Saturday, January 19, 2013

B-Bush: The Honeymoon is Over

   Local GOP Assemblyman Ken Blankenbush has issued a statement in essence declaring the era of good feeling is over with Governor Cuomo.
   Mr. Blankenbush says the gun bill was but one example of a Governor now bowing to downstate interests and not interested in cooperating on upstate issues.
   Certainly Mr. Cuomo's left of center State of the State Address left some wondering if the Governor had lurched left.
   Unfortunately for the GOP, they haven't the votes anymore to do anything more than put out a press release.


Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike' said...

Is Assemblyman Blankenbush venting Assembly Republicans and the Senates Majority Leader Dean Skelos' angst about being made irrelevant?

Mayor: It didn't take Assemblyman Ken Blankenbush to confirm which way the wind is blowing in NNY; and it’s a Cold wind heading towards Albany, NY from NNYers, but what does that get the voters of NNY with a Governor who has a 70% approval rating? In any case your blog scooped everybody in the Western District about where the Senate, in Albany, NY was heading this year, and I thank you for letting me share with you on 'Hotline' and this blog.

The WDT just wasn't interested in reporting this story, as it has written very little on these events the last two months. At least the story about a Democratic surge in Albany, NY got out to the people living in the Western District.

Mike Flynn ‘Middle Class Mike’

Anonymous said...

If you count votes long enough, you almost always find enough to declare the Democrat the winner. Just like Al Franken in Minnesota. Drag it out, mine the votes, declare winner. Works every time.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget AJR bowing down to King Andy.

Anonymous said...

Cuomo didn't lurch to the left. He was already left of left and now that the senate has been taken over he gets to implement his dumb ideas.

Anonymous said...

That's maybe true, 12:27. So I'm guessing our financial problems will be solved in the near future..


Anonymous said...

Blankenbush = Another mindless NRA dupe. Next thing you know, he'll be signing on with Grover Norquist.