inaugural ball |


Anonymous said...

Why would you be surprised? The "family man" issue was raised right here in the last mayoral contest and you squeaked out a win. Of course that race may have a different outcome had your opponent not been the most completely unlikeable person in the city and perhaps the county. Plus if you had come clean on your position on firearms the hated one may have gained a large enough advantage to overcome the public's dislike.

Anonymous said...

The outcome might have been different if Mikey hadn't helped Jeff so much by campaigning for the opposition. Thanks Mike. Jeff was the better candidate. Mr Smith would be smart to keep fools off his campaign staff.

Anonymous said...

Within our free$tuff slacker narcissistic culture of @ssholes, there are still large pockets of nice people that are not self centered ignorant democrats, hell bent on destroying civilization.

In fact, there were 47 million such people that voted in our last election.

Anonymous said...

Some choice. I'd rather have a mayor who isn't publicly obsessed with pictures of young women without pants.

Anonymous said...

What would life be like with a Mayor Moonbeam? We may find out next time. I'd rather see a Mayor Richardson.

What would be really cool would be a Mayor Mikey. Think of it. We'd be entertained daily. FreeStuff would flow from skies. Taxes would absolutely explode, but not for those who live near golf courses and are exempt. Actually, that would be funny as hell. We could dress the police force in brown sport coats with patches and wooley hats and glasses. It would be fun. YOU interested, Mikey?