Saturday, August 25, 2012

Hordes Descend on Pete's for Tommy's Swan Song

      A large crowd was assembled at Pete's Restaurant, 11 Breen Avenue, for the final night as owner Tom Costanzo retires.   Among the luminiaries were Ralphie Marzano, Paul Higgins, Tom Dawley, Biff Capone, The Hunts (Parents of Amy),  Mego Doldo,John Morgia, Johnny Tufo and others too numerous to mention.
       Pete's will reopen in September under the ownership of Geoff Puccia.

Swing-State Map Has Romney Within Striking Distance

     The latest swing state map shows President Obama with a 303-235 edge in the Electoral College when the too close to call states are allocated based on recent polling.
      Politico has moved Florida with its 29 votes into the Romney column, joining Indiana and North Carolina as 2008 Obama states going the other way.
       Of course all these races are close and current horse race coverage could change with two conventions and four debates still to come.
Swing-State Map, List & Polls -

WDT: Snark Week Redux

       I won't be attending, but last winter did attend the Bay's other cultural icon, the Polar Bear Dip. The MSM needs to get out more.
Watertown Daily Times | Doheny to attend belly-flop contest in Alex Bay

First Man on Moon Dies at 82

    The central figure in one of the most significant shared experiences of my life has died at age 82.  Astronaut Neil Armstrong passed following complications from heart surgery.
     Commander Armstrong was the first to set foot on the Moon on July 20, 1969. I still remember staying up late into the night to watch on Channel 7 as Walter Cronkite anchored the coverage.

      His post space career was very private, but for his 'one small step' Neil Armstrong was the most known person on the planet.

Vito Lopez Stripped Of Chairmanship..Not the Stripping Lawmaker Had in Mind

   More libido problems in Albany...A key Democratic Assemblyman has lost a chairmanship (and a  lulu) over allegations he created a hostile work environment with sexual comments and unwanted contact.
    Assembly Vito Lopez got a letter of reprimand from the Speaker.
Vito Lopez Stripped Of Chairmanship Following Sexual Harassment Allegations

Candidate as Working Man ?

       Rep. Bill Owens will be wearing brown on Monday for a photo op in which he rides along on a UPS truck delivering packages.....The point is likely to demonstrate that the career attorney understands the 'little guy'....the 'forgotten middle class'.....
        Of course, he shouldn't actually touch the packages as that would be taking work away from union employees.

It is Unclear Whether the Congressman Will Don the Shorts
         The consultants and handlers are big on 'optics', so who knows what other photo ops we will see from the candidates prior to the election.
Owens to deliver -- UPS packages

I Built This Business....But My Alma Mater Tried to Kill It.....SU Grad FInally Squashes Orange

       An SU grad is finally able to sell her "Syracutie" brand of clothing after a two plus year legal struggle with Syracuse Univeristy, which aregued the school has some kind of branding rights to the name 'Syracuse'.

New York's Political Elite Head to Tampa for Fun and Rain

    Even though little will happen that involves mystery, the media is getting ready for its trip to Tampa but Liz and company are lamenting the lack of sun and beach time likely to be caused by Tropical Storm Isaac.
    The storm's path is still uncertain but it does not look like hurricane strength winds for the convention site, instead a lot of rain and flooding.
                        Media Laments Isaac Will Cut Their Tanning Time at RNC
      Highlights of the week will include speeches by Mitt and Mrs Romney, VP choice Paul Ryan and keynoter Chris Christie.
       This is the ultimate vacation for the political class as I remember when I was a delegate to the DNC in 1992 in NYC.  Lots of hospitality suites, cocktails and political chatter and lousy weather won't deter that fun.

Tropical Storm Isaac Crashes Party-Crasher Joe Biden's Party Crashing | New York Daily News

   Tropical Storm Isaac provided the out as VP Joe Biden has nixed plans to hang out in Tampa during the Republican National Convention. Citing concerns over disaster preparedness, the VP is staying away from what would have been a tacky attempt to discredit the RNC.
Tropical Storm Isaac Crashes Party-Crasher Joe Biden's Party Crashing | New York Daily News

Friday, August 24, 2012

Update on Pete's

     Since no one else covers it, I will give you the tick-tock on the closing hours of a 42 year tradition in Watertown's hospitality industry. With Pete's Restaurant closing tomorrow night, many long time regulars and Watertown old timers are showing up.
      Folks like these were in Friday night and likely will be back on Saturday for the finale.
      In a change of plans, bartender/ingenue  Caitlyn will be on duty for the final act.
      Tom and Lynn Costanzo have run Pete's for 42 years since taking over from Tom's dad in 1970.
       Local chef Geoff Puccia is reopening Pete's in September as Pete's Trattoria and Pizzeria.

Akin To Announce He's Sticking In Missouri Senate Race..Keeps Alive an Issue NNY Doesn't Want to Hear

   Rep. Todd Akin is staying in the MO Senate race. That keeps the issue of his statements front and center.
     Here in NNY we don't have hard core right-to-lifers getting the major party nomination. People say they oppose abortion but not in a convincing way.
      In the Republican world, there has been talk of steering clear of a hard right, pro life stance, but there is fear over antagonzing Mike Long, the chair of the state's Conservative Party and controller of Line C on the ballot.
      I don't think the Akin remarks have been debated up here because everyone knows the GOP candidates are not pro-life, at least not in the down South sort of way.
      North Country candidates would rather not have to talk about abortion or gay marriage as they have a live and let live attitude towards such things.
     In other words, they are running based on other issues and just say the bare minimum to keep Mr. Long happy.
      That's why the Akin flap raises a matter no one wanted to see raised.
       Don't get me wrong...I want candidates who talk about taxes, regulations, jobs and deficits....
       I have no interest in abortion, marriage, wars on women, wars on drugs, or the wars overseas that are bankrupting us.

Akin To Announce He's Sticking In Missouri Senate Race - Hotline On Call

Birther bombshell: Barack Obama outraged after Mii Romney jokes ¿No one¿s asked to see my birth certificate¿ | Mail Online

       You're right Mitt...No one every asked to see my birth certificate either....This should ratchet up the rhetoric between two guys who just don't seem to care for each other...A festive 70 days ahead for sure.
        These days you say anything and there is outrage....Meanwhile the perpetrator of outrage two days ago, Todd Akin, is vowing to stay in the MO Senate race even though a new poll has him trailing Sen. McCaskill by ten points.
Birther bombshell: Barack Obama outraged after Mii Romney jokes ¿No one¿s asked to see my birth certificate¿ | Mail Online

Prince Harry partied with 'at least 15 girls' during wild night in Vegas, snuck away with blond girl in nude photo, sources claim - NY Daily News

    And so what is a 27 year old single royal supposed to do when in Vegas?
     No scandal here.
Prince Harry partied with 'at least 15 girls' during wild night in Vegas, snuck away with blond girl in nude photo, sources claim - NY Daily News

WDT: Doheny hits more than 100 businesses....

    For the record, Mr. Doheny did visit my business during the period in question. Leaving it off the list was surely inadvertant on Jude's part.
     Watertown Daily Times | Doheny hits more than 100 businesses

Green Party Candidate Hassig Kicked Out Of State Fair

      Political speech is supposed to receive the highest level of protection under the First Amendment....but in the 21st Congressional District what matters more is whether you can spend a bundle at WWNY or Time Warner....
      Again the third party candidate for Congress gets the bum's rush from a venue other pols get to hang out at....But those seeking to lick the boots of the Governor don't have to worry...
       Donald Hassig isn't hurting anyone and it's about time the major party candidates stand up for freedom and invite this guy to their exclusive debate club.
       Green Party Candidate Hassig Kicked Out Of State Fair | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News

Ritchie Races From State Historical Society to Winery in Relentless Bid for Votes

     I actually enjoy going to political events, so missing Patty Ritchie's soire in Clayton was a disappointment. I had to deal with the bane of being in small business...Filling in for an ill employee.
     The good news is that the Senator's reelection is virtually certain, as opponent Amy Tressider is not mounting an extensive effort and is at best showing up here and there, while Ms. Ritchie is a relentless campaigner.
       Campaigning is more than shaking hands....It's also the means by which you find out what's going people are doing...and what's on their minds.
        While I didn't care about the steaks or steamers, I would have like to check out the Coyote Moon Winery, which seems to be the top dog among the many local wineries cropping up locally.

Analysis: Barack Obama's joyless slog towards re-election

   The Presidential race is being described as a "joyless slog" towards reelection for President Barack Obama, who four years ago drew huge crowds and inspired millions in speeches from Portland, OR to venues around the globe such as his spectable/speech in Berlin.
    Now the crowds are smaller...the candidate aged and testy...and the low blows evident as a race unfolds in a nation not that enthused about the President or his opponent, Mitt Romney.
    The conclusion is Mr. Obama still has pizzazz but that he is at best going to barely limp across the line to 270 electoral votes.
     One wonders how contentious and bland his second term will be.

Toby Harnden: Barack Obama's joyless slog towards re-election | Mail Online

Owens works senior vote in Massena | NCPR News

   The Congressional race was playing out yesterday in remote areas of the district as Rep. Bill Owens was in Massena at a Seniorama along with Mary Doheny, who was stumping for her husband who was a hundred or so miles away in Saratoga County.
     The Owens campaign is staking its future on the national debate over Medicare, accusing Mr. Doheny of not offering anything more than conservative bromides about Obamacare while the Republican insists policies backed by Owens are costing NNY jobs.
      One issue that has not surfaced in NNY is the recent flap over Missouri Congressman Todd Akin's remarks about abortion and rape. That's a blessing.
Owens works senior vote in Massena | NCPR News

WDT: Residents urge remedy at Starbuck site

   Erin Brockovich didn't show but sent a representitive  to speak with northside residents still concerned over the legacy of industrial pollution in areas adjacent to Starbuck Avenue and Kelsey Creek.
     Local residents suspicious of the environment's effect on their health had invited the named pollution buster to look at their situation.
       The pollution supposedly was cleaned up or contained and was monitored by the NYS DEC, but skepticism remains about what may be left despite assurances from Albany.
Watertown Daily Times | Residents urge remedy at Starbuck site

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Pete's Changing of the Guard Nears

    The ambiance at Pete's is upbeat....kind of like the excitement over an approaching hurricane...It could change everything but probably won't.
     Saturday is the last day of the Costanzo era...under Tom for 42 years and his family for 70.   Veteran bartender/car salesman Johnny Tufo will preside over the final....and likely lucrative night on Saturday.
      New owner/operator Geoff Puccia is in the anxious mode...hoping the SLA gets his license approved in time for the reopening on Labor Day weekend.
      Everyone wonders what the changes will be...but how much can you do in a week ?
       I predict new rest rooms...a repainted bar area and linen table cloths in the dining room....Crowds will be huge in the fall for sure...

WDT: Tool of the Bosses or Friend of the Working Man,...Doheny Raps Owens on Labor Ties

      Over the years, I have certainly dealt amiably with union poobahs, but back in my first race in 1991 I openly spurned the previous ritual of city pols seeking the endorsement of unions representing city workers. My position was I was running to represent everyone and while I respected the bargaining process, did not want to be the candidate of bargaining adversaries.
     It worked. I got 72% against the union backed candidate, Jim Brett.
     Over time I have watched the NNY GOP team seek and often slobber over getting union endorsements. Any union....any local...even if they weren't in the district.
     Former Rep. John McHugh was a union favorite...he favored card check, something anathema to conservatives.
     Now along comes the Doheny lad.....Running a very out of character GOP campaign for Congress in which he openly raps the union bosses and his opponent's subservience to them.
      Of course, it's not like the unions would endorse anyone other than Rep. Bill Owens, so they make a good foil.....Mr Doheny hopes working people like his free market, pro growth views. Sort of a hate the sin, but love the sinners view towards organized labor.
       We'll see if it works.

Watertown Daily Times | On union criticism, Owens uses McHugh legacy

Patriotism and Politics At the Museum

    Tonight it's the gala Patty Ritchie steak and steamers fundraiser at the Coyote Moon Winery near Clayton. I couldn't go, much to the dismay of Team Ritchie....It's just I had to work and besides, doing this blog I get so much of Patty, I am in danger of an overdose.
    Besides I did go to her Hometown Heroes event at the Historical Society this afternoon, where a good time was had by all.
    Meanwhile, at the same event the new City Manager, Sharon Addison, got a chance to meet some more people including Kevin Kieff and Maria Roche.

       I also talked some politics with operatives in attendance....I did question the Doheny guy about the dog in the commercial since I know the candidate has no pets.
I was told the dog was a friend who wandered into the commercial.
        The Congressional rivals were sparring in press releases today, with Bill Owens rapping Doheny over Medicare and Doheny questioning the Congressman's visit to Cornwall, Ontario which is not in the district.
        One other tid bit. Senator Ritchie says she is saving a review of the butter sculpture at the State Fair till a visit next week to meet with dairy leaders. Today she was at the Fair to rub elbows with the Governor.

WDT: Rankings Don't Mean That Much, Do They ?

       Good thing life is paperless nowadays as the Ritchie PR office would level a forest with all the press releases they send out...including one yesterday touting the Senator's inclusion on a list of the best Senators, put out by the right leaning group, Unshackle NY.
       Every two bit group roaming the halls in Albany puts out rankings....
       Here's my ranking. She is in the top third of my list of favorite Senators of all time.
Get the presses rolling.
Watertown Daily Times | Ritchie ranking 'among the highest'?

Tainted tattoo ink leads to 19 infections in Rochester

        That's a nice touch...a red bubbly rash to go along with your new tattoo...
Monroe County health officials in Rochester have tracked down the source of an infection originating in tattoo ink.

         Imagine your teenage daughter's butt cap all red and bubbly at the family picnic.
Tainted tattoo ink leads to 19 infections in Rochester | Democrat and Chronicle |

DeFrancisco Not Holding His Breath For Cuomo Endorsement

   Despite lots of flirting with GOP Senators, it is unlikely Governor Cuomo will actually endorse any Republicans. To do so is heresy within his own party and would anger the true believers in the Democratic Party.
    I am not sure an official "endorsement" matters. Today the Governor is in Syracuse to attend the State Fair and at least one Senator who identifies with Mr. Cuomo is touting her joint appearance with him.
    Senator Patty Ritchie post on Facebook that she is going to the Fair to appear with the Governor.
     What will be interesting is in 2014. Will any GOP Senators appear with their party's candidate for Governor....if there is one ?

DeFrancisco Not Holding His Breath For Cuomo Endorsement

WDT:Retired teacher bequeaths thousands of dollars to the community

   A retired teacher who passed recently has left a legacy of generosity to a range of local churches, schools, foundations and museums.
    Elsa Grant....Thank you for your 93 years and your generosity to the end.
Watertown Daily Times | Retired teacher bequeaths thousands of dollars to the community

Doheny Pins Hopes on Personal Contact in Addition to Signs and Commercials

   If Matt Doheny is successful in his bid for Congress, it will largely be because of his relentless travel and campaigning across the massive 21st District.
    While the TV advertising has begun, Mr. Doheny can look back at months of running the roads and visiting and meeting with countless people.
     That matters, although given the size of the 21st, it's a time consuming method of getting votes one at a time based on personal contact.
       I don't think there are really that many "undecided" voters. The task at hand is getting in the face of people who are persuadable. They are out there and by just meeting the folks, Mr. Doheny could make up for the couple thousand votes that eluded him two years ago.
      It's hard to guage any of this as while the candidate is immersed in the race every hour, the voters are not.
       In that sense, party loyalty and the tenor of the national race will determine how most people vote.  Flipping a thousand people or motivating some who didn't vote last time....or making friends in the new portion of district...All of that could erase the one percentage point that put Rep. Owens in office in 2010.
Doheny looking to win over undecided voters

Republicans trying to boot Gary Johnson from Pennsylvania ballot | PA Independent

      No one thinks Mitt Romney wins Pennsylvania anyway, but the GOP is still deploying its lawyers in a bid to have Libertarian Gary Johnson booted from the ballot.
     Johnson is the former Governor of New Mexico, and is trying to get on the ballot in all fifty states. So far he is on in 36.
Republicans trying to boot Gary Johnson from Pennsylvania ballot | PA Independent

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Senate hopeful to reporter: 'Go f--k yourself' -

    What more reporters need to be told.
Senate hopeful to reporter: 'Go f--k yourself' -

WDT: Ritchie lands NYSUT endorsement

    Patty Ritchie is so going to crush Middle Class Mike's candidate for Senate.....In our own poll Ritchie was leading Amy Tressider better than two to one....and she is even leading the 'Magenta Yenta' in a hypothetical match up with Mindy.
    Now Ms. Ritchie has the endorsement of NYSUT.
     And the tacit backing of the Governor...
    This has to be killing Middle Class Mike..seeing all the Democratic levers being pulled by the Republican candidate.
Watertown Daily Times | Ritchie lands NYSUT endorsement

Poll: Most NY voters back higher minimum wage

      Eighty percent of New Yorkers want the minimum wage hiked....I betcha an even bigger percentage want world peace and eternal salvation, but don't look for the NYS Legislature to deliver that either.
      Clearly there are at least two Republican senators who will be allowed off the reservation so the rest can say they are looking out for small business...This thing is a done deal, but will wait till after the election.
       Funny thing is all the unions and government big wigs wanting the $8.50 wage wouldn't be caught dead hanging out with people in that strata.
Poll: Most NY voters back higher minimum wage - Businessweek

Wednesday Stuff

      A nice crowd was gathering this evening for the outdoor theater at the Fairgrounds...The Dr. Seuss film "The Lorax" was to be shown and many families were there for the free movie courtesy of the Chamber and the City. the mail today I got notice from the BOE in Albany of the termination of my campaign account as my treasurer filed a final reconcilliation recently.  Maybe I will open up a super PAC for future endeavors.

    And finally, I went to a senior lunch sponsored by the Community Action Planning Council at their Davidson Street facility...It was a nice spread of food and it looked like a good time was had by all.

Jackie's Most Public Sale of a Behind the Scenes Service

        The nice lady from PAYCHEX was back today to pick up some more papers for next weeks change over at Fort Pearl.   She brought  candy for the girls, and promised T shirts too.
         We will see if that there direct deposit really works.
Emily is Chatted Up by Jackie from PAYCHEX

           From my point of view its more streamlined and the issue of tip reporting is easier.  They seem pretty attentive to detail and service...We will see as you can follow how it goes here.

Doheny: Owens Misleads On Jobs Record....................... Owens: No I Didn't

    Both major party Congressional candidates are up on the air promising jobs for all.....Doheny says he will fight for jobs....Owens claims to have created thousands of jobs.....
    Before you spend too much more on TV ads, let me fill you both in. Neither of you can or will create jobs in the North Country by your occupancy of the seat in Congress.
    For instance, if NY Air Brake lands a contract today and hires 20 more machinists....that does not mean Bill Owens created 20 jobs just because it happened in the confines of this CD.   If the jobs disappeared, I wouldn't blame him either.
     Members of Congress propose, debate and vote on legislation. They also seek to represent the people with constituent issues. That's their job.
     We need to have people proposing to run the federal government in a fiscally responsible manner...The rest will take care of itself,.
      We need people who understand business, money, finance and the like and are willing to explain to the people the bitter medicine really needed...
      The operatives have a tough time fitting that in 30 second commercials.    

Owens Misleads On Jobs Record | Doheny for Congress

Owens Makes a Point Campaigning Just Outside the District

    Jobs is certainly a theme in the local Congressional race, with incumbent Bill Owens venturing to Cornwall, Ontario recently to meet with leaders there in hopes of more Canadian espansion into border markets.
     So far the Owens campaign for reelection has been low key, but I am sure that will change now that his opponent Matt Doheny is up on television.    
Owens Pushes for Canadian Business Expansion into New York State | U.S. Congressman Bill Owens

WDT: The War on Women Comes to Carthage

      In West Carthage the 'war on women' is being waged by women...A 26 year old woman has been arrested for punching a 35 year old woman in a bar fight at Long Shots.
      Watertown Daily Times | West Carthage woman charged in bar fight

Todd Akin Staying In to Wage a Lonely Race

   A Senate candidate with few political friends left is vowing to stay on the ballot in Missouri in hopes a desire for a GOP Senate majority will trump dismay and disgust over Rep. Todd Akin's whacky comments on abortion and rape.
    Rep. Akin let a deadline pass yesterday to decline his recent primary victory for the right to oppose Sen. Claire McCaskill. He can still withdraw through court order by September 25.
     Last night, Tea Party favorite Sarah Palin called on Akin to withdraw. Others echoing that include the RNC chair, the Senate minority leader, Mitt Romney and Missouri icons like former Senator John Danforth.
     As for Mr. Akin, he made it this far without establishment support and wants to continue, as is his right.
      He probably will lose because he has a history of such statements, but he also provides the focus for the national race as Democrats push their notion of a Republican "war on women."
      Mr. Akin will have to ask a judge to take him off the ballot. A couple lonely weeks may convince him to do so. However, this is a conservative leaning state and the incumbent has been in trouble.  If he is convinced he can put this behind him through apology and contrition, he will likely take his chances on November 6
Todd Akin’s looming campaign of isolation - Manu Raju -

Dissolve The Village Of Chaumont? That's Up To Voters Now | WWNY TV 7

      A referendum to dissolve the Village of Chaumont is on the ballot in November but at a public hearing on the topic this week only one person showed up.
      The effort to dissolve is based on a desire for efficiency and lower taxes, but there is the question of whether folks like their identity and sense of community.
      A method for dissolving villages was enacted a couple of years ago, and an handfull of villages are gone now...Some not missed...others, like Seneca Falls are.
     The real question is , what is the best unit of local government to preserve ?. An argument can be made for no towns and just counties...Or there is a good argument for local government being closest to the people and that favors towns over counties
      Obviously there is little interest in ditching Chaumont, which has a nice history and a strong sense of community. People come from Chaumont...They live in Lyme.
Dissolve The Village Of Chaumont? That's Up To Voters Now | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Fighting for Jobs...Asking for Money

    With the stretch drive ahead, the candidates in the only big time local race are competing for attention and dollars.
    Today I got an email from the Doheny campaign asking for a $110 donation to help pay for mailings, signs and advertising.
    One assumes the Owens campaign is shaking the tree too.
     Meanwhile Mr. Doheny was first up with a commercial on television....A "fighting for jobs" appeal.
     I just want as much federal largesse slathered on Watertown as possible so I can live my golden years in relative prosperity.. I have a job...And economic Armegeddon is still far enough off it doesn't bother me.
     I don't care about abortion, gay marriage or water levels on bodies of water I no longer recreate on.
      I also want a Congressman from the city I live in.....Guess that settles that....and if I can wear my JETS jersey and throw some footballs to adoring crowds...Well, that's icing on the cake.

Tuesday: Ex-Mayor of Gouverneur Arrested | WWNY TV 7

   Now we know why Ron McDougall gave Lifesaver Village Mayor Miller the tap on the shoulder last week.
   Chris Miller has been charged with larceny for allegedly selling a house he didn't have clear title to. Picky picky, Madam DA.

Former Gouverneur Mayor Chris Miller
      The saga of the ex-felon, filing for bankruptcy, marrying a guy (oh that's legal now, but still politically dicey), missed a lot of meetings mayor  marks the nadir of local elected government.
       We plant tomatoes and we get tomatoes and then act surprised....The people of vision and virtue just aren't running...They are working at DANC and are married to a school teacher.

Tuesday: Ex-Mayor of Gouverneur Arrested | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News

Gun stolen from semi-pro team's locker room - NewsChannel 9 WSYR

    The AP reports a handgun may have been among the items allegedly stolen from a locker room Saturday at the Fairgrounds during the Red and Black/Albany Maulers game.
     Lockers were pawed through during the first half while the teams were on the adjacent football field.
     Police are investigating. Why have a gun in a locker room ?  This isn't the NBA.
Gun stolen from semi-pro team's locker room - NewsChannel 9 WSYR

Obama canceled three missions to kill Osama bin Laden before Hillary Clinton convinced him to go ahead -

    The killing of Osama bin Laden was not something the President was as decisive and resolute as we were led to believe, according to a new book which says Secretary of State Clinton convinced a reluctant Commander in Chief to pull the trigger and send Navy Seals in for the kill.
     Meanwhile a reality movie is out with video shot in the White House during the period. That sounds kind of self serving.

    Meanwhile, insiders feel betrayed that the sycophantic MSM that elected Mr. Obama is getting snarky.
     This week's Newsweek cover may just be a bid at selling magazines, but the optics were not good for the President.
     Having Hillary tell him he had to kill the World's greatest terrorist also raises the question of whether everyone was right in kicking Mrs. Clinton to the curb in 2008 in favor of hope and change.
     Of course the GOP is not having a great week either....Their Senate candidate in Missouri is being asked to resign from the race after making whacky comments about rape that threaten not only the Show Me seat but also the national ticket.......
     The race is heating up for sure.
Obama canceled three missions to kill Osama bin Laden before Hillary Clinton convinced him to go ahead -

Monday, August 20, 2012

Celebrating An Era Tonight in the Flats

   The many, many friends of Tom and Lynn Costanzo packed the Italian American Club and later Pete's Restaurant tonight for a retirement celebration for their 42 years in the restaurant business.
                                           Presenting Award to Tom at Pete's
      This is the final week for Tom and Lynn at Pete's...They wrap it up Saturday and a week or so later new owner Geoff Puccia takes over. I recently reviewed my credit card statements and thought maybe I had bought the place...but turns out I am just a regular customer....Sort of the Ralphie Light.
       The Costanzo's have been great friends over the years and helped me so many times....

WDT: Hey Brian...It's Shark Week, Not snark week !

Watertown Daily Times | Graham makes news on blog?#comments

WDT: Pilot program may open Flower library on Sundays

      Like Wal-mart and just about everything else retail, the Flower Library will take a stab at Sunday hours with a pilot program this fall.
      The Library director has graciously offered to work Sundays for the seven week trial while public interest is guaged and ways are pondered to handle labor objections to the expanded hours.
Watertown Daily Times | Pilot program may open Flower library on Sundays

In election year, Senate Republicans tout bond with Democratic governor | Press & Sun-Bulletin |

      Our own Senator Ritchie is not the only GOP lawmaker touting their newfound bond with the Democratic governor as a means of enhancing their status with voters.

      All over the state you can feel the love and some are saying the Governor will actually be supporting some Republican Senators.
      Now after years of dysfunction it's good to see some putting aside of party labels, but it is anathema to those who live and breathe party to see this kind of open fraternization.
      Locally, Dem insiders are wondering whether their own candidate for Senate will be openly abandoned by their party's governor. Betcha Middle Class Mike is hopping mad.
      I wonder if the GOP will even have an opponent for Mr. Cuomo in 2014.
In election year, Senate Republicans tout bond with Democratic governor | Press & Sun-Bulletin |

New York State to allow fracking - CBS News

   After years of watching property owners in neighboring Pennsylvania make money off fracking, NY is reportedly going to start allowing the process with regulations to be announced after Labor Day.
    The controversial (to some) process involves pumping a pressurized mixture of chemicals into the ground to force the release of natural gas. It is considered a major source of new energy reserves, but has its critics as well.
       For those who will benefit economically, it will be a boon....The state's Southern Tier if the most likely spot for fracking due to favorable underground shale fields.
New York State to allow fracking - CBS News

Politico: FBI probed GOP trip with drinking, nudity in Israel

    There is nothing more disturbing than drinking and nudity...especially on foreign soil. A GOP Congressional delegation apparently were partying while on  a fact finding trip to Israel and decided to take a dip in the Sea of Galilee, with one Kansas lawmaker doing so sans clothing.

      The freshmen lawmakers were chewed out by leadership and the FBI actually spent time probing the incident.
       Two New Yorkers were in on the swim including portly upstate Rep. Tom Reed, who definately would not be able to walk on water.
       The naked Congressman has issued a statement of apology for taking his clothes off.    
Exclusive: FBI probed GOP trip with drinking, nudity in Israel - Jake Sherman and John Bresnahan -

Siena: Hochul vs. Collins A Statistical Dead Heat...No Independent Polls Up Our Way

    Another major upstate Congressional race is a dead heat according to a media sponsored poll in Western NY.
     Rep. Kathy Hochul and Republican Chris Collins are slugging it out.
     Everyone assumes our NNY race is also close although there is little reliable data other than the seat of their pants guesses from media wags like me and others.
     The Owens-Doheny race is just assumed to be neck and neck....But we really don't know.
Siena: Hochul vs. Collins A Statistical Dead Heat

Woman Gains Access To Family Home After 20 Years | WWNY

     The woman whose parents house was frozen in time since their passing over two decades ago got a judge's permission to enter the Seymour Street home late last week.
    A family dispute left survivors unable to close out their parent's estate and so the house sat and sat and sat until a sister holding title finally defaulted on taxes.
    The personal effects are out and the city will auction off the house later this year, ending a bizarre episode that puzzled neighbors for years.
     Woman Gains Access To Family Home After 20 Years | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News

Sunday, August 19, 2012

WDT: Doheny, dressed as pirate, parades with Graham, dressed as Tebow

       Maybe Jude's right...this guy is snarky. In a story about today's parade (of which I graciously supplied the photo) the Times political scribe blends in his runner up award in an AP blogging competition. Then he channels the furtive hopes of his superiors concerning my future.

New Pirate Garb...Jeans, Golf Shirt and a Hat
        All blogs should be as upbeat, positive and light hearted as this one.
Watertown Daily Times | Doheny, dressed as pirate, parades with Graham, dressed as Tebow

Alex Bay Gripped By Tebow-Mania

       It was a fun day in Alexandria Bay as the Pirates Weekend Parade was held and I marched in it as part of the Doheny posse. Since we were to throw footballs, I wore my new Tebow jersey and it was a hit as the crowd wanted to catch a Doheny for Congress nerf football from #15.
Tebowing in Downtown Alexandria Bay
            Like #15 I completed about 40% of my passes, but by the end of the pararde I had found my range.  The crowd was enthused and I hate to say it were more captivated by Tebow-mania than Congressional politics.
       It was a fun time in the  Bay and I stopped to see "Critter" at Skiffs for a couple Miller Lites on the way home.
        I don't know if my presence added anything to the campaign event, but the Doheny campaign provided one of their staffers to fill in at Fort Pearl for me. Her name is Courtney and she is a recent FSU grad from Tampa.

      Courtney relaxes after her shift at Fort Pearl......I told her if politics doesn't work out, she is welcome on Pearl Street when Emily leaves for the Air Force in October.

Mayor Was Read the Riot Act in Private Meeting Before Resignation

    I was talking to the defacto mayor of Gouverneur this morning about the events leading to the resignation of Mayor Chris Miller on August 15. Apparently it was a 'come to Jesus' private meeting between Hizzoner and Deputy Hizzoner Ron McDougall.
     Recent media coverage, a spotty attendance record, personal issues and a recent marriage that raised eyebrows had really made the Mayor's position untenable. That's why McDougall was chosen to tap him on the shoulder, a la Nixon in the summer of '74.
      What's interesting is how the Village just sort of ran itself in the absence of an effective chief executive (mayor), since Gouverneur has no hired administrator.
       As for McDougall, is he now acting mayor, or really mayor....Guess it really doesn't matter.

Onondaga County Executive Joanie Mahoney mines campaign, family and friendships for new hires |

    No boy toys, but lot of friends and family joining the ranks of Onondaga County employees courtesy of elected County Executive Joanie Mahoney.
    The Post Standard, as is their role, tries to make a bid deal of hires to patronage jobs from the ranks of those who helped get Ms. Mahoney elected.  Fair enough. If anyone doesn't like the job she does, they can elect someone else.
     As for the hires, why wouldn't you look first to those who worked hard and are loyal to you ?
      Elections have consequences and benefits. People participate in helping get people elected not just because they are political gadflies...
       That this happens is not new....but like I said it's the medias job to point it out and then the public can decide.

Onondaga County Executive Joanie Mahoney mines campaign, family and friendships for new hires |

NY Post: Bronx politician Naomi Rivera hired boytoy to lead nonprofit

    Here's an interesting story...A Bronx Assemblywoman with her younger, gym teacher boyfriend gets him a cushy job with a not for profit she arranged state funding for. The Bronx Economic Development Council also paid for nice dinners for Naomi Rivera, her boy toy and her dad who is also an Assemblyman.
      Uncontested elections and big government not covered or accountable by anyone sure helps this happen.....Does this ever happen upstate ?
EXCLUSIVE: Bronx politician Naomi Rivera hired boytoy to lead nonprofit -

Busy Body Eaters Turn In Patron Hooking Up at Friendly's

     Customers at a Friendly's Reataurant in the Nutmeg State called the cops after allegedly overhearing a patron arranging a liason with a prostitute and the 45 year old man and 46 year old woman were arrested.
      This is the downside of cell phones....people make calls to 911 without thinking.  I might complain to management if people were being loud or I might just not come there again....I wouldn't be calling the cops on people in the next booth and raining down all that grief on them over a victimless crime.
       Now they are in trouble and Friendly's gets a black eye as I am sure they don't condone the alleged activity in their "family" restaurant.
Loud talk leads to Conn. prostitution charges -

Jets' Mark Sanchez, Tim Tebow both struggle vs. Giants

    Both NY JETS quarterbacks were sketchy in a 26-3 preseason loss to crosstown rival, the Giants.
     It's hard to say where things head between now and the September 9 opener against the Bills.....The JETS offensive line needs to do better no matter who the QB is.
Jets' Mark Sanchez, Tim Tebow both struggle vs. Giants