Saturday, September 22, 2012

Doheny Raps Owens on Fort Drum Support...Seeks Issue With Traction in the West

   With commercials all over local radio and TV touting the economic plusses of Fort Drum, candidate Matt Doheny is out with a release that incumbent Bill Owens is an uncertain source of support for keeping the post viable.
     The issue raised is a possible missile defense site in the Northeast'
     Everybody knows neither Owens or Doheny will determing the Nation's course on Medicare, and Nancy Pelosi as boogie woman is wearing thing.
      Raising the issue of support for Drum against the backdrop of pending budget sequestration is an issue that could move the needle since it's something more easily related to.
      I am sure Mr. Owens has a different take on it, but whoever gets to this issue first will help themselves in the western counties of NY21.

Bill Owens Vs. Bill Owens: Fort Drum Edition | Doheny for Congress

WDT: Arrival of Fall Closes Book on Another Warm Season

    Temperatures this month have been averaging above average, in keeping with the warm, hazy, lazy summer of 2012.
     Since people love to talk about the weather, the subject of chatter now is will be get another winter like the extraordinary winter of 2011-12.
      We will never get another once in a lifetime winter like last year, but hopefully Mother Nature doesn't use the coming winter to even the score.
Watertown Daily Times | Fall arrives but may be warmer than average

Gary Johnson Files Anti-Trust Lawsuit To Get Into Presidential Debates

   Lawsuits are often filed as a means to garner publicity more than garnering justice. That is surely one reason Libertarian Gary Johnson has gone to court to argue the Presidential debates and the commission organizing them are engaged in a hoodwinking of the public.
   The lawsuit will not succeed, but the whole debate ritual is run by the two major parties and the rules are set up to protect their candidates. It's a sanitized joint press conference where the candidates are not allowed to even address or engage each other directly.
     I'd love to see someone break the rules and mix it up.
      As we see with local debates, audiences are hand picked and lack of spontaneity is ensured.
Gary Johnson Files Anti-Trust Lawsuit To Get Into Presidential Debates

WDT: Meet the New Attack Ad, Same as the Old Ad

   I must be watching the wrong channels because I don't have any impressions in my head about anybody's commercials for Congress. Maybe it's because so many of the ads...especially the attack ads...have a certain sameness having seen similar ones on race after race...year after year...
    Advertising is all about getting your attention and then inducing you to act.
     So far nobody has my attention. If I weren't a blogger, I'm not sure I'd know there is an election, except for a few lawn signs here and there.
Watertown Daily Times | New Matt Doheny ad: 'Like night and day'

Friday, September 21, 2012

Don't Make Me Work Too Hard Editing Comments

   As the political season comes to a head, I want to allow as much constructive discourse as as possible...I allow criticism of me...and of candidates I support...But to those who continue to whine about editing....Get over it...It's my blog and there are not going to be swipes at people's spouses or obscenities and the like.
    Rapping people's physical attributes or appearance is out too...And yes I am tired of hearing about people under Ms. Pelosi's desk, but I really think that stuff cuts the other way more often than not.

Time Warner reportedly reaches deal to carry NFL Network - Sports - The Buffalo News

   A day late to watch last night's Giant's game, but welcome news to football fans, as the obscure NFL Network will now be carried on Time Warner.
    Time Warner reportedly reaches deal to carry NFL Network - Sports - The Buffalo News

WDT: Cantor to campaign for Doheny on Oct. 8

    We want real celebrities coming to Watertown...The Doheny campaign did a good job arranging for Liz to come here for the debate...Now he has Majority Leader Eric Cantor coming.  I'd really like to meet Clint Eastwood...Is that asking too much ?
Watertown Daily Times | Cantor to campaign for Doheny on Oct. 8

Mitt Romney gives more to charity than President Obama, Joe Biden -

     Those darn rich people giving four million to charity....That nasty Mitt Romney, giving a larger percentage of his income to charity than the President and way more than the paltry sum donated by Joe Biden.
     It's important now to examine the charities to see if there is some way one of them is found to be racist, or politically incorrect.
    This four million dollar thing....can't let it stand.
Mitt Romney gives more to charity than President Obama, Joe Biden -

Lot of Hype For Someone Warming the Bench (for now)

   Tim Tebow hasn't done a lot for the JETS this year, but he is competing nicely in the media wars with starting QB Mark Sanchez.....
    Tebow appears in Vogue this week and talks about what he is looking for in a wife...Somebody good looking with a "servant's heart". That's similar to Sanchez minus the stuff about the heart. Sanchez has gotten ink of late for dating cougar Eva Longoria.
    The JETS are 1-1, but Sanchez was not so good against the Steelers last Sunday....A couple more weeks like that and Tebow may be doing more than rolling tires shirtless.


WDT: In the Big County, Local Pols Enlisted for Sales Tax Boosterism

   In St. Lawrence County, the local electeds so badly want a hike in sales tax they want to spend $150K to hold a special referendum on the issue...The referendum would ask people if they want a 1% rise in sales tax or an 18% hike in property taxes.
    Well, lets do the math. Raising the sales tax from 7% to 8% is a 14.4% hike...and state lawmakers are reluctant to put their fingerprints on the biggest single tax hike in county history. That's an extra two or three hundred dollars on a new car.
     Given the broad reach of sales tax, the teeny 1% hike likely equals more than the aggregate hike in county taxes.
     It's OK to advocate for higher sales tax, but not in such a misleading way using percentages in a manner that clearly misrepresents.
     Or the county could buck up and cut what's needed and see what the public says. My guess is the sun would rise the next morning.
     Trust me, cuts will never occur unless the heat is really on.
      By the way, once all the local electeds are enlisted to root for higher taxes, that does provide the cover for state pols to claim they are just doing the will of the people....After the election of course.
Watertown Daily Times | St. Lawrence County supervisors support sales tax referendum

Romney campaign co-chair Pawlenty leaves to lobby for banking -

    Looks like T-Paw is happy at not getting picked as Mitt Romney's running mate....Governor Tim Pawlenty has signed on to do lobbying for the banking industry at a cool two million a year.
     Politics at his level offers different ways to cash out and after November 6, Mr. Pawlenty will be part of business as usual in the capital.
Romney campaign co-chair Pawlenty leaves to lobby for banking -

Are Horse Owners Among the 47% ?

        What better example of Mitt Romney's point is seeing nearly two thousand people lined up for free EEE vaccinations for their horses ?
       Talk about a dependancy society. If you own a horse, feed a horse, house a horse, and buy tack for a horse, you should make sure your investment is protected against disease.
2,000 vouchers distributed for EEE vaccinations for horses |

WDT: SLU Registering Voters, But Will It Help Elect Democrats ?

   Voter registration is afoot on the campus of St. Lawrence University in Canton...How many get registered and how many vote are two different things.
     For some people, turning 18 means a run to the BOE to get registered and you can't wait to vote. People like that are few and far between.
      I have to be thinking anyone who reads this blog is registered and will vote.
      That's why we don't have an MGV voter registration drive.
Watertown Daily Times | Campuses gear-up voter registration efforts ahead of general election

WDT: Debates...Now We Got 'Em, So Will It Make a Difference ?

    Will the three Congressional debates make a difference ?  Everybody thinks these things do, but barring a horrible and debilitating gaffe, these joint press conferences are marginal in importance.
     The big opening for a challenger is to appear to be an acceptable alternative should voters have apprehensions about the incumbent.
      In this race, Rep. Bill Owens surely wants to look the reasonable and affirmation of the "centrist" mantra he has been cultivating.
       Matt Doheny needs to be seen as the up and coming idea guy committed to solving the Nation's growing fiscal crisis...but he also needs to appear dignified and , well, congressional...That is at odds with the desire to attack.
       Most voter's debate impressions will be shaped by the perceptions of print media. For us that means whatever catches the fancy of the Time's Amaral or any stray articles from the eastern provinces that sneak into our consciousness.
        The final debate with it's star power anchor and live, district-wide availability could move the needle, especially if voters have lingering doubts about the incumbent.
          Those doubts are known to the campaigns through their polls and whether the race is really 6 points or 13 may be evident in the manner each man approaches the first debate next week in Glens Falls.
          I wonder if they do practice debates ahead of time....If so, who plays the opponent ?
Watertown Daily Times | Rep. Bill Owens, Matt Doheny to debate in Watertown on Oct. 25

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Citizen, Patriot Casts Her Vote for Commander in Chief

    I remember my first vote for President in was an absentee cast while I was in Missouri learning a bit about journalism and bartending.
    It was a pleasure to watch Fort Pearl's Emily cast her first vote tonight as she wraps up her bartending days and leaves for basic training for her new gig in the US Air Force.
    Not many 19 year olds vote, but she has a stake in the results and in the nation she is serving.....Emily is a bright, hard working young lady who belies my general cynicism about generation Y.
    We were glad to have her at Fort Pearl and wish her only the best in her new career !

Finally an Obama Gaffe......President Says DC Cannot Be Changed from the Inside

    President Obama threw a lifeline to Mitt Romney today by declaring Washington is broken and cannot be fixed from the inside....For an incumbent seeking another term, that's an interesting observation.
    After a couple of weeks of campaign stumbles, the President's admission that an insider like him can't get it done provided an opening to shift the dialogue....It's not huge, but at this point, it's something else to talk about.
     Mr. Romney has seized the "change" mantle and polls continue to show the race within reach, although still a challenge for the Republican.
Romney casts himself as 'change' candidate in seizing on Obama comment - First Read

No Patty or Addie for Military Far Away

    Military serving away from home will have a better chance at helping pick their commander in chief, but won't be able to vote for state and local offices if they use a military absentee.
    Due to chronic non delivered overseas ballots, Congress decided at least the federal race ballots must be in the mail early enough to reach our brave soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines.
     That ballot has the Presidency, US Senate and Congress, but nothing else, because NY would not move up its primary, so selection of candidates comes too late.
      You'd think such a liberal state would want to empower its voters.

UPDATE: The BOE says they do send state and local ballots once available, although that second mailing would be in October. What often delays ballots are the annual court fights over who is on the ballot.

Doheny, Owens to Debate Three Times

    As read here two days ago, the Congressional candidates will debate in Watertown on October 25 at JCC....The forum will be carried by YNN and we presume Liz Benjamin and Bill Carey will be here. 
    Don't just show need tickets to get in....Earlier debates are slated for Glens Falls and Plattsburgh...the one in P-Town is closed to the public. That's a nice touch. 
     As a JCC alumni and Mayor, I am hoping to  get a ticket, but if not, I can watch on TV at Pete's.
Doheny, Opponent to Debate Three Times | Doheny for Congress

Tressider to Appear on America's Favorite Noontime Talk Show

     On Monday, State Senate candidate Amy Tressider will be my guest on the HOTLINE.....The Democratic county legislator from Oswego called today to set up the appointment.
     It's great for Ms. Tressider to get to meet the HOTLINE family of listeners and answer questions.
     Amy Tressider is challenging freshman Senator Patty Ritchie in the 48th District.

Romney rescue plan: More Mitt -

      Looking at polls is not something the Romney campaign needs to do..It's too depressing as states thought in play show margins approaching 10 points for President Obama.
      Mr. Romney will spend more time on the trail in coming weeks...Gee, I hope so...He is doing extensive debate prep and we will see if the attention he has now can be used to send a message that works.
       At this point in the GOP, its every person for themselves as candidates distance themselves from the national campaign and try to win their own House, Senate and Gubernatorial races.
        Romney rescue plan: More Mitt - Mike Allen and Jim VandeHei -

WDT: As Fall Arrives, City Readies for Winter Activities

    Preparations are underway for the Privateers hockey team moving to the Fairgrounds Arena next month.
     It should be an exciting winter on the ice as the team will be able to draw many more casual fans than at their previous home in the Bonnie Castle stable near Alexandria Bay.
     Meanwhile back at City Hall, the Clerk's office is temporarily set up on the third floor while the first floor office gets a facelift. The clerk's office is the busiest public venue for those not in trouble with the law.  For the next week,all normal services including weddings will be available upstairs.
      Yesterday, at a meeting of the ad hoc advisory group, Advantage Watertown, there was a lively discussion of whether code enforcement can be used as a method to get dilapidated housing stock upgraded.
       And details are in place for next Tuesday's Fireball Run road rally centered on Washington Street in front of the Historical Society.
      I have also been asked to judge a best dressed dog contest on October 7 at St. Anthony's Church.
Watertown Daily Times | City spruces up ice rink for new tenant Privateers

I Like Gary Johnson — The Patriot Post

      Freedom loving conservatives unable to hop on the good ship Romney may not find President Obama an acceptable alternative should the GOP nominee be headed for a loss following the debates.
      Commentator John Stossel makes the case for considering Libertarian Gary Johnson....But it's a stretch to think too many people will abandon the big bout to bet on the under card.
I Like Gary Johnson — The Patriot Post

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Patriot Readies for Her First Vote

     One of our best bartenders at Fort Pearl wraps up her tour of duty tomorrow as she prepares to leave for basic training in the US Air Force.
    Airman Emily was filling out her application for a military absentee tonight and will be voting tomorrow. It's her first election.

   Emily comes from a military family and did a great job at Fort Pearl this year....I hate to see her go, but am glad she has a career ahead.
    Stop in tomorrow night and thank this fine young lady for her willingness to serve her country.

WDT: Will the Self Interest Card Be Played in the Western Counties ?

    An emerging strategy in the final weeks of the campaign appears designed to galvanize Watertown area voters behind the GOP Congressional candidate who lives near Fort Drum.  The upcoming sequestration cuts have many people nervous and I bet those possible cuts will become the strategy to turn around Matt Doheny's numbers in our neck of the woods.
    Everyone is always afraid of being seen as provincial, but I don't mind saying that all things equal, I prefer representives from my town and not from four hours away.
    A story on the defense cuts appearing 24 hours after a closed door pow wow with the publisher....Sounds like cause and effect to me.
Watertown Daily Times | Defense cuts to take center stage locally

The truth can set Mitt free -

     A ten month old remark to a closed event has become the chatter of the Presidential campaign....Perhaps because there is so little of substance being said about the very legitimate issues of the nanny state and the cost in the form of a shocking deficit that is growing by $3.5 BILLION a day.
    What's to disagree with in Mitt's remarks ? 47% will vote against him regardless.....It's the nature of the lineup in todays national races.
     The nation is heading towards a welfare nanny state. A lot of people have assumed the status of 'victim' as a rationale for getting their free stuff....As a nation, we are broke.
      The suggestion that half the country are freeloaders is harsh and depressing. Solutions and optimism might play better, but there is little of that in this vacuous campaign of 2012.
The truth can set Mitt free -

WDT: Welcome Fireball Run

      Next Tuesday, downtown Watertown will host the Fireball Run, a national road rally put on by Universal Studios. It will be a fun event and you are invited down to see the spectacle and welcome these drivers to our city.
Watertown Daily Times | City officials urge patience for event

Romney Remarks Seep into NY24....Will They Pop Up Here Too ?

      Things sometimes take a while to come to the North Country, but will Mitt Romney's "47%" remarks become an issue in our Congressional race ?
       Could be, since an undercurrent in the race is Republican Matt Doheny's wealth and his occupational similarities to Mr. Romney's.
        The North Country has lots of people lumped into Mr. Romney's vision of a welfare nation of loafers addicted to the dole.
        The GOP mantra this year is that Mr. Romney will carry NY21 and lift all other boats.....
        Trying to use the Romney remarks made to wealthy supporters last May is low hanging fruit for Democrats....You have to figure the Bill Owens campaign will try to make the connection....
        So far, Mr. Owens has been lying low, but that is unlikely to last.
Maffei's campaign uses Romney's remarks against Buerkle

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

WDT: Liz Benjamin Coming to Watertown....Oh Yeah Its for a Debate

    Breaking News: It's Liz and Bill Carey...and it's in Watertown....
Some kind of big announcement is said to be in the works on the matter of Congressional debates. Someone big is said to have been picked as the moderator...Anything less than Liz Benjamin is a disappointment, although a couple of the YNN weather ladies would be OK as well.
     The question is, does it change the race ?  If Doheny is really down by 13 (they say six), there is no guarantee a debate will change anything....Rep. Bill Owens is a career lawyer....used to talking....and has two years in DC where he has no doubt learned the buzz words and issues...
       Meanwhile, Mr. Doheny met with Times publisher John Johnson Jr. today.....A recent editorial chastised the candidate for ignoring the western end of NY21.....
       Both men know that 47% of the vote is a lock for Mr. Owens because those are the .....oh wait...that's another race.

Watertown Daily Times | Doheny meets with the publisher

The Journal | Ogdensburg hires new city manager

       The City of Ogdensburg has hired a local businessman as it's new city manager. John Pinkerton takes over the administrative help at City Hall, end a fester that began last year when manager Art Sciorra hit a shoal on Knox Street.
The Journal | Ogdensburg hires new city manager

President Obama to raise $4 million tonight in hip-hop fund-raiser hosted by Jay-Z and Beyoncé -

   The President doesn't only have freeloaders supporting him...Tonight he will attend a fundraiser at which rapper Jay-Z  has 350 bottles of $800 champagne stacked in his nightclub which is hosting the event.
    The President will raise $4million in one evening.
President Obama to raise $4 million tonight in hip-hop fund-raiser hosted by Jay-Z and Beyoncé -

Sullivan: Owens and Doheny need to change direction

   An old friend of this humble blog has weighed in on the Congressional race and makes a lot of good points in describing the vacuous campaign between Rep. Bill Owens and Matt Doheny.
    Both candidates are in the race because they had the entrance fee, something former Oswego Mayor John Sullivan laments as he recalls his days as a Sisyphus in the Democratic Party.
      It's a good column...By the way, where are those debates everyone agreed to ?
Watertown Daily Times | Owens and Doheny need to change direction

Sales Tax Trending Back to Reality

     For local governments dependant for the most part on sales tax and not property tax, two straight months of numbers point to a flattening of revenues after three years of taxes exceeding expectations due in large part to Canadian shoppers.
     Now with large deployments looming at Fort Drum, the year ahead could bring an end to the insulation this area's local governments have had from the pension explosion.
     The local economy is still robust as evidenced by recent car sales numbers but declines in sales tax and reluctance to raise property taxes may force attention towards cuts. Projects proposed but not committed to may lose out, and other changes may be contemplated.
    The prospects looming are also reason for looking critically at tax abatement schemes that shift existing burdens.

Mitt Romney dismisses Obama voters in secretly recorded video -

   The secretly recorded video of Mitt Romney at a fundraiser reminds me of four years ago when Barack Obama was dismissing a large swath of voters clinging to their guns and bibles.
    Mr. Romney told supporters he will never get the 47% of Americans who are dependant on the government and don't pay federal income taxes. He also joked he would have a better chance getting elected if he were Mexican.
     This crystalizes the race as one between the makers and the takers. 
      Mr. Romney's sin is he said so.
      Problem is defining the takers is not so easy as we see in the previous post on PILOTS. 
      The media will pound on this as evidence he is a racist and a plutocrat.  With six weeks left, it's another distraction for a candidate who is not really doing that much campaigning.

Mitt Romney dismisses Obama voters in secretly recorded video -

WDT: Council Says No to PILOT

      A seventy year PILOT...That is in essence what is being proposed for the Maple Court apartments just off Ives Street.
      In 1971 a tax deal was given for development of the subsidized housing project and that ran out last year. Now the owners of the project, a group connected to heirs of the Henry Ford fortune, wants to sell the project and the prospective buyers want reduced taxes for thirty years.
       Are these people part of the 47% Mitt Romney talks about ?
       While taxpayers would be asked to chip in by covering part of the new owners property taxes on an apartment complex that is quite viable, we would give a little more by cancelling out sales tax on the renovations and the mortgage tax on the transaction.
      The JCIDA would take title in exchange for a $48,000 fee.
       City Council last night said thanks, but no thanks.

Watertown Daily Times | New York City developer wants tax deal to buy, renovate Maple Court Apartments

Hassig Polling Well....Visits City Hall

   When Donald Hassig showed up at last night's City Council meeting, it was the first time I met the Green Party candidate and we were ready for one of his interpretive dances, but instead he used the public comment section of the meeting to deliver a dissertation on pollution and the food supply.
      While the Council meeting is not usually the place for a political speech, you don't often get the chance to see the candidates speak off the cuff. Everytime I see the UPS truck pull into Fort Pearl, I keep hoping I will meet my Congressman. When I was at the Red and Black game the other night, I thought I might see Mr. Doheny as the opposing team was Glens Falls.
        So it was good to see the third party hopeful. Mr. Hassig is polling at six percent and with the campaign so vacuous and voters frustrated, he might just poll more votes than you might think.

Hassig happy with Siena poll standing | NCPR News

Monday, September 17, 2012

End of payroll tax cut: $125 billion hit to economy

   A big tax hike is slated for the first of the year as the FICA holiday comes to an end and the employee share of that tax will go from 4.2% to 6.2%.  
    That's the problem with a tax holiday...when it's over, it's a tax hike....
End of payroll tax cut: $125 billion hit to economy - Seung Min Kim -

Council to Auction Tax Parcels

    City Council voted to send to auction a list of properties recently taken for taxes despite efforts to convince lawmakers to sell one property back to its previous owners and in two other cases to donate properties to not-for-profit groups.  One property that won't survive is the former Dr. Strange Tattoo parlor on Factory Street. Council members decided to heed a staff recommendation to take it down as it was deemed beyond repair.
       Lawmakers also heard an appeal to halt the city engineer from condemning for occupancy the Masonic Temple on Washington Street....Falling cement cornices prompted the ban on the general public from using the building. The owner and his agents can still work on the structure.
      Congressional candidate Donald Hassig spoke to the Council about his concerns over poisons in food.
      Council also declined to purchase table for the infamous Newell Street deck.

WDT: Tresidder assails Ritchie mailers

      Incumbents use mailers and enjoy being paid for the job they do.
      Challengers decry the use of newsletters and always oppose legislative pay raises.
      The public pays little attention.
      Senate hopeful Amy Tressider is rapping Senator Ritchie's use of taxpayer funded mailers that cross the line from information to self promotion.
       That's like being upset to learn there is gambling in the casino.
           I got my Patty Ritchie mailer today and did what I do with all such things....Twenty years ago I may have been upset by such things. I am not now...
           It's all part of staying in touch with voters and Ms. Ritchie does lots of in-person events too.
           I like following her travels on Facebook and frankly I am in no position to accuse anyone of being a shameless self promoter.
           Would I raise the issue if I was Ms.Tressider ?....U betcha....Would anyone care ?   No.
UPDATE: Check out the comment from MCM attached to Brians piece.
Watertown Daily Times | Tresidder assails Ritchie mailers

Mitt Romney abruptly shifts strategy -

   With polls slipping in several key states, the Romney campaign is retooling its message. More emphasis on policy and details.
     The chattering class, including conservatives, have started advancing the narrative that the Romney campaign is faltering...When covering the horse race, you need a tale to tell and time is running out for Mr. Romney.
     He is losing....that's the story....He's a terrible candidate...that's the other story...
     Mitt Romney abruptly shifts strategy -

Ambassador Susan Rice: America is Not Impotent....Attack Not Pre Planned

    The Administration trotted out a new and congenial face to promote their Middle East policy. United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice went on TV to tell us that the attack on our embassy was not premeditated and that all the fuss abroad is merely the result of a objectionable film. "Reprehensible" is the operative term from the White House.
     Libya's president and others have suggested the attack that killed four was in the works for months and played out against the background of alleged outrage over the video. The ambassador then suggested there was good security in Benghazi but that unfortunately to security workers were among those killed.
      Too bad there is not an opponent who can capitalize  on US foreign policy in the Presidential race.
       Some of the answers from Ms. Rice were a little hard to swallow...Especially when she said "America is quite well liked in Libya."
Ambassador Susan Rice: Libya Attack Not Premeditated - ABC News

WDT: Council to Set Date for Property Auction at Tonight's Meeting

      There really has been little debate among Council members about what to do with properties recently taken for taxes. Council will vote to auction them off in the belief the free market will determine the highest and best use for the properties.
       The decision to go to auction will be made tonight as staff has looked over the properties and recommended which ones are demolished and which are worth giving new owners a shot at.
       In recent years, there have been few of these properties as taxes have gotten paid, but for varying reasons some people let them go this year.
      On some properties, auction will yield dollars for taxpayers...Other properties the City ends up with, cost money to get rid of, like the tenement on Lynde Street that is coming down. 
Watertown Daily Times | City Council to decide fate of Seymour Street home

Fast Food Back in the Day

     Here's a blast from the past...the A&W Root Beer stand on Bradley Street, located where the Elk's Club is today.
      My most vivid memory is the time I was in my parents car with those fancy power windows that at the time were not universal. I thought I would adjust the window height with the tray hanging and all the mugs tipped and the delicious root beer flowed into the car....I never did that again.
      Root beer floats were big when I was a kid...Don't see that much anymore either.
       Car hops too....Probably a law against that now.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

How Many Lawn Signs Does It Take to Win an Election

    The lawn sign blitz is on with Matt Doheny's campaign putting out a pitch for lawns...I haven't seen much in the way of signs for Rep. Owens, except for a sign on State Street.
     No signs for Hassig either although I suspect the color of the lawns is a subliminal pitch.
     I would think to make an impact in a 12 county CD, you would need far more than the 350 signs I used last year....It could be upwards of 20,000 to cover that much space.

RealClearPolitics - Election 2012 - New York 21st District - Doheny vs. Owens

   Despite the Siena poll, the national political chronicle, RealClearPolitics, still ranks NY21 as a toss up.
    With only one independent poll in the public domain, there is not a lot to base a prediction on.
     Two years ago, RCP was predicting the seat would go Republican, but Democrat Bill Owens hung on to a one point win.
      The Siena poll and one Democratic poll have the race in double digits for Mr. Owens, but a GOP insider told me Friday that they see it as a six point race.
      Who knows ?

RealClearPolitics - Election 2012 - New York 21st District - Doheny vs. Owens

Is the Sheriff Cozying Up to the GOP ?

   The presence of Sheriff John Burns at the Patty Ritchie kickoff may just be he is at a point where he doens't care what Democrats think...But he may be making overtures to the GOP controlled county government to seek relief over his jail overcrowding issue.
    It will take a lot of palling around with Legislators like Mr. Gray who have long been skeptical of yielding to the spending requests of the county's top cop...especially one of the other party.

Sheldon Silver has shelled out secret sex-harass payments before -

     The recent payoff...on our dime....of women abused by a top Democrat (Assemblyman Vito Lopez) is not the first time Speaker Silver has hushed up female complainers....A previous victim of a Silver staffer described the Speaker this way.

“Shelly doesn’t give a damn about women,” said a source close to the case.“You can be in the same room with him, and it’s like you don’t exist. He is a creepy, soulless individual. You can put your hand through him.”

     Wow, is that the same Speaker responsible for the state's compassionate progressive agencda ?   Soulless ?
Read more:
Sheldon Silver has shelled out secret sex-harass payments before -

More details emerge on U.S. ambassador's last moments -

     Were there warnings about lax security at the Benghazi consulate ?  Apparently so.
      Is the United States pollyanish about the Muslim world ?
      Do events help or hurt the President's prospects ? They would if there was an opponent who could articulate a policy or plan.
More details emerge on U.S. ambassador's last moments -

EXCLUSIVE: Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver’s children still vote in father’s district despite having moved away -

     All three of Speaker Sheldon Silver's adult children still vote in his Assembly district, even though they clearly live in Brooklyn, Long Island and New Jersey reports the NY POST.

Daughter Michelle at Her Brooklyn Home
     Speaker Silver has never needed the votes in his very safe Lower Manhattan district. He is usually unopposed or faces token opposition.
     Election law allows latitude in registering if you have a likelihood of returning to that home, but the Speaker's kids certainly don't seem to be coming home soon.
    EXCLUSIVE: Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver’s children still vote in father’s district despite having moved away -

WDT: Red and Black Crush Glens Falls

    Glens Falls may be the center of interest for candidates in the Congressional race, but Watertown still dominates in football.
    Our Red and Black cruised to a 64-8 thumping of the Glens Falls Greenjackets in a game last night at the Fairgrounds.
     Congrats to coach Aschcroft and the team.
Watertown Daily Times | Red and Black cruises to win

WDT: State to Business: Truck You !

   Thruway tolls go up 45% for commercial customers....Where's the increase for everyone else ?...Same old same old...just like the PSC with electric rates...Charge small business more so not to rile the voters...Keeping a trip on I-90 affordable for New York's working families is how you say it.
    Bold proposal...Have the state absorb the debt and costs of the Thruway. It's no longer a special road...There are lots of Interstates criss crossing the state. Get rid of all the toll booths, toll collectors, Thruway board members and using the agency as an off budget funding gimmick for this and that.
     Watertown Daily Times | Trucking companies, distributors say they can’t afford proposed toll hike on state Thruway