Saturday, October 27, 2012

Petraeus Throws Obama Under the Bus | The Weekly Standard

       This Benghazi thing is more and more disturbing all the time. From the Vice President's callous comments to a mourning parent to the revelation that requests to help our ambassador were ignored by an Administration intent on convincing itself that the Muslim world is a safe place because Osama bin Laden was killed by this President.
     Ambassador Chris Stevens was in the end deemed expendable and when all went poorly the Administration cooked up the lie about a You Tube video stirred up the Arab street.
     Ambassador Susan Rice was sent by the White House to lie and Secretary Hillary Clinton was sent out to take the blame.
    Talk about a War on Women.
     Petraeus Throws Obama Under the Bus | The Weekly Standard

We Are Out of the Mainstream Here in NY

    With ten or fewer states swinging and a few more fairly close, we in NY are the nation's least swinging.  Polls now place President Obama's margin in the Empire State at 26 points !
     Now you may get those kind of margins for Mr. Romney in Utah, Oklahoma and Wyoming, but among states with lots of people, NY is singularly out of step with the rest of the nation. Even liberal California is at 16 points for Mr. Obama.
      Maybe that's why MCM is so certain of an Obama win in states so different from NY.
Swing-State Map, List & Polls -

AP poll: Americans are Racist

     Spiking Benghazi stories isn't the only way the Obama-mania media can put a finger on the scale in the final days of a campaign that suddenly has become worrisome for the President's most ardent media accolytes.
    Now ten days before the election, the AP comes out with a poll showing Americans are indeed racist. Is that a play at recharging the white guilt that contributed in 2008 to many voting in favor of the Nation's first black President ?
    I think so. Screams of racism continue to eminate from the Chris Matthews crowd, who hector the nation on its sorry racial legacy as if the only remedy is to reelect "the One".
     This election is playing out on economic issues and matters of competance. The media trying to continually play the race card is transparent. It's as if you are not allowed to vote against the first black President, without being tagged with the most vivid perjorative available in today's politics.
AP poll: U.S. majority have prejudice against blacks

Owens vs. Doheny, Lightning Round

   Here is the much touted lightning round from Thursday's debate.
Owens vs. Doheny, Lightning Round

WDT: Spending in High Gear for NY 21 Closing Act

   Will a spending spree at the end matter ?
    I don't think so, unless the final week offers TV viewers something new....a make-the-sale series of spots.
    Rep. Bill Owens tried a direct-to-camera denial spot on the Taiwan issue. Partisan nonsense aside, I think that was a mistake. Made him look guilty of something. Not saying he was, but denials never work. That's why reporters always play their "confirm or deny" game, as either way you are screwed.
    On the Doheny side, the lack of a 'why-to-vote-for-me' message has been stark, although I hear through the grapevine the candidate has taped a look-em-in-the-eye closer spot filmed in an identifiable Watertown area location. About time.
     With separate and distinct media markets in the district, I would have done separate, local oriented spots, but people in Virginia or California arranging media buys don't know the geography.
      If the race is indeed close, its the GOTV effort and the last impression of candidates  that is important. So far, both sides have some work to do on their closing. 
    Speaking of closing, local Democrats are holding their fall dinner the Saturday before the election at the Italian American Club in Watertown.  Cocktails at six. 
Watertown Daily Times | Doheny surpasses Owens in campaign spending

Hurricane Sandy: Forecasters warn pre-Halloween 'perfect storm' will strike East Coast | Mail Online

     The ability to hype a weather event these days is without parallel in history, but it certainly is going to be a challenging week ahead for some buffeted by the "Frankenstorm".

      For most of us it will be a wet Halloween, putting a damper on trick or treating, but parts of NY State will be very wet and one need only look at flooding in eastern NY last year to see how disrupting even a non-hurricane can be.
     Let's hope for the best.
Hurricane Sandy: Forecasters warn pre-Halloween 'perfect storm' will strike East Coast | Mail Online

Is Obama's 'firewall' crumbling? Romney draws level with President in 'safe state' of Wisconsin | Mail Online

     Is the Obama firewall in Ohio, Wisconsin, Iowa and Nevada crumbling ? When you look at the crowds and response Mitt Romney is getting, plus polls creeping to even in those states, it makes you wonder.

Crowds Give Romney, Obama-like Devotion
Is Obama's 'firewall' crumbling? Romney draws level with President in 'safe state' of Wisconsin | Mail Online

Friday, October 26, 2012

Doheny digs into wallet to fund congressional campaign

    Don't worry those Doheny attack ads would leave the airwaves for lack of cash. The candidate has now dumped $750K into his bid for Congress.
Doheny digs into wallet to fund congressional campaign

Hockey Night in Watertown !

      A crowd topping a thousand streamed into the Fairgrounds Arena tonight at pro hockey came to Watertown.
     The Privateers opened their season against the Cape Cod Blue Fins of the Federal Hockey League.
      City Council was recognized for their support of the team and I got to drop the puck to start the season.
       The City made some minor improvements to the Arena to lure the team here and the hope is a successful season can lead to more improvements next year.
      Meanwhile the Privateers and their fans are off to a great start with a 3-2 win.

Green Candidate Coming to HOTLINE

   America's Favorite Noontime talk show will be visited Monday by Green Party candidate Donald Hassig.  Mr. Hassig is the second candidate to take part in the mid-day gab fest. The candidate called today to book the show.
     Matt Doheny was on last week. Rep. Bill Owens has been invited.

WDT: Scribed Loved Debate....Especially the Lightning Round

   Those of us used to journalism at a more leisurely pace were easily impressed as YNN rolled into JCC with their colorful set, multiple cameras and well coiffed and well prepared questioners.
    It was real television......But what they were televising wasn't the dog food the dogs prefer.  The auditorium was only two thirds full and most of those were people shipped in by the campaigns.
    I am beginning to think two warriors are playing to a nearly empty Colliseum as far as this Congressional race goes. I stopped at the dueling rallies ahead of the event and the mood was more perfunctory than passionate.
    NY 21, like its predecessors, is so big and rambling that there is no sense of community. Candidates disappear for days while they work places most of us have never or will never visit. The issues are different...the media is different and the its a different set of locals to remember names of.
     One takeaway from the debate was not spoken. It was the height difference between the candidates and it showed glaringly in the two-shots. They say, on average, taller people win elections over shorter opponents.  That optic favored the Democrat.  However Mr. Owens stone like demeanor made him look stiff against the more animated Mr. Doheny.
    After the Obama-Romney debates, we got used to candidates who seemed not to like each other and this faceoff didn't disappoint. The long grind of the third major race for Congress in as many years has got to be taking its toll on these guys. There was a clear disdain for each other.
     Oh, the issues.  Yes, the all important discourse on the issues. Nothing new to report.
     I too liked the lightning round with Liz chirping over "cow tipping" (Doheny said he had),  and Bill Carey asking who had a Tom and Jerry at the Crystal (Owens claimed temperance during the Holidays).
      In fact the lightning round may have been the high point of this campaign.
Watertown Daily Times | Lightning round provides levity, more attacks

Hockey Night in Watertown

     Following months of preparation and planning....The Thousand Islands Privateers of the Federal Hockey League open their season tonight at the Fairgrounds Arena.
      The puck drops at 7:30. Be there.

Blase Students Play Cards and Watch TV as Candidates, Media and Supporter Scurry About

      Both campaigns for Congress turned out some supporters to attend the YNN debate at JCC but the Sturtz Auditorium was still only two-thirds full. Despite the chance to see a big time event being aired across upstate, a college campus cannot fill the room.
      As students milled about the student center, it was obvious all the interlopers from the campaigns were just a curious distraction to students who likely have no idea who Bill Owens or Matt Doheny is.
      Meanwhile, the event laid bare media rivalries. Other than the Times, there seemed little local coverage of the event and TV 7 viewers would barely have known the live event took place.
      The questioners from YNN were spot on. Bill Carey is a veteran of many races and respected for knowing the lay of the land.  Liz Benjamin is the host of the popular Capital Tonight show.
      Liz knows NY and is the type of person you'd expect to see "I Love NY" tattooed on their calf.
      In any event, I was glad to pay my cable bill this month, seeing the effort put into the session.

Doheny, Owens spar in Debate

     Currency manipulation was featured in last night's debate at JCC, although it's not really something most people are talking about, much less understand.
      Challenger Doheny said the US is the world's top currency manipulator through its propensity for debt, while usually that charge is leveled against China.
      The mood between Mr. Doheny and Rep. Bill Owens seemed a little tense as both sides sought to make a final impression in what is viewed as a competitive race that is still attracting lots of outside money. Some reports say the NY21 race is fifth nationwide in number of TV spots in the last thirty days.
      The only publicly available poll if weeks old, although it showed Mr. Owens up by double digits. GOP insiders continue to insist the margin is now within five points and the race feels close.
Doheny, Owens spar in deate

WDT: Debate With a Lightning Round Proves Informative and Entertaining

       The YNN Congressional debate was lively and insightful, with Matt Doheny more aggressive, but Rep. Bill Owens trying to be the statesman.
        Asked everything from cow tipping to whether they has a Tom and Jerry at the Crystal, the pair sparred for an hour at JCC with questions provided by YNN's Bill Carey, Liz Benjamin and Brian Dwyer.
         It was a worthwhile event, ironically not covered by local TV news.
         Prior  to the debate, supporters for both sides gathered at the college student center to rally for their candidates.
         One noticeable aspect was the height difference between the candidates with Mr. Owens the taller one in the two shots sprinkled throughout.

Watertown Daily Times | Lightning round provides levity, more attacks

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Debate Rivets NNY Viewers

   Here's the deal on the Dohney/Owens debate at JCC.
   I fully intended to watch it in person...but after doing an early presentation to Liz and company and then a greeting with the competing rallies out front, I went to the Privateers reception and then to Pete's.....
   There I ran into Tammy and we talked and watched the debate on TV...I liked many of Matt Doheny's answers....I cringed at a couple including the DC Nights question.
    From what I could see, Rep. Bill Owens looked pissed and Mr. Doheny carried many questions.
    That YNN came to Watertown spoke volumes about the MSM who refuse to cover politics.
    In all, a good time was had by all.

YNN Team Feted for Bringing Debate to Watertown

   During rehearsal for the big YNN Congressional debate at JCC,  anchors Liz Benjamin, Bill Carey and Brian Dwyer took a few minutes to receive Watertown hats from Councilwoman Roxanne Burns.
Liz Dons Hat With Watertown Seal
    I also gave the doyenne of NYS political reporting a Mayor's Bar hoodie....the first one off the line for the winter season.
    Clearly, Liz will be noticed wearing this attractive garment in Albany.
All fun aside, I appreciate YNN and Capital Tonight taking the time to hold a debate in Watertown for our district.
    It's a great opportunity for voters here to see the candidates live and interviewed by the state's premier political reporters.

WDT: Another Sketchy Commercial....Hey Guys, Settle It Tonight at 7 on YNN

   No offense Liz and company, but I want to see the Congressional candidates bypass the "issues" and go right at each other.
    Let's hear why Doheny is too rich and let's hear about Owen's Oriental job tour. Take the fight to each other and spare us the fuzzy image, cookie cutter TV ads.
    Watertown Daily Times | DCCC ad makes sketchy claims about Doheny

Keeping it classy, Mr President: Obama describes Romney as 'a bullshitter' | Mail Online

     I will write this in a way prospective Obama voters can relate.
     If anyone had called the POTUS, a "bullshitter", we'd hear a shit storm from the homies in the MSM....But since it's the celebrity in chief using the phrase to describe Mitt Romney, it's as cool as Bill's sax on Arsenio.
      After watching the President swing at Jay Leno's easy tosses last night, I concluded that Mr. Obama is smoother, intoxicating and not always embracing the truth. In other words, he's a "bullshitter" too.
Keeping it classy, Mr President: Obama describes Romney as 'a bullshitter' | Mail Online

Two Gin Mills Open Near Downtown

   A pair of new gin mills opened in old locations yesterday.
   The "First Round"  is open in the former Kicker's on Factory Street. A total makeover creates an entirely new experience. I hope to stop by and check it out today or tomorrow.
   Last night after I closed my bar I stopped in at the "Nautical Turtle" in the former Ollies site on Public Square.
    The new owners have done a nice job on renovations.
     It's good to see a pair of neighborhood taverns back to do battle against the corporate bars on Arsenal Street.
      It's also good to see small business people put the effort in to get into a tough line of work.

WDT: Watertown city manager hits the 100-day milestone

      I am not sure what significance 100 days on a job has, but the new city manager is at that mark, and the measure of her success is Sharon Addison no longer seems new on the job. She has tackled the role with relish.      
Watertown Daily Times | Watertown city manager hits the 100-day milestone

Mayor orders disclaimer on Doheny advertising at Civic Center

      With no NHL season and local professional hockey teams starting their seasons, the Mayor of Glens Falls wants everyone to know he doesn't support Matt Doheny for Congress.
     Mayor Jack Diamond is a Democrat and has ordered that the local hockey team run a disclaimer during pubilc address announcements paid  for by the GOP campaign as part of a campaign sponsored event with the team.
     As coincidence would have have it, in Watertown, the Privateers open up Friday and Mr. Doheny, a hockey player when growing up in Alex Bay, is holding a similar event for his supporters at a local restaurant and then going with his fans to the game at the Fairgrounds Arena.
      I think people are smart enough to know teams sell shout-outs during time out and sell all sorts of promotional stuff like ads on dasher boards. That's a big part of their business model as the players are paid.
       A candidate buying an ad package during a game is not municipal backing of a candidate any more than any other ad you see means anything more. But its political season, and I am sure the pressure is on to make sure the candidate and party who didn't support the team are not offended.
      Obviously, political demonstrations at city events could be overdone and doing so would probably cause more resentment than benefit. However, a candidate supporting a team hardly requires a disclaimer. Attending an off site rally and then going to a game to be seen at a community event does not cross a line.
        A few years ago, an opponent of mine bought display ads on city busses and finished third in the primary.  Go figure.
Mayor orders disclaimer on Doheny advertising at Civic Center

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Thursday a Busy Day

         Tomorrow is a little dose of politics as the YNN road show comes to town.  I will stop up there in the late afternoon to welcome the troika of inquisitors who will question Rep. Bill Owens and Matt Doheny at JCC.
         A presentation  may be in order to provide our visitors with a momento of their visit to Watertown. Who knows, maybe other bloggers will stop by.
  I also have to squeeze in a reception for the Privateers, who open their season on Friday.
          Then I have to work Thursday night after the debate.
           Where do I fit Pete's Restaurant into all that ?

Governor Cuomo Announces New Tourism Campaign & Sucks Up to Cider Makers in Booze Summit

   Governor Cuomo's booze summit seems to have had little of interest for retailers as all the fuss was about craft brewers and hard cider manufacturers.
     In fact, from the press release, I don't think there were any retailers invited.
     Absent as far as I can see is WIGS or any concurrent relaxing of the silly restrictions affecting liquor stores.
Governor Cuomo Announces New Tourism Campaign and Regulatory Reforms at New York's First Wine, Beer and Spirits Summit | Governor Andrew M. Cuomo

WDT: Endorsement Startles Scribes

   Sometimes campaigns have to be about having fun.
   The Doheny campaign today trumpeted the endorsement of Bill Owens...Turns out it the former Governor of Colorado Bill Owens and not Rep. Bill Owens who is opposing Mr. Doheny on November 6.
     There's a George Bush in Watertown if anyone wants to seek out his endorsement. There's also two other Jeff Graham in the county, although touting that may not be a game changer.
Watertown Daily Times | Owens endorsement startles this reporter

Post Star: Offbeat Issue Headlines Doheny's E Board Meeting in Glens Falls

   Well they aren't voting for him anyway, but making welfare drug testing the central issue during an editorial board meeting isn't where I would want to go, but I don't think the Glens Falls paper is endorsing Matt Doheny anyway.
     More important to his campaign is the focus for tomorrow night and the YNN debate at JCC in Watertown.

Doheny in Glens Falls Post Star Editorial Board Meeting.
The Photo and Lead They Chose Shows They Are Headed Elsewhere
      I'd stay away from 'small ball' issues like school lunches unless you can truly make it a metaphor for something larger. Don't get wrapped up in one of these no-win answers on when abortion is or isn't OK. Gay marriage has already been litigated in NY and the Court of Appeals upheld the law.
      Foreign policy doesn't get you far...Even the most dense knows a Member of Congress doesn't prosecute foreign policy.
      Deficits, the fiscal cliff, the need for tough love fiscal reform from a guy who understands money.
      Also, don't forget to end up by asking for your vote.
Doheny: Drug-test for public assistance

WDT: OP/ED Explains Debate on Fairgrounds Fees

    Sometimes when you think you have a point but are losing the battle of the soundbites on TV 7, you have to dust off those writing skills and take to good old fashioned, long form, print journalism.
      Occasionally it's good to write an OP/ED piece. It gets things off your mind in a format people who are interested can ruminate over. Plus, despite the modern media age, there is to my generation still something very affirming about seeing your own words in print on a piece of paper. Don't worry, in another twenty years people that wistful will have moved on and all communication will be by Twitter and Facebook.
Watertown Daily Times | Fairgrounds arena fees defray city costs

Jets QB Mark Sanchez and Eva Longoria break up -

    Now we know why Mark Sanchez frittered away a chance for the JETS to pull the upset of the season when they lost in OT to the Pats on Sunday.
    He had just broken up with his cougar girlfriend Eva Longoria. 
    Ms. Longoria is national co-chair of the Obama campaign and has a busy career in Hollywood. She likes to date athletes and was "happy dating" in her four month fling with the erratic JETS pass thrower.
     Sanchez was all giddy about his new "beau" but he was just coming off a brief dalliance with Kate Upton.
     Sanchez is not an A-list athlete who gets to be on the society page and the sports page.
     It's time for Tebow.
Jets QB Mark Sanchez and Eva Longoria break up -

Reuters' Electoral Map: Obama Crushes Romney

      In a poll that shows the dangers of hanging your hat on polls, Reuters/Ipsos has a national tracking poll showing President Obama with a one point leader, but  their analysis of how it breaks out in the states gives the President a much larger 332-206 edge in the Electoral College.
       The reason that or a Romney popular win/electoral loss is possible is that  Mr. Romney is polling much better this year in red states already in the GOP column but not correspondingly well in blue states he needs to flip. Reuter's predicts the only flips are the two easy ones, Indiana and North Carolina.      
      Reuters' Electoral Map: Obama Crushes Romney - Business Insider

WDT: Maple City Council Overrules Newly Appointed Manager

         It didn't take long. Ogdensburg's City Council has voted in a new policy on take home use of city vehicles over the objection of newly appointed Manager John Pinkerton. This is one of those issues you try to work behind the scenes at first and if there is sentiment for a change the manager should implement it in the overall context of finding economies in the budget.
         However, the issue of vehicle use is something a Council should ask its manager to review and make recommendations. That might be a better course, especially with a new manager in place who you want to show support for.  In other words, hold off on the micro managing until the first hundred days lapses.
Watertown Daily Times | Ogdensburg Council restricts city vehicle use over manager’s objections

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Donald Trump to reveal ¿divorce papers of Michelle and Barack Obama¿, claims respected financial pundit | Mail Online

   One report is that the touted revelation from the Donald is that in 1990 the Obamas considered a divorce following the President's loss in a House race. Big deal. Nobody's business, old news.
     People don't like this stuff, especially when the current situation is so different than the one 22 years ago. The Donald needs to get a life.
Donald Trump to reveal ¿divorce papers of Michelle and Barack Obama¿, claims respected financial pundit | Mail Online

Debate Folo....News from Out East....and Going Green on Pearl Street.

    On a Tuesday evening, I have been discussing the debate from last night and the conclusion is the President did prevail on content and  style, but Mr. Romney did do well enough to do no harm.  That wasn't the impression I had, but I wasn't as smitten by Mr. Obama's towel-snapping sarcasm about ships that go under water...(Actually submarines are called boats...ships are on the surface...)
    I was talking to a friend who said he was recently in Lake George and said he was surprised at the number of Doheny signs in Warren County, one of the three counties in the far east added to the district. He said there were lots of them....Not saying that at anyone's request, but it coincide's with here where signage is lopsided.
       Wrapping up the LED light replacement at the Mayor's Bar. Pictured are lights using only 240 watts in total. That's about a third of what I was using in the same area.
       I don't have a solar panel or a windmill as I have been told the first step to being green is reducing usage through methods like this.
      In what may be a sign of how non-Obamaesque I am, I paid for all the fixtures at City Electric and didn't get any subsidy from Washington. I just decided the technology was in my best interest and made some financial sense. It's called free enterprise, something the POTUS wants to put an end to.

Hockey Night in Watertown !

   This Friday is the season opener for the Watertown Privateers professional hockey team....Oh, I know its still Thousand Islands, but we are proud of the effort from City Council and city staff to land the team and provide such top flight winter entertainment in Watertown.
        Dasher board advertising being put up in advance of Friday's home opener at the
Fairgrounds. Come on out and support the team.

In Today's Media World, Attention Seekers and Idiots Go Hand in Hand

      Most of us will view the results of the election and whatever the results just move on with life. Some zealots and pin heads take it more seriously.
     Just as there were crazies threatening Senator Obama in 2008, there are reportedly Obama zealots using Twitter to promise social unrest and harm to Mitt Romney if he wins.
This is fringe stuff, but in social media, its east to talk and stupid things are said....Separating the stupid from the dangerous is not always easy.
      Meanwhile, speaking of pin heads....Donald Trump and Gloria Allred are now both claiming to have bombshells that will influence the race for the White House. Ms. Allred says she can destroy Mr Romney and Mr. Trump says he has a secret about the President.
      Attention seekers one and all.
» Obama Supporters Continue Threats To Riot, Assassinate Romney Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Green Party criticizes nominee - Times Union

   Not a lot of tolerance in the Green Party...but then again like most small parties there is no real party beyond a state chair and a couple of his cronies.
    So when the Green high command unloads on Donald Hassig in NY21, it doesn't mean much as the offense was one statement in a debate expressing the not so uncommon desire to kick foreign workers out of the country.
    Must be the Greens are not a big tent party.
Green Party criticizes nominee - Times Union

Politico: Obama Leads 281-257 As Map Narrows to Seven States

     It's all about seven states as it looks like Nevada is fading as one of the final battleground states in the race for 270 votes. There is talk of Pennsylvania joining the group, but likely not.
     It will be all about Ohio, Wisconsin and Iowa.
     I actually saw a couple Romney/Ryan lawn signs on Breen Avenue last night and one Obama/Biden sign on Route 12. That's about the extent of the Presidential campaign in very blue NY.
2012: The battle for 7 states - Jonathan Martin -

Campaign TV ad about Taiwan trip uses Chinese flag - WPTZ Home

   Is it media gotcha over a minor misrepresentation ? Or is it a substantive mistake that undermines the message ?
    Well, its extra publicity centered around paid advertising and that brings to the fore  the core message about Rep. Bill Owens year-ago trip to Taiwan.
     The Doheny commercial showed a flag in the background from Red China, and not the flag of independent Taiwan on the nearby island of Formosa.

Image from Commercial Showing Red Flag from Mainland China
      WPTZ TV caught it or was tipped to it and ran with it, seeking to box in Mr. Doheny. It was a bit of license with the imagery, as is common in these spots, but the trip is something Mr. Owens quickly recorded a straight-to-camera rebuttal spot, so you know they are concerned about the core message.
        This is also a case of how the Internet has even changed stodgy NNY media. This Plattsburgh story gets featured on Newzjunky and blogs, whereas twenty years ago, it would just be a story in one outlet far away.
Campaign TV ad about Taiwan trip uses Chinese flag | New York - WPTZ Home

WDT: Owens Bites on Doheny Gripe About Skimpy Lunches

   Talk about the tail wagging the dog. Rep. Bill Owens is writing the Nation's agriculture secretary to complain about school lunches in a reaction to opponent Matt Doheny visiting schools. Mr. Doheny says new lunch guidelines don't have the calorie count Mr. Doheny would like.
    This reminds me of a candidate who promised to bring an IHOP to Watertown and then the other candidate called a talk show to promise two IHOPs.
Watertown Daily Times | Owens writes Vilsack on school lunches

Monday, October 22, 2012

Presidential debate: High stakes in last Obama-Romney debate -

       I watched the debate amidst the din of a post dinner crowd at Pete's, so I didn't hear every word clearly. However, I walked away thinking Mitt Romney was solid, knowledgeable and steady in demeanor.
     Then I watched the talking heads and they said the President had won. I thought Mr. Obama was snarky on occasion but decent enough on the presentation of his view of the World.

     It was a little boring after the first hour, and I didn't see anything that would change anyone's mind. It was reassuring to see Mr Romney not so strident or neo-con in nature. The President was mostly reassuring, but also was taking shots at Mr. Romney, a clear sign he feels he may be behind.
     There were a lot of things the two agreed on.  Mr. Obama accused Mr. Romney of being "all over the map" on foreign policy.
     A CNN flash poll had Mr. Obama the winner ,48-40.

Presidential debate: High stakes in last Obama-Romney debate -

Around the world, perceptions of Obama-Romney contest lag reality - The Washington Post

   It may be neck and neck in the USA....but in Europe a poll shows the folks prefer President Obama over Mitt Romney by a 75% to 8% margin.
   In fact, many can't understand why the race is so close here.....
Around the world, perceptions of Obama-Romney contest lag reality - The Washington Post

Endorsements Flow....Look for Switches from Four Years Ago to Spot a Trend

   Do newspaper paper endorsements matter ?  Not in the sense that you should let your local publisher tell you who to vote for in a national race. However, reading different editorials as in a story like this one does expose you to numerous informed viewpoints that may be helpful.
     In Watertown, the endorsements always come late as I have always suspected a desire to put a finger in the air, especially since largesse at Fort Drum and the Seaway is so important to NNY.
     My guess is the WDT goes with President Obama again. The Pennysaver may go with Romney.
Sunday endorsements and more - Photos - 17 of 18 -

Congressional candidates show big money - Press-Republican

   And this doesn't include all the outside SuperPAC $$$.
Congressional candidates show big money » Local News » Press-Republican

Owens Takes to Airwaves to Refute Taiwan Charges

      Most of those fuzzy image, cookie cutter commercials just fly right by, but the Doheny ad ripping Rep. Bill Owens on his trip to Taiwan must have struck a nerve, or least deserved a response.
     Rep. Owens is airing a commercial in which he addresses the camera to refute the premise that the trip was unethical or worse.  That is very unusual and means the Democrats felt they had to counter what they felt might be an effective charge.
      Meanwhile, the Doheny campaign is planning a pre-debate rally for Thursday evening prior to the YNN showdown at JCC.

Donald Trump threatens to drop 'gigantic' bombshell about President Obama on Wednesday | Mail Online

     Sounds like The Donald cannot stand letting the campaign for President wrap up without him getting some attention.  Donald Trump was on FOX and Friends this AM and said he will reveal a gigantic bombshell about the President later this week.
      Probably some more birther stuff.  The Donald doesn't due Mitt Romney any good by grabbing the limelight with crazy talk.   But he will.
Donald Trump threatens to drop 'gigantic' bombshell about President Obama on Wednesday | Mail Online

WDT: Chinese on the Menu for Challenger's Latest Attacks

         He's going to voucherize Medicare !  He broke the rules and let lobbyists take him to Taiwan !
        The back and forth continues and the latest Doheny ad takes up an old theme...It's about Rep. Bill Owens' year ago trip to Formosa. Apparently someone thinks Mr. Owens positives are still polling too high.
         Still need a closing message....Maybe it will come after Thursday's debate.
   Watertown Daily Times | Local News, Sports, Features, and Community Information for Jefferson County, St. Lawrence County, and Lewis County in Northern New York.

Battleground Tracking Poll: Mitt Romney takes lead - James Hohmann -

     Yet more in giving Mitt Romney a two point edge in battleground states...another from CBS giving President Obama a five point bulge in pivotal Ohio.
       Meanwhile, Mr. Obama is staking it all on stopping Mr. Romney in the Buckeye State. The auto industry, which the President says he saved while he was killing Osama bin Laden, is significant in Ohio. Democrats feel the UAW will be the firewall saving the state and its 18 electoral votes critical to any GOP win.

Battleground Tracking Poll: Mitt Romney takes lead - James Hohmann -

Can Doheny Win ? This Week Should Tell A Lot

    With scant polling data made public and only seat of the pants assessments being made, this week's campaign for Congress in NNY enters a final phase this week.
     A major event is on Thursday as Rep. Bill Owens and challenger Matt Doheny face a three person panel at JCC in a live debate carried by cable giant YNN.
     Liz Benjamin, Bill Cary and Brian Dwyer are the inquisators.
     Other than that , its more personal appearances and more broadcast ads.
      It seems to me, something different in ads is needed to shake up the race. I was chatting with a veteran pol of late when a commercial came on the TV.  We both agreed they all look the same and in the end say nothing. That's the danger in relying solely on people who make their living selling the same old, same old, over and over again.
      Jefferson County is a key swing area if you believe the insiders.  A Lewis County politico also says he thinks that formerly GOP county is now at best only marginally Republcan.  All that means the bigger Doheny numbers would have to come from areas of NY21 closer to Albany, such as Johnstown, Gloversville and Glens Falls and rural Saratoga County.

Presidential debate 2012: Bam's Last Stand ?

   While President Obama has the potential to eke out a second term in two weeks, his inability to pull away against Mitt Romney is giving tonight's third and final debate a bit of a "last stand" flavor.
     The sit-down format should help Mr. Romney and the Benghazi incident should keep the President on the defensive.
     Over the weekend the Administration leaked a story about one on one talks with Iran over nuclear weapons. It sounds like a bit of an October surprise and Mr. Romney's best bet might be to use the Reagan cautionary tale...."trust but verify".
      An even, Presidential style performance by Mr. Romney could set in play the surge he needs to win. A factual gaffe or another testy, confrontational spat with the President could do the opposite.
Presidential debate 2012: President Obama and Mitt Romney set for final debate showdown | Mail Online

Couple Fights in Court to Keep Their Lawn Sign

    In First Amendment circles, political speech is first among equals with the greatest level of protection....and that's why a Glens Falls area couple's fight is interesting.
     The Jasinski's are in court against their homeowner's association over a ban on lawn signs. The Association is fining them and putting a lien on their property.

      It's the right fight no matter who the candidates are. Reasonable expressions of speech should certainly be allowed if we are to call it "private property".
      Unfortuanately, sticking up for your rights costs money, but for those with the means and inclination, its a fight we all benefit from.   
      By the way, picking this fight was a great publicity coup. Was it Jude's idea ?  
Homeowners say association is violating their freedom of speech over signs

Steve Serby: Mark Sanchez fails in clutch in Jets’ overtime loss to Patriots -

      A season changing day for the JETS didn't happen as they lost an OT heartbreaker to the Pats, 29-26.
       The game ended in a whimper for Mark Sanchez as, under pressure, he fumbled the ball away, and with it the chance for an astounding upset.
       Tom Brady and company didn't have the runaway, second half surge so often seen in the past, but Brady knows how to win and Sanchez continues to find ways to lose when he should win.
       The use of Tim Tebow in very predictable, run up the middle, plays is also not working.
        It was an exciting game for a national audience, but for NY fans another bitter pill.
Steve Serby: Mark Sanchez fails in clutch in Jets’ overtime loss to Patriots -

Sunday, October 21, 2012

JETS Beating Expectations, But Lose Anyway

   As I sit here at Pete's the JETS and Pats are in OT tied at 26-26....Uh oh....down by three, but a chance to tie it up or better yet win....
   In any event the JETS did beat the spread.
    And it's over....the Pats win...Congrats to them, but a great effort by the JETS.

Gallup: Romney Lead Up to 7 Again on Eve of Final Date

   The Gallup poll continues to report a large lead for Mitt Romney with its daily tracking poll showing 52%-45% in favor of the Republican.
   The margin has been in the six to seven point range for a week now. Of course Democrats say its bogus and the GOP is wary things going that well.
    The only thing I would say is that for an incumbent this late the average of all polls has the President at 47% which means any Obama win will be by far less than in 2008.
   Of course it comes down to the Electoral College and the polls on those states vary as well. 
    Let's just say its a close race.
Election 2012 Likely Voters Trial Heat: Obama vs. Romney

WDR: Pete's gets high marks from reviewer

    The new Pete's gets high marks from the MSM as the Times food critics gives the eatery four and a half forks.
     That's always a boost and congrats to Geoff and the staff on jumping the first hurdle.
     Ironically, last night I ate at Sboro's and had a "fly away" sandwich, which was delicious.   But the Times is correct, for the most part I still eat at Pete's as I will tonight after the JETS win.
Watertown Daily Times | Pete's gets high marks from reviewer

George McGovern dead at 90

George McGovern During Service in WWII
A liberal icon and patriot has died in Sioux Falls. Former Senator and one time Presidential candidate George McGovern passed at age 90, closing out a lifetime of progressive politics, punctuated by his ahead-of-his-time opposition to the Vietnam War.
   Senator McGovern lost 49 states to Richard Nixon in 1972, only to see President Nixon resign less than two years later. As a World War II Army Air Force hero and advocate for farmers and the poor, Mr. McGovern was at odds with many but respected by all.
George McGovern dead at 90 -

Schools Officials Slow to Spot a Real Fantasy League

    It shows enterprise and organizational skills....that's one way to look at a California high school where varsity athletes organized a sexual fantasy league revolving around female students.
   School officials just sent a letter to parents....but it's gone on for five years.
   Maybe that principal spends too much time in the office working on his NFL fantasy teams.
Piedmont High School students engage in a sexual fantasy league - San Jose Mercury News

Tribune endorsement: Too Many Mitts | The Salt Lake Tribune

     One of the more interesting newspaper endorsements of the President comes from ground zero for Mormons....The Salt Lake Tribune is backing the President on the grounds the challenger has too many mysteries in his positions and policies.
    No matter. The Beehive State will likely provide Mr. Romney his largest percentage margin.
Tribune endorsement: Too Many Mitts | The Salt Lake Tribune

Drip, Drip, Drip on Libya Attack Poses Dangers for President in Monday Debate

      The Administration that spend two weeks lying about the Benghazi consulate disaster apparently got to watch the demise of our ambassador live and in color as a US drone hovered overhead beaming pictues back to a paralyzed US chain of command.
    So says CBS News in a report over the weekend.
    Adding to the President's woes are cables from Ambassador Christopher Stevens as late as the day of his death to the effect security was too little and obviously too late in protecting diplomatic interests in the troubled Arab nation.
     Monday's debate on foreign policy should be far more anxious for the President than one would have thought a month ago.
US had drones flying over Benghazi as the consulate was being attacked -

WDT: Local Official Pushes the Envelope, but Runs a Tight Ship

   From time to time someone criticises Pamilia's Larry Longway for not governing via conventional wisdom and not kowtowing to the traditional barons of power in local government.
     He is an anomaly of sorts in that he runs his town as we would his own business, and for decades that's been the case, dating back to the many years his father was the Town's CEO.

Supervisor Larry Longway (Photo: Facebook)
     Now there is a media story about how money was handled, that it was not done in accordance with state law.  It looks like a story advanced by the media as no charges are in play.
      Supervisor Longway is the undisputed boss of not only town government but of much of what happens within the borders of what is known as the Town of Pamelia, more appropriately called the Town of Longway.
      Residents seem to like it that way and he has been and will be Supervisor for as long  as he likes.
Watertown Daily Times | Pamelia fund transfer may not be legal, municipal law says

WDT: Unusual Bug Swarms NNY Homes

     The other day I noticed a swarm of small beetle like insects on the south side of Fort Pearl. They were scary in numbers, and I'd never seen them before. I thought it was something peculiar to me, but it turns out they are box elder bugs who light to warm, sunny sides of buildings just prior to hunkering down for winter.

    The insects in this number may be the result of this year's combination of a warm winter, spring and summer.
     I knew it was widespread when we got a call at City Hall and then I read up on Wikipedia about what these are.
     Watertown Daily Times | Warm winter, hot summer cause surge in box elder bugs