Saturday, October 13, 2012

Mitt Romney: Crowds surge at campaign events as GOP candidate rides the wave of momentum | Mail Online

    Two weeks ago we were told the Romney campaign was inept...political malpractice...destined to lose...
     With very little changed except for a debate...the same media is telling us of surging crowds for Mitt and an Obama campaign in disarray.....We love the horse race but things havenot changed that much.
     Half the nation is still wary of another four years for Mr. Obama and if the right numbers of people come out to vote in the right states....then Mr. Romney can win....
     That small momentum edge may be determined by this Tuesday's debate on Long Island.
Mitt Romney: Crowds surge at campaign events as GOP candidate rides the wave of momentum | Mail Online

Courier/Observer: Mindy is Back in Maple City

        Little late of me to notice as it only got a bit of play in the MSM,.....but Ogdensburg's Mindy Lawton of Tiger scandal fame is back in the Maple City as an employee of a new tanning salon called the Busy Corner on Ford Street.
        She was featured in a story this summer in the Courier/Observer but the reporter didn't close the loop. Mindy got some national fame as a reportedly self proclaimed paramour of the golfing great while she worked at a Florida restaurant.

Mindy at the Time of Her Fame in 2009
        Just because your 15 minutes is over doesn't mean you don't have to earn a living....After all this month, 39 year old Monica Lewinsky is releasing a tell all book and is expected to really cash in.
Daily Courier-Observer | Tanning salon opens in Ogdensburg

Hydrofracking supporters plan to rally Monday in Albany

     In a world where you have to earn a living, who has time to go to Albany to lobby ?
Hydrofracking supporters plan to rally Monday in Albany |

AP: News Service Broaches Question of Racial Hegemony

   "Do blacks support Presdent Obama solely because he is black ," asks the AP.
I am surprised the Associated Press would write this story...It's a topic that if you touch it, you are immediately branded as racist....However, the case of black actress Stacey Dash was in the news lately as she announced her support for Mitt Romney and then was branded on-line by the kindly left as a "traitor" and even more explicit, a "house nigger".
    It's the Bill Maher-ing of America.

Stacey Dash
    Fact is everyone should be able to express their preference with taking this kind of crap over it....But if you want 95% share of a market, you have to enforce discipline.
     On the other hand, Ms. Dash, at age 46, certainly should be allowed to express support without being berated by the chattering class on Twitter.
News from The Associated Press

Lindsay Lohan says “Mitt’s my man!” -

   Not all of Hollywood is behind the President....Actress Lindsay Lohan says she is dropping her support of Barack Obama, in favor of voting for Mitt Romney.
   While she doesn't share her favorite activity with Mormon Mitt, she does say Mr. Romney will be better at getting jobs for folks like...well, like Lindsay...

    Ms Lohan has yet to weight in on the race for Congress in NY 21.
Lindsay Lohan says “Mitt’s my man!” -

Jefferson County Reports Strong Sales Tax Figures

    Led by strong auto sales and good summer weather, local sales tax revenues continued to be strong in the quarter ending August 31.   That keeps the pressure off local governments struggling with ballooning pension costs.  It also means nothing Draconian or even modestly conservative will happen on the expense side of the least for now.
    Next  year with it's latest round of troop deployments will be less robust, but its just hard to project these things with absolute certainty.

     The progressives who hate regressive taxes surely lovs a tax that produces the revenue streams sales tax does.
     In our lifetime, we have seen a transition in local government from a property tax based system of finance to one in which the property tax covers only one-fifth of what is spent in local governments like Watertown....and an even lower percentage in many towns.

Jefferson County Reports Strong Sales Tax Figures | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News

A tax abatement at the posh new One57 development will cost the city millions in taxes -

    Downstate, they have the abatement game refined to an art, using so called "affordable housing" as a beard for tax breaks for luxury high rise buildings home to very wealthy people.
    Many times it's done under provisions enacted by Albany such as the section 421A abatements used in this NY Post story.


A tax abatement at the posh new One57 development will cost the city millions in taxes -

WDT: Full Ritchie-Tresidder debate posted

   It's a beautiful fall day...but if you opt out of looking at or raking up the foliage, the State Senator debate between Patty Ritchie and Amy Tresidder is posted on line.
    Or you can make time for the Yankees-Tigers game as the ALCS kicks off.
    You decide.
Watertown Daily Times | Full Ritchie-Tresidder debate posted

State debt, your share

    New York is still spending and borrowing and the amount of money owed per person is at $3253.....Despite all the talk of austerity and belt tightening, there is still a lot being spent and wait till they get done with that new Tappan Zee Bridge.
    Of course the federal debt per person has to be much higher as despite all the largesse in Albany, there is still no printing press there for creating new money.
State debt, your share - Times Union

Friday, October 12, 2012

Finally A Light Bulb You Can Put in Your Will

   With their 25 year lifespan, these LED light bulbs are so expensive I expect Rande Richardson will be asking me to leave them to the Foundation should something untoward happen.
    I mean really...lightbulbs in the 25 to 50 dollar range ?  They better save money since we are having a green revolution on Pearl Street....Our outside fixtures are being changed and I have done the same with track lighting and other inside fixtures.
     Energy not used is still better than plopping a windmill on the roof......My dalliance with being green is not being subsidized by the Obama Administration...
Philips 420224 42022-4 10A19/LPRIZE-PRO/2700-900 DIM 10/1 10W A-19 120V E26 Medium Base 2700K Warm White Dimmable 30,000 Hour Award Winning LED Light Bulb - 60W Incandescent Equivalent - Made in USA

Snow Allegedly Seen In Adams...

   With a very chilly night ahead, YNNs Brian Dwyer has tweeted out a photo purportedly showing snowflakes in Adams....These are presumably the first of the year and a sign of the winter to come.

    Time for getting the snowblower tuned up...except since I only used it once last year, I'll save that expense. Put a new filter in the furnace. Already did that.....Put the took and gloves where you can grab them in a hurry....and get ready to be cold.
     Brian better make sure Liz is appropriately dressed for the North Country when she comes up for the debate on the 25th. Thermal underwear...a down vest....some UGG boots.  Maybe a Louis Vuitton scarf....
     No free pass like last winter.

Wind farms test New York's home rule tradition

    Wind farm advocates are hoping Albany will override what used to be called home rule and approve wind farms in places like Clayton or Cape Vincent....It's something called Article X and the Cuomo Administration has touted it as a way to get around testy local rivalries that threaten to block the projects....
     Something more elemental may deep six many of three projects....Economics....The race for President could end the massive federal subsidies for Big Wind....Without subsidies, these things will never be built.
Wind farms test New York's home rule tradition | NCPR News

WDT: Taped Senate Debate to Air Later Today in Oswego

    Here's another North Country media anomaly....The two State Senate candidates debated yesterday at WRVO radio in Oswego, yet it's not being aired till today. Whatever happened to live radio ? Meanwhile half hour interviews were taped during this past week with each Congressional candidate in NNY but we are awaiting the airing of the Public TV sessions.
     I do live radio everyday and have done lots of live interviews over the years....In the Internet age, news doesn't wait for old time publication or broadcast schedules.
      Meanwhile, some good news....Watertown area talk radio fans can now receive WATN programs, including the HOTLINE, on the FM dial at 104.1 MgHz.
       Candidates slated for the stretch drive on America's Favorite Noontime Show include Matt Doheny on October 17.

Watertown Daily Times | Debate between Ritchie, Tresidder to air on radio today

Owens: Quick deal on federal budget possible....After the Election

    Rep. Bill Owens says  an agreement will be reached in the lame duck session to cut some expenses and let some taxes rise as previous cuts expire. Left unsaid is the tax hike that is likely as a "holiday" on FICA runs out and the payroll tax reverts to 6.2% from 4.2%.
     Meanwhile, there continues little discussion of the so called "fiscal cliff"  coming in January.
     Owens: Quick deal on federal budget possible

By Getting a Near Tie, Romney Wins

        Vice President Biden tried hard to unring the bell, but Rep. Paul Ryan put in a solid performance and I think came out the narrow winner in tonight's debate at Centre College in Danville, KY.
        Mr. Biden's facial expressions were less than presidential, but he did deliver decent answers to most questions.
         He was weak on Libya, in essence blaming the State Department for the misleading statements on what happened in Benghazi.
         Mr. Ryan struggled with the abortion question but delivered a far better closing statement.
        A CNN poll game Mr. Ryan a 48%-44% edge.   For the partisans, their guy could easily be seen as coming through....By appearing poised and informed, Mr. Ryan gets whatver modest benefit comes out of this event.
iden goes after Ryan in lone VP debate - Alexander Burns -

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Will Conservative Thought Come to Watertown ?

   Will the new movie based on Ayn Rand's novel "Atlas Shrugged" play in Watertown ?
I'd like to see it, but it may be a little cerebral for the Salmon Run Mall...I'll check the listings.

WDT: Owens and the Middle Class Mike Express Roll Across NNY

     From my perch here in the most populous city in NY21, my view of Rep. Bill Owens campaign is of a guy who spent a day in a UPS truck and keeps up  a fine whine about his opponent's wealth.
     Don't get me wrong...I'm smart enough to know the Matt Doheny campaign hasn't been a very deep endeavor, what with all the concern over students in Brownville getting to pig out at lunch.
      But really, this Owen's screed about "He's Rich !"  might just be alienating his neighbors on Plattsburgh's Blue Heron Way, where the Congressman can look out at Lake Champlain....I'm poor and I'm sick of hearing it.....
      All this corporate raider talk is just that, talk. 
      The Owens campaign is the embodiment of my good friend Middle Class Mike, who never misses a chance to play the cash card in his politics.
      (Now that I know about that Cayman cash, I might just bump the price of his PBRs by fiddy cent....He won't notice)
Watertown Daily Times | Dems continue to hit 'millionare Doheny'

Politico: Can Biden Draw Blood ?

   If Paul Ryan is viewed as thoughtful and competant despite the expected assault by Vice President Biden tonight, then the race for President becomes very tough for the incumbent.
    If the VP can make Mr. Ryan look petulant, not ready or extreme, it locks in the race where it is now.
     I think Joe Biden will try to goad Mr. Ryan and hit hard at what are seen as multiple positions taken by Mitt Romney recently.
     Mr. Ryan will remind viewers of the economic woes and just try and present himself as someone people are comfortable with.
     The generational makeup of the race should be interesting as well.
5 things to watch in VP debate - Maggie Haberman and Glenn Thrush -

WDT: Auction Much Better Than Private Sale Council Rejected Previously

    The prospective buyer of that warehouse on West Main Street does have an association to the previous owner, but that likely would not affect Council approval of the sale.
    A competitive process like an auction clears the issue of an insider deal or special treatment.
     It is true any previous liens against the property no longer exist, and if a property is sold back at private sale, that is an issue....However in this case, that's precisely why the Council opted not to do just that.  If someone, or their associates, chooses to participate in an open and fair auction and in the end pay ten times what the former tax bill was...well, that's up to them.
      Lien holders are notified of pending tax takeovers by the City and have the option of paying on behalf of owners. Sometimes they do, to protect their interest. Sometimes they choose not to, and perhaps would pursue their money through personal guarantees.
      None of that is of the City's concern.
      The money raised on the auction is helpful as the City will be razing two properties not deemed suitable to try and sell. One is a tenament on Lynde Street...The other is the Dr. Strange building on Factory Square.

Watertown Daily Times | Fort Drum Vehicle Storage could return to Watertown warehouse

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

City Auction Brings High Bids

   Seven properties taken by the City for taxes recently were sold at auction tonight for a total of $278,000, including a $`125,000 offer for the West Main Street warehouse that housed an auto storage business. Charlene Williams had the high bid on a structure lost for $17K in back taxes.  
     A house on Seymour Street went for $28 K.
      Other vacant lots and two tax sale certificate sales increase the total to around $300K
      All bids must be approved by City Council by a four fifths vote. The current City budget had included $20K for the sale of properties and if approve and finalized the auction netted some 15 times that.

Doheny Does Talk Show on the Eastern Front...Readies for HOTLINE Grilling Next Week

   Just a reminder as we note Matt Dohney's appearance on a Saratoga area radio show....Mr. Doheny will be the guest on the HOTLINE next Wednesday. He will be on for the whole show and will take calls.
    I listened to a little of Melody Burns interview with Mr. Doheny. You can link too via this Facebook page.
    (38) Matt Doheny

.Gun Nuts Vary on Choice for Congress

   I am glad when you run for mayor, you don't have to get all these groups and PACs to endorse you.  Gun groups, family values groups, rainbow coalitions, pro life, pro choice...You name it. Then there's all the labor groups like the Amalgamated Ron McDougals of St. Lawrence County, or the business groups like the Robber Barons of Manhattan.
       I dont know if the Gun Owners of America is better or worse than the NRA....I only know I still dont know much about this here sequestration, and nobody seems inclined to talk about it......
        Maybe Bill Owens should tell people to Google that....It's spelled "sequestration", and its not the kind the OJ jury put up with.
Watertown Daily Times | Local News, Sports, Features, and Community Information for Jefferson County, St. Lawrence County, and Lewis County in Northern New York.

Barista Turned Councilwoman Seeks to Sell Brew Ha Ha

         City Councilwoman Teresa Macaluso is trying to sell her drive through coffee shot on Coffeen Street. The property is listed at $295,000 for the corner lot and small building.

       Ms. Macaluso and her sister Karen are the morning fixtures as local movers and shakers drive through for some joe and some lively banter through the window.
       Like most retailers turned politicians, her access to the public was a factor in getting elected and she uses the business as a listening post on community issues.

Wants More Time Off
       The location is great...but its a small lot and building...Also, success depends on an owner willing to put in the time, which starts before dawn every day.

Rex Ryan says Mark Sanchez still Jets starter

   Coach Ryan says its not Tebow time yet. What time is it Rex ?    Mark Sanchez has the worst numbers in the NFL....At best  we'll get a 7-9 season out of him....
    Tim Tebow is by no means a sure thing...but its something new...Staying with what we have has a very predictable result.
     In that sense Mark Sanchez is very much like President Obama.

Rex Ryan says Mark Sanchez still Jets starter - New York News | NYC Breaking News

Barack Obama, debate moderator wedding guest - a cover up | The Daily Caller

    The cozy world of Washington elites and media elites is on display Thursday as ABC reporter Martha Raddatz moderates the vice presidential debate even though Ms. Raddatz had President Obama as a guest at her wedding to a man Barack Obama appointed to head up the FCC.
      Last week, libs were trashing PBS' Jim Lehrer for not coming to the President's defense. We will see this week if the President gets a more helpful moderator.
Barack Obama, debate moderator wedding guest - a cover up | The Daily Caller

New York Ranked Last in Business Tax Climate

   A survey of the panoply of taxes levied by government places New York dead last in the climate for small business, according to a survey by the tax foundation.
    That's the reason you see an entire industry is what is called 'economic development'. Agencies and law firms trading tax abatements in an effort to create the illusion NY is a good place to do business. The downside is that it masks the ambient climate for those businesses and individuals not granted the largesse.
     Abatements on things like sales tax and property tax have the result of more regressivity for those left paying such taxes.  Yet if you don't do it, the mantra becomes 'what are you doing to create jobs ?'
      States like NY have created an endless scenario of the dog chasing its own tail.
2013 State Business Tax Climate Index | Tax Foundation

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Creekwood to Proceed

      City Council heard the case for the Creekwood II PILOT tonight and it looks like the measure will pass next week. An enhancement negotiated by Councilwoman Teresa Macaluso will next the City an extra $10K a year for the first seven years.
     The project terms were first agreed to in 2007, but the 2008 banking crisis delayed construction.
     Norstar's Linda Goodman made the case for the project which is supposed to help ease a shortage of "affordable housing" in the City.
    Council also had another discussion on Fairgrounds issues.

'I'm writing a fitness book!' Sarah Palin hits back as the row grows over her shocking new skinny figure | Mail Online

    Can you be too thin ?  Political rock star Sarah Palin is on a diet and fitness regimen that some say leaves her too gaunt....

'I'm writing a fitness book!' Sarah Palin hits back as the row grows over her shocking new skinny figure | Mail Online

Owens Launches Doheny Truth Site.....

    They say politics ain't beanbag and when its a multi-million dollar Congressional race, it's going to get hot in the kitchen. Rep. Bill Owens is stepping up attacks on Matt Doheny and that may be a sign the race is closer than some polls have said....
   Who knows ?
    One this is for sure.....with all this talk of the Cayman Islands, no one will have to talk about sequestration.
Matt Doheny Facts: See For Yourself

Actress Stacey Dash Endorses Romney, Liberals Fling Racist Insults |

   There is a nastiness in our discourse these days....and it seems more evident on the left...Look at how the 'progressives' went nuts after their icon lost a debate....I mean really...its not that big a deal...
   Then there is the Hollywood orthodoxy...and the racial orthodoxy...anyone in show biz best not be joining crazy old Clint Eastwood....and if you are black and in show're really in for it.
Actress Stacey Dash Endorses Romney, Liberals Fling Racist Insults |

WDT: Rep. Bill Owens wants you to Google Matt Doheny

      While a lot has been written about the Doheny campaign both good and bad, the incumbent seems absent from the political scene....Signs, appearances, even press releases (although matching the prolific Seymourian pace isn't a must.).
       There are TV spots and I betcha they wrap it up with some kind of big appearances like a Cuomo, Gillibrand (in the east) or Big Bird, since Mr. Owens wife is employed by public television in Plattsburgh.
       Actually, the contest is so linked to the national race now...If Romney wins NY21 by five or six, the GOP thinks they take the house seat....If its only a point or two...different tale.
       But the headline says the Congressman wants us to google Doheny.....I suggest Googling Mila Kunis or the JETS Flight Crew....

Watertown Daily Times | Rep. Bill Owens wants you to Google Matt Doheny

No Wonder People Thing the Joy Ride Can Go On & On.....

   You ever wonder what this "fiscal cliff" is all about ? For something happening in January, you hear almost nothing about it....
     Big Bird....skimpy school lunches....dressing up as UPS hear all that sort of stuff...but nothing about this Armegeddon come the new year.....
      Just wondering.
Senators meet in effort to avoid fiscal cliff - CBS News

Mailboxes Start to Fill.....Patty Sends a Shout Out to JETS Fans

       On the back of a Patty Ritchie door hangar I received today are football schedules for locally popular NFL teams...I like to think I have made a difference. I am sure in the past that would have included just the Giants and Bills.
      The Senator has wisely included the JETS schedule on her literature.

       A recent Siena poll shows NNY JETS fans overwhelmingly supporting Ms. Ritchie.
       And on the Congressional front, my mailbox included a full color fluff piece featuring Matt and Mary sitting on a porch, although I am not sure whose porch it is. It's a wholesome picture and the candidate promises to lower gas prices...Life is good.

North Country Gothic...Doheny's Pose for Direct Mail
      A second Doheny mailer sent to my Conservative tenant attempts to refute all the anti Doheny mail sent by Rep. Bill Owens. Unfortunately it also reprints the images of stuff I hadn't seen...The hand-holding mailer is good...the other one, not effective......
     I understand the television ads will soon shift to more positive messages about Mr. Doheny, which is needed to make the sale with only four weeks left. I suspect driving up Mr. Owens negatives has reached its saturation point.

WDT: Don't Worry...I'm Working on It

   For the past week, my time has been spent working on this issue and get the second phase of the Creekwood Project on track. Watertown needs new housing stock.
    The formal approval of a PILOT for phase two is merely codifying an arrangement agreed to informally five or six years ago, and the construction was delayed by the nation's 2008 banking crisis.
     City Council recently and rightly reject a curious tax deal at Maple Courts.....As with all such things, not every deal is the same and I am confident the Creekwood project will move ahead.
     Of course, you would have heard about this days ago, if charges were true about secrets being revealed here...
Watertown Daily Times | Housing decision

WDT: Graham Stays Off Message.....Lacks Sufficient Sycophancy for Scribe

      Wow, all those commenters who keep saying I am just a mouthpiece for Jude Seymour and the Doheny campaign, but the MSM keeps alleging I am off message....
       The reason this blog is read and fussed over by operatives is because it does have an independent streak. I don't buy into everything any candidate offers and when asked if I thought the Cantor visit equated to votes I said I had no way of knowing...and I don't. I said it's always good to have the higher ups visiting a small town success story like Knowlton....
       There must be some feeling I can get off message...When I arrived at Knowlton a little early I ask an employee where to go. I was asked if I was media or with the official party.  I told the man I was the mayor. He said he knew that.....
       I was glad to participate in greeting the Leader to Watertown.
       I did wear my Independence Party lapel pin as a tip of the hat to the party's newest member. Mr. Doheny's wife Mary tells me she registered IP when she moved here following the couple's recent wedding. the reservation again... but maybe not as that's just public record stuff anyone could report on.

Watertown Daily Times | Graham stays off message

Did Obama Just Throw The Entire Election Away? - The Dish | By Andrew Sullivan - The Daily Beast

   More polling data is suggesting Mitt Romney is making a move in a race that up til now seemed pretty calcified and leaning in favor of the reelection of President Obama.
    It can't just be a flat debate performance.
    Beneath the surface, many people must have been looking for a reason to make a change and now are willing to side with Governor Romney.
     It's still looking like a barn burner of a race, but Big Mo is with Mr. Romney and that could also ensure the GOP holds the House and it could swing a couple Senate seats.
Did Obama Just Throw The Entire Election Away? - The Dish | By Andrew Sullivan - The Daily Beast

WDT: First Time in a Long Time....New Neighbors on Pearl Street

   A new business comes to Pearl Street next week with the opening of Empire Recycling in the former Black Clawson building across from Shooties.
   It's been a long time since there were jobs there. Clawson faded away in stages over the 70s, 80s and 90s and the buildings gradually burned away in a series of fires.
    With needed renovations and equipment, Empire will recycle scrap metals and be operated by employees of the current Perkin's Scrap Metal which operates on Factory Street.
     Perkin's has sold out to the Utica based Empire. 
      Welcome to the block !
Watertown Daily Times | Empire Recycling to open scrap facility after $2 million renovation

Monday, October 8, 2012

It Was Better Than Some Had Predicted.....

    The game was not the blowout some thought, but the NY JETS and Mark Sanchez still came up losers tonight, with interceptions the core reason Gang Green didn't get the job done against the Houston Texans.  Final score....Texans 23   JETS 17
        Dressed for no success....What a bummer....time for Tebow.................

WDT: Owens Raps Cantor Visit

     Leave it to Rep. Bill Owens to rain on Matt Doheny's parade...The Congressman from Plattsburgh has rapped today's visit by Rep. Eric Cantor, the House Majority Leader.
    Frankly, I privately questioned brining in icons of an unpopular Congress and that's why there is no Nancy Pelosi at the Crystal Restaurant....
     However, at least Matt's not embarassed by his friends.
Watertown Daily Times | Rep. Owens hits Doheny on Cantor visit

House Leader Cantor Tours Local Plant...Stumps for Doheny

    House GOP Leader Eric Cantor toured the nation's oldest continuously operating paper mill while in Watertown stumping for Congressional hopeful Matt Doheny.
   Mr. Cantor toured Knowlton Technologies and learned about the varied high tech products made right here on Factory Street.
   Afterwards, Mr. Cantor and Mr. Dohney joined me for a stroll through downtown on his way to a private fundraiser at the Savory Cafe.
    During the press avail, the leader was pestered by the MSM with queries about the Farm Bill stalled in Congress. Mr. Cantor says there are not enough votes to pass the current version and Mr. Doheny called for more bipartisan cooperation.
     Mr. Doheny is running against Rep. Bill Owens, a Democrat from Plattsburgh.

Leader Cantor and Candidate Doheny Tour Knowlton Technologies
        I accompanied the group during the tour and it was great to see the innovative things being done at Knowlton. It really is amazing to see it work from the inside and realize how widespread their customer base is.
      A local print reporter ask me if I thought Mr. Cantor's visit would get Mr. Doheny any votes.   I told him to ask the experts......I was glad to see a national figure see our city and was pleased to help welcime him....

Cantor in Town Today

   House Majority Leader Eric Cantor is in town today to stump for GOP Congressional candidate Matt Doheny.  Mr. Cantor will tour Knowlton Technologies on Factory Street accompanied by the candidate and the mayor of the city where the plant is located....Oh, that's me....
     After that Mr. Cantor will attend a Doheny fundraiser at Savory Cafe in the Best Western.
      We welcome the leadership to our city.

Gallup: Romney Narrows Vote Gap After Historic Debate Win

    While Democrats and their media acolytes are in hyperdrive calling Mitt Romney a liar,  the nation's premier name in polling shows the public is developing a different take as chatter and analysis tend to amplify what is now viewed as a Romney win in last week's debate.
      Seventy percent of independents say Romney won and there is even a plurality of Democrats who feel that way.
      Overall Presidential preference numbers have narrowed and it is starting to look like a 50/50 race again.
       It's all on Joe Biden's shoulders this Thursday.
Romney Narrows Vote Gap After Historic Debate Win

Watertown Library Begins Testing Sunday Hours | WWNY TV 7

 It's time to show support for the Flower Library and the new Sunday hours. A nine week trial program began yesterday staffed by two part time clerks and the library director.
    City Council and the Library Board of Trustees worked out the trial program in hopes the expanded hours could be part of the overall panoply of services provided.
    In many communities the Library on Sundays is a great place for those unable to go there during the hustle and bustle of the work week.
Watertown Library Begins Testing Sunday Hours | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News

WDT: Owens Worth $3.3M

    While likely not worth as much as his opponent, Rep. Bill Owens is still worth a cool $3.3million, according to an analysis of personal finance reports done by the Center for Responsive Politics.
Center for Responsive Politics

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Is Obama overrated as a candidate? - The Washington Post

    With all the excuses for President Obama's mediocre performance in the debate, maybe something is being missed...
     For all the adulation and worship of 2008...for all the media fawning.....for all the conventional wisdom that he is a great orator....Maybe....just maybe it wasn't the altitude...wasn't a poor debate coach...maybe it wasn't racism...
     Maybe what we saw on Wednesday was what he is .....a smart, likeable but not particular exceptional executive...Someone with no real solid career path....Just someone who took advantage of a situation and is now blase about another term but has no choice since he is the nominee.
     Joe Biden will do well on Thursday, but as for the other Presidential debates...Even if Bam steps it up, as long as Mitt Romney reprises his last performance, he will have won the debate cycle....
     Who wins November 6th ?  Beats me.

Is Obama overrated as a candidate? - The Washington Post

Frustrated Residents: Raccoons Slowly Taking Over New York City « CBS New York

    Raccoons taking over the Big Apple....Feral pigs rampaging upstate....Is civilization receding the Empire State ?
    Jackals and hyenas have already taken over Albany.
Frustrated Residents: Raccoons Slowly Taking Over New York City « CBS New York

Pets Blessed on Beautiful Fall Day

   Animal owners from turtles to dogs attended the annual Blessing of the Pets today at St. Anthony's Church on Arsenal Street.
    Father Donald Robinson presided as the faithful brought their four legged friends for a blessing and a costume contest.  I was the judge for the competition, likely due to my judicial temperment.
         Abbey and Hanna Overholt of  Watertown celebrate their dog Holly's win in the costume contest. Holly was dressed in the sweater and skirt uniform of female students at Immaculate Heart Central School.
          Selecting winners was not easy as there were many fine entries.....Second place went to the Doldo familiy of Watertown with their Yorkie named Josie.  The turtle named Fugee won third place.

Manhattan HS guidance counselor fired over lingerie-modeling photos -

      Old photos on the Internet....and I mean old from the mid 90's has cost a NYC guidance counselor her job because the lingerie photos are a distraction to today's adolescents....That's a stretch, but it is true once again that in life you have to preserve the record with everything you do.
     I see that in politics when strategic votes are cast, so that positions in favor of taxes and other things are avoided.
      Photos never go away though...and this 37 year old teacher is finding that out. If she had just smoked a joint or had a DWI as 19, she'd be OK.
Manhattan HS guidance counselor fired over lingerie-modeling photos -

Old Photos Reveal the Beginnings of a Food Empire

   One of the most iconic of American brands is McDonalds, the restaurant chain in over a hundred countries and serving 68 million people a day. It started as a single bar-b-cue, burger and malt shop in San Bernadino, CA of 1940.

      It's amazing how an idea can become so big. I still remember the first McDonalds in Watertown in the early 70s.....At the time, it was such a big deal.Retro photos of the first McDonald's show the quaint burger joint before its glory days as a booming global franchise | Mail Online

Detroit Scandal Shows Change in Romantic Memorabilia

   The City of Detroit always has some kind of scandal going on even though the Motor City is only a shadow of it's former self...
    The latest is a sex for promotion scandal in the city's police department. A female officer even kept the condom from her trysts with the police chief that led to her getting a promotion. Says the officer...I'm not a tramp, I just went with the program.
     This artifact from sex rivals the blue dress. Souvenirs from romance used to consist of a corsage pressed in a book, or some syrupy letters. Now it's long forgotten Facebook posts and some DNA.
Cop says she has proof she traded sex with Godbee for promotion - Fox 2 News Headlines

WDT: Owner of Fort Drum Vehicle Storage, motels owes $100,000 in back taxes

   This week the City will hold its auction on properties taken for back taxes and the one parcel attracting the most interest is that warehouse on West Main Street former owned by a local vehicle storage company still all over cable with advertisements despite a now revealed string of tax and other deliquencies.
     This is an interesting read from the WDT.
Watertown Daily Times | Owner of Fort Drum Vehicle Storage, motels owes $100,000 in back taxes