Saturday, November 17, 2012

Obama Consults With MSNBC Host Al Sharpton, and Other 'Civil Rights Leaders,' on Fiscal Talks | The Weekly Standard

    Civil rights icon and MSNBC commentator Al Sharpton was invited to the White House late last week to consult with the President on the looming budget crisis. now will Chris Matthews, Martin Bashur and Ed Schultz get an invite too. They certainly did yeoman work to get the President reelected.
Obama Consults With MSNBC Host Al Sharpton, and Other 'Civil Rights Leaders,' on Fiscal Talks | The Weekly Standard

Simcha Felder’s fence-hopping -

   Opinions vary on whether Senator-elect Simcha Felder of Brooklyn was principled or unprincipled in getting elected as a Democrat and then bolting the party to caucus with the GOP next year.  Republicans would be aghast if one of their own did that upstate, but since it fits their need for majority control, Mr. Felder is considered virtuous.
    Do people have a right to expect if they vote for you on a party line, that you will side with that group once in office ?  
     Since people really don't identify that much with party anymore, the public may not be up in arms, but the insiders viewed this as heresy in the highest.
     Voters can pass judgment  again in 2014\

Jessica Simpson Reminds Us Why Not to Eat During the Holidays

     Tis the season for eating and for everyone who struggles this is the season to struggle more. The perpetual plate of cookies at the office.  The egregiously large dinners. The extra drinking. It all adds up. That's why its good to see 32 year old starlet Jessica Simpson back in shape after she packed it on earlier this year.
Last Spring...No Daisy Dukes Here
                                                      Minus 60 Lbs

      A few months of weight watchers and Jessica is back to her Tony Romo fighting weight. Remember when from the box seats she forced Romo to blow a game ?
Jessica Simpson films her second Weight Watchers commercial... and this time shows off all of her 60 pound weight loss | Mail Online

Tax Rate Expirations Cloud Debate Over Future Tax Law

   I don't know if there will be a deal on the "fiscal cliff" or if there really is a cliff. I do know I am tired of hearing about the "Bush tax cuts". 
   We should end these tax deals with expirations and reversions. What rates put in place while Mr. Bush was President are history now. Congress should set the rate and if we want to change it in the future that's can be done.. The same is true with the FICA reduction passed a couple years back and due to expire now.
     Now that expiration becomes a defacto thousand dollar a year hike for America's working families and middle class. (2% of income based on $50K income)
      Referring to rates set ten years ago as the Bush tax cuts" forever taints the current debate. Just set a rate and call it the current rate.
Obama, leaders talk fiscal cliff compromise - Reid J. Epstein -

Pine No More...You Can Make Your Own

   If the reported liquidation of Hostess Bakeries has you lamenting the loss of the 75 year old food icon, the Twinkie, there are alternatives including baking your own.
    Pans in the shape of the Twinkie and injection devices for the filling are available on line.
Making Your Own in a Post Twinkie World ?
        I have to suspect the more marketable confections made by Hostess will be picked up by someone else. The closing of Hostess is being debated as some blame it on unions, but maybe its just the marketplace doing its job.
       With the election over, I doubt there will be a Twinkie bailout proposed.
There is a new confection shop opening in the Paddock Arcade. Maybe the owner can start making Twinkie knock-offs. Of course the existing stockpiles of Twinkies should last for some time.

Norpro 3964 Cream Canoe Pan With Bonus 9 Piece Decorating Set: Kitchen & Dining

Friday, November 16, 2012

Where We Stand In The Senate....Guess Its Up to Me to Explain It

    There is skittishness in the local State Senator's office as the wait is on to see if the GOP holds the majority in the upper house and keeps the extra staffing and member item money that comes with it.
     The GOP stumbled in the election and was stuck at thirty seats in the 63 member body...With two seats needed the party managed to flip newly elected Brooklyn Democrat Simcha Felder and the hope is that George Amedore can win his race in the newly created 46th SD near Albany.  Democrat Cecilia Tkacyzk trails by 54 votes with several thousand paper ballots to count.

      Meanwhile disarray in the Democratic caucus and the meddling of TV big mouth Al Sharpton may have led to the Felder defection as race got added to the equation with Mr. Sharpton trying to hold a meeting in Harlem to plan the new Democratic majority that now may not happen.
Where We Stand In The 46th

Was the Cortland County District Attorney a 70’s porn star? : News :

       I don't think this is an issue in Jefferson County, but in Cortland County the district attorney has just admitted to starring in porn films back in the 1970s....OMG !
       DA Mark Suben held a presser to fess up after TV 3 outed him....Mr Suben had to admit lying to the voters and his family about his previous career.
       In politics, everybody gets so worried about stuff in the past and as you can see in this case, something like this is in small rural county can go unnoticed til someone wants to make an issue of it.
Years Have Taken Their Toll on This Adult Film Star

        Can a man who performed sex acts on camera for money prosecute people for sex crimes ?  That will be the tongue wag of the unctuous.....
        I am more upset that he lied....That's something that is a problem for a prosecutor.
        I wonder if Ron Jeremy showed up in Watertown and ran for DA if the local media would catch on ? Got to remember, they need to disavow knowledge of such things too.
Was the Cortland County District Attorney a 70’s porn star? : News :

Woman who sparked Petraeus scandal visited White House 3 times in recent months - The Washington Post

        So it seems that Tampa socialite and frantic e-mailer to the high command was at the White House three times in the past year along with her twin sister.
       Jill Kelley is embroiled in the Petraeus scandal and was a serial socializer with top brass at her home not far from the Central Command HQ in Florida.
         Ms. Kelley kicked off the Petraeus probe when she whined to the FBI about e-mails from the Four Star's very hot and sassy girlfriend.
Woman who sparked Petraeus scandal visited White House 3 times in recent months - The Washington Post

Martinez criticizes Romney comments, points way forward for GOP - James Hohmann -

    Republicans seem more than happy to place their defeated nominee under the bus in a bid to expand the appeal of the GOP to groups that overwhelmingly voted for President Obama.  New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez is among those rapping Romney for his latest remarks about the President buying off the votes of his key constituencies with free stuff.
    Republicans will need some fresh blood for 2016, and by the way so do the Dems who are talking about Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton as their early frontrunners for the nomination.
Martinez criticizes Romney comments, points way forward for GOP - James Hohmann -

Voters Catch On. Turnout Dwindles for Essentially Unopposed Races

    Turnout in this Presidential year was reported to be down in Jefferson County and its likely to be much, much lower in the coming years.
     In 2013 and 2014, I don't see a lot of contested races.
    In the 2013 City Council race, it looks to me like the incumbents, Jeff Smith and Teresa Macaluso, will be running unopposed....
    However there are a couple of other possible candidates in the race.   Former  Councilman Jason Burto will likely look at at it, but there is another younger man thinking of  running who came to tell me about his aspirations tonight.
     In 2014, locally the races for Congress, Senate, and Assembly will be unopposed, while statewide the races will essentially be unopposed. Voters can take that year off.


Paroled former Comptroller Alan Hevesi coming home to Queens with $166,000 in pensions -

    One thing good about pensions is you can't touch them, so that when you get out of jail for improperly running the pension system, you can keeping collecting the $166K a year stipend you got while in prison.
    Former NYS Comptroller Alan Hevesi is being released at age 72 after doing time for selling influence over how state pension funds were invested, but he will at least be able to lead a decent life back home in Queens.

     Remember, OJ Simpson got in a lick of trouble a few years back, but those trying to sue him couldn't touch his NFL pension.
      Paroled former Comptroller Alan Hevesi coming home to Queens with $166,000 in pensions -

21 a Quarter Century Later....Nothing Changed

      On the blotter there are a couple of 21 year olds popped for giving drinks to a 20 year old at a party on Keyes Avenue.  The charge is unlawfully dealing with a child, which of course sounds so much worse than it is.
       Most such cases are adjourned in contemplation of dismissal which means they are dismissed and if nothing more happens in six months, that's it. By then, the 20 year old is 21 anyway and the same act is A-OK. Anyway, when I was that age none of this was a crime. I guess making it illegal didn't put a halt to the practice. Police Blotter

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Lots of City Stuff on a Thursday Night

      Another busy night at the Fairgrounds Arena tonight as the Privateers continue to draw good crowds and residents find pro sports to their liking.
      Tonight we honored the Parks and Recreation staff by presenting Superintendent Erin Gardner with a hand-crafted wood adornment holding the first puck dropped by yours truly at the opening game on October 26.
Where's Amy Poehler ?  Parks Staff Feted at Arena

       A year ago we had no idea the city would be hosted a pro hockey team and the P&R staff has done a great job working the Privateers in to all the other activities at the Fairgrounds.
      Also tonight I attended a meeting of the Thompson Park Conservancy. It was  nice to meet the stewards of the Zoo and talk about their plans.
      As an aside, there is a Red Cross blood drive tomorrow at City Hall in the Council Chambers.

Bloomy and Andy...Global Warming Warriors Going on Three Weeks Now

    Governor Cuomo was greeting the President on Staten Island today as the latest storm-related dog and pony show was held.
      Just like Mayor Bloomberg before him, the Governor is busy blaming the bad weather on climate change, as if he is going to do something about it.
      President Obama gave a pep talk and pledged to stand with New Yorkers till everything is rebuilt.  Can we afford that ?
      Storms are the new funerals...Something you want to be seen at, but you can't do much for the center of attention.

Capital Tonight « NY's only statewide political program

Parks Staff to be Feted at Arena

        This evening the Privateers hockey team plays at the Arena and prior to the game, I will take a few moments to acknowledge the good work done by Parks and Recreation staff in getting the Fairgrounds Arena up and ready for pro hockey in short order.
         I will present an adornment of the first puck dropped in a pro game on October 26.  The custom mount for the puck was made by city resident Gerry Burkhard who does woodworking at his home.
      Tonights ceremony is at 7:15. Prior to that I have a brief meeting with the Board of Directors of the Thompson Park Conservancy to discuss options for the Aviary building.

Jill Kelley loses military base access over Petraeus situation -

   One of the most interesting aspects of the Petraeus scandal is Jill Kelley, the unpaid "social liason" at MacDill Air Force Base near Tampa, the home of the military's Central Command.
     Ms. Kelley is now barred from the base as her partying ways have turned up the heat on top brass there with whom she was pals.
NY Daily News Sports Photos of Jills Four Star Social Life
       Angry over all the reporters prowling near her home, Ms. Kelley told police she is entitled to diplomatic protection. She clearly has an enhanced view of her role in the nation's defense.
     Do all posts have these socialite liasons ?

Jill Kelley loses military base access over Petraeus situation -

Pot for Sale Legally Could Create New Mini Industry

        A new cottage industry is afoot when it comes to recently passed legalization of marijuana in two western states.  Police claim it will lead to a new kind of driving infraction and lawyers are scurrying to find ways to prosecute and defend those accused of DWS (driving while stoned).

        I wonder if there will be new "pot-a-lyzer" machines developed and all sorts of counseling programs in Washington State and Colorado.
         With pot legal, police worry about road safety

WDT: Attorney general seeks closure of Watertown whitewater rafting company

     Is this the same rafting company that bought and has been renovating the former Seaway Sports Shop on West Main Street? There's been no work going on there lately, but I don't know if its related to the AG's effort to shut down Hudson River Rafting following the death of a customer in an accident elsewhere in NY and allegations a Hudson guide was intoxicated.
     Rafting has become popular in Watertown and Hudson was one of the major players in the business.
Watertown Daily Times | Attorney general seeks closure of Watertown whitewater rafting company

Disgraced former state Controller Alan Hevesi will be out of prison for holidays - NY Daily News

       Pay to play comptroller Alan Hevesi will be home for the holidays.  The man who traded cash for favors to those handling the state's pension fund was actually reelected in 2006 with all of this known, but had to resign shortly after.
Disgraced former state Controller Alan Hevesi will be out of prison for holidays - NY Daily News

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Ryan calls out anonymous Jets as 'cowardly'

   Three cowardly JETS have been anonymously trashing Tim Tebow, but is it really better for the team to keep losing with Mark Sanchez.
    Coach Ryan needs to make a change this weekend, so Tebow will be ready for the Turkey Night showdown with the Pats.
     Meanwhile, the team needs to rally this weekend against St. Louis. Their playoff hopes are nearly nil.
Ryan calls out anonymous Jets as 'cowardly'

Calls For Early Voting Likely...But Not Necessary

     While so-called "early voting" was common place in many states, I don't think it's a particuarly good idea, although I agree some things could be done to make voting easier in NY
    We don't have any particular problem voting up here...No long lines, just the occasional election worker who oversleeps or a machine that breaks.
     I think allowing people to vote absentee withough lying that they will be out of county is OK......Perhaps a full day central location early vote on the weekend before would be good for those who need it.
    In the end, those who want to vote should get off their ass and show up.
For starters, New York, embrace early voting - NY Daily News

One Time Visitor to the Wench and Fort Pearl on TV Tonight With Lifetime Movie

        Tonight at ten on Lifetime, former madam and likely 2013 mayoral hopeful Kristen Davis is featured in a movie about her life...The ups and downs of her life would make for a good movie.
         She is smart and resourceful but pursued ends at odds with convention. It landed her in jail, but she seems to be doing fine now living in Manhattan as a socialite/libertarian.
         That whole 2010 gubernatorial run was interesting, especially meeting Roger Stone and getting the inside story on stuff you read about in tabloids.
                                           Kristen Davis During October 2010
                                               Visit to Fort Pearl Tavern
                                         With Albany Icon Fred Dicker at Capitol
      I will be interested to see how the movie turns out, if I can figure out where Lifetime is on Time Warner.
Former Manhattan madam Kristen Davis on 'My Life is a Lifetime Movie' - Riverside Soap Opera |

President to Foes: Bite Me !

   An emboldened President Obama came on strong to reporters today in his first Q & A in eight months. The Presdident says the voters sided with him and he seemed to be saying he will get what he wants through force of will.
     Mr. Obama also dismissed criticism of the Benghazi raid and gave strong hints he will indeed nominate Susan Rice as Secretary of State.
       The President says he will have the fiscal cliff solved in a week. It was a day of confidence or cockiness, depending on your perspective.

President Obama says he will increase taxes on the rich to avoid the fiscal cliff | Mail Online

In latest intrusion, Facebook creates relationship profile -

   Information is power and when it comes to relationships, you may want to know what you are in for.
   Enter Facebook, where people blissfully post all sorts of stuff about their personal lives including photos and status changes on whether you are in or out of a relationship.
   Recently I became aware someone I know was dumped when it popped up on my laptop.   It wasn't any of my business and I would never ask unless the person brought it up to me. Instead, I was suddenly reading all sorts of expressions of grief and lament over the ended courtship. Hey man, I'm there for you.
     Now Facebook is planning a relationship page where you can get the Cliff Notes version of your personal life. And get this, you can't take it down as its a compilation of things you freely have posted.
      Has anyone checked out Paula's Facebook page ?

In latest intrusion, Facebook creates relationship profile -

WDT: County Taxes To Rise

   Wow that county budget has gotten big.  $244 Million.
    Taxes are going up too. Not on millionaires but on the middle class.
     The proposed levy was "cut" by county legislators but the cut was done by changing revenue assumptions which is not really a cut in spending.
      Imagine how big the increase would be if conservative Republicans didn't control the Leg by a 13 to 2 margin.
      What happened to the County's fund balance ?
Watertown Daily Times | $244 million Jefferson County budget raises tax levy by 2 percent

Paula Found With Glass of Wine in Hand, As Country Gets a Look at World of DC's Military/Political Elite

       America's Mistress is laying low in DC at her brother's house where photographers  were taking pictures of her through windows. One presumes she knew as she sipped a glass of wine with a rattled look on her face. Paula Broadwell is a celebrity now. The 40 year old temptress is also a wife and mother of two, but all of that is likely left behind in NC.
      Ms. Broadwell is used to time away from home, what with all her jetting around with the General.
       All the hand wringers keep talking about what a tragedy this is and what a great person General David Petraeus is.  "Psycho bitch" is the usual moniker for the woman in this situation.
        Did it ever occur to those blaming the woman that maybe the General is not a great man, but just another egotist bloated by the adulation and deference military "heroes" are afforded ? Then there's the other viewpoint that whate someone does on their own time is there own business, except that so much of this affair was on the public dime from stateside to Afghanistan to a recent trip to Paris.
        Too bad we didn't know all this a month ago, so we could have talked more about Benghazi. Now all we get are the salacious details of the decadence in the highest ranks of America's leadership.

Paula Broadwell photos: David Petraeus' mistress discovered lying low in DC | Mail Online

Suburban New York school districts paying $500,000 to superintendents -

   Everybody talks about the politicians making all that money, what with Governor Cuomo being paid $179,000 a year, but there's never any discussion  when a school superintendent is paid three times what the Governor makes.
    What's also amazing is how the advocates for the "middle class" are the most ardent defenders of the high paid education elites.
     If a top education administrator is really worth that much, then they should be able to work their magic without having 700 plus districts (fiefdoms).
Suburban New York school districts paying $500,000 to superintendents -

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

AZ Cops:: Daniel Solomon run over by wife, Holly Solomon, for not voting

       Here's a woman who takes the franchise seriously.
Gilbert PD: Daniel Solomon run over by wife, Holly Solomon, for not voting

Dentist upset over Pulaski decision to end fluoride in water : News :

   Wow, we are still debating flouride in the drinking water...Some things are never resolved. Meanwhile I am told the issue will come to Watertown as a HOTLINE caller says anti flouride activists will attende the next Council meeting.
Dentist upset over Pulaski decision to end fluoride in water : News :

Human Barbie: Model whose excessive plastic surgery made her doll-like shows off proportions in fashion shoot | Mail Online

   Life now officially imitates art.
Human Barbie: Model whose excessive plastic surgery made her doll-like shows off proportions in fashion shoot | Mail Online

For Political Junkies, Some Diversion After the Election

     For those of us left wanting with the coverage of the campaign over, this Army sex scandal fills a void.
     I really love this "unpaid social liason" title that is offered at military posts.
     Who is the one for Fort Drum ? I think its Lee Hector, but I could be wrong.
David Petraeus scandal: General John Allen accused of sending inappropriate emails to Jill Kelley | Mail Online

NY21: What in the world happened to Matt Doheny? « The In Box

   I will yield to my friends at NPR for their analysis of the Matt Doheny loss. I think this piece hits the high points.
NY21: What in the world happened to Matt Doheny? « The In Box

EXCLUSIVE: Felder Sides With Senate GOP

   Democrats are having trouble nailing down a majority in the Senate and I'll bet the Governor is doing all he can to make sure a more moderate group controls the upper house come January.
    Senator-elect Simcha Felder is reportedly planning to bolt the Democratic Party and will caucus with the GOP....That puts Republicans at 31 or 63 seats...One seat still undecided could go their way and the Independent Democractic Caucus could also bolt the Dems.
     This is really interesting stuff. I would love to hear what the read is from our local Senators. Since the lone political reporter at the Times left and broadcasters don't like to cover this stuff, we are as much in the dark as the remaining victims of Sandy.

EXCLUSIVE: Felder Sides With Senate GOP

Lawn Signs Report to Landfill....Politics Gives Way to Santa

       With lawn signs giving way to Christmas decorations, it's time to sort out the winners and losers of this year's elections.
        Among the winners is Rep. Bill Owens, who for the third time beat back the GOP and now knows there is no one who has the time, money or inclination. to challenge him in 2014 or beyond.
        Senator Patty Ritchie's 70% win for a second term against a credible opponent cannot be ignored. While the Senator was winning, President Obama was carrying large portions of her district. Running better than 20 points ahead of her party's standard bearer is testimony to her pull at the polls.
        Assemblymembers Russell and Blankenbush were unopposed and are now fixtures, not to be challenged in any serious way.
        Senator Gillibrand is a big winner gaining national attention for her crushing win and Governor Cuomo is a winner as he gets to play like a cat with a toy with the Legislature weakened by a Senate on the bubble and likely to be ruled by a bipartisan coalition.
Former Senator Wright Prepares Burial for Thousands of Signs at
the Regional Landfill in Rodman
       Among the losers of 2012, Matt Doheny suffered the most ignominious defeat, spending millions on a second major bid for Congress only to come up a couple of points short.  While he can still be a behind-the-scenes player in local politics, he needs a Churchillian stint in the wilderness before trying again. Good news is at his age there is plenty of time for a bid later. Even if he waits out Mr. Owens, Doheny will be only about 50.
        On the operative side, June O'Neill was once again a winner as was Middle Class Mike who despite his churlish ways did pick the winners. Republicans locally and nationally are proving that the tenets they run on combined with the demographics they attract leave them at best in the mid to high forties in a competitive race. Former Times scribe Jude Seymour gambled on leaving journalism for politics and didn't find the promised land , but he has been blessed with a new son and a wife who is a teacher.
        In media, the blogs continue to be a source of information and entertainment for the political class. The MSM provided spotty coverage in part because some in management jobs believe in their heart of hearts that politics is not news worth covering.  In the printosphere, the Times has lost their political reporter and Newzjunky lost its prime reporter as well.
         Here in Watertown, we landed a pro hockey team and welcomed a new city manager who is doing a great job.
         The year ahead bring local elections  with few contests expected and City Council members widely assumed to be unopposed as they were in 2011.
          As we close the book on the 2012 season, the biggest conclusion one can reach is that nationally and locally a lot of money gets spent to achieve the same results as last time.

Capitol Confidential » Cuomo to celebrate birthday, raise funds at the Waldorf

     Governor Cuomo has nearly $20M in his campaign war chest and is holding a big fundraiser on December 6 to raise even more. The seats at the Waldorf for the Governor's 55th birthday cost up to $25K.
      The sheer volume of dollars ensures no serious challengers to Mr. Cuomo in 2014 and gives him seed money for an expected Presidential run in 2016.

        Meanwhile the Governor wants Washington to appropriate $30B for Sandy storm damage as he prepares for the current President to visit the NY metro area this week to review the damage.
Capitol Confidential » Cuomo to celebrate birthday, raise funds at the Waldorf

WDT: The Heat is On....But It's Over Now

  For a couple days, it was skateboards and motorcycles getting another workout as temperatures soared to record levels.
   Everyone is watching the thermometer this fall and winter to see if we get another mild season. It would be hard to imagine that happening, but if these climate change people are right, you never know.
Watertown Daily Times | Sunday and Monday temperatures make history

Monday, November 12, 2012

State senate breakaway Dems meet with GOP leader Dean Skelos

    What do our three NNY State Senators think about the wheeling and dealing for control of their house ?   GOP Majority Leader Dean Skelos has been meeting with the Independent Democratic Caucus in a bid to avoid the NYC takeover over the upper house.
                                   Cutting the Deal ? IDC Meets with Skelos

     There are real implications in all this. Staffing for local Senators...ability to deliver for far our local delegation is silent on the apparent Democratic takeover.  Can we please get some media interest in this.  Where's Amaral when you need him ?
State senate breakaway Dems meet with GOP leader Dean Skelos |

The GOP's media cocoon - Jonathan Martin -

      While liberals have MSNBC to reassure them of what they already believe, conservatives have an extensive media support system from FOX to Rush to Newsmax to all sorts of other outlets.
       They all have the same slant and that's why everyone was believing Mitt Romney would win...and win big.
       On MSNBC its always something about GOP voter suppression , but on FOX its always missing military ballots and Acorn-inspired voter fraud.
       Its an interesting observation.
The GOP's media cocoon - Jonathan Martin -

Secession petitions filed on White House Web site

   Secession didn't work too well the last time it was tried and petitions to do the same will likely fare no better.
   If you secede and have a storm you can't clamor for FEMA.  Those favorite military bases won't be there, and there's no Social Security or Medicare in your new nation.
    I am not even sure who would grant such a request.
Secession petitions filed on White House Web site

Rozum a Credit to Third Party Politics

     A serious third party bid does have an impact on the race, especially when the candidate is committed to their candidacy and doesn't in the end just a shill for one of the major party candidates as happened in NNY. (to Dem operatives, that's not a slam at Mr. Owens, its a criticism of the Hassig effort).
      In central NY , Green Party Congressional candidate Ursula Rozum ran hard on her issues, got into the debates, raised money and ran commercials and in the end garnered the most votes ever by a third party hopeful in the Syracuse district.

       Ms. Rozum can be proud of her effort in offering voters an alternative to the major parties, and for bringing forth viewpoints never heard in the mud slinging tirade that was the Maffei-Buerkle race.
       One principled stand by Green State Chair Howie Hawkins. He doesn't play the cross endorse-fusion voting peculiar to NY election law.  for more information.

Rozum happy with election performance

New York Road Runners, organizers of New York City Marathon, paid only $494,000 to charity last year -

    Frequently we hear about the "not for profits" as if they are some egalitarian group of Mother Teresa-like figures toiling for the downtrodden and sick.
    Yet the words "not for profit" are merely a designation in the tax code and these entities often produce very real profits...for those running them and for those on their boards.
     Take New York Roadrunners, the not for profit that holds the Marathon in NYC that was cancelled due to Sandy.
     Roadrunners took in $54M last year in revenue and paid less than half a million to charity....and half of that was to its own in-house childrens charity. Meanwhile the groups CEO was paid just over half a million dollars a year.
Marathon Czarina Mary Wittenberg...She's the Profit in "Not for Profit"

     When we talk about the Marathon, the discussion is all about what a great "community event" it is and how many people if attracts. It's a "family" event benefitting "charity."
      I have long ago lost my fascination with the words "not for profit" as it is more often than not a very profitable thing for those wrapping themselves in the moniker.
     In my book the Salvation Army (at the local level) is a not for profit. Beyond that, I am suspicious every time I here the words.

New York Road Runners, organizers of New York City Marathon, paid only $494,000 to charity last year -

Kevin Clash: Voice of Sesame Street's Elmo accused of having 'sexual relationship with underage boy' | Mail Online

   First I found out the actor filling the Big Bird costume makes over $300K a year and now this....The voice of Elmo is accused of sexual impropriety.
Bumpy Road on Sesame Street

Kevin Clash: Voice of Sesame Street's Elmo accused of having 'sexual relationship with underage boy' | Mail Online

Rev. Al Sharpton’s meddling may push state Senate into hands of Republicans -

   It's still hard to figure out who will be running the State Senate come January, but a ham-handed move by MSNBC blow hard Al Sharpton has hurt efforts by the NYC-dominated Democratic delegation to solidify control after the elections cost the GOP their slim majority.
Shadow Senator ?

   Rev. Sharpton tried to organize a meeting of Senators in Harlem to unite them behind one person for majority leader. Why is a rabble rouzing commentator who is remembered most for the tawdry Tawana Brawley affair attempting to organize the Democratic caucus ?
     That this almost happened should give us all pause.
      Meanwhile some Democrats are already talking about organizing with the GOP and the GOP is blaming the Conservative Party for their losses over the issue of same sex marriage.
       We are going to have to follow Fred and Liz to keep tabs on this interesting battle. Too bad I am not a reporter. I'd be asking our local Senators for their perspective on this important issue.  There are three of them who represent North Country districts. They are Patty Ritchie, Betty Little and Joe Griffo.
Rev. Al Sharpton’s meddling may push state Senate into hands of Republicans -

The sex-change sweethearts: And It Happened in the Heart of Red State America

      Among the signs the times have changed is a story like this one out of Oklahoma. Two youngsters unhappy with the gender they were born with undergo sex change surgery and then hook up romantically in their new genders.  They seem like nice people and I am glad they are happy, but such things are just not a part of the world many in Red State America are familiar with and yet the story played out in the Sooner state where every county voted for Mitt Romney.

        I guess the point is that while pols continue to rant about various social issues, regular people  increasingly  are accepting of lifestyle changes not of their choosing but still happening.
         Not that people don't disagree with same sex marriage or pot legalization. Some view them as metaphors for decay, but there is no longer a national majority for that position.
          Hence, four more years.

The sex-change sweethearts: How a pageant princess and colonel's son fell in love after BOTH had transgender treatment | Mail Online

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Pearl Street Pubs Are Everywhere

      There are lots of Pearl Streets out Albany, in NYC, in Boulder.....Lots of them. Everyone of them deserves a pub and that's why we are soon dropping the Fort Pearl moniker and simply calling the bar the Pearl Street Pub.
New Sign in Production

       In the past year, there have been many improvements to the "Mayor's Bar" including rest rooms, floors, outdoor lighting (very green use of LED's),  and other decor changes.
        We hope you will enjoy the Pub during the holidays and that our friends who haunt the Pearl Street Pub in Albany will come here when they are back in the district.
         As a historical aside, Tammy and I had lunch at the Pearl Street Pub in Albany in 2010 with a gubernatorial candidate other than Andrew Cuomo.

The Pearl Street Pub & Dirty Martini Lounge :: Home

Petraeus' mistress sent harassing e-mails to Jill Kelley, 'social liaison' to the military -

   Talk about a multi tasker !  General David Petraeus had another affair with a military "social liason" in Florida, according to reports. She must have been very social and she incurred the wrath of the General's biographer/paramour.  It was so bad for Jill Kelley she felt she had to go to the FBI.
  And that's Mrs Petraeus on the left and Ms. Kelley on the right. It was a cozy world all these people lived in.

Petraeus' mistress sent harassing e-mails to Jill Kelley, 'social liaison' to the military -

WDT: Letter Prompts Speculation for 2014

    A post mortem letter from Doug Hoffman officially kicks off the season of speculating who the 2014 opponent will be for Rep. Bill Owens, who last week won reelection to a third term.
     Mr. Hoffman, who sat out this year, may fancy himself the true conservative who can reclaim the NNY seat.
     I have also heard Watertown born political operative Anthony Foti's name tossed about. Mr. Foti ran the Doheny 2010 campaign and has worked in DC for various Members of Congress.
     Some speculated that popular Senator Patty Ritchie may step up, but her Senate seat is safe after her 70% reelection and in the larger Congressional playing field her natural advantage in one-on-one campaigning is diluted.
                           Will the Area's Best Campaigner Run for the Big Office ?
      Republicans may feel without President Obama on the ballot their road is easier, but in 2014 Governor Cuomo will be blowing away token GOP opposition in the statewide race and Mr. Owens will be that much more established. Also, it's harder to gain support to run against a man who three times has turned back the GOP's best shot.
      My guess is the Congressman gets a pass in 2014, but if there is opposition they better have a couple years of their life and at least three million dollars on hand. That's the price of admission to a competitive race that includes a YNN debate.
Watertown Daily Times | TEA leaf? Hoffman bucks up the conservative troops

Car Sales Continue Surge Locally

   Surging new car sales continue to not make news in Jefferson County, but it really is a robust market again in October.
    This is one more reason why the economy was not viewed as dire an issue by many voters and they could affort the luxury of voting on other issues like the War on Women, the fate of Big Bird and those YouTube videos causing people to kill our ambassadors.
     Kudos to my friends in the car biz, especially Class of '73 superstar Walt Young who has surged the VW brand to lofty heights.... :: Jefferson County Clerk :: New Vehicle Registrations

Vets Honored Best By New Generation's Writing

     In a time when awareness of military service and the contributions of veterans is not a universal part of growing up, its good to hear of 99 local students taking part in the VFW essay contest on patriotism.
    This morning the six winners  (one from Wiley School and five from IHC) were introduced during Veterans Day ceremonies at the club on Bellew Avenue.
 Students joining me from left to right: Madison Yott, Vincenzo Alteri, Maxwell Graham (great kid), Gina Alteri, Lauren Chamberlain, and Georgia Barton.

      A large crowd gathered in front of the VFW to honor America's vets. It is the 17th time as your mayor I have had the honor of expressing the communities appreciation at these ceremonies.
      My remarks centered around the lesson in patriotism I got young in life growing up in a family headed by a WW II veteran, my father George Graham who passed fifty years ago this January and was buried at Arlington National Cemetery.

A Tranformational Figure in City Politics ?

   It's important to acknowledge and embrace the changes in today's electorate and our nation. While we may want to cling to the politics of the past and the sort Ozzie and Harriet world we grew up in, there is a time to throw off the shackles of convention and conformity.
    Putting lipstick on a pig is never easy, but in view of last Tuesday maybe its time to take a second look at just who I am.

Senate Power Swap Could Have Impact on NNY

    News is slow getting out of Albany, but I guess its true that Dems have taken at least numerical control of the State Senate, although its not known what the effect of the Independent Democratic Caucus will have.
    Dems picked up a handful of upstate seats to building on their many seats from the City.
    The last time the Democrats had control they were hampered by caucus members like Pedro Espada, Hiram Montserrate and Carl Kruger, all of whom are gone now.
    The story Brian A...(oh wait, he's gone). The story worth covering is what effect does this have on us.
     In Albany, minority members are allocated less staffing and without the leverage of controlling one house, areas represented by Republicans could suffer.
                                           New York State Senate Chamber
     All of this could amplify the power of our one Democrat representing this area, Assemblywoman Addie Russell.
      Another measure now sure to pass is an increase in the minimum wage as its a priority of the Governor and was only put off by the GOP Senate till after the election.
       As for our Senator, Patty Ritchie won reelection with a 70% vote against a credible opponent.
       As for the Governor, a mixed bag. The last thing Andrew Cuomo needs is a dysfunctional, ultra liberal Senate to go with a left leaning Assembly.  The Governor has played the two parties against each other successfully and may now have to adopt another strategy.
      Losing the Senate, and the changing demographics of NY could mean the GOP is a permanent minority party in the state and unable to field a legitimate candidate for Governor in 2014.
Senate Democrats, Lessons Learned

David Petraeus scandal: Then There Were Two...Second Paramour Led To FBI Probe

      My life selling the Devil's brew has allowed me to follow the ying and yang of many relationships, so the David Petraeus potboiler is certainly not unusual although the FBI probe and the international publicity don't come with most such cases.
      Man has affair with very attractive but whacked woman...second affair happens...first paramour writes threatening emails to second lover. Recipe for problems, especially when second woman goes to the FBI and the man in involved is a celebrity general and current director of the CIA.
    Nice touch.....Paula Broadwell sits in same row as Petraeus wife Holly during his confirmation hearings as CIA director.

David Petraeus scandal: Former CIA head apologizes for affair with biographer Paula Broadwell as FBI uncovers threatening emails | Mail Online