Saturday, August 11, 2012

Pleasant Evening at the Zoo

    A large crowd was milling about the Thompson Park Zoo Saturday night for the Bears, Bobcats and Brews fundraising soire.
     Local restaurants had serving stations set up for food and for sampling various brands of the Devil's Brew.
Zoo Supporters Visit Texas Road House Tent

        The most popular tent was the Tilted Kilt where three of their lovliest waitresses served beer and a gill served up sliders.
Katie from the Kilt Greets the Mayor Who's There
     While at the Zoo, I took a peek at the vacant Aviary and still can't see the rationale for wanting to get rid of it.  City Council is committed to replacing it with a different type of pavillion once a design is agreed on,  I know I am flying in the face of the "professionals" and visionaries, but I like what's there.

WDT: Locally, Dems pounce on Ryan pick

    No matter who Mitt Romney picked, the Ted Ford crowd would have been outraged and dismayed....But the selection of the author of the Ryan budget plan gives a little more fodder to be used in the NNY Congressional race...
    Dems are already trying to tie Matt Doheny to the Ryan plan, particularly the 'Medi-scare' tactic.
     Watertown Daily Times | Locally, Dems pounce on Ryan pick

Family Guy Ryan Rounds Out Foresome

       The national tickets are set and they are in some ways conventional and in some ways not.....
        Four men.....But none have ever served in the military....Remember when that was a must ?
       The most common thing said on TV about Paul Ryan is he is a "family man". That's nice. Ever notice that women who go through the hassle of bearing children never get described as a "family woman."
       There are two Catholics, a Mormon and a President who only goes to church when he has to. Maybe the Reverand Wright thing turned him off.
       All four have served in elected office and all four have advocated policies leading to the current size of government.
        "A warm, family guy....the guy next door" I just heard from the TV while typing this.
        Rep. Ryan has a wife and three children to go with his seven terms in Congress.
        Mr. Ryan is an idea type...policy wonk they used to say. He will compare well against the bellicose, long time DC image of VP Joe Biden.
        The rhetoric about the nation on the wrong track and having lost  its greatness was not very uplifting, but this is the year when the World is supposed to end in December, so being down on life is understandable.
        It's hard to be aspirational when you've gotten old and lost whatever made you great.
The roll-out was not Reaganesque and while Mr. Ryan is a solid person, I don't think his presence on the ticket hurts or helps that much.

Ryan Will Still Be Able to Run for Congress

   Like Sen. Joe Lieberman in 2000, Rep. Paul Ryan will be able to hedge his bets in running for Vice President.
    The law in Wisconsin allows Mr. Ryan to stay on the ballot for his Congressional seat, even though he is running for national office.
     Of course, if he wins the big prize, that leaves his CD a vacant seat if he wins that too.
      Ryan would be able to stay on ballot for re-election - JSOnline

WDT: Ogdensburg will wait for manager candidates’ qualification check

      The Ogdensburg city manager search drones on with one Council member saying background checks and salary negotiations with the preferred candidate could take weeks or months.
      Huh ?  That's not possible, is it ?
Watertown Daily Times | Ogdensburg will wait for manager candidates’ qualification check

Mitt Romney VP pick: Paul Ryan -

       Wiconsin Congressman Paul Ryan is the running mate and will be announced this morning in Norfolk, VA.
        The chair of the House Budget Committee and architect of the GOP plan for deficit reduction is considered a conservative icon and a personable blue collar pol, who at 42 contrasts with Mr. Romney in age and style.
         Mr. Ryan is a good campaigner but has a resume lacking in private sector job experience and a government resume limited to service in the House.
Mitt Romney VP pick: Paul Ryan -

Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday in the Life of the Mayor Who's There

    It was a busy day today with meetings on a couple of topics on the Mayor's agenda.
    Hopefully progress was made on a couple of fronts, but you never know. 
    There are some changes at City the Clerk's office a new window has replaced the frosted glass and new carpet has been chosen for the manager's office. The color is called "City Hall".
     Monday there is a work session with Advantage Watertown and some other topics.
     Also today, I paid a visit to Neighbors of Watertown and did the HOTLINE.  Of course, I am finishing off at Pete's before it becomes a trattoria.

Old Spice Girls are Back !

     Probably the most important event of the weekend is the pending reunion of the Spice Girls.  The quintet was huge for a moment in the 90s, and they get together for a performance at the closing ceremonies of the Olympics on Sunday.
      Scary, Posh, Sporty, and.....what's the other two ?

      Anyway...the fact they can reunite makes me feel less old. Had a lot of fun in the 90s. Not as much as they 80s...but still a good time.
      We will know if they are for real if they are at the Fairgrounds in a couple of years.
Spice Girls Olympics closing ceremony: Band rehearse for Sunday's performance | Mail Online

Gillibrand endorses Owens in Bid for the Eastern Front

    Democrats endorsing Democrats is hardly news, but any kind of active support for Bill Owens from Senator Kirsten Gillibrand could be a factor in helping the incumbent in those areas of NY21 that Ms. Gillibrand once represented before her elevation to the Senate.
    Because those areas near Saratoga are not represented by Bill Owens now and challenger Matt Doheny was not known there till this year, an introduction from the sitting Senator could arguably help Mr. Owens.  Dems are chomping at the bit to try and draw comparisons between Doheny and former Rep. John Sweeney who was defeated by Gillibrand after a scandal over his personal conduct.
     One operative who comments here likes to refer to the Republican as "Dosweeeny"...A not so subtle reference.  Already this week the Owens campaign has made a point of telling the district how long he has been married compared to the scant five week marriage of his opponent.
     With registration against him and issues not favoring him, Mr. Owens, like the President, must resort to personal attacks....Just hope he doesn't accuse Matt of causing anyone's death from cancer. 

Gillibrand endorses Owens

Romney-Ryan Ticket Now the Chatter

   The chattering class is rallying round Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan as the preferred choice for Mitt Romney's running mate.
    At least that was the consensus of the talking heads on Morning Joe on MSNBC, a network that can't wait to portray the GOP ticket as wanting to take away Medicare.
    Mr. Ryan's name does seem to be rising in the speculation. The rationale is that Mr. Ryan's position as the articulator of Republican budget policy would give voters a clearer choice.

Olympics 2012: NBC viewers angry over sexualized footage of female athletes to 'porn music' | Mail Online

    Oh stop....complaining over the "oversexualization" of female athletes ?
     What do people think athleticism is , if not an adulation of the human form at its best.
     Besides, does anyone think beach volleyball exists solely for the love of the game?

NBC Didn't Miss this Swiss in Up Close Coverage of Olympics
     The Olympics are eye candy for sure, as well as a venue for jingoism.  Most of all its entertainment and a money maker.
       As one who has observed customers view numerous hours of Olympic coverage at my tavern, I haven't overheard anyone musing or pining over the oversexualization of athletes.
        I am concerned over the oversexualization of fashion models in those Victoria's Secret specials every year on TV 7.
Olympics 2012: NBC viewers angry over sexualized footage of female athletes to 'porn music' | Mail Online

Raymond B. Harding, Ex-Liberal Party Leader, Dies at 77 -

   A man not well known in NNY political circles, but well known to followers of state politics has died at age 77, but not until after he used one of those pesky third parties to make a lot of money, leverage a lot of patronage and eventually crash and burn in the corruption scandal linked to former NYS Comptroller Alan Hevesi.

Years of Wheeling and Dealing the Liberal Line Finally Caught Up with
Longtime Party Czar Ray Harding
    The long time chairman of the now defunct Liberal Party was Ray Harding.  Mr. Harding was in the tradition of the heads of the state's minor parties, who control a line on the the ballot and are sought out by major party pols looking for a second line on the ballot and willing to do pretty much anything to get it.
      New York's system of "fusion voting" allows vote totals from multiple parties to be aggregated, something done in only a handful of states.
      That makes the minor party lines important, and potentially lucrative.
Raymond B. Harding, Ex-Liberal Party Leader, Dies at 77 -

WDT: Former Maple City Manager Threatens Defamation Suit

   Sometimes its best to leave the past in the past. Ogdensburg's former city manager has filed a notice of claim against the deputy mayor for alleged defamation in statements quoted in a recent WDT article.
     Now a notice of claim gets you a news story, but it's not a lawsuit that goes to court, so we will see what happens. Besides, there is free speech when it comes to public figures.
      Regardless, its best to let sleeping dogs lie and there is little to be said for saying more, especially after you have paid someone to leave.
Watertown Daily Times | Former city manager sues Ogdensburg, deputy mayor

St. Lawrence County plans to sue Mohawk Tribe and New York State - YNN, Your News Now

    St. Lawrence County wants to cash in on vice by sueing the Mohawks and the State of NY over gaming revenues at the Akwasasne Casino near Massena. The county says its wants three million dollars and has hired a Syracuse law firm to advance their cause.
     Indians say the county is tilting at windmills and has no claim on dollars spent on the slots.
     When you see government scrambling over the wages of sin, you wonder why the county doesn't just open some head shops to raise extra money.
St. Lawrence County plans to sue Mohawk Tribe and New York State - YNN, Your News Now

WDT: Head shop raids yielded $400,000 in cash, 8 vehicles

   When the heat is on, one wonders why any cash would be left on site, but maybe they felt untouchable. The recent raids at the chain of upstate head shops that included one in Watertown yielded $400K in cash including $21K in the Watertown store.
    Lots of product and vehicles too.
     Tebb's Head Shops were the product of an apparently enterprising retailer who discovered a business model for drugs that took it off the street corner and into a store front.
      Since so many of today's generation buy any and everything on a card, I suspect there is a healthy paper trail and bank records which would be helpful in determining gross sales and whether sales tax was paid.
       There are plenty of existing ways under the law to have put the heat on the sale of bath salts and related products. 
        The Tebb's business model apparently didn't have legs although it appears to have worked for a while.
        As long as demand exists the void in the market will be filled in some other, less obvious way.
       Watertown Daily Times | Head shop raids yielded $400,000 in cash, 8 vehicles

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Showing Up Matters...

    Oswego High student Austin Demott has set himself up for success  with a record of perfect attendance in school and Senator Patty Ritchie rightly rewards the lad.
    Too many people these days are encouraged to be slackers...and while I don't begrudge someone who is really sick, the notion that you just "call in sick" because you want to get drunk or just go to the beach is dead wrong.
      Congrats to Austin....Once you graduate from Clarkson, your employer will appreciate your attendance.
(37) Patty Ritchie

WDT: When The Senator and the Governor are Together....It's Kumbaya and More

     Will the very anxious-to-look-bipartisan Andrew Cuomo give a nod to Senator Patty Ritchie in her bid for reelection even though the Dems have an opponent ?  Ms Ritchie and fellow NNY Senator Betty Little have both been effusive in their praise of the Governor, to the point I cannot imagine either supporting the GOP's 2014 version of  Carl Paladino.
     The Wall Street Journal suggests the freshman Senator is being especially solicitous.
      Of course, I tend to think the local Senator is just being hospitable to the Governor who is going to be Governor for another term. You have to be a realist.
      As for the Governor, he doesn't care about toppling Ritchie as the last thing he needs in the run up to a Presidential run is for the radical Dems from NYC to be running both houses of the Legislature.

Watertown Daily Times | WSJ: Ritchie followed themes, but not words, of Cuomo talking points

CNN poll: Obama 52%, Romney 45%

   Despite mixed feelings towards the incumbent, Mitt Romney just cannot seam to take charge of the race for the White House and this latest poll shows the same seven point margin John McCain lost by.
     Sure, there are lots of polls, but for the challenger in this close race, setting the tone at the RNC and selecting an interesting running mate seem the best bet to head into Labor Day with a positive outlook.
       CNN poll: Obama 52%, Romney 45%

Masonic Temple Not Improving With Age..But Still an Interesting Relic of Days Gone By

     City Hall staff took a peak at the Masonic Temple building this morning along with the dilapidated structure's next door neighbor who is concerned over the continued deterioration of the once grand structure.
Spooky....Traveling Up Rampway to Inner Sanctum
      In its hay day in the '20s and 30's when Masonry was a big deal, the secret society and its elaborate meeting rooms was something to look at. Decades of non-use has left the building a bit of a relic that the well intentioned want to save be don't have the ten or twenty million to spruce it up.
     A Henderson artist now holds title to the building which is assessed at $150,000 and faces a tax redemption deadline of June, 2013.

City stops free vibrator giveaway by Trojan -

   Mayor Bloomberg is cutting into all sorts of fun pursuits by Big Apple residents. Yesterday Hizzoner shut down a free vibrator promotion being run by the most known name in condoms, Trojan.
        Passersby in Manhattan received the free sex toys before the Mayor's forces shut it down on the grounds it was causing a traffic problem.
        Only in New York...Could you imagine if this happened at our Farmer's Market ?

City stops free vibrator giveaway by Trojan -

Obama super PAC adviser: 'What fact in that ad is wrong?' -

    Politics is not bean bag, but Team Obama is being lambasted for an ad essentially alleging Mitt Romney is complicit in the death of a woman who died of cancer in 2006.
     The ad was produced by a pro-Obama super pac, but all the President's men have been caught in a lie about their knowledge of the low-blow ad.
      The commercial features a man named Joe Soptic, who worked for a company that closed purportedly because of the actions of Bain Capital....Mr. Soptic lost his job, lost his health insurance and his wife later contracted cancer and died.
      Mr. Soptic essentially says Mitt Romney killed his wife even though the time lines don't line up and the woman had health insurance from her own job.
       It's going to get nasty as a lot of money will fuel the frantic efforts to win in the fall.
Obama super PAC adviser: 'What fact in that ad is wrong?' -

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Journal | Ogdensburg Council Nears Manager Selection

   I hope the Maple City successfully hires a city manager....but their process isn't quite the way I would or did, do it. Too many people talking...And the suggestion in this story that it in any way is a good idea to hire someone on a four to three vote is dead wrong.
   That means certain problems.
    In Watertown, my goal was to keep members involved in the whole whittling down process so they had a stake in the end result. Relying on the consultant for help and direction is OK, but letting them do too much means no one has skin in the end result.
    The city manager form of government has its unique challenges. Making it work, takes work.
     This story has too much information, because I am able to read between the lines and figure out what's happening. I shouldn't be able to. Besides I heard Monday a preferred candidate had been picked so the chatter mill was in motion before the MSM found out....
The Journal | Ogdensburg council selects preferred city manager candidate, doesn’t release name

WDT: Owens Pushes Back on Foe's Wedding

        Rep. Bill Owens has found a nuanced way to tweek his GOP opponent over his recent first marriage at age 42.
        The Congressman from Plattsburgh has posted his wedding photo to wife Jane taken forty years earlier in June, 1972, the year Richard Nixon was elected to a second term.

OK, I will Stipulate...Both Candidates are Married
        Republican Matt Doheny wed in June in a gala Thousand Islands ceremony. Democrats have been quietly trying to portray Mr. Doheny as a frat boy type in the mold of recently defrocked Members of Congress.
         By stressing his four decade marriage, Mr. Owens plays a card familiar to me. \
         Everybody who has run against me has spent inordinate amounts of time talking about family values.  Whether he is married four weeks or forty years, Doheny has a family he is close to.
       As for the Owens, they seem like nice people too...Can we get back to talking about the deficit, Obamacare and the flagging economy ?
Watertown Daily Times | Local News, Sports, Features, and Community Information for Jefferson County, St. Lawrence County, and Lewis County in Northern New York.

Depp and I The Only Guys Allowed In

   The baristas at the Brew-Ha-Ha on Coffeen Street let me come inside the building when I am on foot or two wheels....That's nice of them as it also gives more face time to work over the Councilwoman on the issues before my colleagues show up at the window.
     Behind Locked Doors...Inside the Brew-ha-ha
     The other interesting inside perspective is getting the window view of customers....And there are those Johnny Depp posts inside too..Both the baristas on the morning shift have a crush on him...With one telling me she would give up all she has in NNY for Johnny.

Veepstakes a Great August Parlor Game for the Political Class

   Everybody wants to be first on breaking the VEEP story....It's about all that's left of mystery in the national campaign The rest is just two months of nasty punctuated by the debates.
     The buzz today is that the choice is imminent...that Mr. Romney's travel schedule means something.....
     Four years ago, the Palin announcement was held till the last minute when a charter plane was discovered flying from AK to Dayton, OH.
     I have gone back and forth on it....I once bought into conventional wisdom on Portman and Pawlenty...Then maybe I thought Sen. Ayotte but now know nobody is taking a chance on a female this year. Then I figured it would be an outsider like Nevada's Sandoval....
    Then the experts flock to a tip of the hat to conservatives like Rep. Paul Ryan.
     It will be a male...and will not be a current member of Congress...That's my current thinking, but subject to change.

Veepstakes Basics | The Page by Mark Halperin |

Cuomo calls for stricter gun laws in light of massacres -

    More gun control is coming to NY in the wake of urban violence and isolated but gruesome killing sprees by crazies in AZ, CO and WI.
    Governor Cuomo says NY will do something.  Probably a new push for something called microstamping of ammunition.
    New York already has strict gun control, but like other things that sometimes result in tragedy (DWI or drug use), publicity means a "we have to pass a law" mentality.
     We need for individual tragedy so we can name the bill after somebody. That makes it easier to pols to advocate for it and headline writers to trumpet it.
Cuomo calls for stricter gun laws in light of massacres -

Tolls Getting More and More Silly as Tappan Zee Replacement Built

     Think about it...isn't it kind of stupid to be charging tolls for bridges and certain stretches of highway ?
      There is a proposal for a $14 charge to cross the new Tappan Zee Bridge across the Hudson river just north of NYC. Currently it is five dollars. There are commuter discounts for people who cross every day and local pols want to exempt other people too.
      Crossing the bridge shouldn't be for just the wealthy, they say.
       Roads and bridges are part of a network of transportation infrastructure, except for certain ones under the control of an authority with its own staff and bonding authority.
       I understand why these things were set up. I understand its a way to tax people in an alternative way.  It's just silly I can drive to Binghamton with no tolls but a similar to trip to Rochester involves tolls on essentially identical public highways.
        What if we set up a toll booth on the Court Street Bridge but not the Pearl Street Bridge ?
Locals Lobby Against Tappan Zee Bridge Toll Hike | The Greenburgh Daily Voice

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Congressional candidate Hassig calls for revolution, stresses importance of gun ownership | NorthCountryNow

   The only candidate for Congress saying anything interesting is Green Party hopeful Donald Hassig. Mr. Hassig is preaching revolution and the need for gun ownership as a check against an abusive government.
    Congressional candidate Hassig calls for revolution, stresses importance of gun ownership | NorthCountryNow

Thank You

   Heartfelt thanks to all the well wishers who offered condolences on the passing of Zeppelin.  I even got some flowers from a local elected official.

    Many told me of their recent similar losses. One thing is the dog world, people care.

Ohio man charged with bringing weapons into movie theater

   How many of these A-holes are there ?  A man brings a satchel full of loaded weapons in a movie theater in Ohio and when caught, he thought he could just take them back out to his car and go watch the Batman movie.
   Then there is the drunken Nazi in Wisconsin who kills six in a temple....Not to mention the cretin in AZ who pled out this week in the Gabby Giffords shooting.
     More people with a brain need to be locked and loaded and start taking out these people.
Ohio man charged with bringing weapons into movie theater

Steamers and Steak With Patty

    Senator Patty Ritchie is holding a "Steamers and Steak" fundraiser on August 23rd at the Coyote Moom WInery near Clayton.

    It's $75 a head, but the key words on this NNY invitation are "All You Can Eat" of steak, clams, beer and wine.

Matt Channels Adlai With Shoe Shot

     Matt Doheny would cringe at the comparison, but his folks invited this one by posting a photo of the Congressional candidate's well worn shoes in a bid to show how hard Mr. Doheny is working in his campaign against Rep. Bill Owens.
     The photo brings to mind the Pulitzer Prize winning photo of Gov. Adlai Stevenson in 1952 as he revealed the hole in his show during a Labor Day appearance in Flint, MI.
      Mr. Stevenson was running against Dwight Eisenhauer and despite using the hole in shoe as a focus in the campaign, the Illinois governor lost to the general who engineered D-Day.
     (The fact I would link the hole in sole photo to Stevenson is a sign of am indeed a political junky.)
Adlai Stevenson bares his sole « Iconic Photos

WDT: Deja Vu Night at City Hall as Old Topics are Resurrected

City Owned Deck Back in the News
      City Council voted to resurface two of three City pools. Lawmakers also formally decided on who will serve on a committee to finalize recommendations on the new pavillion at the Thompson Park Zoo. Council also sided with the Planning Board on declining a special use permit for a property owner wanting to exceed the limit for apartments in a Stone Street house.
      Council informally agreed to grant a concession certificate for use of the infamous deck on Newell Street and reaffirmed its desire to work with underground enthusiasts on mapping the caves under the City.
       It seemed like deja vu night at City Hall as these and a host of previously debated issues came up, including how to handle the alcohol concessions at the Arena as the Privateers hockey team readies for its first season in Watertown.
       Even the oft talked about Arena roof came up with Councilman Smith crowing recent leaks prove he was right all along.
        Even smoking came up after someone placed 'no smoking' signs at the new JB Wise pavillion. Council gave the nod to the manager to use her judgment in restricting puffing on City properties.
      Finally Council gave the go ahead to provide electricity to the traffic island on Holcomb Street where a local resident has been providing seasonal decorations which now include a fountain.

Watertown Daily Times | Flynn, Alteri pools will undergo major renovations

Zeppelin (1996-2012)

Zeppelin During Visit to Doctor Last Week
      Today I had the sad job of saying goodbye to Zeppelin, a loyal friend for 16 years 7 months. It was a blessed life as Zep was a healthy dachshund until a week ago a spinal problem rendered him unable to stand or walk.
     With age preventing surgery and other treatment not effective, I took my dog to the Adams office of Dr. Diane Ferry for a second opinion and concluded it was best to say farewell. 

Enjoying Some Jager on a Recent Birthday
        Zeppelin was a good dog. He will be missed.

WDT: IHC reveals budget for the first time in its history

     With enrollment of about 260 students, the IHC school system is trying to more transparent about its operation with the City's parochial schools adopting a $3.5M budget in the year ahead. As parents choose where to send their children, its a good move making the Catholic schools more open to scrutiny.
    This is the first time the school has revealed its internal budgeting.
Watertown Daily Times | IHC reveals budget for the first time in its history

WDT: Tier VI sexist, Russell suggests

      Assemblywoman Addie Russell tells the WDT her vote for Governor Cuomo's Tier Six pension plan was the worst vote she ever made....The reason is it sets a retirement age for teachers that is the same as other participants in the system. The new standard retirement age is 63.  It had been 57 for teachers and 62 for everyone else (except cops and firemen).
     Ms. Russell even went as far as to suggest the reform is sexist because teaching is a job dominated by women.
      Governor Cuomo sexist ?
      I hardly think the effort to contain pension costs long term is directed at any gender. It was an effort to put in place a system that is not structurally unaffordable.
      The Legislature does not need to be rolling back portions of Tier Six.

Watertown Daily Times | Tier VI sexist, Russell suggests

Monday, August 6, 2012

Stuff on a Monday

     City Council will tonight formally reject the bids on renovating the Zoo Aviary. Council will receive an update on the design of a replacement structure.
     A variety of other topics are on the agenda from smoking to hockey.
      Governor Cuomo was nearby today, but didn't make it to the City...He was on Fort Drum at a biomass plant.

Car Sale Surge Continues

   New car registrations continue to soar in Jefferson County, a sure sign that segment of the economy is doing well.
    The July numbers exceed those in the same month prior to the 2008 recession.
     American brands show the most improvement, particularly Chrysler products.
     You don't usually read or hear much about the car industry as dealers are big advertisers and news media like to refrain from gushing coverage as they would then be obliged to report things not so good when they happen.
     The current surge is a boost for those working in the business and an indication of continued strong retail sales in the area. :: Jefferson County Clerk :: New Vehicle Registrations

WDT: Water Users Tapped for Cash

      This is happening in Watertown as well as in Massena. A company is sending a letter to City water customers offering "insurance" coverage for the lateral connecting customers to City service.
       I have never heard of this type of solicitation and when I received a courtesy letter from the company offering it suggested to the Water Department it be prepared to answer questions from puzzled water users.
       There is no end to ways people try to get your money.
        I would recommend healthy skepticism towards this, as you would any solicitation coming your way out of the blue.
\Watertown Daily Times | Water users leery of mailings

Gov. Andrew Cuomo to visit ReEnergy plant at Fort Drum

        Governor Cuomo swoops into Fort Drum today to tour an energy plant.
   Gov. Andrew Cuomo to visit ReEnergy plant at Fort Drum |

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Well the NY Times Supports It....Mandated Paid Sick Leave Debated in NYC

     The matter of requiring paid sick days is being considered in NYC, but City Council Speaker Christine Quinn is blocking the measure as being too expensive for small business.
      Since when did that matter in NY ?  The Speaker's position is laudable and partly makes up for her craven decision to hop on the wrong side of the Chick-fil-A nonsense.
       Many firms are opting for a set number of paid days off in a year and not calling them "sick days".
       These days its commonplace to "call in sick" when what you really mean to say is , "I want to go to the beach."
        The challenge with any of this is that employers certainly want to help good workers and roll with the punches if there is a health problem. However, institutionalizing paid sick days in law will only lead to a reduction in other types of paid days off.
       The dilemma is that those who make the laws come from an environment with umpteen holidays, personal days, bereavement days, my best friends cat died and I have to be there for her days, along with vacations in the five to six week range.
       New York businesses need prosperity, not mandates.

Working While Sick -

What's Everyone Talking About ? The Weather of Course.

   The weather was topic one yesterday in Watertown as the mercury soared to 95 degrees and almost unheard of high for this latitude.
   That's about 18 degrees above average for this time of year. The warmth continues today although approaching showers will keep if a bit cooler and wetter as the day wears on.
    Above average temps are on tap for the week ahead, although no where near the scorcher yesterday.
7-Day Forecast for Latitude 43.96°N and Longitude 75.92°W

Ritchie Website a Mecca for Those Craving Photos of Their Senator

     If you are like me and cannot get enough photos of Patty Ritchie, then her new website should be on your favorites list.
    The Senator is at parades, in front yards, nursing homes, ATV rallies, tree tapping ceremonies, just about everywhere.
     If you like grip and grin photographs, this is your spot.

      One interesting note...the license plate motif is gone. Could it be the moniker 'Patty Plate' didn't poll well ?
- Patty Ritchie for State Senate

Campaigns drown supporters with fundraising e-mails in the race for cash - The Washington Post

   It's true....campaigns are shaking the money tree more vigorously.
   I get lots of stuff with Mitt Romney being the largest sender, even though I have never given to him in the past. I have given to other Republicans and they surely share address lists.
    I also get a fair amount from Democrats and I am sure campaigns like Hillary's, who I did give to, shared their lists.
     Much of it goes unopened, but some of it is interesting.
     They are barking  up the wrong tree. I am not a missing Koch brother or a limousine liberal. At most I might give $500 in a year spread among candidates and I am pretty much maxed out for this year.
     My postman calls all the mail "job security",  but I think it will take more than that to save the postal service.

Campaigns drown supporters with fundraising e-mails in the race for cash - The Washington Post

Obama turns 51...Plays Golf

   President Obama celebrated his 51st birthday this weekend with a round of golf and some down time at Camp David.
   Then its off to Connecticut for a fundraiser Monday and rallies later in the week out west.
     It's only three months till the election.
Obama turns 51; plays golf, will go to Camp David -