Saturday, September 15, 2012

Al Qaeda issues call to arms after day of violence: Terrorists urge Muslims across the world to kill more U.S. diplomats | Mail Online

    Osama bin laden is dead and General Motors is alive....And the whole Muslim world is taking off on the US with violence against American interests spreading to as far as Australia....I didn't think anybody hated us there.
           Send in some more drones, Mr. President...Those are working real well.
Al Qaeda issues call to arms after day of violence: Terrorists urge Muslims across the world to kill more U.S. diplomats | Mail Online

Glenn Beck And Eliot Spitzer Set For Faux Debate On Dish Network

      You don't have to even watch the Presidential Debate on October 3...The night before DISH Network will stage a mock debate between talk show hosts (barely) Glenn Beck (chased off FOX for being too crazy conservative)  and Eliot Spitzer (former hooker loving governor).
      Wonder what purpose this serves. Would anyone be that interested ?
Glenn Beck And Eliot Spitzer Set For Televised Debate On Dish Network | Mediaite

WDT: Nabywaniec takes 'full responsibility' for actions

   Good tactic...Put out a brief written statement. Do not confess or talk about the details other than the obvious, that he was ticketed for DWI.
    A promise to take resposibility and putting this behind him.
    End of story...not much more to write.
    Since the event happened Thursday and Newzjunky broke it Saturday, there was plenty of time and no mug shots posted within hours of the incident.
A reporter commented to me one of the reasons is Mr. Nabywaniec is considered a "public figure, but barely".  I'll take that lead and make this the final post on the subject.
     I'd like the list published of minor and major figures to help me assess the news coverage of future incidents.
Watertown Daily Times | Nabywaniec takes 'full responsibility' for actions

Barney and Gomer Go Hiking

    My favorite story of the day is the joint effort by forest rangers and Lewis County deputies that after an extensive grid search on state land yielded forty pot plants, that were backpacked out of the woods and taken to Lowville as evidence.
   Evidence of what ?
   They were on state land. Who you going to arrest, the Governor ?

Jefferson County Lawmaker Charged with Drunk Driving

    Given the sheer number of DWI's, is it more newsworthy that one of those arrested holds a $15K a year legislator job with the County or a $13K a year City Council post ?
     Journalists get DWIs on the down low....six figure department heads don't get the publicity...Of course cops get the professional courtesy in the first place, something that years ago a Legislator not in an accident and parked by the side of the road would have gotten as well.  Most of the others you see in the daily lists are just average people who are today's grist for the mill. I remember when a red light ticket got you written up in the Times, but those days are gone.
       When a pol gets one, its a big deal...depending on the pol, the party and other factors like gender, where it happened and who you know.
      Legislator Nabywaniec is a nice influential board member on health issues...
a local business man.....While in terms of coverage he won't get the "full Roxy",  he gets his turn in the barrel.
Jefferson County Lawmaker Charged with Drunk Driving

No More Signage at the Mayor's Bar....

    I have certainly been involved big time in politics over the years, what with traveling the state for the Indy Party, gathering petitions all over for various candidates, and putting up lots of signs, including rather pronounced displays on my own property on Pearl Street.
    This year, I will assume a less demonstrative stance towards politics..Yes, I will vote...Yes I have contributed to my candidates of choice. I will go to events here and there, and I will still do signs, but am confining them to the yard next to my house on the rear of the Pearl Street lot.
    Besides, I have to concentrate on selling the Devil's Brew and don't want to scare off customers with my politics, which is still a mixture of conventional and cantankerous.

          Signs seen in lower left.
           By the way we are getting the awning replaced this month by the good folks at NASCO and a new LED parking lot light is on order to demonstrate how green the mayor is.

Gas Prices the Elephant in the Room for Final Weeks ?

   In the frozen-in-amber 2012 political races, a couple of current events could shade the contests for President and the Congress.
   The spike in violence against US embassies in the Middle East and the spiking of gasoline prices are two variables that may weigh on the minds of voters.
    I have long thought if gas was at $3 it would be hard to defeat the President, but while $4 plus may or may not be Mr. Obama's fault, some voters may conclude they can just as easily have high prices under Mitt Romney.
    The attacks on embassies may pass quickly and could help or hurt the President.
Most of the other "issues" have already this year's cliche says..... "baked into the cake."

WDT: WHS Senior Named Miss Italia

   A Watertown High School senior has been named Miss Italia.  Kate Moore won the honor last night during the pageant held at the Bravo Italiano Fest at the Fairgrounds Arena.
    Congratulations !
Watertown Daily Times | New Miss Italia came back for a second try

Rain Nixes Movie, But Show Goes on Next Week

   A change in the weather forced cancellation of the outdoor movie night in Thompson Park but the show will go on next Friday in a successful pilot program.
   The movie Rio will be shown on September 21 at Thompson Park. A suggestion by Councilman Jeff Smith led to the outdoor flicks which are done in other communities with great success.
(63) Watertown Parks and...

British royal family files suit over topless pics of Kate Middleton -

     The Royals say its a redux of what happened to Diana, but for the gossip magazine that published them, its a case of feeding the public appetite for things famous and naughty.
     Long distance topless photos of Princess Kate and her hubby William have prompted a lawsuit, but its too late to stop publication.
     All this comes on the heels of Prnce Harry's Vegas exploits.
British royal family files suit over topless pics of Kate Middleton -

Friday, September 14, 2012

Johnson wins in Pennslyvania

     Libertarian Gary Johnson has fended off a challenge to his ballot status in Pennsylvania, but he will likely face an appeal as the GOP is desperate to block the third party candidate from what they see as a vote draw on Mitt Romney.
     The former NM governor is now on the ballot in 47 states.
Johnson wins in Pennslyvania -

With What They See as a Six Point Deficit, the GOP Is All in for Doheny

    Republicans are putting some big money into the Doheny for Congress campaign..$847,000...and given the 13 point deficit in the recent Siena Poll, you may wonder why ?
    Well, I hear the GOP thinks the Bill Owens lead over Doheny is really six points, not 13 and with very little going on in the Owens effort, the Doheny camp seems supremely confident.
     Let me be clear...I have no inside info as Team Doheny is wary of me, but there are always other chatterboxes who tell me the perceived margin is six.
     In any event, the Doheny path to victory is a narrow one as he navigates through numerous shoals and buoys.

Political Note: Republicans Make Big Ad Buy In Doheny Race | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News

Bravo Fest Back Where It Belongs

    Large crowds gathered on a rainy Friday night at the Fairgrounds Arena for the Bravo Italian Festival which was to include the crowning of a new Miss Italia.

    The popular event has returned to the Arena after a one year run at the Dulles State Office Building.
        Among the more Italian things on display were a couple of Vespa scooters courtesy of The Buffalo Scooter Company....There was also a new Fiat courtesy of the new dealership....FX Caprara....
         Crowds seemed to enjoy coming home to the west end and ate the many dishes including pasta, sausage and canolis.
         It is a great event and a tribute to the Italian heritage we all enjoy.
    Lots of pols on hand including Congressional hopeful Matt Doheny who was serving up sausage to attendees.
            The Bravo Fest is the reminder that political season is well underway....
Senator Ritchie, Assemblywoman Russell, and Council Members Burns and Smith were spotted...Others were likely lurking.

City Engineer: Condemn The Masonic Temple

      The City Engineer wants to stop people from entering the Masonic Temple because it's dangerous...The falling pieces of cornice is a Sword of Damacles and that's why the Engineer wants the building condemned until repaired.
    That would restrict entry the owner or his agents but not others.

     As interesting as the building much talk and good intentions there will be the marketplace that determines its fate. The costs to renovate are staggering, but so will the cost of demolition.
     For now, safety is a prime concern.

City Engineer: Condemn The Masonic Temple | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News

I Am Harold Stassen Too !

     Apparently Matt Doheny is not the first person the Times has called "Harold Stassen".
      An observant reader texted me that the WDT's uber writer John Golden referred to me the same way a decade ago.....
      And I went on to win three terms....
      So much for media monikers !

Editor: Harold Stassen Lives on Paddock Street

      Over at the Hoot, there are differing views on the Doheny candidacy...Editorially they certainly will support the GOP candidate for Congress, although they have chastised him this week for anemic poll numbers in the western half of the sprawling district.
    Their political coverage shades in his favor, but today one of their editors took off on the Mattster, calling him a latter day Harold Stassen.....The analogy is off on several counts.
    Mr. Stassen was a prosecutor and at 31, a two term governor of Minnesota, who after leaving office joined the Navy to serve in WWII.....Post war he tried to seek the GOP Presidential nomination and while credible at first, became a perennial candidate and a metaphor for someone always seeking but not winning high office.
    Mr. Doheny is in his third but really second run because the manner of selection in the 2009 special was not for real.
    So he is no Harold Stassen....although if he lost and ran again he could be accused of being a Sisyphean character on the NNY political scene.
     He is not at that point and is a guy with a shot at beating the incumbent in a race that's not easy but competitive. 
Watertown Daily Times | Local News, Sports, Features, and Community Information for Jefferson County, St. Lawrence County, and Lewis County in Northern New York.

Dating Game Appearance Surfaces After 34 Years and Numerous Races

        Makes you wonder what kind of vetting there is the Michigan MSM....Only now has video surfaced of former Governor Jennifer Granholm appearing on the 1970s show The Dating Game.
        Gov. Granholm delivered a fiery and quirky speech at the DNC last week and has been a regular talking head since leaving office.
        The Canadian native did nothing wrong in being on the Dating Game, but why wouldn't such a simple thing show up in coverage of multiple campaigns for statewide office.
Jennifer Granholm on ‘Dating Game’ in 1978, video shows - Katie Glueck -

Gay Marriage Push Back Sends Shivers Through GOP Senate

   Three GOP state senators who voted for same sex marriage faced tough primary yesterdays with Buffalo Senator Mark Grisanti winning comfortably and two other senators  in the eastern upstate region  handed too close to call races yet to be decided.
     Normally, incumbent senators in either party would get a pass on their major party line, but conservatives decided to take on the incumbents in a bid to defeat them or at least send a message about straying from conservation orthodoxy....
     The message has been sent and likely received. Republicans will not soon again cross any lines in the sand drawn by Mike Long.
An Unexpected Victory, A Possible Surprise Upset

WDT: Discussions on Northside Pollution Fears Begin

       A private meeting was held yesterday between state officials and northside residents concerned over decades-old industrial pollution in neighborhoods adjacent to a now cleaned up industrial site.
       The meeting is a first step to answering fears there is still pollution and that some residents may have suffered health impacts.
       Residents had come to City Council and I asked Albany to be more assertive in answering the questions.
Watertown Daily Times | DEC, north side residents discuss Air Brake contamination

WDT: Library Urged to Reconsider

       The publishers of the WDT have long been involved in activities at the Flower Library, participating in books sales and the volunteer group called Friends of the Library.
        The WDT  is urging a reconsideration of the new policy banning non-library events at the iconic and historic structure.
         Watertown Daily Times | Library policy

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Dohenys Go West, Young Gun !

       I was in the western most part of NY21 this evening and I had dinner with Matt and Mary Doheny.....Matt is the guy running for Congress in our district but has been rapped by the MSM for spending too much time in the eastern half of the sprawling 12 county 21st district.
     The Doheny's were at the Chamber dinner in Henderson Harbor.
     Actually I overheard a comment that made me a lot more comfortable about my decision to vote for Matt....but at Mary's request I won't repeat it...Lips sealed.

Making NYC Safe For Super Sodas..

   Now here is some art imitating life. Seems my madam friend is registered to run in next year's Big Apple mayoral race and filming a reality show on her campaign.
    I saw on Facebook, Kristin Davis is advertising for three attractive 18-25 year old women to work as interns on the campaign and be in the reality show.

     The role of crusty and irreverant campaign guru is surely to be played by Roger Stone.
      Politics has long flirted with entertainment...This just takes it all a step further.
      Meanwhile, a libertarian viewpoint in the race is not all bad....Today the City of NY Health Department approved Mayor Bloomberg's jihad against large sodas.

WDT: Further North Candidates Revive Old Issue...Gay Marriage

   In an Assembly district far to the east, the candidates for the GOP primary this week were discussing gay marriage...Wasn't that settled in 2011 ?
    I have never heard the issue discussed much in our area....Addie Russell wasn't hurt for her support...She is being reelected by acclamation.
    The other local pols all voiced the requisite opposition, but it was never convincing to me and I always thought they were OK with it passing, but just couldn't say that within earshot of Mike Long.
      It's not going to be repealed anyway, so it's an easy issue to debate with no consequences....
      The primary is being held today I presume due to 9/11 falling on Tuesday.  The pony express should have the results our way by the weekend.
Watertown Daily Times | AD115 candidates on gay marriage

USA....USA.....Domestic Cars and Trucks Lead Surging Local Auto Industry

      The auto boom continues in Jefferson County with a whopping 656 new cars registered locally.....The other big news is the continued resurgence of the USA with Chrysler leading the way with its Dodge and Jeep nameplates. Chevrolet is second.
     The imports have faded compared to five years ago when I was in the business and Honda, Toyota, Hyundai, Kia and Mitsubisha were the hands down leaders.
      This would be an interesting news story, but its a hands off industry because they are such big advertisers and you don't want to have to do reports when bad things happen.
     I can report on it here because this blog is not burdened with ad revenue.... :: Jefferson County Clerk :: New Vehicle Registrations

Stream Job Fair Draws 100 | WWNY TV 7

        Filling 200 jobs will not be easy in a tight labor market, but about one hundred applicants showed up at this week's job fair for Stream International.
         It's a start for those who want to transition from a hodge podge of part time jobs to a full time one. Like anything, you don't start at the top, but it's a start in a structured environment where you are expected to show up...
Stream Job Fair Draws 100 | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News

WDT: Library Board Says Historic Building a Library First and Not a Banquet Hall

   The Library Board has voted to ban non-Library events in the historic structure and that includes various social events like weddings and fundraisers for local organizations.
    Logistics, providing staffing and failure to clean up after themselves is cited as the reason. The vote was nine to one with board member Matt Doheny voting against the ban.
     A middle ground would be nice. I agree there should not be a blank check to do what you want, especially with food, drink and the like. It is true that librarians are not wedding planners. And the Board likely has more of a feel for the day to day pressures of running the place.
      Maybe this is a policy that will evolve over time with limits on the types of events and a fee structure. The Library Board and its appointed director runs the Library. The eleven member body consists of people nominated by the Mayor and confirmed by City Council.
      It is, at its core, a library and I am more pleased at the cooperative effort afoot to extend hours
Watertown Daily Times | Library prohibits non-city, non-library events in building

Don't Tase Me Bro....County Ready to Shock You

           They weren't taking pictures of each other, but this week Sheriff's deputies were zapping each other with their brand new tasers.....The shocking gadgets are new to the local police agency, something they say they need to subdue those bath sales afficionados and maybe a couple of county legislators ?
Feedback: Deputies Test Tasers...On Each Other | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

FOX Pool Show Romney Fading

   The latest bad poll news for Mitt Romney is from FOX News...Their tracking poll has the President up 48-43.

And "The One" is Not Without Sin

      Another side to the Libyan tragedy....
       Attacking an embassy is really like attacking the World Trade Center and the President made his political hay and then headed off to a fund raiser in Vegas...
      So it's not as clear cut as it would appear as to who is the bigger goat.

Amid Foreign-Policy Crisis, Romney Picks a Big Fight -

       Here's my view on it...And I am not voting for Bam for another term....Mitt Romney...armed with tart tongued operatives and a rapid response team got himself in the middle of a brutal and tragic incident that took the life of one of our ambassadors and three others.
        Now he is trying to nuance it, as he didn't know of the Libyan massacre when he denounced an Obama Administration response to recent Middle East uproar over a movie.
        After I watch Mitt's incoherent presser this AM , I went on line and ordered a lawn sign for someone else.

Amid Foreign-Policy Crisis, Romney Picks a Big Fight -

Sarah Palin Questions Obama's Penis Size | TheWrap TV

   Chris Matthews will certainly deem it racist...Raising the issue of organ size when talking about the first black President.
    This story is kind of funny, but it's too sensitive a topic to joke about on this family oriented blog.
Sarah Palin Questions Obama's Penis Size | TheWrap TV

Census: Middle Class Mayor ? You Betcha !

       When I read the middle class is shrinking, I first though Middle Class Mike is on another diet....But it turns out the middle class is smaller if you look at those earning 20 to 62 thousand......
      Wow, all those people with quarter million dollar HH income aren't middle class ? Guess not....
       But I can tell you I am a Middle Class Mayor !
Census: Middle class shrinks to an all-time low - The Washington Post

US Ambassador Killed In Anti-Islam Film Protest...Candidates React

   Suddenly foreign affairs is dominating the campaign season after the killing of US ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens.  Concurrent pressure from Israel for the US to do something about Iran's nuclear program is also in the news.
    President Obama has condemned the attack on the consulate in Benghazi...Candidate Romney has condemned the President's handling of recent unrest there and in Egypt.
     There's one president at a time and how about the Mittster expressing shock and sympathy but standing behind our government in its response. Some of these instant responses fall flat.
US Ambassador Killed In Anti-Islam Film Protest

Swing-State Map, List & Polls -

    While the Romney campaign bobs along a little behind the President, the latest swing state map has shifted VA into the challengers column putting the best guess Electoral College lineup at 319-219 for the President.
    Meanwhile many in the GOP are getting anxious at the lack of momentum in the Romney effort.
Swing-State Map, List & Polls -

Parks and Rec Shines

    It looks like a couple of recreation initiatives are growing in popularity. The outdoor theaters suggested last year by Councilmembers Smith and Burns are getting rave reviews. There is one in Thompson Park later this week.
    A lot of work is being done organizing for a successful season for the Privateers hockey team. Behind the scenes marketing is going on with local businesses wisely supporting this effort which will be an exciting addition to winter in Watertown.
    One other Arena note...while it's not sports two important events this week. Senator Ritchie's senior health fare is today and the Bravo Fest returns to the Arena on Friday.

TU: Lawn Signs Get Reviewed by Experts and It's True..Not All Signs Are Created Equal

     Design matters...That's the message from a group of political experts in Albany who took a look at lawn signs in this story in the TU.
      Type faces, color choices, layout...It all matters.
      Let me add location. The placement of lawn signs in front of known in neighborhoods, means something. In the bigger cities and on the Island, you see hordes of signs all placed in public right of ways and along side highways...
      Just putting signs all over the place can actually reduce their effectiveness.
      Also pacing is important.  If signs gradually grow in neighborhoods over time, it gives the impression of growing and peaking strength for that canididate.
       In my last election, my opponent put out a bunch of signs before me leading observers to wag that the race was over. My plan was to steadily put them out over time and the optics seemed to work.
      The materials used matter also..The more expensive rigid stansions and more durable face materials like vinyl or Coraplast keep the look longer. Resetting signs so they are upright and replacing weathered signs is also important.
      All of this is much easier to manager in a local race.
Political yard sign design primary | All Over Albany

WDT: What About Us ?

    The WDT has given it's blessing in an editorial to the notion that the western end of NY21 is not hearing much of relevance in the Congressional race.
     As much as some would like to talk of the North Country as a homogenous and monolithic area, since the district does cover such a large area, that argument is hollow. Having served on the Regional Council, I can tell you people are focused on their own area and there are distinct areas of interest within what is lumped together as :the North Country."
      There is little doubt the western counties where we live were well served in years gone by having people from our area like John McHugh, Dave Martin and Bob McEwen representing us. It's a matter of proximity, and there is nothing wrong with telling people on the western end just that.
     Unfortunately, redistricting has shifted the political balance of power eastward and candidates recognize that...That is why little is being heard here.
Watertown Daily Times | Doheny’s task

WDT: Senator Meets With DEC over Northside Concerns

   Senator Patty Ritchie has met with DEC officials asking they address the concerns of some northside residents over decades old pollution some now feel is still an issue.
    As a state elected official, this is the right thing to do. Agencies and bureacracies are large and imposing entities and it's often hard for average citizens to access them.
Watertown Daily Times | Ritchie meets with DEC on concerns over Air Brake site

Gallup: Americans Are Better Off Than Four Years Ago -

   After a discussion of issues with local curmudgeon Gordon Silverthorn,  we concluded it is impossible for anyone to be better off than they were four years ago.
    Simply being four years older means you are not better off. Given a little more prosperity, anyone would trade that for being four years younger.
    Gallup: Americans Are Better Off Than Four Years Ago -

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Media Alert: Trot Out the "Spoiler" Moniker...Two Many People Are Straying

   Libertarian Gary Johnson is on the ballot in at least 45 states and is polling at 4% in a CNN poll...That means its time to start calling him a "spoiler" and claim that those who vote for them are committing heresy by bolting the ever so wonderful two party system.
    I've said it before...No vote cast is want to talk wasted, get on the 90 million who don't vote at all.......
    Your vote belongs to you...If you want to vote for a third party person, that's up to you...If you want to vote for Mitt Romney in NY or Barack Obama in Idaho, I respect that too.    
Spoiler alert: Poll finds small following for Libertarian candidate – CNN Political Ticker - Blogs

New Trend in Alcohol Sales....Combined Beer and Liquor Stores That Skirt the Law

      New York's alcohol industry is a mess as it is hampered by a crazy quilt system of regulation that says selling Jack Daniels is OK as long as you don't sell Budweiser and you buy cigarettes at the drug store but can't have an ATM or buy a newspaper at a liquor store.
    Some entrpreneurs are trying to change that by seeking combined liquor/beer stores and doing it under the nose of the SLA.....One local liquor store is seeking a license for a beer store on the lower floor of their building...While a local beer store is seeking a liquor store license...
   The hitch is having a separate entrance and maintaining the ruse that they are separate businesses...Is that stupid or what ?
    So you walk out the door and into the adjacent door....Time for NY to get it's head out it's ass.

Liquor distributor expanding plant in Salina, adding eight jobs |

WDT:Time for change, Ditch the Conventions

    We have always had them...But should we spend over twenty million dollars a year in taxpayer money putting on party nominating conventions like the ones we just saw in Tampa and Charlotte.
    They do not perform the function of selecting nominees and many people could care less about the parties anyway.
     As Senator Ritchie told me yesterday, we use a party line to get elected but after that there is a job to do.
      The conventions are things to watch for people like me, but even I didn't watch that much as there is little of interest going on....It's mostly time spent waiting for a gaffe.
Watertown Daily Times | Time for change

Pols Pat Themselves on Back Over Taxing Smokers

      Politicians are claiming their big tax hikes on cigarettes have cut smoking.
      The pols are blowing smoke themselves...Whethers its federal tax hike or the massive state hike passed years back, smoking is still a staple of life for many...Much of the sales of product are outside the traditional channels, with Indian brands very common among many older smokers I see.
      Over the past fifty years, the incidence of smoking has declined due to public awareness of the health consequences.....not because government started shaking down the public with higher taxes.
      In fact for you liberals, so called sin taxes on booze, butts and lottery are the way a compassionate society taxes its lower income people while telling them they are not paying taxes.
Big tax increase reduces smoking -

As time passes, how should we mark the day? -

    What does happen to mark 9/11, the tragedy that played out on television for us all eleven years ago ?
     There are the retrospectives on various cable channels, but in general, it  seems America has moved on. Of course, that's what life is...moving on...whether it's a personal tragedy or a national one.
      Nonetheless, it is a good thing to take a few moments today and remember the enormity of those events.
As time passes, how should we mark the day? -

Sign Blitz on the Western Front

   I was giving a customer a ride tonight when I noticed a couple of people planting signs at the corner of Pearl and Water........On the way back I saw them up near my end of the block and it was two Doheny staffers....Courtney and Kathleen.....out at 11PM planting signs....
   I filled them in on the rules relating to the public right of way and invited them in for a beer....It's an OK neighborhood, but still kind of late for the ladies to be on the street...Boy, am I old fashioned.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Surprised by teens who order prostitutes as easily as they order pizza? You shouldn’t be. - The Washington Post

   Technology continues to outstrip the efforts of the pious and righteous....High school kids are now ordering up prsotitutes on their smart phones....
   Surprised by teens who order prostitutes as easily as they order pizza? You shouldn’t be. - The Washington Post

Council to Don Flea Collars for Tour of Building

  City Council agreed tonight to tour the former Dr. Strange building on Factory Street even though it is said to be flea infested...Some lawmakers want to auction off the "historic" structure even though staff has recommended its demolition.
   Council also debated another PILOT request...This time on a property just coming off a 40 year PILOT.
   And lawmakers informally agreed to ban parking on one spot in front of the Urban Mission on Factory Street.
   There was also discussion on whether Western Boulevard should be completed in Stateway Plaza. I think there is a desire to do something, but I am not sure what just yet.
    All in all a collegial meeting.

Stream Looks To Hire More Than 200 Workers | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News

    Downtown based Stream International is hiring 200 workers....Good news for the city, but it underscores a local labor market pretty well tapped out...There are those who are only looking for certain jobs, but I see lots of service jobs going unfilled.
   A labor shortage prompts employers to pay more, perhaps obviating the need for a higher minimum wage....
   I sound a little Dohenyesque, but so be it.
Stream Looks To Hire More Than 200 Workers | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News

Zogby to Speak...Did One Poll in Watertown

   Legendary Utica based pollster John Zogby will speak at JCC this week....Mr Zogby's firm was hired by WTNY radio back in 1991 to measure the mayoral race between Councilman Jim Brett and me.....They predicted a big margin and it was...72-28.  
CCS to Host Political Pollster John Zogby Sept. 13 | JCC

Windy City Teachers Walk.....Rahm Raps Union

   Teachers working for President Obama's former chief of staff, now Mayor, walked off the job today in Chicago, leaving 400,000 kids home watching their X-box.
   Teachers have turned down offers from the liberal Democrat Mayor Rahm Emanuel and hizzoner says the teachers are wrong to walk out....
    All a very troubling day for Democrats anxious to cast the GOP as against working Americans.
Chicago teachers strike updates -

Ritchie Shines in Toughest Live Interview So Far in HOTLINE Appearance

    Senator Patty Ritchie has called for the resignation of Assemblyman Vito Lopez, who is embroiled in a messy sexual harassment and payoff scandal that is rocking Albany.
     Ms. Ritchie appeared on the popular HOTLINE talk show hosted by yours truly.
The Senator would not rule out her backing Governor Cuomo in 2014....She has recently been effusive in her praise of the Democratic governor.
     Senator Ritchie defended her use of government newsletters and her hyperactive press and public relations effort. She says it helps keep her in touch with constituents. She did a good job fielding questions on topics she didn't know were coming.
    Ms. Ritchie gave a spirited boost to Matt Doheny's bid for Congress, dismissing incumbent Bill Owens as a "nice man."
    The Senator also said she was to meet today with the local DEC Regional Director over the northside pollution issue.
    Senator Ritchie is seeking a second term against Democrat Oswego County Legislator Amy Tresidder whe has also been invited to appear on American's Favorite Noontime Talk Show.

Doheny Statement On Siena Poll

   The reaction from the Doheny camp on the Siena poll is precictable....It's
just a snapshot in time....That is true...and it's also true that Rep. Bill Owens is still under 50%.  It's also true Doheny is competitive in the newly added eastern counties.
   But.....his numbers in the western counties are dismal and this speaks to the need to make a direct appeal to voters who have gotten to know these two men.
   A televised debate at JCC, carried by YNN for starters. So far the only one on one we hear about is a farm forum held on the Vermont border and summarized in print articles.
    Mr. Doheny adheres to conventional wisdom that Owens was elected with the lowest percentage of any incumbent and is thus vulnerable....Drive his numbers down just a whisker and he's toast...Do it by linking him to Nancy Pelosi and the President's health plan. 
     I don't think the President is a factor here, and I think people support enough of the core ideas of Obamacare. Nancy Pelosi is yesterday's boogie woman.
     Profligate spending is a good issue. Staving off the ill effects of sequestration on Fort Drum is a good issue. An energetic and hustling Congressman is a pitch.....
     Since people vote for who they like, it's also possible people like Mr. Owens least based on what they have seen. Nobody likes not to be liked but it happens all the time in politics.
      Mr. Doheny is meeting a ton of people and I am sure the response is good. But it's easy to confuse courtesy with commitment.....The Siena poll is likely fairly accurate...It shows a Congressman unable to get to 50% and a challenger not closing the deal yet.
Doheny Statement On Siena Poll | Doheny for Congress

Ritchie on HOTLINE Today

    Senator Patty Ritchie will be the in studio guest on the HOTLINE today at 12:30 PM. 
    The Senator's office called this morning to book the freshman lawmaker who is seeking a second term against Democratic challenger Amy Tressider of Oswego.
    The HOTLINE will extend a written office to Ms. Tressider to be on as well.
    Let's see....Vito Lopez...the Siena poll.....her crush (political) on Andy.....There's lots of things to touch on without coming close to issues or substance.

Gov. Cuomo in weekend retreat to handle crises over Vito Lopez, Sheldon Silver, gas fracking, Tappan Zee Bridge replacement -

     Governor Cuomo retreated to a secret redoubt in the Adirondacks this past weekend to huddle with aids on ways roll back growing problems that  threaten to tarnish his image as a 'git er done' governor.
      The Assembly scandal  is seeping into the whole Democratic hierarchy in Albany and the proposed 45% hike in commercial Thruway rates undercuts Mr. Cuomo's bid to be seen as pro business.
      Natural gas fracking is an issue that separates the Governor from his base as well.
      There is little better in life than a summer weekend in the the Adirondacks, so I am sure Mr. Cuomo enjoyed the surroundings.
      Too bad Fred didn't get us some photos, given his close relationship to the Administration.
Gov. Cuomo in weekend retreat to handle crises over Vito Lopez, Sheldon Silver, gas fracking, Tappan Zee Bridge replacement -

Siena On NY-21: Owens vs. Doheny, 49-36

      North Country Representitive Bill Owens now has two publicly released polls showing him with a double digit lead over GOP challenger Matt Doheny.
      A survey by Siena College puts Mr. Owens up by a significant 13 point margin. A previous poll released by the DCCC had shown Mr. Owens up by 12. Two years ago Mr. Owens won by one point in a three way race.
       There is no gender gap with the margin the same among both sexes, but there is an age gap with older voters more heavily for the incumbent.
        The takeaway is that for Mr. Doheny, it's a case of the dogs not liking the dog food, as he is only pulling 36%. Mr. Owens is nipping at 50% and that means a more intense effort to define Mr. Owens in less favorable terms.  Hence the current ads linking Mr. Owens to President Obama and Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. The concurrent issue is money as if the race is seen as slipping away, big $$$ on the national level may go elsewhere, including so called super PACs.  Of course, the Republican has the means to self fund.
        Mr. Obama is marginally favored in NNY, although by only five points.
         The Doheny campaign says the poll was taken during the DNC, but the two weeks of conventions was a blur and had little effect.
         Strategies ?  Doheny ramps up the ads to define Owens as a big spending, job killing liberal as he tries to drive Owen's numbers back into the mid 40s. Mr. Doheny also has to rely on a big GOP registration advantage which he believes will turn out for him.
        Mr. Owens will avoid debates, stay above the fray and continue to look reassuring and statesmanlike while hoping his opponent looks extreme and frantic. Medicare is working as an issue for Owens, so look for that matter to stay in the ads.
       Green Party candidate Donald Hassig is polling at six percent, showing there is an element who say a pox on both your houses.
Siena On NY-21: Owens vs. Doheny, 49-36

Sunday, September 9, 2012

WDT:Graham undecided

   I am just flattered anyone would think who I am voting for for President matters. Maybe the Times scribe was distraught watching the JETS and worrying what they will do in six weeks to his Patriots.
Watertown Daily Times | Graham undecided

Obama-Romney Battle Plans Set for Final Charge -

       Money, debates, the presence of third party candidates and other factors will determine the Presidential race that has eight weeks left....
        Today a reporter ask me who I was voting for....I really didn't see the relevance except that I have never voted for a winner since the day in 1976 I voted for President Gerald Ford, who lost to Jimmy Carter.
        Obviously in New York the electoral votes are not in question, so its a case of making a statement for the national popular numbers.
         Meanwhile all local eyes are on a Siena poll tomorrow measuring our Congressional race. The candidates know where the race stands, but the public isn't in on that game unless an independent body pays for a survey.
          I am sure the spin doctors are at work on answering what it means no matter the results.

Obama-Romney Battle Plans Set for Final Charge -


     After a lackluster pre season, the NY JETS surged out of the gate today with a 48-28 opening day win at the Meadowlands over division rival Buffalo.
     Mark Sanchez picked up the challenge and Tim Tebow played a variety of roles as the JETS rolled to an easy win.
      Division nemesis New England also won.
      Next week the JETS take on Shootie's team....the Steelers...
       Another Pearl Street grudge match !

Blaming umps is loser talk -

     The Yankees drew a very bad call that ended yesterday's loss to the Baltimore Orioles, but that's not the reason they have blown a huge lead. Fans who have been blaming injuries can now, at least for a day, blame the umps.
     Blaming umps is loser talk -

WDT: Private Meeting on Pollution Concerns Slated

     A small group representing residents concerned over decades-old pollution in their neighborhood will meet with state officials later this week. The private meeting is designed to answer questions about pollution issues related to the cleanup of Kelsey Creek.
      Residents have alleged health problems they think are related to chemicals in the ground.
      Concerns were voiced at a City Council meeting last week and I asked the DEC commissioner to facilitate more outreach and information. The state had declined to send representitives to the Council meeting citing their desire not to be subjected to intense public questioning.
        I thought that was their job.

Watertown Daily Times | DEC planning to meet with small group of Air Brake residents

Technology could take a toll on Thruway jobs - Times Union

     Talk is afoot to totally automate toll collecting on the Thruway, thus eliminating all those jobs held by the middle class. Talk about long overdue ?
      With big toll hikes on tap for commercial traffic, there is no political cover for those who believe keeping toll collectors on duty doing a 1950s job is actually economic development.
       But better than automating toll collection, why not just get rid of tolls ?.....Only certain roads have tolls. You can drive from Watertown to Binghamton on a fine four lane highway.   Drive from Syracuse to Albany and you pay. Those marinated in the ways of government understand the history of this, but does anyone else ?
     One other issue with automated plate scanning to bill for tolls...It's a way to track where you travel.  The government needs to know in order to prosecute the war on terror, the war on drugs and the war on adultery.

Technology could take a toll on Thruway jobs - Times Union