Saturday, September 8, 2012

W.H. plans for a second term -

   With convention wind at his back and a poll bump in place, President Obama is reportedly getting ready for a second term.
    Among the issues being studied in the White House is what to do with that fiscal cliff coming in January.
     Unlike pre-FDR America, a new President takes office January 20 instead of a simpler time when you had till March.
W.H. plans for a second term - Darren Samuelsohn -

Late Summer Musings About This and That

    It's nice to get a couple days of cooler temps but it was sad to see our Downtown Fall Festival done in by weather. I stopped down this AM and many vendors had already dropped out in advance of what turned out to be not much of a rain storm.
   I also stopped at the former Red Moon Diner on Court Street for some breakfast. Very nice atmosphere and good food.
   While watching TV, I saw a Doheny attack ad...Grainy pix justaposed to President Obama and Minority Leader Pelosi. The charges are the incumbent voted for Obamacare and higher taxes.
    The strategy is the district must be polling narrowly for Romney and Mr. Doheny wants to mimic that cast-in-stone anti Obama vote.  
    A base strategy, thus the necessity of negative ads to define the opponent as linked to Mr. Obama and Ms. Pelosi.
     The flip side is for the Dems to portray Mr. Doheny as an unacceptable alternative even if you plan on voting for Romney.
     That's why Monday's Siena Polls is so important. If it's perceived as close and winnable, the super PAC money will flow freely.


WDT: NY 21 Candidate Venture Closer to Watertown

     A big development in the local Congressional race as a Siena College poll is to be released on Monday. It will be the first independent look at the race, which we all assume is close, but don't really know.
      Democrat Rep. Bill Owens released a poll recently he says shows him ahead by double digits. Republican Matt Doheny says he will win by virtue of there being 'too many Republicans' in the sprawling 12 county district.
       Meanwhile, the candidates got within one hundred miles of Watertown on Friday, stopping in Massena to weigh in on a labor dispute between Alcoa and union iron workers. Mr. Owens incredibly maintains a Congressman should insist on how many iron workers a contractor hires to fix a roof. Mr. Doheny says that's not the job of a Member of Congress.
       Watertown Daily Times | Doheny, Owens weigh in on Alcoa dispute

Eastwood: Mission Accomplished

   The former mayor of Carmel, CA says his remarks to the RNC were not vetted because even he didn't know what he was going to say until he went on stage.
   Clint Eastwoods speech has drawn ire from the MSM and liberal elites. However, I think the remarks hit home a little too much and it ended up in prime time.
   Anyway, a good read here from the Pine Cone, Mr. Eastwood's hometown paper.
The Carmel Pine Cone's first story of the week

Free Plug for Glens Falls

     Since Glens Falls is where all the campaigning is happening, let's give the good folks there a shout out for their lovely looking community. Here's their website.
Glens Falls is full of things to do, delicious restaurants, and numerous places to shop for everyone in your family or friends.

Glens Falls: Center of the Political Universe

   I was looking over this latest press release from the eastern front and even the by lines are from Glens Falls.
    Are we even in this district any more ? 
Obama and Owens' Taxing Plan To Hurt Growth | Doheny for Congress

Living the high life: Pippa Middleton joins ANOTHER member of New York's elite for a rooftop tour of Soho House | Mail Online

    The Brits have their Kardashians but they are a little more connected and refined than Americans who are famous for being famous.
    Pippa Middleton has the best of both worlds....As the sis to the future Queen she gets to be famous and live the high life without all the expectations succession brings.
   Pippa is the toast of the town in Manhattan this week as she attended the US Open.
Living the high life: Pippa Middleton joins ANOTHER member of New York's elite for a rooftop tour of Soho House | Mail Online

Friday, September 7, 2012

No Changes Likely from the Ambivalent Indy's in NNY

     Since the long time Indy's in Jefferson County have drifted into inactivity, there is no consensus on changing parties.
     I had thought of moving on but the stigmas attached to other parties keeps people where they are.
   Long time Indy Tammy Bramhall says she wants to stay put. Tammy was a player over the years, even travelling to the infamous Battle of White Plains in 1998 where Chuck Schumer invited himself to our dinner table.
    Another Indy I talked to today was too offended by the GOP stances on marriage and abortion although earlier this year she was headed that way.
     John Rice was more concerned whether nearby Bear World would get a liquor store license, while another of our key members is now living in the Badger State.
      So, it looks like no mass exodus to the Conservative Party where a few people can control things...Probably for the best...Poor Mike Long doesn't need to deal with a pro choice, pro marriage equality, legalize pot, lower the drinking age wing of his usually stuffy party.

Obama DNC speech fell flat -

     Is it racism or just fatigue ? Political observers (NBC excepted) are not cooing over President Obama's acceptance speech....
     If you watched MSNBC overnight you'd have concluded the Lord Jesus was resurrected and sent to Charlotte...But others see it as just more lofty BS.
     Could America go with the terminally dull ?
     Obama DNC speech fell flat -

Republicans Losing Election Law War As Campaign Ramps Up - Bloomberg

   Here's a fight worth losing....A lot of these FOX inspired voter fraud laws are I think nothing more than voter suppression. Not that there are not areas of concern...and certainly our system of voting needs controls.
   I know a prominent citizen who voted twice in a school board election years ago..once at the high school and once at North Elementary.
    I just cringe when either party uses election law and procedures to try and win at the polls. I have never had to but the city races are not high stakes enough to hire Tom Spargo types to change the results.
Republicans Losing Election Law War As Campaign Ramps Up - Bloomberg

WDT: Community Servant Mary Morgan Passes

   A friend of those in need has passed and Watertown is a poorer place.
    Former Urban Mission Director Mary Morgan passed today. Ms. Morgan had also worked for the county social service office for three decades.
     Mary Morgan was very friendly and helpful. I remember chatting with her on her front porch last fall while campaigning.
Watertown Daily Times | Community recalls work of former Urban Mission director

Mixed Reviews

    It's hard to know what to think of the President's acceptance speech at the DNC....Early today on MSNBC, Chris Matthews declared it the best convention ever and Mr. Obama the certain winner...Over on FOX, Charles Krauthammer said the President delivered an empty speech far short of his 2004 keynote address.
    On Morning Joe, mixed reviews and the feeling that other speakers at the DNC did better.
    Michelle, Bubba, Biden...The President was anti climactic...
     "He said nothing...but he said nothing better than Mitt Romney," chirped Joe Scarborough.

WDT: Supervisor Wants Beer to Stay Put

    Does everyone get a tax break ? Even established and very successful businesses like Eagle Beverage which has a product line that just about guarantees success ?
    I guess so and Town of Pamelia Supervisor Larry Longway is crying foul over a PILOT deal to move the Budweiser distributor from his town to the Town of Watertown.
     Since I thought Pamelia had no town tax, what's it matter ? It does to Larry as currently all three local beer distributors are located in his township and he wants the devil's brew to stay put.
     Watertown Daily Times | Pamelia supervisor opposes plan for Eagle Beverage to move into corporate park

Meat Dress on Display in Nation's Capital

     I would have thought it was cooked and eaten...but Lady Gaga's meat dress was dried and preserved and is now part of an exhibit for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame being diplayed in DC.
    Gaga wore the protein filled clothing to an MTV Awards show in 2010.
Meat dress Lady Gaga wore to 2010 MTV Video Music Awards to be displayed at the National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington -

WDT: Fighting Intense in the Eastern Front

In his eyes on the ground account of the Owens/Doheny forum, Times scribe Brian Amaral offers a perspective on the all out GOP effort to deep six the current Congressman in three counties newly added to the NNY district.
Washington, Warren and Saratoga counties are where Mr. Doheny is going full bore, hoping the Republican base can simply overwhelm Rep. Bill Owens.
This is where having a posse of campaign staff could help Mr. Doheny.
Meanwhile, it's still all quiet on the western front. The only sign I have seen is a Doheny one on Wealtha Avenue that's been up since before the primary.
Watertown Daily Times | Thoughts on Owens, Doheny farm debate

Obama Rides Enthusiastic Convention Back on the Trail to Election Eight Weeks Away

     The conventions are over. There were some well delivered speeches, including the President's, and now the election is really and finally just around the corner.
      The Democratic gathering in Charlotte will likely fire up the base and President Clinton did the current President a favor with his masterful speaking.
     The Democratic ticket is off to NH and Iowa, two smaller states that if they stay with the President will make victory a lot easier.
     The only variable ahead is the debates. Mitt Romney must gain an edge there.
Obama: Voters face 'clearest choice' in a generation –

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Romney won't watch Obama's speech -

   Mitt Romney says he won't be watching President Obama's speech ? Well guess what Mitt....You should.
    Quit the phony aloof nonsense the President had towards your speech...Quit worrying about what the press will say...
    Watch his speech...get mad....declare it BS and start telling us why you should win.
    Bill Clinton set the bar high...
    If I was you Mitt...I would say "If Bubba was running I'd consider it....but not the Thursday night speaker..."

Romney won't watch Obama's speech -

I CAN Drive 85 !

   This has to bother the libs...the government up your butt crowd...A Texas highway with an 85 mph speed limit....
    Remember the stink when Pataki put it back to 65 mph in NY....The Cuomos cringed....
85 mph! Texas to open toll highway with fastest speed limit in nation - U.S. News

Thursday Stuff

   I know this is heresy in the radio world, but with the help of a more hip and much younger employee, I downloaded Pandora to my cell phone and plugged it into my stereo instead of satellite radio.
    Pandora opens a box full of music by artist or genre....Great selection and it's free except for a very occasional commercial.
    Over at the Brew-HaHa today I notice they are now offering Yoplait Greek Yogurt and oatmeal, all at reasonable prices. They are also thinking of buying Square, the credit card processor that hooks to your cell phone. Tired of paying rapacious processing fees, I guess. With Square, the kid out mowing lawns could let people pay on cards...Only problem is kids don't do that anymore.
    I notice some catty comments about the Pete's transfer. Gee, a guy gets a well deserved retirement...a younger entrpreneur starts his own business. Most of the employees stay put.....Let it rest...

Mayor Asks Commissioner for Help

   I have asked DEC Commissioner Joseph Martens to have his agency take a more assertive and responsive approach to a range of health and pollution concerns related about industrial pollution years ago on Watertown's northside.
    Residents have brought concerns to City Hall and we frankly have neither the authority or expertise to answer their questions.
     In a letter to Mr. Martens, I ask his office do more than provide website addresses to access documents. (The letter was made available to the media this morning)
     The issues raised are important to the people affected and while some of this may be a case of perception becoming reality, there is also anecdotal evidence suggesting answers are needed.
     We look forward to a proactive approach by the agency responsible.

NY 21: GOP's Sayward backs DEM Bill Owens

   Whatever happened to walking in lock step as a party...Assemblywoman Teresa Sayward liked being in the GOP when it got her a few terms in she is supporting the Democrat for Congress.  Remember Assemblywoman Scozzafava way back when. She supported Bill Owens and later Andy Cuomo.
    Senator Ritchie and Senator Little...both Republicans can't stop cooing over Governor Cuomo.
     It's got to be tough being a GOP county chair these days. Not that I blame independent thinkers, it's just that the two party, us against them, system doesn't lend itself to straying.
      According to Middle Class Mike, parties have to stand for discipline if nothing more.
NY 21: GOP's Sayward backs DEM Bill Owens | NCPR News

Ooops...In a Controlled Event, Delegates Push Back Against God and Israel

     There was an awkward moment at the DNC last night as the party platform was amended to include a mention of God and to mention Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.
     The changes were requested by the nominee and would have been perfunctory changes just to avoid criticism from the GOP.
     Except when offered to the delegates in a voice vote requiring a two thirds vote, it was clear there was not a two thirds vote.
      Three voice votes were held by a bewildered mayor of Los Angeles who was chairing the event...All three times, there was clearly not two thirds...But the mayor got with the program by declaring in the opinion of the chair the motion passed. The delegates booed.
       The sheep got tired of being sheep and the very liberal tenor of the crowd was evident.
       Whether the word "God" is in a platform few read is a nonsense issue but the GOP got some mileage over the momentary inability of Team Obama to control its own convention.

Bill Clinton's speech heaps praise on Obama as he tears into Republicans at Democratic National Convention 2012 | Mail Online

      Bill Clinton still has the flair. In a 48 minute speech to the DNC in Charlotte, the beloved former President gave an enthusiastic endorsement of Barack Obama and a point by point repudiation of GOP talking points.
      So far the speeches at the DNC have been effective with Mr. Clinton and the First Lady leading the way.
      President Obama accepts the nomination tonight in the Time Warner Arena after plans for a stadium ceremony were scrapped obstensibly due to weather concerns.
Bill Clinton's speech heaps praise on Obama as he tears into Republicans at Democratic National Convention 2012 | Mail Online

WDT: Candidates Tangle in Forum Far, Far Away

       With no televised forums and no scheduled debates for the Watertown area, voters in NY 21's largest city will have to glean the views of the Congressional candidates from whatever missives come from the front lines in the race which are far to the east of us.
       Rep. Bill Owens and challenger Matt Doheny appeared jointly at a forum in Greenwich, NY.
        It sounds like a good exchange with discussion on important issues like Social Security.
        Are we still in the Congressional district ?
Watertown Daily Times | Candidates tangle at ag forum

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Union Backs Groper

    While calls abound for groping Assemblyman Vito Lopez to resign, the Public Employees Federation has endorsed Mr. Lopes.
  Vote for the union label.
Capitol Confidential » PEF endorsements are out

WDT: Oh Boy !...First Attack Ad in NY 21

   The ads have started....But since I don't watch much TV other than talking head shows, I won't see them...That's why I rely on Mr. Amaral to keep me up to date.
   I think all TV ads for all Congressional races coast to coast are stupid, vacuous and an insult to my intelligence.
    I am not part of that persuadable, undecided group that everyone seems to be interested in motivating.
     I have already decided and talking to me is a waste of time...kind of like Middle Class Mike.
Watertown Daily Times | In first attack ad of 2012, Doheny goes on Medicare offensive

Out With the Old...In With the New...and Other Tid Bits

        One ratty building will be demolished and another one possibly as part of the City's takeover of about eight properties for taxes....
        A long festering apartment building on Lynde Street will come down. It was a blight of the neighborhood for years.
        On the bubble is the former Dr. Strange Tattoo Shop on Factory Street. Staff recommended it come down but Councilman Smith wanted to keep if for the auction of properties....Maybe its a sentimental thing.....maybe he got his tattoo there...oops, that's executive session material.
       I was over at the Fairfield Inn on Gaffney Drive today for a ribbon cutting....The City's newest hotel was already full last weekend and the owners look forward to a busy fall with Canadian shoppers leading the way.
       Our friends from the Privateers were there too...They will be using the hotel in the coming season and team owner Nicole Kirnan says everything is on track.
       And I took some action today on the concerns over northside pollution, but more on that later as I have to treat the MSM fairly.


The Comeback Vegan -

   Tonight's use of Bill Clinton to be the savior of President Obama's reelection bid is described as more a transaction than a 'bromance' by columnist Maureen Dowd.
    The liberal Dowd says Mr. Clinton's willingness to play ball in getting Mr. Obama reelected has more to do with creating a path for Hillary to run in 2016 than any affection for the incumbent.
The Comeback Vegan -

Lopez: Let The Voters Decide (But Is There a Choice ?)

   Embattled NYC Assemblyman Vito Lopez says he won't resign and that voters should decide his fate.....What's left out of this article is whether Mr. Lopez even has an opponent on the November ballot ?
    Most NYC districts are so lopsided there is likely no opponent.  Many Democrats have been calling for Lopez' to resign amidst the 'gropegate' scandal involving publicly funded hush money going to two employees accusing the Assemblyman of sexual harassment.
Lopez: Let The Voters Decide

WDT: County considers law to take property for drug misdemeanors

   Kudos to Legislator Michael Behling for trying to halt an ill advised effort to expand property seizure for even minor drug offenses. The "war on drugs" has been responsible for an erosion of civil liberties and seizing property becomes an end unto itself.
This Week NYC Cops Said to Have Taken Seized Mercedes on Three Borough Joy Ride, Leaving Car Damaged Before Owner Got It Back
    It will likely pass as lawmakers are anxious to be seen doing something about drugs.
    atertown Daily Times | County considers law to take property for drug misdemeanors

The Journal | Ogdensburg council names Pinkerton as preferred city manager candidate

      In the Maple City, the City Council has named an Ogdensburg native and private sector businessman as preferred candidate for city manager. He is John Pinkerton, not a name I am familiar with. The name trickled out last week, but it was just not reasonable to expect it could be kept secret for weeks while a contract is inked.
     City Council is seeking changes in the City Charter before signing a contract.
     The Journal | Ogdensburg council names Pinkerton as preferred city manager candidate

WDT: Owens: We are better off now than we were four years ago

   Our local Congressional candidates have joined the debate over whether we are better off than we were four years ago. Rep. Bill Owens says we are. He is. Four years ago he was a well known attorney in Plattsburgh. Now he is a Member of Congress. That's a good four years.
     As for the other 800,000 residents in the NNY district, probably some are, some are not and most are about the same. It depends on individual circumstances and there is no collective expereience.
     Challenger Matt Doheny says there are more unemployed locally and that like President Obama, Mr. Owens has presided over a deteriorating economy.
      He certainly has been part of the exploding debt which last night topped 16 trillion dollars.
       So much of the NNY race is now linked to the Obama-Romney contest.
       One interesting aside is Green Party candidate Donald Hassig will attend a debate in distant Glens Falls later this month. News of what happens there should reach our end of the district by mid October.
Watertown Daily Times | Owens: We are better off now than we were four years ago

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Democrats set to move Obama's big speech from 74,000-seater outdoor stadium to 20,000-seater indoor arena | Mail Online

   Despite a blockbuster speech by the First Lady, President Obama will likely not take a chance on giving a speech in a big stadium and risk having thousands of empty seats.
    Citing weather concerns, the Dems are going to move the acceptance from a 74000 seat stadium back to the 20,000 person Time Warner Arena.
   Democrats set to move Obama's big speech from 74,000-seater outdoor stadium to 20,000-seater indoor arena | Mail Online

DNC 2012: Clinton's big speech: Mystery to Team Obama... I Doubt It

    I just do not believe the fiction that the Obama campaign doesn't know was Bill Clinton will say Wednesday night.
    The "mystery" is designed to increase interest in the gushing endorsement by the former President of the man who stuck it to his wife and him four years ago with a nasty, race baiting campaign.
    Why will President Clinton play nice ?  Because above all else he is a party animal and knows how to play the game. He also wants adulation and telling what he really thinks of "The One" will not get cheers in a room full of Obama supporters.
    And the number one reason Bill wants Obama to win ? That means it's an open seat race in 2016.
DNC 2012: Clinton's big speech: Mystery to Team Obama -

Council Hears Concerns Over Northside Pollution

   City Council tonight heard from dozens of northside residents about lingering concerns over pollution from the area's industrial past.
    Residents said they were not satisfied the NYS DEC has been forthcoming about testing of the area or the cleanup nearly two decades ago of Kelsey Creek.
    City Hall provided resident with information packets and our staff has met with DEC.
    My suggestion is that the different political subdivisions including two towns and two school districts need to be contacted. Also there is a need for those with concerns to be in touch with state representitives who can facilitate needed meetings.
    I am not an expert on the chemistry of it all, but the questions are real and we support residents having access to those who do have more answers.
    While no one wants to inflame residents, their questions should not be ignored either.
    Council also decided to put out to auction several city properties recently taken for taxes.  
Feedback: Should Watertown Fix Up Rundown Homes? | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News

Nixon Son In Law Whines Over Salt City Mayor's Rap at GOP

    Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner took a few shots at the GOP on issues like abortion, gender equality and same sex marriage.....and now NYS Republican Ciar Ed Cox wants an apology....Don't hold your breath Ed.
     Her Honor is a rising star in the state Democratic party and likes to play a little hard ball....No harm in that.
New York GOP leader calls on Syracuse mayor to apologize |

Crimestoppers.....Stolen Truck on Pearl Street

       A pick up truck left in my parking lot early Sunday morning turned out to have been stolen in Gouverneur shortly before...Must be some people needed a ride back to Watertown.
       I saw the people pull in and get out and walk down the street...Just figured they were the usual inconsiderate a-holes who don't ask and just do what they want...But at the late hour, I didn't feel like arguing.
      When it was still there today I looked inside and found a checkbook with a phone number...I called and got the owner who told me it was stolen in the vicinity of Ninah's Tavern on Depot Street in the Lifesaver Village.
      State Police investigated and I just talked to them. All the personal effects were still in the vehicle.


Bill Owens' Imaginary Help | Doheny for Congress

    I was chatting with my good friend Tammy when she stopped by today....A little about politics as we were chatting about whether to stay in the Indy Party or not.
    Tammy asked me how Matt Doheny is doing...and I said I don't really know. He says he is going to win and I read his latest press release which is an issue oriented assault on government over regulation.
     It's really hard to say. I have my seat of the pants impressions from talking to people, but that doesn't reflect anything more than Watertown's chattering class....
    Guess the bottom line is, I don't really know how he is doing.
Bill Owens' Imaginary Help | Doheny for Congress

Charlotte: Dems To Tell Us How They Will Heal the Nation and Part the Waters

     Festivities get underway tonight in Charlotte where the First Lady leads off the list of prominent speakers at the DNC that includes President Bill Clinton as well as convention nominees Joe Biden and Barack Obama.
    While there are no surprises expected, look for two themes...Democrats will rap Mitt Romney for avoiding overseas wars in his address and they will argue Americans are better off than what they would have been if the GOP had been in charge.
     I am marginally better off than four years ago, but not because of anything other than circumstance and my own efforts. I don't blame or credit Mr. Obama with any good or bad I may encounter.

First Lady's night at Time Warner Cable Arena |

Calif. Democrat apologizes for 'big lie' remark.

    Nazis made such an impact on the world, people just keep comparing people to them for dramatic effect.  Get a seat belt ticket and the police are the Gestapo....Tell a white lie about your running exploits and the head of the Democratic Party in California compares you to propaganda chief Joseph Goebbels.
      Everytime somebody makes one of these cutesy comparisons to the sinister regime, they end up apologizing.
      Rep. Paul Ryan's fudge on his marathon says something about him...but it does not suggest he is an incarnation of the Third Reich.
Calif. Democrat apologizes for 'big lie' remark#.UET-XNaPVyQ

Hoffman Smiling as He Poses With Doheny

   I don't know what the local candidates were up to on Labor Day, but I did come across a photo of Matt Doheny posing with former foe Doug Hoffman as a car show in Lake Placid. The cadre of hard core Hoffman supporters is key to any hopes Doheny has of defeating Rep. Bill Owens.
At the Olympic Oval in Lake Placid


Monday, September 3, 2012

Reporters: We loathe 2012 campaign -

       The 2012 campaign enters its final nine weeks today and its a pretty vacuous affair...Joe Biden summed up his party's message in Detroit on Sunday....a bumper sticker...Osama bin Laden is dead and General Motors is alive !.
       For Republicans it's the not so original retort..."Are you better off than you were four years ago ?"
      That's about it and everyone is tired. Only 30 million Americans watched the Romney acceptance speech. On the other side, there is concern whether the President can fill the stadium in Charlotte without having to recruit every Tom, Dick and Harry who likes free tickets to something.
    It's so boring Mitt Romney took Labor Day off to go boating in NH.
    Locally the only hot race is the Congressional rematch between Bill Owens and Matt Doheny.  Mr. Owens seems to be coasting and Mr. Doheny is stumping but insists privately there are too many Republicans in the voter pool not to win.
     There is little of the tick tock of the race to be seen and there will be no widely viewed debates or media polls.
     Will everyone be glad when it's over ?   Could be.
Reporters: We loathe 2012 campaign - Dylan Byers -

With the rise of texting and chat apps, voice-mail use is waning. –

    Everything keeps changing...Remember your Radio Shack answering machine with the two cassette tapes and the ability to communicate even if you can't or won't.
     That transitioned to other types of voice mail, but that is on the wane now as an impatient society is not happy just leaving a message...
   Tell it now....texting is eclipsing voice mail. What's next ?
With the rise of texting and chat apps, voice-mail use is waning. –

Sheldon Silver plans major role at DNC despite heat over Vito Lopez sex harass scandal - NY Daily News

   I really don't think the national race will hinge on whether Sheldon Silver is seen in public in Charlotte...nonetheless Democrats are said to want the Speaker to be less conspicuous due to the controversy swirling over the coverup of sexual harassment by Assemblyman Vito Lopez...a member of Speaker Silver's majority caucus.
    The Speaker says he will continue to assume a high profile in the NY delegation but really outside of NY, who knows Mr. Silver...And in NY , it's Obama by 25+ points anyway.
    Let Shelly announce in the roll call.
Sheldon Silver plans major role at DNC despite heat over Vito Lopez sex harass scandal - NY Daily News

Cuomo: I'll Stop By But Don't Want to Be Part of Obama Convention

     Governor Cuomo may be seeking the 2016 nomination but he doesn't want to be seen as too solicitous. He has no speech at the DNC this week in Charlotte and only makes a day trip there to meet with NY delegates.
     Since becoming governor, Mr. Cuomo has purposely stayed out of the national spotlight and gaffe light. Instead he has sought to cultivate his image as a reform governor.
      Cuomo: Convention day-tripper -

Will Ron Paul Repubilcans Bolt Mitt ?

      Those Ron Paul supporters who came to the GOP convention have good reason not to support nominee Mitt Romney.
       They were not allowed to put their candidates name in nomination even though Mr. Romney had way more than enough delegates to be nominated.
       It was hard ball politics as rules for placing a name in nomination were changed to exclude Mr. Paul..
       The GOP platform has little to do with the libertarianism espoused by Mr. Paul, but the convention snub means so called "liberty Republicans" may take a walk in November and in a 50-50 race that could be a factor.
Roger Stone: The Stone Zone

N.Y. attorney general opens probe into private equity firms, including Bain - CBS News

   Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is a good Democrat. He has conveniently opened a probe of private equity firms including....low and behold....Bain Capital.
     Just in time to buttress the Obama campaign's villification of Bain and it's one time chief Mitt Romney.
     Is Mr. Schneiderman following in a long tradition of attornies general ?...That is to put political agendas and personal ambition front and center. Mr. Schneiderman is widely thought to be in line to be governor following Andrew Cuomo's ascent to the White House....Or am I getting ahead of myself.
    Of course, this could be just an effort to increase tax revenue for the Empire State, in which case it's just your standard shake down.    
N.Y. attorney general opens probe into private equity firms, including Bain - CBS News

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Palin's marathon time beats Paul Ryan's

    Rep. Paul Ryan claims to have run a sub four hour marathon....But the record shows he was close, but it was 2008 VP candidate Sarah Palin who actually ran a 3:59 marathon while Mr. Ryan ran one at four hours and one minute.
    The Congressman has gotten in hot water over claims he was faster than he was.
Palin's marathon time beats Paul Ryan's -

Sunday Night at the New Pete's

     I was at Pete's tonight talking to my old friend Bill Cody who agreed with me on the simple beauty of a hamburger. We both embraced the assurances from the new owner that a new bar menu was in production for the day to day customers not yearning for squid or a gourd scooped out and filled with cooked gourd.
    Working off the menu at hand, I had a great BLT salad and a key lime parfait for dessert that was excellent but not over filling. In all a good Sunday evening punctuated by an appearance by my style and fashion advisor Kari Plumpton.

WDT: Owens, Doheny to attend Farm Bureau forum

   Oh great....the Congressional candidates are appearing together in an obscure forum in a place I never heard of....Hey gents....there is a nice studio at 120 Arcade Street.....Or for something more informal, 199 Wealtha Avenue...I suspect my modest audience dwarfs the attendance for this farm forum in Vermont....oh, sorry, in Washington County.
Watertown Daily Times | Owens, Doheny to attend Farm Bureau forum

Bill Clinton on Obama: 'A Few Years Ago, This Guy Would Have Been Carrying Our Bags' | The Weekly Standard

   If you liked Clint Eastwood at the RNC, you'll love Bill Clinton at the DNC...Who knows what he will say not just during his prime time speech but during his wanderings around Charlotte all week.
   You just know he can't stand the President......but as a partisan he plays the game...sometimes.
Bill Clinton on Obama: 'A Few Years Ago, This Guy Would Have Been Carrying Our Bags' | The Weekly Standard

Census: 3,454 local government entities in NY

        There are lots of local governments in NY, although nationally the number is declining oh so slightly.
        This includes 679 school districts.
         When you add in all the jurisdictions with taxing and bonding authority the number balloons to over 10K.
         Many towns and villages are among the most frugally run....but there are exceptions.......
       Census: 3,454 local government entities in NY - State Wire - The Buffalo News

DNC 2012: New Yorkers Descend on Tar Heel State

       New York Democrats led by embattled Speaker Sheldon Silver and the states political chattering class led by Liz and Celeste have descended on Charlotte for some Democratic Party fun while on expense account.
       We look forward to the Speaker spending much of his political vacation talking about the GropeGate scandal gripping Albany.
       And we enjoy the posts from our political press corps as they make the complex simple and the incomprehensible understandable.
       I don't know who from NNY is there as the MSM hasn't shown much interest in the pedestrian world of party politics. I have to assume the Mike Schell and June O'Neill types are there although maybe they are at a point where enoughs enough.

DNC 2012: The Second Time Around | New York Daily News

Janet Napolitano Acolyte Resigns Amid Charges She Talked Dirty

    I once worked with a Suzanne Barr at channel 50, but I don't think this is the same one.....This one has resigned her cushy job at Homeland Security amid allegations of sexual harassment of male employees....Must be overly sensitive male employees, but these days we all know the rules.
Likes to Talk Dirty
   Besides, do you want people in charge of airport strip searches having such a lewd and cavalier attitude towards S-E-X ?
    I hope Ms. Barr's departure isn't part of that War on Women we keep hearing about.
    Customs chief-of-staff Suzanne Bar resigns amid allegations of making 'lewd comments' to male executives | Mail Online

WDT: School districts look to mergers, regional high schools to address fiscal crisis

    As long as state aid sustains having a superintendent every five miles, there will be a superintendent every five miles.
    In a newspaper article the issue of mergers and regional high schools is raised, but I don't know if it was really raised or whether it's one of those media originated stories where you assign someone to call administrators and see if you can craft a narrative.
    Watertown Daily Times | School districts look to mergers, regional high schools to address fiscal crisis

EXCLUSIVE: Jets QB Mark Sanchez cuddles up with Eva Longoria near his Bedminster, NJ home -

   A couple of years back, JETS Co-quarterback Mark Sanchez got into a little hot water for his dalliance with a very young New Jersey lass...No worries of that now as 25 year old Sanchez is cuddling and canoodling with 37 year old actress Eva Longoria. Sanchez went the preseason without a touch down but apparently has been scoring with Ms. Longoria who starred in the popular series, Desperate Housewives.
    EXCLUSIVE: Jets QB Mark Sanchez cuddles up with Eva Longoria near his Bedminster, NJ home -

WDT: Local County Governments Feel Pension Pinch

   I have talked and have been critized  for some time for talking about the burgeoning amounts of money being spent so that the Comptroller can keep saying NYS retirement system is the most solvent from sea to shining sea.
   Today the WDT opined that the rates are squeezing counties. They are squeezing all local governments, especially those paying the especially high rates related to pensions for the uniformed services.
   Nobody is saying people shouldn't have a nest egg or that cops, firemen and others are intrinsically bad people.
     I am glad the pension costs are piercing the psyche of the MSM as these costs are front and center as local governments devise means to contain costs which will likely mean reducing the number of people being covered by these programs.
Watertown Daily Times | County governments feel pension pinch

Judge to rule on Libertarian Gary Johnson's ballot case -

   Republicans know there is more than just campaigning needed to win...You have to prepare the battlefield and that means making sure there are no third party candidates with an appeal to libertarian sentiments.
   The GOP is mounting ballot objections to Gov. Gary Johnson wherever they can in a bid to knock the Libertarian off in whatever states they can.
   Mr. Johnson's appeal is unknown, but his anti-war, pro choice and gay marriage, end the drug war, balance the budget message could make him a choice of some who just can't warm up to the Mitt-ster or The One.
    Let's hope these attempts to limit choice fail and Johnson remains on in fifty states.
Let voters decide.

Judge to rule on Libertarian Gary Johnson's ballot case -