Saturday, August 4, 2012

Tennessee Democratic Party disavows Senate nominee

     When Democratic voters in a Southern state reject the party orthodoxy and select someone else, what does the party do ?  They disavow their own nominee selected by their own rank and file.
     A couple years back they did it in SC....This year the Dems are throwing their Senate nominee in Tennessee to the wolves.
       Republican Sen. Bob Corker is now the choice of President Obama and Senator Reid.
Tennessee Democratic Party disavows Senate nominee | The Tennessean |

What If the Pundits are Wrong and Romney's VEEP is not on the Media Short List ?

       Musing about the GOP VEEP choice is as good a summer activity as reading a book at the beach or swinging in the hammock between a couple large shade trees.
        After going over the full list of prospects on, and listening to the other talking heads I am thinking it may not be anyone linked to Washington. That includes Senators like Ayotte and Rubio or Rep. Ryan.
       Although Marco Rubio won our little on-line poll, I think he's not the choice. Too famous, too soon....Kinda like the guy in the White House now.
       So if it's an outsider, you have to figure a governor. Jindle doesn't have the pizzazz....Unfortunately the GOP is gun shy over women so Gov. Martinez of NM is out.
       One interesting name is that of Gov. Brian Sandoval of Nevada, who beat Harry Reid's son in the 2011 gubernatorial race in the Silver State.
       Hispanic...turns 49 tomorrow....former AG and federal judge. Won two statewide races in a swing state.
       There are probably downsides and I know little more than what I read today. However, if Mitt Romney goes outside the Beltway for a choice, a western governor in a state he needs might be his choice.

Brian Sandoval - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Gabby Douglas: NBC forced to apologise after ad features a monkey doing gymnastics right AFTER victory | Mail Online

   The network that regularly plays the race card and is largely responsible for the election of the nation's first black president is now being rapped for a commercial airing right after and Olympic segement on the gold medal win of Gabby Douglas, the teenage gymnast who is, did we tell you ?, black.
    The ad showed a monkey in gymnast tights performing on the rings and in racially sensitive media circles, that is seen as a subtle reference to black America and a put down of young Gabby.
     It's really a double whammy as the animal rights folks surely will be mad too.
     It was really stupid looking anyway to dress up an animal this way.
     I am sure Gabby can endure the slight others perceive and could care less about the apology from the Peacock Network.

Gabby Douglas: NBC forced to apologise after ad features a monkey doing gymnastics right AFTER victory | Mail Online

Boehner Stumps for Doheny and Three Other Upstate Republicans Running for Congress

    A photo of the Speaker of the House sans tie at a swanky Lake George resort has come our way....But among the photos provided, none showing John Boehner with the man he was there to support, Congressional hopeful Matt Doheny.

Jenna Jameson Excited For A Mitt Romney Win......Madam Also Joins GOP

     Legendary adult film star Jenna Jameson has endorsed Mitt Romney. Ms. Jameson says when you are rich you want a Republican in office.
     Ms. Jameson is well to do with a too long to list here string of movies to her credit.
     In other Republican news, Roger Stone announced today former madam Kristin Davis has re-registered into the GOP from her upper east side address.
    Roger says Ms. Davis may be seeking the Republican mayoral nomination next year in a run against the "nanny state." The recent super soda debate is the most recent example.
     Without a billionaire self funder like Mayor Bloomberg, the GOP will likely lose to the Democratic nominee, who likely will be City Council Speaker Christine Quinn.
     However, New York City's public financing of campaigns can be a money maker for even losing candidates.
       With Jenna and Kristin, the GOP is proving it has a big tent after all.
Jenna Jameson Excited For A Mitt Romney Win | New York Daily News

Boehner’s Upstate Swing on the Down Low

   The Speaker of the US House of Representitives was in Lake George last night for a Matt Doheny fundraiser. The event was closed and as of this AM I have been unable to find any coverage of John Boehner's visit.
   The campaign has not yet posted any photos on their FACEBOOK.
    I thought the Speaker coming to town was supposed to be a big deal, but it seems awfully low key.
     Boehner’s Upstate Swing

The Journal | Massena Police searching for large snake

      Another snake story.
       Massena police are looking for an "aggressive" five foot long snake reportedly seen in the village. Much like the recent 'snakes on the midway' story at the Jefferson County Fair, there are view specifics and no reports of a missing reptile.       
The Journal | Massena Police searching for large snake

Obama, Romney don’t bite on Chick-fil-A -

   In a society where everyone is expected to comment on everything, the two Presidential candidates are staying quiet on the Chick-fil-A story which is the culture war issue of the week.
    Neither candidate wants to get in the middle of the gay marriage issue, even though the base in each party see this as a great flash point.
Obama, Romney don’t bite on Chick-fil-A - Reid J. Epstein -

Road Warrior Ritchie Nears Century Mark on Odometer

      Senator Patty Ritchie posted a photo on Facebook of her car's odometer showing the number of miles she has logged in his 19 months in office. That's about 140 miles a day. Time for a new car which as a St. Lawrence County resident you will pay 7% sales tax instead of the 7.75% we pay here or the 8% charged in most counties.
     On my Wrangler purchased 27 months ago, I have under 22,000 miles, which is less than 30 miles a day.

Friday, August 3, 2012

POTUS: JETS Fans Should Be Nervous About Dual Quarterbacks

    No less than President Obama has weighed in on the mixture of excitement and concern we JETS fans have over the dual quarterback situation with purported starter Mark Sanchez and celebrity backup Tim Tebow.
    In a radio interview, Mr. Obama said he would be worried if he were a JETS fan. The President is a Bears fan.

     JETS brass were quick to dispell the notion that the two stars will be sharing the QB role....For the record, Mark Sanchez is the starter...I just don't believe it and on this issue Mr. Obama makes an astute observation.

Obama weighs in on Tebow, Penn State controversy -

Everybody Who's Anybody Wants a "Mayor's Bar" Shirt for Summer

   Nothing looks better on a pretty lady on days like this than a "Mayor's Bar" T-shirt such as this one modeled by the lovely Carthaginian we call Katrina !
    Katrina wanted one of our shirts inscribed with "Love My Mayor" but I cautioned her about wearing that out in West Carthage.

Beam signed by Obama raised at World Trade Center -

The final beam topping off the Freedom Tower in Manhattan was laid in place this week.  The 11,000 pound member caps the 104th floor of  the building replacing the World Trade Center. The new building is to be completed in 2014.
Beam signed by Obama raised at World Trade Center -

Chick-fil-A protests: Will petition and 'kiss-in' help or hurt?

     It's turning out to be brilliant marketing as crowds are flocking to Chick-fil-A restaurants to support traditional marriage and today LGBT chicken eaters are being encouraged to take part in a "kiss-in" at the fast food eateries.

     It's playing out in an America we don't know as there are no Chick-fil-A's near us.
      The controvery was the company's CEO voicing support for "traditional" marriage and of course it was then off to the races. FOX's Mike Huckabee helped organize a support Chick-fil-A day on Wednesday that did result in record sales, according to the company.
      Fueling the issue were Democratic mayors vowing to keep the chain out of their cities.
      So far Chick-fil-A is benefiting from the publicity. However, politicizing a non-political product like chicken can be risky as everybody's money spends the same.
      A good test of the effect may be in liberal Hollywood where there is a Chick-fil-A.

Chick-fil-A protests: Will petition and 'kiss-in' help or hurt? -

T Minus Three Weeks at Pete's

      Patrons at Pete's are getting ready for a new hand on the tiller with just three weeks left till Tom Costanzo closes his doors and a week or so later Geoff Puccia takes over.
      Nobody knows what all the menu changes will be, but it looks like familiar faces behind the bar.
        Caitlyn and Callie look to be keepers. Meanwhile a going away roast for Tommy is slated for Monday, August 20 at the Italian American Club.

WDT: Ron McDougall Declines to Annoit

       Read what you want into it, but there was no annoiting by the area's preeminent labor group in the local State Senate race between Patty Ritchie and Amy Tressider.
        The group led by the hubby of former Assemblywoman Diedre Scozzafava took a pass on an endorsement. We hear they were concerned over Senator Ritchie's support of Tier Six and her opposition to a minimum wage hike.
        Usually groups like Central Trades go with the incumbent, but on the other hand labor likes Democrats too.
         In the end the endorsement of Ron McDougall is not that big a deal and frankly a candidate who is too solicitous of all these endorsements may be forgetting who they represent.         
Watertown Daily Times | Central Trades stays out of Ritchie-Tresidder race

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Should I Contribute to Tom Golisano's Wealth ?

     While getting payroll set up for the Watertown Local Development Corporation, I had occasion to meet the sales rep for PAYCHEX, the Rochester based firm founded by Independence Party founder Tom Golisano.
       The young lady (I guessed her age when she asked me to...24) ask to pitch her product to Fort Pearl.  I do payroll myself every Sunday morning and have my accountant do the quarterlies.  I grew up in a family where Mom did the payroll for the business, so I am not mystified by how your figure on your check is arrived at.  I must say, she gave a great presentation and I am considering getting lazy and having someone else do the very easy.
Jackie Sedgwick Makes Her Pitch at the Mayor's Bar
      The sales rep explained the product well and had answers for all my questions. There is something about a sales person who knows her product and believes in it that's inspiring in this world of lazy slugs who think because they woke up today, they are entitled.  
     I will let you know what I decide.

WDT: On taxes, Owens crosses party lines, crosses back, crosses again

      Rep. Bill Owens is caught on the issue of an incumbent, he doesn't want anyone to be able to say he voted to raise taxes, but then again he wants to adhere to the Democratic orthodoxy calling for the wealthy to pay more. The result is Mr. Owens gets to vote for things he openly says he knows won't pass in the upper house.
      The political risk is real. It's like the sales tax in St. Lawrence County. If she sponsors the ask-for increase, one could say Patty Ritchie was responding to the needs of her constituents for property tax relief.....
     Or if you are making the ads for the opponent, its more like she delivered the biggest tax hike in county history.
      The political calculus is difficult...Sometimes you just have to do what you think is right and let the chips fall where they may.
Watertown Daily Times | On taxes, Owens crosses party lines, crosses back, crosses again

Campaign: Margin Much, Much Smaller

   A DCCC poll suggesting a double digit lead for Rep. Bill Owens in the NY21 races has the opposition pawing for a response.
   The response is the Matt Doheny campaign has been doing polling all along and the Owens lead is much smaller...within the margin of error.
    The DCCC poll is a clear effort to start a stampede effect as people like winners and stay away from perceived losers.
     It will be a hard fought race and Team Doheny says they are working every day to eke out a win.
      Doheny insiders say Mitt Romney is leading President Obama in NY21....Four years ago Mr. Obama carried the North Country, leading some of us to question the claim of GOP hegemony in NNY.

Cuomo Signs Pension Bill....Avoiding Certain and Costly Litigation

    Governor Cuomo has signed a pension bill affecting 12 employees of local economic development agencies, ending a potentially nasty and fiscally perilous situation in which everyone would have been sueing for benefits promised but suddenly not there.
     From the employees perspective, what was presented and offered to them over a series of years was participation in the State Retirement System.
     The practice of setting up local development corporations as a means of justifying participation is the rub and Comptroller Tom DiNapoli rightly fought the practice which should not occur in the future. The Legislature and Governor rightly determined the flawed practice was not the fault of employees but of employers who would faced litigation over the practice. The employees would have prevailed.
      It's a good episode to have over with, but the residue involves six figure legal bills over the feud between the County's IDA and the Comproller.
      It was good for lawyers, particularly the Albany firm orchestrating the scenario.
      Senator Ritchie and Assemblywoman Russell carried the special legislation which many thought would not pass as Albany is hesitant to do special bills on pension issues.

*Update* The votes are in: Watertown Farmer’s Market best in Jefferson County - Start Here

   The Wednesday Farmer's Market in downtown Watertown is ranked the North Country's favorite in a survey conducted by Senator Patty Ritchie.
    The market is not only a collection of vendors and products but also a social experience for people to gather and hear entertainment and meet one another.
    Congrats to the Greater Watertown Chamber and organizers of the market for a job well done.
*Update* The votes are in: Watertown Farmer’s Market best in Jefferson County - Start Here

Watertown Woman Takes On Fountain Project Single-Handed

    A Watertown woman continues to be the steward of the traffic island on Holcomb Street. Allison Gorham has taken up the task of decorating the island with seasonal displays and now she has a fountain there. The lack of a suitable electrical outlet hinders the intended use of the fountain, but it looks good there.
    Ms. Gorham has shown great initiative and community spirit in making something mundane into something very special.
    We appreciate her community spirit and enthusiasm !
Watertown Woman Takes On Fountain Project Single-Handed | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Dems: Owens Leads by a Dozen Points

     Democrats say a poll they commissioed has Rep. Bill Owens beating Matt Doheny by a beyond-the-margin of error 12 point edge.   That seems like more lopsided than anyone else believes the race is.     
New York: DCCC Poll Has Bill Owens Up 12 Points Over Matt Doheny | At the Races

Bubbles Required for Building New Tappan Zee

   This is why  you can't do business in this state or nation......Special "bubble curtains" are being set up in the water surrounding the new Tappan Zee Bridge so nearby acquatic life won't be disturbed by the noise in driving new pilings.
    If it gets noisy they can mosey down river....But the folks at the DEC have other plans.
Bubbles Required for Building New Tappan Zee - Metropolis - WSJ

Attorney General sues Tebb’s head shops - YNN, Your News Now

   The AG shouldn't have a problem establishing that this head shop repackaged and relabled product. Their ad agency was busy boasting to media about it and how clever the owner was, or so the story I hear is.
    The problem with selling a product of dubious legality in a storefront operation is the paper trail as well. We live in a time when younger people buy a soda with a credit card...You can bet they buy their bath salts the same way.
     A sales tax audit would also keep the head shop industry on their toes. These folks attracted attention from the cops, media, lawyers and prohibitionists. That's a big array of enemies to fend off.
Attorney General sues Tebb’s head shops - YNN, Your News Now

NBC accidentally live broadcasts bare breast during Olympic water polo match  - NY Daily News

    Can we ever grow up as a society...a fleeting image of a bare breast on nearly naked swimmers and its news ?  Will there have to be an FCC probe launched ?  Is this an assault on family values ?
     The Olympics is largely about showing off nice bods....Except of course for the few square inches of flesh deemed immoral and off limits.
NBC accidentally live broadcasts bare breast during Olympic water polo match  - NY Daily News

Mindy Meyer Won't Appear On GOP Or IP Lines | New York Daily News

    The system is doing all it can to make sure Senator Kevin Parker doesn't have to get angry over losing an election. Pretty in Pink Senate hopeful Mindy Meyer has been denied to the GOP and Indy lines because the parties would rather go dark than issue her an out of party authorization to run.

   The "Magenta Yenta" Mindy Meyer Only Gets One Line.
 Mindy has the Conservative Party nomination.
    New York's election laws are on the one hand  a measure of your organizational skills...on the other hand they are such they discourage challengers.
    Ms. Meyer is the 22 year old law student making one of the few challenges to incumbency.
   Mindy Meyer Won't Appear On GOP Or IP Lines | New York Daily News

WDT:Better Book The Room in Fine....Ritchie Says She Will Debate Tressider

       This is one of these media presents the premise...gets the response and voila !, we have a story....
        Calling Graham Wise to ask if Senator Ritchie will debate Democrat Amy Tressider yielded the response desired....Yes she will.
                                            At a Parade this Week in Edwards
        The media likes to writes stories about the arguments over debates, but shows little interest in the actual events. While someone like me listens to a debate solely for the "gotcha moment"  (still love the Bentsen-Quail moment), those looking for that moment of clarity on who to vote for will be disappointed.

Amy, You'll Get More Out of Animal Photo Ops Than a Debate
        These "debates" are never live on TV....always in a stilted format...and seldom a game changer.
          The first year I ran, my friend Bruce Dempster arranged for a debate at the North Side Leaque in mid summer so I could make some headlines against rivals Amy Saiff and Jim Brett. As the unlikely underdog in the race, I went into the event with a plan and came out ahead.   Most candidates will not enter an event or format that's risky.
           I remember a debate Assemblyman Nortz agreed to in remote Belleville and when a radio station offered to cover it live, pressure was on the school superintendent hosting the event to bar the media and media acquiesced (gave in)...It worked....I've been cynical about NNY debates every since.
           Instead of falling back on Fine as the designated obscure spot for a debate, the GOP should propose a dust up in Orwell.  You need GPS to find it and I don't think the younger reporters have that.
            The candidates could always come to Wealtha Avenue for a face to face. Over the years, I have proven to be fair and balanced to a fault. One ground rule...Ms. Tressider, the snake stays home.
Watertown Daily Times | Ritchie, Tresidder will debate

Olympic badminton players expelled for trying to lose –

    Those plucky Olympic athletes coming together for the love of the game now are taking a page from the Black Sox of yore....Badminton teams have been disqualified for intentionally throwing games in order to get a more favorable draw for the next round.
     They didn't even try to make it look good.
      Say it ain't so, Ming.
Olympic badminton players expelled for trying to lose –

What's Next at Longtime Factory Street Site ?

    The former Pete's Restaurant (most recently Kicker's) building on Factory Street has been sold, so we will have to see what happens there. It's a location where business has been conducted for decades.
Note the Pay Phone. Another Blast from the Past
      Building's recent sale was for $65,000.  Meanwhile the current Pete's on Breen Avenue begins it's last month today before next month's takeover by Geoff Puccia.

Community Bank To Close HSBC Branches In Watertown, Lowville

      It's no surprise the former HSBC office in downtown Watertown will close now that Community Bank has taken it over. Community's downtown office is two doors away.
       The HSBC (formerly Marine Midland) building is owned by businessman Don Coon.
Community Bank To Close HSBC Branches In Watertown, Lowville | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

WDT: Irish Fest Boss and Dem County Chair to Run Dulles Building

     The Times cites multiple Democratic Party sources saying the party's county chair and election commissioner is being tapped to run the Dulles State Office Building.
      Sean Hennessey has been a loyal and enthusiastic supporter of the party and the manager post is probably the the most cushy patronage post the party has to offer.
      That makes Mr. Hennessey the logical choice.
       I was rooting for Middle Class Mike.
Watertown Daily Times | Local News, Sports, Features, and Community Information for Jefferson County, St. Lawrence County, and Lewis County in Northern New York.

McCain stumps in N.H. for ... Kelly Ayotte? -

      With speculation raging about her as a possible veep pick, one wonders how the left and their media acolytes would go about dismantling Hew Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte ?

     She is a lawyer, prosecutor, business owner, married to a fighter pilot, has kids but none that are pregnant, with two years in the Senate has as much experience in DC as the current occupant of the White House. But villified she will be. Look for a specious lawsuit filed some time ago alleging, you guessed it, racism...That will be dragged up.
    She will immediately suffer the bane of women and that is the fixation on her looks and comparisons to that other attractive VP nominee with the pregnant child.
    While I predicted on the HOTLINE that Ms. Ayotte would be chosen, there is still a strong chance Senators Portman and Rubio or Governors Jindal or Pawlenty are in the hunt.
     Mitt Romney has a shot at the White House......But not so sure a shot that he can afford a two scoops of vanilla ticket.
McCain stumps in N.H. for ... Kelly Ayotte? -

WDT: First Amendment Repealed in the Big County

       I guess when you run for Congress in NNY the only free speech allowed is if you buy time on Channel 7,
      Green Party candidate Donald Hassig had the Troopers descend on him in the Town of Parishville, where he attempted to use the town square to tell his story and do a little dance.
      Liberal St. Lawrence County isn't so liberal when it comes to speech other than the two party hegemony.
Watertown Daily Times | Congressional candidate arrested

How Sleeping Affects Your Personality

  A new study shows a linkage between your personality and the position you sleep in....Perhaps we should insist on candidates revealing this aspect of their lives...With video preferably...
     It would tell us more than seeing a rich guys tax returns.
How Sleeping Affects Your Personality « CBS Minnesota

Tim laments shirt he has to deal with living in spotlight -

    Tim Tebow takes off his shirt during a rainstorm as he is running on the SUNY Cortland campus and suddenly its a big deal....Women swooning and the media fussing and Tebow lamenting the rigors of being famous....

      It used to be starting QB Mark Sanchez who was the shirtless wonder for the JETS, but Tebow is the "it" player. I am looking forward to the season to see how his rivalry and drama plays out.
Tim laments shirt he has to deal with living in spotlight -

WDT: In a Close Race, Every Pander Counts

    Minimum wage continues to be an issue and that is putting Rep. Bill Owens on the spot as in the NNY district nobody wants to antagoninze anyone by taking a stand. An effort in the Congress which is unlikely to pass would raise the wage from $7.25 to $9.80 an hour. The measure gives Dems something to pitch to their core constituencies while knowing it won't become law.
     Mr. Owens is reportedly undecided while challenger Matt Doheny is against it.
      Every little group of voters is in play in NY21 with insiders saying its Doheny's race to win or lose as the GOP registration advantage, the lack of a third party conservative challenger, and the makeup of newly added portions of the district favor Doheny.
       Republicans are privately expressing confidence they have the race in hand, with the only cautionary note the fact Mr. Owens "wears well" with his stately and affable demeanor, and has shown an ability to win against the odds.
      Watertown Daily Times | Owens undecided on wage hike

Monday, July 30, 2012

Peace in Our Time: Council and Zoo Board Reach Accord on Aviary Replacement

   The Zoo Board and the City Council concurred tonight on the replacement building for the aging Aviary that lawmakers had wanted to renovate but found it too expensive.
   Instead a pavillion will replace the bird house and be used for various events and classes in fair weather.
          City Manager Sharon Addison will convene a committee to finalize designs and put the project out to bid quickly. It is expected the pavillion will stay within the original budget number for renovations. Other improvements to the adjacent Children's Zoo will be made over time in conjunction with private sector fundraising.
       Zoo brass also told the Council the City's commitment will be important in an upcoming effort to gain AZA accreditation for the menagerie.

Malone Golf Club a Jewel Hidden in Remote Franklin County

    The nicest part about attending today's meeting of the Governor's Regional Economic Council was the surroundings.
     The 36 hold Malone Golf Club is a hidden treasure in rural Franklin County. The course is designed by Robert Trent Jones and is nestled in the foothills of the Adirondacks about five miles from the Village of Malone.
     As for the meeting, it was mostly, pretty tedious....Is that polite ?  Lunch was good and it was nice to run into friends from around NNY......I did learn more than I ever knew about broadband.
      Senator Betty Little and Assemblywoman Addie Russell were there as was DANC's Jim Wright and the mayor of West Carthage.
      The Regional Councils are beginning the process of reviewing CFA's or consolidated funding applications.
Malone Golf Club

PS:Backing grows for Dan Avery, Watertown father who vandalized head shop

   This is Syracuse news version of a Watertown story....The Post Standard reports on growing support for Dan Avery, the man who vandalized a head shop he thought had sold "bath salts" to his 24 year old son.
    While many are sympathetic to Mr Avery's sentiments, many I talk to also say the bat wielding dad was dead wrong to take the law into his own hands...Another person wrote me asking where he could send a check for legal defense for Mr. Avery.
     It's an interesting bit of human drama that places us at odds with our own principles.
Backing grows for Dan Avery, Watertown father who vandalized head shop |

Effort to get $25,000 from Wallenda threatens long-term benefits for Falls - Buffalo News editorials - The Buffalo News

     The City of Niagara Falls may be stepping over a dollar to pick up a penny in trying to recover police and fire overtime incurred at the recent blockbuster high wire walk over the Falls by daredevil Nik Wallenda.
      The event packed the Falls with spectators and brought a huge worldwide TV audience that surely rekindled the iconic image of Niagara Falls.
        Whatever promises were made, the event was a hit and the OT costs are part of the cost of doing business in a city dependant on visitors.
        Not every expense can be recovered, but if you want money from someone collect it in advance.
Effort to get $25,000 from Wallenda threatens long-term benefits for Falls - Buffalo News editorials - The Buffalo News

Busy Monday

     City Manager Sharon Addison will be the guest on the HOTLINE program on AM-1240 during the noon hour. Fill-in host Cindy Habeeb will do the interview and take questions.
     This will be among the first long form interviews of the manager since she assumed the duties on July 16. So far she is doing a great job.
     Also today, the Governor's Regional Economic Council meets for the first time in this year's cycle to begin considering funding requests for various projects.
     Then there is a City Council meeting Monday evening being held at the Thompson Park Zoo.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Changes at Pete's Becoming Evident

      I ran into former Senator Jim Wright and his lovely bride tonight at Petes. Also there was bartender Callie who had been off for a while on maternity leave. Or as they call it now, family medical leave.
      Pete's is readying for the change of ownership to new owner Geoff Puccia who takes over in September.
      The restaurant will be called Pete's Pizzaria and Trattoria.....That forced me to google Trattoria...which means sort of a blue collar Italian restaurant....
       That's fine with me.

Reader Raps Me for Comments on Bath Salt Bust Up Guy

   The link is what I wrote...What follows is a comment e-mailed to me.
You are a complete disgrace and should be impeached if you do not have the integrity to resign, How in the world can you condone the felonious assault on a store clerk and the vandalism of a legal business? You are a disgusting excuse for a human being let alone a Mayor. So according to your thinking I should be able to bust up your office because I do not agree with you?? There is no excuse for breaking the law and for you to suggest there is is unconscionable. I hope the NYS Attorney General looks into your disgraceful behavior as I will be forwarding a complaint to them                 Joseph F Schuss 
   I stand by the statement. What the guy did is illegal, but he is a folk hero of sorts for busting up a head shop selling "bath salts."  Taking the law into his own hands was dangerous and not the way to deal with his rage.  However, the circumstances still make Mr. Avery a sympathetic person for many.
         Mayor Graham's View: No Way This Guy Gets Convicted

MSM Allows News Makers to Review Their Own Quotes

   No wonder people don't read the MSM....The NY Times admits that it and other major papers engage in the ultimate clubby perversion of journalism, called "quote approval".
   Quotes are submitted to public figures to see if that's what they said...want said and what they want changed.
    This practice isn't just bad's not's shilling.
Dan Rather: 'Quote approval' a media sellout -

Veep Sheet: It's a Gang of Five

     There are 100 days left till the Presidential election...close by political standards where races extend for years and so does the coverage.
     The conventions are still a month off, and the only mystery left is who will be Mitt Romney's running mate.
     It looks like its down to five...four men and one woman....
   Portman, Pawlenty, Rubio, Jindal and Ayotte.
     Many say skitishness over the Palin pick four years ago nixes changes for a woman this year, but the New Hampshire Senator has been high profile of late.
      The list of five from political savant Larry Sabato is as good an analysis as any. Conspicuous in her absence is former Secretary of State Condi Rice.
       I don't see Rubio or Jindal getting the nod and Ayotte may not have a thick enough resume for some, although I think she is in the running with Portman and Pawlenty.
       I don't entirely count out Rice and one long shot from the Hispanic community would be Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval.
      What do you think ?
Veep Sheet: It's a busy weekend - Katie Glueck -

Olympic notebook: U.S. beach volleyball team covers up bikinis - San Jose Mercury News

   It wasn't even cool enough to be deemed "good sleeping weather" but the 63 degree evening temp in London was enough for the US beach volleball team to stage a cover up on their way to a pair of wins over Australians who looked downright dowdy in their cool weather gear.
    Americans put a top on but left bikini bottoms in play. Earlier the US had pledged not to yield to weather but apparently gave up being stoic in favoring of staying warm enough to win.
Olympic notebook: U.S. beach volleyball team covers up bikinis - San Jose Mercury News

Affordable Future for Aviary Site to Be Agreed Upon Monday Night

    The fate of the Thompson Park Zoo Aviary will become more clear Monday evening as City Council and the Zoo's board members gather in the park to discuss revised plans to replace the structure with an events pavillion and make overdue improvements to the adjacent children's zoo.
    Plans to make the aviary into a learning center collapsed as cost estimates escalated, so the reboot was quietly negotiated and hopefully Council and the Zoo will agree on a design for the replacement structure which will fall within the originally budgeted amount for fixing up the tired and largely unused exhibit.
     Behind the scenes talks on the issue seem to have resulted in a consensus. Candidly alot of time (and yes money) has been spent in the back and forth on what to do, but sometimes the conflict and debate is what makes for the ultimate compromise everyone can support. Let' hope that's what has happened here.

WDT: Doheny Tours Company That Got Free Money

   This Times story is one of those that prompts campaigns to call reporters "snarky", but it seems a valid observation to point out a company is getting some of the freebies as the GOP blasts the President's recent suggestion that business owners didn't get successful on their own.
    Congressional candidate Matt Doheny is critical of corporate welfare, but in a tour of local businesses, visited a Depauville company that got some of free money.
     His opponent, Rep. Bill Owens, takes the view that government is a partner in "creation" of jobs.
      These days, you cannot get elected by preaching solely about the inexorable forces of the market place, and Mr. Doheny has nuanced his position by talking about carve outs for certain types of business and about government building infrastructure, including the expansion of broadband service to rural areas where economies of scale work against expansion of that kind of infrastructure.
       It's the same argument that occured in the FDR era over rural electrification, which is to say the argument over the proper role of government vis a vis business has been debated for a while.  
       Take the FAA's Essential Air Service subsidies for rural areas. It's a hotly debated bit of government largesse, but if you are a Congressman from a district getting it, you have no choice but to have an epiphany on that type of largesse. 
     It's what makes purity of thought and deed in politics so difficult.
Watertown Daily Times | Doheny tours Depauville tech company, beneficiary of government intervention