Saturday, November 24, 2012

Obama's NYC Vote Shows How Unwinnable NY is for the GOP

       A tally of votes in NYC shows President Obama carried the Big Apple with 81% of the vote and actually scored 100% in several election districts.
      Traditionally, Republicans lose the City in hopes of making it up on Long Island and upstate. Even though, a GOP candidate needs to get in the 30s to have even a shot at that...Scoring in the teens in the City's diverse populace is indicative of the problems Republicans have in forming a governing majority.
      Mitt Romney's only highlights were the Brooklyn districts where Orthodox Jews vote, and he did tie the President in the ED where Donald Trump lives. The Bronx was over 90% Obama and the President carried usually GOP Staten Island.
      Meanwhile upstate Mr Obama was also winning supposed GOP strongholds.
Inside Obama's New York win -

Snow Spotted Near the 'Cuse

    The climate change that gave us such a warm winter last year is grudgingly giving way to the real deal of the season.
     A photo from Newzjunky shows Route 81 near Hancock Airport in Syracuse and the snow is a fallin'
    So far nothing up our way but a quick flurry mid afternoon.
     How do you know that's not a photo from last year ? Because we are principled journalists here in the Blogosphere.

Sure Beats Working for a Living...Ungrateful Judges Carp Over Salaries

   When you are a judge you don't have to maintain an office...or staff...or hustle up customers. You work for a salary but you do get benefits including medical and the state's generous pension plan.
    Now some judges are complaining their recently raised pay is not enough. Granted it was left unchanged for years, but that's politics.
     I haven't heard our city judges complain about their new pay.  In fact, I think they approciate the opportunity to have such a good job.
Some N.Y. judges say 27% pay raise is insufficient | Star-Gazette |

Seattle Police: Don't Bogart That Joint

     In NNY on December 6, marijuana is the evil weed...a gateway drug...something you can be cuffed and stuffed for and something the authorties can hold press conferences over when they sieze a couple dozen plants in the Town of New Bremen or under some grow lights in someone's basement.
     In NNY the prohibition on marijuana continues while across the continent in Washington State the demon weed is legal and police in Seattle are putting out a guide to the legal use of it.

      Unknown is whether the US Justice Department will try to put a damper on all this, but I don't think so as President Obama has an evolving view on the war on drugs such as he did on same sex marriage.
      Of course in Washington there are the caveats..You have to be 21, but that will fail as mightily as the 21 year old drinking age. There are limits on the amount you can have and the means of selling weed in regulated stores is still a year off.
      Washington is one of two states to effectively end the prohibition on marijuana and these chinks in the armor of the War on Drugs will be interesting to watch.

Seattle police guide to legal marijuana goes viral | Local News | The Seattle Times

Top Republican senator ditching Norquist anti-tax pledge -

      Is the 20 year old no-tax pledge Grover Norquist and GOP candidates dutifully signed over the years now broken. Senator Saxby Chambliss of Georgia is a major Republican figure to announce he is willing to consider tax hikes as a means of deficit reduction.
     Senator Chambliss says he places the fate of country above a pledge.
     Principles are great to have but signing these pledges is of dubious value. Where has it gotten us ?
      I would hope  people I elect govern using their own judgment and free will. A deal needs to be cut, and getting rid of all these expiring tax rates would go a long way towards ending the endless annual debates over extension.
      For starters get ready for a thousand or two extra in taxes when the "temporary" FICA cut expires. Look for the current federal rates to be held for those under $500K, and some kind of change in capital gains.  Maybe some deductions gotten rid of, but not home mortgage interest..that is sacrosanct for the moment.
       Republican candidates should be able spurn the Norquist pledge in the future, but given the need for big money to run campaigns, candidates will still feel obliged to sign on to policies they don't agree with.
Top Republican senator ditching Norquist anti-tax pledge -

Changes needed to clean up Jets mess - and Ryan faces much of the blame -

     The clamor has begun for action but really there is nothing that can be done this year. The playoff prospects for the JETS are nearly nil. Owner Woody Johnson will likely do something in the front office...Change the GM....maybe can Coach Ryan or the offensive coordinator.
       With Tim Tebow injured, we can't even find out if divine intervention would work.
Changes needed to clean up Jets mess - and Ryan faces much of the blame -

The Dream Looms for Many Tonight

     They are getting the kind of jackpots that attract more players..One again Powerball (played on Wednesdays and Saturdays) is huge. An annuity value of over $325M with a cash value over 200.
   Just last August, Donald Lawson of Lapeer MI won a cast value of $226M.
Don Lawson With His Very Happy Mom Last August
        While doubtful, this jackpot could roll over again into record territory. Record or not, this is a lot of money.  Win it and you could take care of Mercy, the Masonic Temple, the Woolworth Building, Sewall's Island, and build a dog park and still have a ton of money leftover..

Powerball could smash its record

POLL: Who is most to blame for the Jets' comedic futility?

       New York Post readers blame coach Rex Ryan and GM Mike Tannenbaum the most for the JETS grim loss to New England in front of tens of millions of shocked Americans on a Thanksgiving night game.
      Quarterback Mark Sanchez deserves a good chunk of blame too but its the whole team who contributed to the 49-19 loss.
POLL: Who is most to blame for the Jets' comedic futility?

Friday, November 23, 2012

Birthers at Pier One ? Hey, I am an American !

       On my way to Pete's I stopped at Pier One to check out some seat cushions on sale and ended up buying a couple of candles...I know they are pricey but they smell good there.  They have some great Christmas decorations too and attentive staff apparently very used to waiting on Canadians.
      At the check out, the perky young lady who was trying to sell me a $59 wreath I liked but couldn't pull the trigger on, was also asking me my phone number.
      I don't know why, but I am of a generation where if a pretty girl asks for your number, you reflexively give it to her...4-8-6-0-8-7-9   I chirped.
      Then she looked at me...well known (I thought) mayor of Watertown.... and she said 'is your area code 6-1-3 ?'
      No, I confessed, I am just a local with the less prestigious code of 3-1-5.
       It was clear to me the stretch of outer Arsenal Street had been occupied by a foreign army of shoppers.
        I am now back at Pete's where no one would think I had a Kingston area code.

Black Friday Starts Canadian $5 Billion Holiday Drain - Bloomberg

    The shopping is on in earnest and while the occasional push and shove will make news, for the most part I noticed people just milling around not buying much in my early AM visit to the Mall in Watertown.
    Sure the Canadians are here and it is estimated their treks will drain some $5B from the Canadian retail industry during the Holidays.
     The lure of a deal or maybe just wanting to get out of Dodge keeps bringing our neighbors to the north our way.
     The latest sales tax estimates for October shows a continued surge in retail here, part of it driven by Canadians.
      Glad they like to visit and we hope Canadians enjoy their visits and the Holidays.
Black Friday Starts C$5 Billion Holiday Drain - Bloomberg

If You Say You Don't Have an ID....You Are Lying

    One of the oldest ways to get served if you are underage (not to die in war, just to have a beer) is to come in to the bar with an of-age friend and then you go to the rest room or hang around across the room in a non chalant manner.
    Tonight about 530 two guys came a well groomed 40ish guy, the other I couldn't see as he hung out by the juke box with a cell phone on his ear....
    The older guy ordered two Bud Lights and as I retrieved them, I was suspicious and asked to see the other guy's ID....The well groomed one, an almost Trooper-like guy in appearance, said he doesn't have an ID...Oh really ? What's he doing in the Mayor's Bar then, as we don't serve such folks. ?..  Who doesn't have ID ? and why would the well-groomed guy know if he did or didn't ?
     Then the well groomed guy walked over to his cohort and said something and they both left.  
     This didn't look like two younger guys just trying to get a beer...Looked like a sting, as I read on Newzjunky the law was on OT for the weekend. 

Sanchez blooper fumble epitomizes embarrassing Jets performance -

    JETS nation got to join the rest of the nation on Thanksgiving night in watching Gang Green fold its tent for the 2012 season, losing to the Patriots 49-19 in an embarrassing game seen by the nation on NBC.
    If ever you wanted to be just the regional game, this was it.
    Five turnovers including a comical butt butt by QB Mark Sanchez all contributed to a 35 point Patriot blitz in the second quarter.

    Tim Tebow was benched with a cracked rib.
     One has to wonder about Rex Ryan's future as well a Sanchez who posted numbers that masked the truly pathetic performance by my team.
     It truly is a black Friday.
Sanchez blooper fumble epitomizes embarrassing Jets performance -

Shoppers Spurn After Dinner Nap for Walking Around Mall in Wee Hours

The throng promised for the Mall and other stores on Black Fridaywas not evident at  1:15 this morning. There were a healthy number of shoppers in the Mall but the real challenge if keeping them spending....Everyone seemed to be walking arounr.
Salmon Run Mall 1:15AM
  I drove by Wal-Mart at about 1 AM and while there were dozens of cars, it hardly looked like a war zone...maybe the bigger rush comes today, but from what I saw it looks more like people wandering our for want of something to do more than to be a competitive shopper.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Martin Obit Featured in Washington Post

      The late former Congressman David Martin got a nice write-up on the obit page of the Washington Post.
      The papers cites his strong advocacy for expansion at Fort Drum and his willingness to leave office when he had enought serving as highlights of his career.
      That about sums it up as those are the things I remember most from his 12 year career in the House.
David O’B. Martin, former U.S. House member from New York, dies at 68 - The Washington Post

Jill Kelley, central figure in Petraeus scandal, given a medal and awarded country's second-highest civilian honor in 2011 -

    Military brass groupie Jill Kelley got an award for her schmoozing and party hosting for General David Petraeus and others.
    The General recommended Ms. Kelley receive a high honor granted by the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the silver lapel pin and certificate was granted.
General Petraeus and Socialite Jill Kelley
Sporting Some Bling

Jill Kelley, central figure in Petraeus scandal, given a medal and awarded country's second-highest civilian honor in 2011 -

Salvation Army Prepares Dinner For 600

     Some 600 people will enjoy Thanksgiving dinner today at the Salvation Army on State Street. Twenty-nine turkeys are being cooked along with all the other fixings for what surely will be an enjoyable meal.
       It's also a chance to meet the new commanders , Lieutenants Zeb and Summer Hough, a pair of very nice and dedicated people.

       There is something nice about working on the holiday and getting to see people.
Hope you all enjoy Thanksgiving, and plan to cap the day off watching the JETS take on the Patriots this evening.
Salvation Army Prepares Dinner For 600 | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News

True Love.....People Sleep With Their Smart Phones

   In a sign of how attached to gadgets we are, a survey shows 90% of young adults sleep with their smart phones. The ubiquitous phones are routinely checked on throughout the night as people trade sleep for being in the loop.
    Count me as guilty too. Of course, with the portable phone replacing the land line, its only natural it would be where the old phone used to be, except now we are checking mail, playing games and doing whatever instead of the things normally done in bed, sleeping being first among them.
cool infographic by Online Psychology Degree

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

At A Political Tipping Point in New York: Senator Klein's Manifesto

        The first among equals in the Independent Democratic Caucus in the NYS Senate has offered up an op/ed that seems to pull back the blind on how Senator Jeffery Klein and his three cohorts will operate.
        Senator Klein, along with Diane Savino, David Carlucci and Dabid Valetsky for the caucus and they sound like they are going to pursue Democratic policies without giving the Democratic machine absolute control of the body.
Senator Jeffery Klein (r) and two of his IDC pals

        In forming the IDC these four have placed themselves at the fulcrum of state government, tipping the balance of power as they fit.
         It will be interesting to watch what happens although one thing is clear. A hike in the minimum wage will happen as Mr. Klein says his gang of four supports it and the GOP will not actively oppose it as they want the IDC to be with them on other issues.

At political tipping point in New York | The Journal News | |

Jesse Jackson Jr. resigns from Congress, Has to Live Off Wifes' Six Figure Salary

    They are called the "political class" and they are always well served. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr has been forced to resign amidst a corruption probe.....He loses his $180K job but his wife Sandi is still a Chicago City Alderman from the 7th Ward at over $112K a year.  They are all advocates for the little people though.
Jesse Jackson Jr. resigns from Congress -

Middle Class Mike....Gun for Hire ?

    Middle Class Mike....aka Michael the ultimate politico...
     He is a participant in the political dialogue of the North Country from Glens Falls to Watertown and he claims to be responsible for Rep. Bill Owens two point win over Matt Doheny...
      MCM  never missed a chance to stick it to Matt and Mr. Flynn says the Congressman is most appreciative of his contributions.
       Mike is a diligent warrior for his candidate of the moment. He once wanted to work for the Doheny campaign in 2010.
     As for his allegiance to Mr Owens ? I asked Mike today how he thought I would do in such a race with MCM running my campaign.
     Without hesitation, Mike said , "you'd win."
      That's pure politics at work...

Obama to pardon turkey with the most Facebook fans - Political Eye - CBS News

    The President didn't yield to PETA and went ahead with that silly pardon the turkey exercise and this year people got to vote for their favorite of two birds. Cobbler won.
      The fact we have to "pardon" a bird instead of just hauling it off to the kitchen is a sign of our reluctance to discuss what we really do to animals before we eat them....
      I am not a Vegan or a PETA person, but I do think the pardoning is something this transformational and progressive President should have spurned.
Obama to pardon turkey with the most Facebook fans - Political Eye - CBS News

WDT: Amish baby dies following car-buggy accident

    A nine month old baby died when the Amish buggy she was in was hit by a motorist on a public highway in Lewis County.
     In the name of religious tolerance we continue to allow a clearly unsafe situation to continue. If the 27  year old woman driving the car has an unrestrained child in her car she would be charged with under one of those laws named after somebody.
      Accidents happen but the buggies are dangerous and frankly I am surprised these mishaps don't occur more often.
Watertown Daily Times | Amish baby dies following car-buggy accident

Former Congressman Martin Dies at Age 68

   Sometimes you turn on the news and get a shocker...Today it was the passing at age 68 of former North Country Congressman David Martin, who died yesterday under hospice care in his West Virginia home.
   Mr. Martin  was elected to Congress in 1980 and served six terms before leaving NNY to become a lobbyist. He is a Canton area native, graduate of Notre Dame and Albany Law School, and also was elected to the local county legislature and the NYS Assembly.
    Mr. Martin was seen on occasion in NNY of late, getting involved in the local Congressional race on behalf of candidate Matt Doheny. Mr. Martin was succeeded in Congress by John McHugh.

Brian Kilmeade jokes that Fox News 'hires women by flipping through the pages of Victoria's Secret catalog' | Mail Online

      FOX News' Brian Kilmeade says his network hires female anchors by flipping through the pages of a Victoria's Secret catalogue and then making sure they can talk and have gone to college.
       Now there is some faux outrage over the flip comment. These are entertainers and they are on air to entertain. Part of humor is taking an accepted fact and exaggerating it for humor's sake.
       Fact is, network anchor people are in part there due to appearance. The afternoon talk show 'The Five' always features Kimberly Guilefoyle sitting in the end position showing a lot of leg.
FOX's Guilefoyle Always Leggy When Sitting Next to Bob Beckel

      It's just when someone points out the obvious, we are all expected to get all outraged.
      Of course these days the threshhold for outrage is low. Something is said....some people sitting on their ass start tweeting and then the media reports on the tweets. We have effectively devalued outrage.

Brian Kilmeade jokes that Fox News 'hires women by flipping through the pages of Victoria's Secret catalog' | Mail Online

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

ConsumerWatch: Stores Requiring ID, Tracking To Prevent Repeated Returns « CBS San Francisco

    Chronic returners of merchandise are now being tracked to reduce the amount of "renting" of merchandise...You know, buying a TV for the Super Bowl and returning it on Monday. Or buying clothing, wearing it and then returning it.
    Those returning stuff are being required to have their driver's license scanned....A company monitors you and if you return too go on a list of people perhaps not allowed to return anymore.
ConsumerWatch: Stores Requiring ID, Tracking To Prevent Repeated Returns « CBS San Francisco

San Francisco Bans Nudity

    Conservative, frumpiness is coming to SanFrancisco. The city's Board of Supervisors voted six to five to ban public nudity despite a tradition of free expression in the City by the Bay.  Ironically it was Supervisor Scott Weiner who proposed the cover up.
     The legislation still needs the mayor's signature, but it would seek to crack down on exposed genitals on public streets particularly in the city's Castro District.
      You'll convince me San Fran has changed when they no longer elect Nancy Pelosi.
News from The Associated Press

Danica Getting a Divorce...What a Shame !

Marriage works sometimes for celebrities...Like Paul Newman...but not usually. The demands of celebrity and the temptations take their toll on what society insists is the norm...although often it's not.
With all that in mind, Danica Patrick is getting a divorce from hubby Paul Hospenthal.
It's like a bartender thinking you can be the center of attention and still have the happy home life....Never works.
What was good about Danica is she was smart enough not to wear her marriage on her sleeve as fans want to maintain the fantasy. How can you do those 'Go Daddy' ads and still be the wife at home.
I would like to see her win a race.
Danica Patrick getting a divorce

PETA asks Obama to skip turkey pardoning -

     I am with PETA on this one...The turkey pardon ritual is kind of foolish....46 million birds will be harvested for their Thanksgiving duty...It's what it is and we all like the meat, but the silly pardoning is one holiday tradition we can do without.

    I did one of these phony ceremonies last year at the Zoo....I wouldn't again. It's just an inane photo op not worthy of coverage. Kind of like Punxatawny Phil.
      PETA asks Obama to skip turkey pardoning -

Groups' push for $1.25 minimum wage increase falling on deaf ears in Albany - NY Daily News

   A coalition of union bosses and executive directors of not-for-profits advocating for the poor are among those in Albany this week clamoring for an increase in the minimum wage. They are all making far more than $7.25 but continue to insist raising the minimum to $8.50 will make life better for the little people.
    Lawmakers for the time being are the hike, but I still think there will be cave-in at some point.
Groups' push for $1.25 minimum wage increase falling on deaf ears in Albany - NY Daily News

Albany Democrats, in disarray  - NY Daily News

   In the long term the demographics of NY State likely favor Democrats controlling the State Senate, but for the next two years that's not likely true. Increasingly, it seems the party's experience three years ago with the "four amigos" has left too many sensible people rooting aganst John Sampson and company to take over the upper house again.
    Even Governor Cuomo has quietly done all he can to make sure his own party is not in charge, and he is taking heat from the left for not putting party over the people of New York.
Democratic Leader Senator John Sampson Hopes to Overcome Image Problem

     While Pedro Espada and company are gone, and its true the GOP majority really stands for little other than a block against far-left policies, it is best if Dean Skelos remain as majority leader.
      As for the Governor, he will take some carping for not standing with Democrats, but he benefits by being seen as being able to transcend party for the greater good.
       In the capital your very being is defined by the box checked on a voter registration form. That's now how real people see the world and Mr. Cuomo is playing this wisely.
Albany Democrats, in disarray  - NY Daily News

Monday, November 19, 2012

Flouride and Dog Parks Headline Council Session

   City Council tonight got an earful from those wanting an end to the flouridation of drinking water... Speakers made an appeal based on studies they sight showing the chemical to be an industrial by-product put in water for dental reasons, but actually toxic to humans.
    Council agreed to discuss the issue with the water superintendent next week.

    Lawmakers also heard from supporters of a dog park in the city. Advocate Scott Gates made the pitch for designation of a site. He also took aim at the city dog ordinance which I think has been effective.  I am not against a dog park, but someone has to designate a location and tell Council how it will be paid for.
   Lawmakers extended by a week the time for buyers of a warehouse to close on the property. The failure to close on Friday was not met, but while granting a brief reprieve, Council seemed firm in not extending it further.
    Council also reappointed the chair of the Library Board and approved cost overruns for the Clinton Street project.
     There was also a presentation from a company from skirts the domestic prescription drug cartel in favor of off shore pharmacies. Council requested further information.

NY Times Features Watertown Foam Party

    A Watertown gin mill has made the NY Times for its foam parties, a concept orginally brought to NNY by former nightclub empressario and radio icon Johnny Spezzano.
    Crazy Legs Saloon on Arsenal Street was featured in the Times along with photos of bodies covered with foam writhing about.
      Kind of a Caligula type setting right here in Watertown. Who would have thought ?
Foam Party Photographs by Alec Soth - Audio & Photos -

Porn Star Turned Prosecutor....Lowering the Bar on Youthful Indiscretion ?

    It was too good a story not to catch on...except up here of course...
    The upstate District Attorney who forty years ago was briefly a porn star.
     Mark Suben lied about it prior to the election, and that's more the rub at the moment.
     Too bad he did, as it probably wouldn't have hurt if he had been up front. It was a legal activity and it was many years ago. I am sure for some voters its the equivalent of 'original sin.'
     I'm sure if she got a law degree, Jefferson County native Savanna Samson could get elected here, albeit without the Times endorsement.  (I think Ms Samson was more accomplished in her field and has now become a successful businesswoman selling her own brands of wine).
Quoted: Porn star-turned-prosecutor Mark Suben - The Reliable Source - The Washington Post

The Day They Tore Doc Strange Down

    A familiar waterting hole to generations past and a tattoo parlor to today's generation came down in a pile of rubble today. Doctor Strange' Parlor...before that Smoky's Tavern..... recently became city property and Council opted to tear down the bug infested and dilapidated structure.
      A second property taken for taxes this year is also coming down. A tenement on East Lynde Street is being demolished. Other, more useable buildings taken for taxes were auctioned off, although a warehouse on West. Main Street may have to be auctioned again as the high bidder failed to meet a deadline for closing.
     City Council will discuss that matter tonight.

Mitt and Ann Romney go for post-election date to see Twilight movie

    Mitt and Ann Romney can have a date night a lot easier now that they lost the election. The pair were spotted in DelMar, CA attending the teen vampire movie "Twilight Saga" and having pizza at a nearby restaurant.
                                         Life Is Easier Outside the Bubble
          Whether Mr. Romney sees vampires as part of a greater and grander metaphor, we don't know. We do know he told interviewers during the campaign he has read the books the movie is based on.

Mitt and Ann Romney go for post-election date to see Twilight movie | Mail Online

O.J. Simpson case: Explosive new documentary claims serial killer Glen Rogers is to blame for the double murder of Nicole Brown-Simpson and her friend in 1994 | Mail Online

      What a relief. OJ Simpson didn't murder his wife.  A new documentary on the Discovery Channel alleges the culprit was a serial killer named Glen Rogers.
        This certainly brings into question how much you should believe of what's on the Discovery Channel.
         Anyway, Simpson is still in jail in Nevada on unrelated charges.
O.J. Simpson case: Explosive new documentary claims serial killer Glen Rogers is to blame for the double murder of Nicole Brown-Simpson and her friend in 1994 | Mail Online

Sandy revives gambling debate

    When you want to raise a tax, just say you are doing it for the children...When you want more casinos, just say its helping pay for the damage from a terrible storm like Sandy.
    Governor Cuomo is pushing to get passed legislation to amend the State Constitution allowing more non-Indian casinos. Meanwhile gambling interests want longer hours at racinos and more games allowed.
    They say they are working with the Governor to provide more dollars needed to help pay for rebuilding.
      Craven ?
Sandy revives gambling debate - City & Region - The Buffalo News

WDT: Alexandria’s tax levy going up by 91%

    Percentages can be a public relations problem, especially when 91% is the increase in the tax levy...that's the amount of money a municipality raises from the property tax.
    That's the hike in the Town of Alexandria where the levy is climbing to $430,000 in order to balance the Town's $3.3 million overall budget.
      I don't know the dynamics of town government in the Bay but it's a phenomenon more understandable when you consider that the property tax is the only variable the town controls although it's only a small portion of total revenue.
     Therefore spending a little more on the $3.3M results in a huge percentage hike in the levy if all other revenue sources are flat.
      The reverse has been largely true of late in most local governments where rising sales tax revenue has resulted in stable property taxes in a time when rising pension costs should be causing either staffing cuts or tax increases.
        The other factor in the Bay is the rate levied to collect $430K is so low, the percentage doesn't tell the whole story and it's doubtful the hike will garner much attention.

Watertown Daily Times | Alexandria’s tax levy going up by 91%

Patty Hearst to be a grandmother -

      Life moves on and there has been a lot of water under the bridge since newspaper heiress Patty Hearst sported her revolutionary garb. The former cohort of the Symbionese Liberation Army is now going to be a grandmother.

        Ms. Hearst is now 58.   She was convicted of bank robbery after joining in on SLA's nefarious activities in what was viewed by some as an example of the Stockholm Syndrome. Her sentence was commuted by President Carter and she received a complete pardon by President Clinton in 2001.
Patty Hearst to be a grandmother -

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Is Rice Cooked? -

   Oh, and even Maureen Dowd agrees with me !
Is Rice Cooked? -

Congress investigating editing, creation of Libya talking points -

    Here's what happened...There was a close campaign for the Presidency going on....VP Biden was running around shouting "Osama bin Laden is dead and General Motors is alive",  the Obama narrative is that our enemies are subdued,  an unfortunate event in Benghazi proved that's not entirely true, and the decision was made to gild the lily and use the UN Secretary who was not sullied by politics to spread the fudged version to the press on the Sunday talk shows.   People bought it.
Women Supported The President This Year....Ms. Rice Especially So

     Why not just say it ? The fact that the Romney campaign didn't pursue it and the press was complicit with the Administration isn't Mr. Obama's fault.  He wanted to get reelected....that was the greater good and the Ambassador and his protectors were in the end road kill to the White House..Not that they wanted it to happen...not that they weren't sad....but they had a job to do and they did it.
      Instead of investigations, lets all just agree that's what happened.
Congress investigating editing, creation of Libya talking points -

While You're Hosing the Millionaires...Don't Forget the Greedy Sweepers

    I found a dollar bill today on the floor at Fort Pearl while I was sweeping. It's not uncommon to find quarters left on the pool table but never played.
    I am not a CPA, but as a loyal American who wants to pay my fair share, should I consider this income that is taxable, since it resulted from the operation of my business ?
     Of course if audited I am sure through "administrative law" the IRS could extrapolate the amount of money dropped on the floor through some formula.
      Perhaps hiring some more agents to look into this matter would be in order. There are a lot of sweepers garnering untaxed income.

Sign In Pools on Their Last Legs

      With football playoffs coming up the state has pretty much eliminated the once ubiquitous football pool from any place selling the Devil's brew. Gone also are the once popular sign-in pools and dice games.
     Word bubbled through the bar world this weekend, the "state boys" were busy busting Legions and fraternals over sign-in pools, which used to be everywhere but have been snuffed out in part by the easy availability of other forms of gambling.
    We can be proud Albany has drawn the line against this fifty cent per day addiction.
    Are football pools, dice games, sign up sheets illegal? Yes, Sections 106.6 and 105.22 of the ABC Law prohibit gambling in businesses licensed for consumption on and off the premises. This includes social, casual and professional gambling. Exceptions are the sale of lottery tickets when licensed by the Division of the Lottery and bingo or games of chance when authorized by the State Racing and Wagering Board-SLA Website
     Remember the $200 a square football pools at Benny's ? Those and lesser dollar pools are gone as well.
Used to be the Beer Companies Would Hand Out the Templates
for this bit of the Devil's handiwork

      Football parlay sheets are still common in workplaces but if someome pulls one out to check his scores, I have to scold them and suggest they buy a Loose Change scratcher instead.
      I always wonder who runs these parlays. I know there is a big one for county employees but I don't know of one in the city work place.
       Those sign in pools were a big deal years ago in Watertown with some folks chasing the pools and the spots with high pots attracting big crowds. A similar phenomenon exists now with those Queen of Hearts raffles which are suddenly popular.
       I always wondered how a state that can find the time to worry about a sign in pool at a Legion way out in East Jesus, NY could have let that whole bath salts thing get so out of hand.

Rubio makes his Iowa debut as possible 'future' of the Republican Party | The Daily Caller

   It only took eleven days and a GOP 2016 frontrunner is in Iowa speaking to a fundraiser and outlining a platform to retake the White House.  Senator Marco Rubio of Florida make the trek to Altoona, Iowa to speak at Governor Branstread's birthday bash.
    Oh well, we are off and running and with President Obama now a lame duck and Democrats only talking abour retreads, Republicans will be focused on their new generation of electeds
     Mitt who ?
Rubio makes his Iowa debut as possible 'future' of the Republican Party | The Daily Caller

Jets Try to Save Season Against St. Louis

      Will today be Mark Sanchez' last Sunday as JETS starting QB ? It should be if he loses to St. Louis as we cannot go into the Thanksgiving Day game against the Pats with the fumbler in chief stepping up to take the snap.
       Sanchez was supposed to be the future for the long suffering team, and he seemed to be headed that way a couple years back. Now he is among the league's worst and needs to be replaced by Tim Tebow, even thought Tebow is something of a wild card with his own dubious passing numbers.
    The difference is Tebow brings excitement and hope.
Jets will try to save season vs. former offensive coordinator in St. Louis -

Black Friday a Hearty Perennial for News Talkers

    There are lots of angles the erstwhile news person can take on "Black Friday,"  even though this annual shopping coverage is quite scripted.
    There is the mission creep into Thursday night. There is the hoped-for berserk shoppers. The dopes camping out in the cold to buy video game they don't need. The questions to mall managers about 'how's business ?'. 
     This really is one of those stories where you could run last year's video on this Friday's TV7 news and no one would know the difference unless it was by a reporter no longer threre. That's why this Friday they should have a John Moore or a Cindy Habeeb cover it, so that next year you can run it again.
Syracuse retailers, shoppers get ready for Black Friday and the launch of the holiday shopping season |

WDT: Scribe Wants Comment on Non-Issue.....Doesn't Get It

        This was a strange news story.  No one has complained to the City about the terms and conditions of a six year old lease granting use of nine holes of golf to the Watertown Golf Club in Thompson Park.
        The reporter called me insisting I comment on something no one has come to me or the Council to complain about, so I told him 'no comment.'  
        It's a 20 year lease and as long as the terms are met, that's the end of the story.  Sometimes you have to be careful of straw-man news stories where they try to get you to comment on either a non existant controversy or on something someone at the news organization wanted to make into a controversy.
        Been there done that.
Watertown Daily Times | Watertown Golf Club not part of Parks and Recreation review for city reimbursements