Saturday, November 10, 2012

Vote was astronomical for Obama in some Philadelphia wards -

    9955 to 55. That was the Obama margin in one Phildelphia ward....In fact there were 13 wards where Mr. Obama's vote exceeded 99%.  Those are hard margins to make up in the countryside of central PA.
     In Cimmaron County, OK Mr. Romney got just over 90% as all the counties in the Sooner State went his way.
     Makes our six point edge for Mr. Obama in NNY seem like a squeaker.
Vote was astronomical for Obama in some Philadelphia wards -

NNY Mayor Calls for Firing of Liberal Big Mouth Matthews

   A North Country Mayor has called for the firing of NBC big mouth Chris Matthews.
    Plattsburgh Mayor Donald Kasprzak wrote the NY Post to protest Mr. Matthew's rescent assertion that he was glad the Sandy Storm hit the East Coast because it provided a favorable political opportunity for President Obama, who still causes a pronounced tingle up Mr. Matthews leg.
     Mayor Kasprzak says Mr. Matthews is the "perfect example of what's wrong with this country."

Chris’ twisted comments: heartless and unnecessary -

WDT: Veterans Day Weekend

     This year Veteran's Day falls on a Sunday, so the day off is Monday. However I will be joining local vets on the 11th at tomorrow's 10AM ceremonies at the VFW on Bellew Avenue.
      Make sure you take time to remember the contributions veterans have and do make.
      Also on Sunday morning there is a kickoff for the Salvation Army kettle drive and at noon on Sunday, the North Side League hosts a fundraiser for victims of Hurricane Sandy.
Watertown Daily Times | Fort Drum leadership recognizes Veterans Day

Gallup: 2012 election had the largest gender gap in recorded history - The Hill's Blog Briefing Room

The "war on women" worked. Polling shows President Obama won female voters by 12 points while losing men by eight points. The 20 point disparity was the largest ever recorded.
Women's reproductive issues, 'women in binders', crazy statements by a couple GOP Senate candidates all played a part. More important for the President, these issues helped mask economic issues the GOP candidate was running on.
Suddenly People Like Ms. Fluke Became National Figures
in Argument Over Contraception

Republican efforts to counter the argument ran in the face of a public either pro choice or at least not wanting to vote for people on a mission to repeal Roe v Wade or dismantle Planned Parenthood.  
Gallup: 2012 election had the largest gender gap in recorded history - The Hill's Blog Briefing Room

More to This Than Meets the Eye

There has to be a lot more to this matter than an affair. The CIA's role in the Benghazi matter for one thing. Suddenly General Petraeus won't have to testify before Congress.
Lot of things kept under the lid till the election I suspect, including the November 1 firing by Iranian jets on our drone.
And by the way, when you get a look at the biographer and all the pictures of the two of them together, its pretty clear what's up.

         Hard charger and West Point grad Paula Broadwell spent a lot of time with the General . Just research , don't you know.
                                    Holly Petraeus...The Wife of 37 Years
Petraeus resigns after affair with biographer turned up in FBI probe, Fox News confirms | Fox News

Friday, November 9, 2012

Doheny thanks his supporters

     Defeated Congressional candidate Matt Doheny has penned a thank you not to supporters. In it  he points out President Obama's six point win over Mitt Romney in NNY as a partial reason for his own two point loss to Rep. Bill Owens.
    Running against "Obamacare" was a tough talking point in an electorate supporting the President.
Doheny thanks his supporters - News Notebook by Chris Morris - | News, Sports, Jobs, Saranac Lake region — Adirondack Daily Enterprise

CIA Director David Petraeus resigns, cites extramarital affair - U.S. News

   Today's resignation of CIA Director David Petraeus because of an extramarital affair sounds like a bit of chivalry long gone in the capital. Most of us just assume it's a Sodom on the Potomac anyway...Obviously in his job, indescretions take on a greater importance than a Congressman frolicking with a stripper in the Tidal Basin.
What's interesting is whether the General will be excused from testifying on the Benghazi incident. His agency was thrown under the bus by an Administration trying to win an election.
Sins of the Flesh ?
A Director David Petraeus resigns, cites extramarital affair - U.S. News

CIA Director David Petraeus resigns, cites extramarital affair - U.S. News

Gas rationing begins in NYC, Long Island

      President Obama is off to SE Asia this week, so you can understand why he won't be going back to Metro NYC to hug Governor Christie and oversea his Administration's response to Sandy.
     It would be nice to visit a gas station in Queens to see how odd-even rationing works, or a house on Staten Island to see how people without electricity live.
     America planted tomatoes and it will get tomatoes.
     Have a safe trip, Mr. President.
Gas rationing begins in NYC, Long Island | The Poughkeepsie Journal |

Lewis County Patrols the Woods Looking for the Errant Pot Plant

    Funny how we have all sorts of cops scouring the Lewis County countryside looking for marijuana plants while an entire state like Colorado votes to legalize recreational use of pot.
     The Devil's weed will be the next gay marriage, approved piecemeal in states here and there and eventually legal everywhere.

      In a country where you can buy a bottle of 190 proof Everclear at the store someone will likely realize a doobie is at best no worse....Although it could lead to a lazier work ethic, but we are headed that way already.
NY police seize 500 pot plants; investigator estimates value at $250k

Mild Weather Coming Our Way

   After a chilly night, temperatures in the North Country are expected to rise over the weekend into the 60s by Monday.
   Meanwhile the warming is especially welcome downstate as it will melt snow from the season's first such storm.  I wonder if this winter will be a replay of the last one where our reputation for harsh winters yields to various coastal storms.
   Let's hope so.

Radio Appearance This Morning

   This morning I am a guest on WTNY radio to talk about the recent elections. It's nice to be considered an expert on something and I always enjoy talking into microphones on Mullin Street.
     Key to any discussion of local elections is the post partisan nature of the NNY electorate in the past decade.
     This is one of those markets where the print folks don't do political analysis on broadcast media and it hurts them in that such cross promotion is normally seen as good for their media as well.
     Oh well, as the only political blogger left after midnight, I will pick up the duties with enthusiasm.

Different Developer Buys Woolworth Building

   A downstate developer brought in to facilitate the flagging efforts to rebuild the historic Woolworth Building in Watertown is now buying the structure himself and is moving ahead trying to line up more financing to augment a state grant reserved to rebuild this bit of the city's past.
   David Gallo says his firm is buying the building from Michael Treanor who has done other buildings locally but had not made progress of late on this one.
   One bit of good news is Mr. Gallo doesn't want the City bus stop moved as he feels is would be a convenience for his tenants right where it is.
    Mr. Gallo is expected to provide City Council with an update on his plans at a meeting later this month. I met with him Thursday as he was giving some people a tour of the building which is starting to show signs of degredation.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Rove: Obama won 'by suppressing the vote' -

    And so what ? Its about winning and if running a nasty campaign to discourage the other party's base from voting does it, so be it.
    Especially if you are the incumbent and the folks may be ambivalent towards your continued time in office.  Don't let the public get it in their head that the opponent is an acceptable or desirable alternative.
    So Karl Rove is right that the Obama campaign was all about suppressing enthusiasm for Mitt Romney, knowing there were a lot of people out there not willing to vote for the President.
     Karl acts like team Obama did something wrong...They didn't...They played hard ball and won.  Mitt Romney ended up a better candidate than many thought, but the seeds of his demise were planted last spring and summer just like they were for one local candidate.
Rove: Obama won 'by suppressing the vote' -

Obama Wins the Emerging Groups...The GOP Wins the Declining Groups

   In the slice and dice world of media and politics, identifying voting blocks is a big deal and we now see polls show 73% of Asian folks voted Obama...Near the same for Hispanics and of course much more for blacks.
    At Pete's tonight I am talking to Caitlyn, a Romney voter who tells me among her peers the prospect of free health care was a big deal. Another lad of 22 tells me he voted for Mr. Obama because of his stand (recently acquired) on same sex marriage.
    First lesson of one cares about party labels....It's about niche issues and being hip.
    My frustration is that you can't get pro-business, conservative economics without a lot of abortion-religious right-gay marriage is heresy type rhetoric.
     A white middle age Republican elected official told me last night the composition of voters has changed.  He was right, and that leaves the old bromides about registration advantage and the like very obsolete.
Obama Overwhelmingly Won Asian-American Vote -

Jesse Jackson Jr. in plea deal talks with feds, sources say - Chicago Sun-Times

   Is it racist to question Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr.'s alleged use of $40,000 in campaign funds to by a Rolex for a friend (presumably a female friend).?

   Rep. Jackson....son of the civil rights icon....was reelected Tuesday while sitting in the Mayo Clinic being treated for psychiatric problems.
   In this country we accept an astounding level of corruption from those who feel the pain of the poor and downtrodden.
Jesse Jackson Jr. in plea deal talks with feds, sources say - Chicago Sun-Times

Adams Twins to Lead Separate Lives after Surgery

      Two Adams girls joined at birth now have the prospect of leading separate and healthy lives following an amazing seven hour operation.
      Amelia and Allison Tucker are said to be doing well after a forty person team at a Philadelphia, PA hospital performed the surgery.
       Conjoined twins separated at Children's Hospital |

Puerto Rico voters signal desire for statehood - NY Daily News

    Will we have 102 Senators soon ?   Puerto Rican statehood advocates are gaining in strength, but would the rest of the country agree to adding a state, the first time since Hawaii in 1960.
     It's a sensitive issue as the calculus in DC would be 'who benefits politically".  Would it be an automatic extra two Democrats in the Senate and an extra five or six electoral votes for the Dems every four years ?
     It sure would be if the GOP doesn't do something about its estrangement from much of the Hispanic community.
      Even though it would make for an uneven number of Senators, its OK with me if we have another state.
Puerto Rico voters signal desire for statehood - NY Daily News

Cops on Watch for Environmental Protestor at Watertown Event...But He Was Occupied Up North

     Former Congressional candidate and environmental activist Donald Hassig has been arrested again....this time for allegedly stalking a public health official in St. Lawrence County.
   Mr. Hassig's legal woes were evident last night at Watertown's North Elementary where both a DEC officer and a City cop were on hand in case he showed up at a hearing about pollution concerns in that northside neighborhood.
    Instead the officers got to sit and hear a presentation on toxic vapor intrusion in people's basements.
Deputies Charge Hassig With Stalking Public Health Director | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News

WDT: Seizure Law Goes Away

    A local florist's proposed property seizure law is off the table at the County Legislature. The measure almost passed till two proud Americans, Michael Behling and Phil Reed spoke up and convinced lawmakers to reject the taking of people's cars and houses because their kid left a joint in the glove box.
Watertown Daily Times | Property forfeiture and seizure law off the table

In Some Districts You Can Get Away With Anything

   While some good and talented people struggle to get elected and often are disappointed, others find winning easy no matter what they are up to.
    Cases in point, Chicago Rep. Jesse Jackson Junior who won while attending the Mayo Clinic for a little rehab and treatment for psychiatric issues. Then there is New York's groping Assemblyman Vito Lopez, who won reelection on Tuesday with over 90% of the vote, meaning his numbers among women must have been incredibly strong.
      Mr. Lopez is actually considering a run next year for a City Council seat, which in NYC pays more than an Assemblyman.
       I'll betch he wins it.
Vito Lopez hints this may be his last term in the state Assembly -

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

June On Her High Horse in Celebrating Win

   I see my old friend June O'Neill has chimed in on the NY 21 races in which her hand picked candidate from 2009 has once again defended his seat against a tough challenge.
   June says the win shows the North Country cannot be bought by "anonymous donors  and super PACS."
    Oh, June, you are so on-point.
     Yes the Doheny campaign was well funded, self funded, and super PAC funded....But let's not make it sound that North Country Democrats are the 'little engine that could.'
      Fact is everybody is into big money from sources voters don't know anything about.
When the Siena poll showed the race close, Dems opened a checkbook and bought hundreds of thousands of dollars in late advertising.

    I don't think June wants to tell us where all that money came from....
    Funding campaigns has come a long way June from when I struggled to give you a hundred bucks for your Assembly bid a couple of decades ago.   
Owens wins NY21 after tough race | NCPR News

Pollution Hearing Draws Crowd

       Concern over birth defects  puntuated a meeting tonight on pollution concerns on the City's north side.
        About one hundred residents attended the meeting with state officials at North Elementary School and the discussion meandered from testing methodology to birth defects state officials said may indeed be unusual in number.
        The NYS Health Department promised to do a study on one person's birth defect concerns.  There was still a lot of passion about the residual effects of dumping decades ago by NY Air Brake Company.
        Concerns erupted a few months ago and I had requested the DEC start providing answers, something they seemed to be doing tonight.

Chris Matthews: 'I'm So Glad We Had That Storm Last Week' (Video) | TheWrap TV

    What an idiot.....Does Matthews think it's good over a hundred people died for a photo op ?
Chris Matthews: 'I'm So Glad We Had That Storm Last Week' (Video) | TheWrap TV

When You Peel It All Away.....Politically, It's No Longer Your Father's North Country

    In the end it was closer than polls weeks ago had suggested and a frantic campaign schedule and relentless ad buys surely helped.
    Matt Doheny knows process in politics. He knows voting records, demographics, historic trends, polling, focus groups, issues to hit and ones to avoid.  He ran his own campaign instead of being just the candidate...the nice guy...the visionary...
    He knew the issues, but intellectually had trouble being the political glad hander...the guy who could talk the 'middle class' rhetoric baked into the cake of todays political dialogue. He was a guy who didn't believe in "free shit" in an occupation built on promising just that.
     While his own life story became an issue whether fairly or not, it was naive to think the Dems wouldn't use his islands and opulence as a club, even if he personally didn't live the life of a dainty, pinky-in-the-air, effete rich guy.
       In the end Mr Doheny recognized a central flaw in his theory of the race...That is that its a GOP area and his victory would be merely a "reversion to the mean."
        "Just to be intellectually honest, which I have always been, and that’s part of why I’m a Republican and running for Congress, if you look at the results today, I don’t know how Republican this 21st Congressional District is anymore," Mr Doheny said last night.
       A moment of clarity for sure about a race we are all glad is over.
NY21: Doheny hustle falls short | NCPR News

Times Scribe Leaves After Covering Raucous Campaign

Wow, not only are the campaigns over, but so is the coverage.
 Times political scribe Brian Amaral is leaving the paper this week to take a job in Jersey, following a couple of years on the political beat.

Brian Amaral (Times Photo)
  Best wishes to him and we will see who gets the beat next, although with few races on the horizon, there is not as much to write....
    Brian tells me he doesn't know if his political blog will survive him.
Watertown Daily Times | -30-

WDT:| Air Brake forum could generate large turnout

   In city news today, a forum tonight will be held for the public to hear more about chronic concerns over pollution in the grounds surround NY Air Brake. That meeting comes at 7PM and is hosted by the NYS DEC.
    The session will be held at North Elementary School.
Watertown Daily Times | Air Brake forum could generate large turnout

Post Election Analysis and Hand Wringing in Full Bloom

     There were so many "takeaways" from the national race. Among them is that as much as many of us are concerned with deficits, taxes, jobs and the size and scope of government, in order to see those issues addressed you have to put up with the Todd Akins and the guy from Indiana with their social agendas.

The Losers Bow Out Gracefully, But Bow Out Nonetheless
      We see it locally where candidates felt obliged to adopt positions on abortion and gay marriage that didn't reflect the majority or their own views, but did it as part of the calculus to keep certain demographics or party line designations in tow.
      A bunch of hand wringing over "negative ads" is a little callow since it was the early and relentless characterization as being too rich and out of touch that sunk people like Mitt Romney.  Negative is here to stay.
       Another point to be made. If you don't have a year of your life and three million dollars to bring to a campaign for Congress you don't even get to play.
        Campaigns are now fully entertainment and are billion dollar reality shows that go on for months till everyone is tired of them and feels the need to condemn the process.....until it starts again, as it will soon for 2016.
President Obama's reelection: 12 takeaways - Maggie Haberman -

NNY Politics About to Be Sleepy Again

    One of the asides in this year's Democratic wins is the possible taking control of the State Senate. The NY Times says Dems will be in charge and if it holds up that leaves the GOP firmly on the sidelines of NY politics, especially since its unclear the party will have an opponent in the 2014 race for governor.
      The party lost the House seat in Syracuse as Dan Maffei got back in and in NNY the party only could take solace in the personal popularity of Patty Ritchie who easily won reelection with 70%.
      Throughout the campaign, Congressional hopeful Matt Doheny insisted the North Country would return to the mean by reflexively voting Republican, but despite a ton of money, organization and very hard work the needle didn't budge and people opted for the middle of the road Democrat for the third time in three years.
       There will be no serious opponent to Rep. Owens in 2014.
        These long campaigns rub us all raw as we get so worked up over races and tactics.  It's all over and time to amuse ourselves with other things, like earning a living and leading our lives.
         Northern NY has become acquainted with how politics is across the country, but I don't see another big money race up here for some time to come and after a spate of harsh competition starting with the Aubertine/Barclay race in 2008, nobody will have the resources or inclination to go through it all again.

Election Day 2012: Democrats to recapture New York State Senate - NY Daily News

Owens Wins...Doheny Concedes

   North Country Representitive Bill Owens has fended off a fierce challenge from Republican Matt Doheny, carving out a two point win in the sprawling twelve county district.
    Mr. Doheny and his wife Mary appeared before supporters at the Italian American Club to concede the race. The candidate ran a relentless bid to defeat Mr. Owens working months on end and spending millions but was unable to prevail
    The Owens win was fashioned in St. Lawrence County where he won big and in Jefferson County where he kept it close,.

Rep Bill Owens Speaking to YNN from Plattsburgh
     Congratulations to Mr. Owens.  He is a moderate and statesmanlike figure and we wish him well in representing the district in the term ahead.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Obama Wins a Second Term

   President Barack Obama has won reelection to a second term as FOX news just gave Ohio to the President and thus the election.
   A major accomplishment for the Obama campaign after struggling with a flagging economy and a strong challenge by Gov. Mitt Romney.
    Congratulations to President Obama as we all hope he can lead the nation in addressing the vexing and pressing issues ahead.
    Republicans have retained control of the House and Democrats  have retained control of the Senate.

NY 21 Likely to Go to Paper, as Owens Leads by 4K

     As the vote count drones on in the Congressional race, Matt Doheny and Rep. Bill Owens are near even and its clear no one will be conceding tonight and the roughly 20,000 paper ballots will come into play. Mr. Owens does have a roughly four thousand vote lead with 90% of precincts reporting.

Matt Doheny's Mother Kaye Watches Returns at the Italian American Club
     The Doheny campaign has said it worked hard on courting the absentees and that 50% of the ballots are registered Republicans compared to 30% registered Democrats.
If party labels hold the paper trail could yield a modest plurality for Mr. Doheny.
     This race will go on a while longer and we wait to see the final machine totals tonight.

Jefferson County Just Barely Republican These Days

   Jefferson County voters are proving they are no longer as Republican as it would seem when you look at local offices.
    While 13 of 15 county legislators call themselves GOP, the major office candidates barely won the county. Mitt Romney and Matt Doheny are looking at about a thousand vote win, and that's a far cry from the gold old days of the NNY GOP Team.
     Both Mr. Romney and Mr. Doheny likely salvaged the win in the county in recent weeks but local GOP poobahs have to be wondering how competitive they are, especially if they didn't have an ambitious and self funded candidate like Mr. Doheny.
General Election - Unofficial Election Results

WDT: GOP Losing Traction in Formerly Red NNY

      In the North Country, the notion of GOP hegemony continues to erode with Barack Obama's strong performance and Rep. Bill Owens running slightly ahead in the Congressional race. In the State Senate race, Patty Ritchie didn't do the numbers party poobahs were predicting but did win easily over Democrat Amy Tresidder.
     There are likely 20,000+ absentee and affidavit ballots in the NY21 race, as we await tonight's numbers.
      Watertown Daily Times | What happens if it's too close to call?

WDT: Chaumont to Live On

    The Village of Chaumont will remain part of the political and social landscape of Jefferson County. A measure to dissolve the village failed today.
     Viva la Chaumont !
Watertown Daily Times | Chaumont dissolution vote fails

Romney Appears Headed for Defeat But Nothing Official Yet As Returns Pour In

   It's 9:30 and its becoming clearer Mitt Romney will come up short in his bid to unseat the President. While final returns are a ways off and key states have not been declared, it's more and more likely there is no breakthrough for Mr. Romney in the firewall states the Presdent was depending on.
   While FL, NC and VA are still possibles for the GOP, the Midwest states do not appear to be and at this hour a close race appears to be leaning towards Mr. Obama.
    We will wait and see.

Numbers Pile Up, But No Clear Path for Romney Yet

   As I sit and watch the results at 7:49 PM its pretty clear Mitt Romney will have a tough go of it. While he is doing well, the returns at this point do not appear strong enough.  Some exit polls are encouraging, but the closeness of VA is not a good sign. FL is slightly Obama, but the time zone votes from the panhandled should help Romney.
Let's wait and see that the eight oclock hour brings.

Gettin' In the Groove for Election Night

      At Pete's they had election specials...Romney Ratatouille (eggplant, pasta, zucchini, and other stuff)  and the Obama Bacon Chili Burger.
      The GOP menu sounds snooty and healthy, but the Democrat selection sure sounds tasty, although Mrs. O might not approve.
      Since I am not running, I have been just an observer today.  Since I got rid of my home phone I don't even get robo calls, although my waitress at Pete's told me she got a Bill Clinton robocall urging her to vote for Dan Maffei. Right church, wrong pew, Mr President.
       I am going to enjoy the ambiance at Pete's then go back to Pearl Street. I don't want to hang out at any election parties tonight...This is a once in four years event and I want to watch TV. 

WDT: Congressional Candidates Vote and Campaign

     The Congressional candidates have voted and only hours after returning from the eastern counties of the 21st, Republican Matt Doheny is back on the road for a last swing around the 12 counties looking for votes in what is thought to be a close race.
      Team Doheny says they own the majority of the 18 thousand absentees so if he leads tonight, he is solid for the paper count.  Turnout is estimated to be over 200,000 and the two thousand vote margin last time equals one percent.
      The district can be divided into three sections....
       St. Lawrence, Franklin and Clinton counties are Owens country and the Congressman needs to leave those counties with at least an 8K lead.  Mr. Doheny has worked hard in the GOP vote-rich new sections near Glens Falls and west to Gloversville. Assuming those votes cancel those up north, Doheny needs to show better than last time in the western counties (now minus Oswego)....Doheny should be looking to win Jefferson and Lewis by a combined total of 4K.....
      The one recent public poll showed the race a tie, but looking at a few districts after nine oclock will quickly show who is performing up to expectations.
      The Doheny posse is looking for a three point win...Team Owens claims its up by seven.   I say Doheny wins 49-47-4.  If so, that's a 4K lead on the machine totals and no one will be conceding till the lawyers tell them to.

        Mary and Matt Doheny vote at the Emma Flower Taylor Fire Station. This is a net gain of one vote for Mr. Doheny as the Mrs. recently registered here after their wedding in June. Mrs. Doheny was previously a resident of NYC.
Watertown Daily Times | Doheny focused

Cheery Atmosphere at Midtown Tower This Morning

       At about 9AM today I used the wonderful Election Day weather to walk to Midtown Tower to cast my vote. I was number 129 among the three EDs.
       Always good to see Katrina and Rosemary, my long time election inspectors for district 15-5.

        There was a nice gathering of residents watching the comings and goings. I did see a couple Owens signs planted outside, but that was the extent of politics are this polling spot for the neighborhoods along State Street.
        I voted about as you would expect, using the minor party lines where possible and casting one off the reservation vote for the Green for US Senate....Ms Long was very nice, but Senator Gillibrand is so far ahead, what the heck ?
        On the Presidential race, I was more practicle.


Obama Tears Up in Last Speech

     President Obama shed a tear last night in Ohio as he made his last political campaign speech of his career and headed to Chicago to await the jurors verdict on his Presidency.

     The Obama campaign continues to insist the election is there's, but many analysts have a different view with Governor Mitt Romney running neck and neck in state's like PA which were not thought to be in play.
      An Obama win will be narrow if it happens and we will have four years like the last four.
US Presidential Election 2012: Obama wipes away a tear in Ohio as he gives last speech of campaigning career | Mail Online

First in the Nation Voters Give President an Early Lead

   Two remote locations in New Hampshire have given President Obama an early lead in the race for the White House. The combined 28-14 edge comes from Dixville Notch and Hart's Location. Both rural spots have a tradition of voting at midnight since 1948.
    Obama, Romney Tie in Dixville Notch - ABC News

GOP senators: Thousands of ballots unlikely to reach military voters in time - The Hill's Floor Action

     Today 130 million or so votes will be tallied and for most people voting is relatively easy, but for others democracy is elusive.
      Thousands of service members will lose their franchise because with all our technology we can't come up with an easy way to get ballots to soldiers, sailors and airmen.
     Then there are those states like FL and OH where we will see lines stretching around blocks and people waiting for hours to vote.
      At Midtown Towers today I will be in and out in ten minutes, 15 if I chat up the inspectors.
      New York has 16,000+ precincts whereas FL has 6,000 on election day to handle more voters. Ungodly long ballots with lots of propositions and amendments also slows the process in some states.
GOP senators: Thousands of ballots unlikely to reach military voters in time - The Hill's Floor Action

Monday, November 5, 2012

Peggy Noonan and I are as One on this One

   When I read Peggy Noonan's blog I start to thinking maybe the country can move beyond the non-productive last four years, but I am a captive of the chattering class who are preaching the inevitability of Obama.....Even a former Republican, now Upper West Sider Joe Scarborough is on board with the NBC love fest with Barack, this transformational and truly beautiful human running against the Mormon plutocrat and corporate raider.
    It's hard to imagine the silent majority rising up against the pollsters and pundits, but it could happen. I suppose.
     In my field of acquaintences the race is split. Some say Obama is all about average people, others have had enough......
     Six weeks ago when Obama was up by eight or ten I was willing to cast the protest vote , but I will vote  for Mr. Romney tomorrow as I feel this deficit and economic charade needs to end and he is best equipped to make a difference.

Monday Morning - Peggy Noonan's Blog - WSJ

Library Sunday Hours Draw Big Crowds

   When you watch the news tonight , the lead will be that City Council approved a crow dispersal contract, just as we do every year.....
    My lead from the meeting was a report from the Flower Library director that the use of the Library on Sundays is brisk. Over 170 the first week of the trial program and over 400 the next week when a book sale was held. Tables were full, and computers were being used.
    This was something I had advocated strongly and it's heartening to see this jewel of the City being used more fully.
     Kudos to the Director and the City Manager for setting up the trial program and I hope the Council continues to support this initiative.
     Oh, on the crows the contract passed 5-0 although I voted against the amendment to allow shooting of the crows.

Clinton Robocalls For Owens

    Looks like the robocalls are being made...Bill Clinton for Bill Owens...and reportedly Pat Boone and I for Matt Doheny.....
Clinton Robocalls For Owens

Pataki Calls America's Favorite Noontime Talk Show

      Former three term NY Governor George Pataka is seen in this photo talking to yours truly on the HOTLINE program today. Governor Pataki was touring the eastern portion of NY21 with GOP candidate Matt Doheny. I think that's Laura from the campaign also int he photo.
      Mr. Doheny is criss crossing the district in hopes of motivating Republican voters in a district where he has a registration advantage but is in a neck and neck race with Rep. Bill Owens (D-Plattsburgh).
      Governor Pataki raised advocacy for Fort Drum during sequestration as a major issue....That's something that surprisingly has been absent from the campaign.

F-Bombs Part of the Culture in Todays Politics...and in Life- POLITICO.COM

    In radio, we are still not allowed to say it....not that I would as its such a coarsening of the culture...But the F-bomb is not a bomb anymore...It's part of dialogue and this Politco piece says in political circles its flourished in recent years.
    I see it at work as a new generation uses the F word and other words with a casualness that's depressing. No long longer is the expletive a rarely used item to make a point. From Joe Biden's on mike exhortation to the President to press flacks sparring with hostile media, its OK in DC to say F@&* You !
The new 'no comment': F--- off - Dylan Byers and John F. Harris -

Barack Obama the not-so-happy warrior, Romney the Better Choice -

    Have you noticed the President doesn't look so happy campaigning. It's like he has kind of had it with this job and doesn't relish going through the nonsense to win. Experts say he has the edge, but there is a harshness to his tone and an indifference to his message as was shown in the first debate.

     Last night a demonstration during a speech left Mr. Obama with a look of 'why am putting up with this ?'  His campaign has been eclipsed by Bill Clinton who really will be the reason if Mr. Obama prevails.
      I don't see a happy or visionary four years ahead if Mr. Obama wins. It will be a grinding down of the man similar to the Bush second term, and the scurrying to see who replaces him begins Wednesday morning.

     I was not particularly enthused at the Romney candidacy over the summer, but like many the first debate forced a second look and in watching his speeches of late and listening to his message, I believe he is the best choice for those opting for a major party candidate.
     The essential failure of Mr. Obama is the inability to cut the deals needed to govern and his propensity for blaming others and assuming the victim mantra.
     Mr. Romney will try to cut the deals and his malleable ideology will make some on the right cringe, but it could allow him to be an agent for change on day one.
     Mitt Romney is the best choice for President in 2012.

Barack Obama the not-so-happy warrior - Glenn Thrush -

Third Party Candidates are Hidden and Likely to Have Little Impact

      Third party candidates are not likely to be much of a factor in this year's Presidential race. Candidates for the Green and Libertarian parties will attract votes from those wanting to make a statement on issues like personal freedom, drugs, wars and so on.
       Those voting in New York can make such a statement without worry since NY is so lopsided for President Obama. Those living in a swing state may want to balance the need to make a statement with influencing the end result.
       In any event, those choosing to vote for a third party candidate should not be cowed by convention and statements about "wasting" a vote.
       No vote cast is wasted. It's your property. Do with it as you wish.
In close race, third-party candidates could tilt election

Sunday, November 4, 2012

WDT: Three years, $22m north country's congressional races

     Tomorrow Matt Doheny will visit each of Jefferson County's 22 Towns...One for each million dollars various candidates have spent in the past three years of non stop Congressional races since John McHugh quit mid term.
      And the spending hasn't stopped...The final tab will be higher as Mr. Doheny and Rep. Bill Owens make last minute ad buys.
       The North Country is just playing catch up after decades of local yokal races.
Big dollar Congressional races are common. There's a nine million dollar race in a rural district in North Carolina and such things are commonplace.
     Mr. Smith goes to Washington ?
     Not unless Mr. Smith is very rich.
Watertown Daily Times | Three years, $22m north country's congressional races

Signs Suggest Landslide....But Signs Don't Vote

      Will lawn signs matter ?  With a wide disparity in the House race locally, I am sure Matt Doheny hopes so.
      Fact is from looking around, you'd not know there is an opponent to Mr. Doheny. Friends of mine who has recently had occasion to drive through eastern portions of NY21 tell me there' even more Doheny signs there. In fairness, Gouverneur Mayor McDougall says there are Owens signs in St. Lawrence County.

     It's clear the Doheny posse made signs a priority as would any challenger looking to put their guy's name at the front of voters brains and create a narrative of a wave sweeping the countryside.
     But did the Bill Owens campaign just not think they needed signs or is their absence a sign of luke warm support. The Owens campaign posts a photo here and there on Facebook of a visit to a plant or a club, but there is virtually no media coverage.
    Seems this incumbent, buoyed by early polls and a feeling of doom and detachment in the GOP chattering class, may have thought this race would be easier..
     Just as Mr Doheny's career path is similat to that of Mitt Romney, the trajectory of his campaign has followed that of the national standard bearer.
    On the eve of the election, its just too close to predict.

In An Everybody for Themselves World, Parties Pay Lip Service to Team Approach

   Local Republicans are trying to be team players with a weekend full color mailer touting Senator Ritchie and Congressional hopeful Matt Doheny as the new "North Country Republican Team."
   Included in the photo is former Congressman Dave Martin, who was dusted off for the photo op. When I saw Dave I started getting misty over the 80s when we all had so many great times.
    Dems are trying the same. Senate underdog Amy Tresidder is on air pledging to work with Bill Owens and Dan Maffei (both are in neck and neck races in their districts). She also appears with Assemblyman Addie Russell.  Amy and Addie actually speak in harmony their desire to work together.
     Ms. Russell, who is running unopposed, has become the skunk at the GOP picnic.

Daily News Abandons POTUS and Backs Romney

   Another defection from President Obama. The normally left of center New York Daily News has bolted and endorsed Mitt Romney for President.
    Endorsements may not sway many but there are a weathervane and the flips to Mr. Romney may be a sign of the closeness of the race.
    The NY Times backs Mr. Obama and the Post backs Mr. Romney.
New York Opinions, Voice of the People, Bramhall, Editorials, and Columnists - Homepage - NY Daily News

Hassig Does a DeDe....Repudiates Nomination to Endorse Owens

   This sort of bubbled up on Friday's HOTLINE show when Green Party Congressional candidate Donald Hassig urged his voters to vote for Rep. Bill Owens if they thought the race would be close. Well, the Siena poll says its a dead heat, so Mr. Hassig has gone a step further, telling the Glens Falls Post Star he is voting for Mr. Owens and formally endorses him.
    Amidst rants of "frack you" and "kicking ass" of corporate America, Mr. Hassig ended up being just another Democrat. (I am not sure if the Dems agree with Mr. Hassig's call for a 'friendly takeover of Canada)
    The unfortunate part of this is that the Green Party works hard to provide an alternative such as they have in Syracuse where their candidate has actually campaigned and participated in debates.
    Accepting a party nomination and then repudiating it at the last minute to endorse someone else has happened before to Mr. Owens.
    In 2009 then Assemblywoman Diedre Scozzafava was the Republican nominee and on the weekend before the election repudiated the GOP and endorsed the Democrat.
Hassig endorses Owens

You Can Still Cast an Early Vote Tomorrow

   If you think you will be unable to get to your polling place Tuesday, please stop in at the Jefferson County Board of Elections  Monday to cast an absentee ballot. So far over three thousand of your neighbors have.
   The BOE is in the County Building on Arsenal Street. Hint: Its where the DMV is located. BOE is on the fourth floor.
Absentee Votes in Jefferson Co.: 3,000 and Counting | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News

Politico: Dead Heat

   It's a jump ball heading into Tuesday. The latest Politico Battleground Poll has President Obama and Governor Romney tied at 48-48 with both candidates sharing identical positives and negative ratings as well.
    If you are sitting out on Tuesday, I can't imagine why you would be reading this blog.
   Go vote.
Presidential election polls 2012: Battleground Tracking poll: Mitt Romney, Barack Obama tied -

WDT: Syracuse Mayor Preaches Global Warming in Watertown

     For Democrats, its a good thing Hurricane Sandy came along. It gives them an issue no had mentioned throughout the political season.
     Climate change is the new term for "global warming" and Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner raised the issue last night as she addressed Democrats gathered for their fall dinner. Mayor Miner spoke on a chilly evening in which temperatures dipped below freezing, but it has been a year of unusually warm weather in NNY.
      Dems are under the leadership of newly named county chair Ron Cole.
Rep. Bill Owens also spoke at the dinner at the Italian American Civic Association, which Tuesday night will be hosting the election night party for Congressional challenger Matt Doheny.
Watertown Daily Times | Local News, Sports, Features, and Community Information for Jefferson County, St. Lawrence County, and Lewis County in Northern New York.