Saturday, July 28, 2012

Owens Seeks Volunteer Canvassers for End Game

   Looks like the Bill Owens campaign is seeking volunteers to help stave off the challenge by Republican Matt Doheny. The Owens campaign put out this advertising over the weekend seeking people willing to commit two hours to the campaign.
    In the one hundred days till the election, the Owens campaign is seeking to reach out to voters in the sprawling 16,000 square mile, 12 county district.
    Mr. Doheny has been campaigning non-stop and is confident now of beating the two term incumbent from Plattsburgh. The Owens campaign has cash but I am sure the GOP would portray the call for volunteers as desparate while Dems would bill it as grassroots.
      Both candidates are struggling to prevail in the counties new to the district. Mr. Owens has been somewhat tied down by duties in DC, but he still manages to show up on the news.

Good Clean Fun on Pearl Street !

   Lots of fun at the Mayor's Bar this afternoon at the staff car wash.
   Diana, Brianna and Emily teamed up to the delight of passersby and those who had their ride cleaned.
   Veteran bartender Diana washes van of local carpet installer.  This is the second car wash on Pearl Street this summer and both have been a hit.

       And the glass cleaner used today was the real stuff and was not ingested.


Bank Error Prompts Spending Spree

     This 22 year old PA man is in hot water after a bank mistakenly credited $70K to his checking account and he just went ahead and spent it over several weeks.....Now he has to pay it back...
     Before you condemn this man, look at the America he grew up in versus the one we did.
Free stuff, deficits with no prospect of repayment, entitlements for all....Why wouldn't you just think President Obama had put the money in your account ?
Bank error in his favor, Bucks man goes on spending spree -

Bloomberg and I Agree on Chick-fil-A Flap

   Here is a great example of what's wrong in this country with the intolerant left...
    Democratic mayors in major cities are fighting a fast food chicken outlet.....trying to keep Chick-fil-A restaurants from locating there because the firm supports "the Biblical view of marriage" aka no gay marriage.
    President Obama's political mentor, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel is leading the charge to whip up hate towards the retailer, while Mayor Bloomberg came down on the right side of this issue along with Sarah Palin, who with hubby Todd took time to sample the fowl recently.
     You cannot impose political correctness on decisions over zoning and building permits.
The mayors of Boston, Chicago and SF should be ashamed, but they won't be as these kind of stories are so popular on cable news.
     Normally a retailer doesn't take a stand on a political issue as you don't attract customers by antagonizing people, but it's there right to take the stand and Chick-fil-A is welcome in Watertown.
      As for Mayor Bloomberg, I wonder if he likes the content of the menu even though he respects their right to oppose same sex marriage ?
Bloomberg disagrees with other mayors on Chick-fil-A - Associated Press -

Tim Tebow in the running to be a versatile option in New York Jets attack this season |

   Down in Cortland, the narrative is still that a secret and unique offense will allow Mark Sanchez to be starting QB and Tim Tebow will fill some phantom role from wildcat offense to a role on special teams.
       All is know is you gotta have faith in Rex and know that when Gang Green makes it to Foxboro, there is some serious ass kicking going to happen to the pretty boy and the Pats.
Tim Tebow in the running to be a versatile option in New York Jets attack this season |

WDT: Blow Hards in Cape Now Sueing Each Other....Good Grief, What Happened to Bucolic Rural Life ?

  A potentially dangerous assault on the First Amendment and discourse on public issues is afoot in Cape Vincent where residents really need to heed the words of the late Rodney King..."why can't we all get along ?"
    Potential lawsuits against bloggers who criticised candidates for town board send a chilling message not because they hold water but because those with money to play the legal system can intimidate those who don't
   The Internet for all its flaws has democratized free speech and taken it out of the hands of just a few wealthy gatekeepers.
    I don't know what all was said and I know the Cape is rife with hard feelings over wind.
    I also know those with the money to file suits can effectively subdue those without the $400 an hour libel lawyers on retainer.
    Of course, saying you are going to sue and merely filing a notice of claim is not the same as perfecting a suit.
    In the meantime, let's steer clear of Cape talk.....people are very sensitive down there.

Watertown Daily Times | Cape Vincent bloggers sued for defamation by wind farm backers

Transparency Requirement in TV Political Advertising Upheld

      Television stations in the nation's largest markets will this week have to start posting on line information on political advertising on their station. Currently the data is contained in public files only available by visiting the station in person.
     The requirement will extend to all stations in 2014.
      Broadcasters have fought the effort at transparency advanced by the FCC. Cable is not required to comply and that is where much political advertising is these days.
      Many stations make considerable sums off the ads, to the point where local news eschews coverage of politics  as stations do not want to upset their political ad clients.
Court Rejects NAB Bid to Delay Posting Political Advertising Data Online | The Wrap Media

Friday, July 27, 2012

WDT: Watertown man charged in alleged use of stolen credit card at Tebb’s

   Another reason buying your hallucinogens in a head shop is more convenient....Use can use your credit card...or someone else's too.
   A month before the hammer fell on Tebb's Head Shop,  a city man was arrested for charging several hundred dollars on an allegedly stolen card.
   Watertown Daily Times | Watertown man charged in alleged use of stolen credit card at Tebb’s

Strip Clubs in Tampa Are Ready to Cash In on G.O.P. Convention -

   Extra strippers are being put on duty for the upcoming GOP convention in Tampa.
   Funny how pols at home are always dedicated to putting adult clubs out of business, but when away from home they patronize them.
   The mayor of Tampa even had a law passed to require six foot separation from lap dancers...Kind of an oxymoron huh ?   Anywhere the NY Times says they don't enforce it anyway...
     Remember the Hilltop, the Club Escapade or the Clock Grill ?  Dancers used to be fairly common back when the North Country was solid that its more Democrat, there are no strippers. Go figure. Must be the Internet that Al Gore invented.
Strip Clubs in Tampa Are Ready to Cash In on G.O.P. Convention -

America's Pledge of Allegiance to Traditional Beach Wear

   American perserverence and dedication to tradition is on display at the Olympics in London as the US Women's Beach Volleyball Team has pledged to remain in bikinis despite the changeable weather in England.
     The Olympics had authorized more coverage, but US team members say they are comfortable in their skimpy swimwear. They also know its the outfits and not the love of the game that has contributed to the sport's popularity.

     All of which explains why we run this story as media likes nothing more than running beach pictures and photos of pandas and puppies in a craven attempt at increasing readership.

U.S. women's beach volleyball team vow to wear bikinis despite new Olympics dress code | Mail Online

WDT: Owens and Doheny Vie for the 10 Points in the Middle

   Rep. Bill Owens voted for a GOP backed deregulation bill, leading GOP insiders to suggest the Congressman is running scared and eager to be seen as bipartisan and centrist in his bid for reelection against Republican Matt Doheny.
    Mr. Owens on the other hand has been stressing he is an independent centrist Democrat not walking in lock step with his party's leadership. Thirteen Democrats voted for the deregulation bill which is not expected to pass the Senate. A classic one house bill where everyone gets a press release but the public gets nothing.
     The Owens strategy is surely to be seen as a stately and reassuring character in the NNY tradition of John McHugh and other vestiges of the Rockefeller/Javits era of the NYS GOP.
      The Doheny campaign wants voters to see Mr. Owens as an opportunist and liberal wolf in sheep's clothing.
       One thing is for sure the race is 45-45 with most votes frozen in amber and the remaining 10 percent of voters in play. That's what the candidates are vying for with their strategic votes and dueling press releases.
       Meanwhile the most battles in the campaign are occuring in the eastern counties new to the district with Doheny on the road seven days a week and Owens trying to fit campaigning in with his duties in DC.
Watertown Daily Times | Owens votes for deregulation bill

WDT: Watertown Trust Eschews State Pension System in Future

     One local economic development entity has taken a different course to comply with Comptroller Tom DiNapoli's investigation and action into the practice of getting people into the state pension system through a series of managment agreements crafted by an Albany law firm specializing in advising local IDA's.
     The Watertown Trust has instead hired two employees in a private sector manner with no involvement in the NYS Retirement System, effective August 1.  Our board is very comfortable with the direction taken and the advice on the matter from the separate legal counsel secured by the Trust.
      If signed by the Governor, a recently passed bill ensures pension credits earned to date after the Comptroller had sought to abrogate the credits due to his contention the local development corporations were not eligible to participate in the pension system and that the arrangement in place was in essence a ruse. The other side of the coin is that for years the state accepted the contributions made into the system and then changed the rules late, leaving 12 employees in the lurch. If the past credits had not been left in place the workers in questions would have sued the local IDA and LDC's for the cash equivalent of the plan they were told they were entitled to. They would have won and that would be very expensive.
      This whole episode has been an expensive and distracting affair and the actions of the Trust Board ensure the agency and its two employees will move on without further legal gyrations.     
Watertown Daily Times | JCIDA OKs to cut ties with sub-agencies so staff can get state pension

Romney tries to soothe Britons after rough start -

  Unforced errors marked Mitt Romney's first day abroad as on a visit to London the would be POTUS questioned the preparations for the Olympics and was publicly ridiculed by the mayor of the city. Prime Minister David Cameron was also said to be bristling over Mr. Romney's remarks.
    A couple other minor gaffes became the focus of the day as the wealthy GOP nominee to be continues to explain why he won't cough up more tax returns.
      One local GOP poobah reviewing the coverage Thursday night, just shook his head talking about the nominees trip abroad. "He doesn't get it", referring to Mr. Romney's political acumen.
     The Romney's also visit Poland and Israel before returning to the USA in time for the convention in Tampa.
Romney tries to soothe Britons after rough start -

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Doheny Works Antwerp in Bid to Secure Jefferson County Base

    Congressional hopeful Matt Doheny went to tiny Antwerp tonight for a meet and greet dinner at the Legion. A decent crowd showed up and one Ritchie staffer told me there was an Owens tracker on hand to report on what was happening.
Matt Doheny in the Legion Kitchen Thanking Workers
     Senator Patty Ritchie was supposed to be there but didn't make it. Theresa Mayor Tanner was there with chocolate maps of NYS his wife made...Very tasty..
     In other Antwerp news, people were very hospitable to me and I understand the downtown bar that closed will be reopening soon.

Watertown Raid Part of National Mosaic

   A Wednesday raid of Tebb's Head Shop in Watertown was part of a coordinated one hundred city national crackdown on synthetic hallucinogens, including the well publicized  version known as 'bath salts'.
     Lots of synthetic marijuana and other substances were seized along with a few arrests and weapons seizures.
     The Watertown location in the Northland Plaza has been the focus of various issues and is part of an apparent chain of head shops in upstate cities.
      One person familiar with the chain says a few weeks back a representitive was bragging that the owner was so smart being able to take the substances and place them in bags and put any name he wanted on them and then sell them.
        What is interesting is the report that even with cops in the store Wednesday, customers were still trying to get in to buy product. On YNN, I saw a young man labled as a drug customer being interviewed.   Clearly, they don't see themselves as doing anything wrong or harmful.
Raid of Syracuse head shops part of first nationwide campaign against synthetic drugs |

Bath Salts Furor Raises Question....What's Next ?

    OK, your daughter has a butt cap tattoo and a pierced tongue and an unemployed boyfriend....It could always be worse.  Behold the daughter of the future.
                                         Coming soon to a head shop near you.

Cortland Goes Green In August as JETS Arrive

    Gang Green descends on Cortland, NY today as the JETS begin their three week pre season training at the SUNY Cortland campus.
     The small city south of Syracuse annually hosts the team and its big business as tens of thousands of fans come to visit.
     This year is even more hyped with the Sanchez-Tebow QB rivalry and coach Rex Ryan's 100+ weight loss.
       How lucky is Cortland to have the JETS all to themselves !
New York Jets Training Camp - SUNY Cortland

Haute Cuisine in Antwerp and It's FREE !

    In Antwerp I don't think you'd get too many people paying for a political fundraising dinner, but there are some votes there.
    Tonight a free dinner is being held at the Legion hosted by Senator Patty Ritchie and Congressional hopeful Matt Doheny.
    Baked ziti is on the menu and at the bottom of the invitation is written "Cost: $0."
     Of course you can donate if you want.
     Even opposition trackers are welcome to the free meal as is anyone who is just plain hungry.

Q-Poll: No Legislative Pay Raise, No Way, No How

   Doing a poll on legislative pay raises is like asking people if they would like to see mass murderers released from prison.
    You don't even really need to do the poll, as you know the results. Nonetheless, these polling firms continue to try and shape policy in Albany by their pulse taking of the public on different issues.
     Lawmakers will scamper away from the issue as they do every year even though Governor Cuomo tried to offer an out for them by suggesting a pay hike come with elimination of previous defacto raises through the practice of lulus and per diems.
      Should a state senator earn as much as a school principal or a State Trooper ? Voters continue to say no.
Q-Poll: No Legislative Pay Raise, No Way, No How

WDT: New Principal Will Get Pension Waiver

      A new principal at Watertown High School will be double dipping as the district is seeking a waiver on what a pensioner can earn after retirement.
      Joseph McGrath is the retired principal at Pulaski High and would be limited to $30K a year without affecting his pension. The Watertown District is seeking a waiver from Albany on the grounds I assume there is a paucity of suitable candidates.
       With a waiver, a retiree would continue to receive their full state pension while drawing a presumed six figure salary as principal. The practice is often used with superintendents.
        The same situation faced City Hall during the tenure of the interim city manager and we had to limit his hours to hold earnings under the 30K figure.
Watertown Daily Times | Watertown superintendent chooses interim principal candidate

Obama calls for more steps to curb violence, including gun control -

   President Obama has decided gun control...or at least talking about good politics. There has been a clamor for a "national conversation" from Mayor Bloomberg and others after the Aurora, CO theater shootings.
    The President told a gathering in New Orleans that soldiers, not citizens should have access to assault style weapons and high capacity magazines.
     Up til now Mr. Obama has walked a cautious line on the issue for fear of motivating gun owners to vote against him.
Obama calls for more steps to curb violence, including gun control -

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

No Way This Guy Gets Convicted

   Forty nine year old Daniel Avery couldn't go to jail for breaking up that head shop because he was in the emergency room at the time. I hear he has one lung and a heart condition.
   What juror votes to convinct the guy for busting up a head shop that was selling bath salts to his 24 year old son ?
    I understand he had to be arrested....but he doesn't get found guilty...Period.
Man, Upset Over Son, Attacks Head Shop | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News

Cuomo to Balance Budget By Writing More Tickets ? Sure Looks Like It !

   Troopers in SLC issued 90 tickets yesterday...For exhaust issues...tail name it.
    Governor...why don't you have your Troopers go see your party's Senate Minority Leader about his driving in that state owned Taurus ?
State Police Issue Traffic Tickets in St. Lawrence County

The Cost Of Sampson’s Car Accident: $70K And Climbing

      The cost of a trashing of a state car by the man who wants to run the State Senate is now approaching six figures, including totaling out a brand new Ford being driven by Sen. John Sampson.
      The current minority leader says a cat or raccoon ran in front of him causing him to lose control of the vehicle in the wee hours of the morning in NYC. He hit several high end cars.
       The circumstances sound fishy to me.....Senator Sampson need not be running the upper house of the Legislature.
The Cost Of Sampson’s Car Accident: $70K And Climbing

Man, Upset Over Son, Attacks Head Shop ...Raids Follow Today

   Police, led by federal agents, reportedly raided upstate head shops in a coordinated series of actions against stores allegedly selling designer drugs commonly called "bath salts" and "window cleaner". The WDT reports drugs and cash were seized at one Watertown store.
     Meanwhile a 49 year old Watertown man was charged yesterday with using a baseball bat to smash up Tebb's Head Shop in Northland Plaza on State Street. The man told police he lost his cool over his son's alleged purchase of the drugs at the store and resulting medical issues he says nearly led to his death.
     There has been increasing pressure to act on the issue of synthetic, "designer" drugs that have caused mayhem among those using what they figured was a legal drug.
      Recently, the NYS AG brought civil suits against some shops as well.
     Man, Upset Over Son, Attacks Head Shop | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News

Vignette At Pete's: We Pols are Legends in Our Own Minds

    So I link to this Doheny press release on red tape reduction. Does that mean I am shilling for him ?  A senior Democratic operative having dinner with his daughter at Pete's last night suggested that, and strongly said this blog is not that important and that all I do is shill for Doheny and Ritchie.
     I shot back that the Dems were not astute enough to send material of interest to my politically oriented audience at which time the operative repeated that I have too high an opinion of this blog's reach. (Besides, I run a lot of pro Addie things here, but he didn't want to hear that.) I responded that if this blog is no big deal, then what is ?  He concluded there isn't much else, leading me to conclude that in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man can indeed be king.
      The irony is that the operative's daughter said she reads the blog every day.
Doheny Calls On Opponent To Cut Red Tape | Doheny for Congress

Perfect Weather for Outdoor Market

    A stroll through the Farmer's Market on an idyllic summer day yielded happy vendors and passersby shopping for fresh fruits, vegetables, flowers and maybe a little wine.
     Yes, the 'no dogs' signs were up and people seemed pleased. So is City Council and the Chamber of Commerce.
Shoppers and Vendors Happy with Fido at Home
      By the way, the organizers of the Saturday market say their new location in the JB Wise lot pavillion was a great improvement.
     It's a quiet week at City Hall with even the city hall reporter at the Times on vacation.
The next Council meeting is an adjourned session next Monday at the Thompson Park Zoo.

Not Your Father's Republican Senate Candidate

        Mindy Meyer is more hip and happening than other Republican-Conservative candidates for State Senate, but the 22 year old law student from Brooklyn is presenting a challenge to chronically angry incumbent Senator Kevin Parker.
       Ms. Meyer is proof running for office doesn't have be to the domain of the middle aged and older and she is challenging conventional downstate political wisdom that only Democrats are allowed to win NYC races. (A Republican recently won a special election in a vacant seat in Brooklyn)

Self Proclaimed "Diva of the District" Also Can Don the Conservative Look
       Her slogan "I'm Senator and I Know It"  is pared with a techno version of the song "Sexy and I Know It."  Her signature color is hot pink.
        The Ritchie campaign should be studying Mindy's website to add some sizzle after Ritchie's opponent recently went to the web wearing a large snake.
         Politics is more about sizzle than substance.

Who Rides on Those Mega Yachts ?

    When that Mega-yacht owned by a Russian billionaire passed through the Thousand Islands recently, it makes you wonder what kind of people are on board. We will never know, but this week another $300M yacht owned by another Russian was spotted in St. Tropez and on board were Kanye West, Kim Kardashian and Leonardo DiCaprio. On a nearby yacht were singers Rihanna and Chris Brown, who have made domestic violence cool again.
     Members of the Saudi royal family were also on board.
Rihanna and Chris Brown could be collaborating again after partying with Leonard DiCaprio, Kanye West -

WDT: Bain Was a Part of Major Watertown Employer

     It was the one percenters....the 'vulture capitalists' who put together the deal that for a decade has resulted in some 500 jobs in downtown Watertown at the STREAM call center located in the former City Center Mall on Arsenal Street.

     Bain Capital, run by Mitt Romney, was reportedly an investor in STREAM a decade ago when the firm located a facility in Watertown.
      While the GOP Presidential candidate may not be directly responsible for the Watertown facility, and its true there are call centers abroad, this all points out that the national debate between makers and takers is not as clear cut as critics of Bain and Mr. Romney would have you believe.    
Watertown Daily Times | Romney’s Bain invested in company with local ties

Tattoo Parlor Downtown

    Dr. Strange' tattoo parlor on Factory Street may be no more, but it looks like tatts and piercings will be coming to Franklin Street.
    A DBA has been filed for Verde's Tattoos and Piercings at 200 Frankin Street.
     For better or worse, inking up has become very popular locally and hot summer weather shows all sorts of body art up and down the arms, legs and torsos of women especially.
     Tatts are not just for drunken sailors anymore.
DBAs Filed at Jefferson County Clerk's Office in July 2012

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

State Police Name Names.

   For years the local media has carped about not being able to get arrest information from the police, but now the State Police have opened the flood gates and are releasing the names of every piddly ticket written...
    In my youth the WDT used to print the names of traffic violators.  They stopped for some reason, perhaps choosing to limit public shamings to DWI's of which there is no shortage.
     The public must be humbled...not only by fines but by public humiliation...It is essential for a virtuous and orderly society.
      Of course the list of tickets provides great insight into quotas.
State Police Issue Traffic Tickets in St. Lawrence County

Senator Visits the Third Floor

   Senator Patty Ritchie visited City Hall bearing gifts as she greeted newly minted City Manager Sharon Addison by presenting a plant. The Senator also gave me a proclamation noting the City's recent runner up status in the a bid to be the nation's most patriotic community.

    During the half hour meeting that followed we discussed issues of interest to the City including the upcoming Combined Funding Applications and the status of Mercy Health Care.
    Thanks to our Senator for taking time to come over and meet the manager as well as get up to date on our issues.
    There was no media for the event although this afternoon Channel 7 was in the building to do a story on the repainting of offices that allow employees to personalize their work space with an accent wall color.

    One staffer will all white walls called it an effort in self discovery. Others praised the initiative as it allows workers to feel better about the eight hours spent there every day.

Map Getting Locked in With Paths to White House Narrow

      As the choice nears on a VP candidate for Mitt Romney, it's clear the GOP must win three states without a favorite sun to help out and then win one other small state like NH or CO to clinch the Presidency.
     The three must-flip states are Florida, Ohio and Virginia all won by Mr. Obama in 2008. Indiana and North Carolina are two states that went for the Dems in 2008 and are widely thought to be trending to Mr. Romney already.
      Will the Veep choice be aimed at one of those little states ?
       If so, look to Sen. Kelly Ayotte of NH, the long shot choice.....
       I still think Mr. Romney goes for two scoops of vanilla with either T-Paw or Portman.

WDT: College Nixes Mayor's Ball

    The Mayor's Ball is no more. The 28 year old fundraising formal soire is being recast as the JCC Gala, a money raiser for the college.
     The annual event had struggled in recent years and the prom-like event likely wasn't worth the effort to put on.

At Last Year's Ball With Live at Five Listeners Sharon Curry and Nancy McCabe
     The Mayor's Ball dates back decades and had faded away until being revived 28 years ago by Mayor and Mrs. Tom Walker.
       For years it was held at the State Office Building and more recently at JCC.
Watertown Daily Times | Mayor’s Ball to be renamed JCC Gala, go back to its roots

Monday, July 23, 2012

Sally Ride, first U.S. woman in space, dies at 61

   A role model for American women and girls has passed too early. Astronaut Sally Ride has died of cancer. She twice rode the space shuttle and served on commissions investigating two other shuttle disasters.

   The trailblazing scientist was the first US woman in outer space.  Remember when her name was floated as a VP candidate for Ross Perot in '92. Would have been a much better choice than Admiral Stockdale.
    Sally Ride, first U.S. woman in space, dies at 61

Gray Takes Up Modeling

   I am not a fan of an intrusive, voyeuristic media but when a public official posts swimsuit shots of himself on Facebook....well that expectation of privacy is gone.
   So County Legislator Scott Gray looks forty something buff as he poses with a bikini clad young lady he says is his niece.  OK Uncle Scott.
   Is the local florist the most buff legislator ? He has Behling beat for sure.  

Mariah Carey Named 'Idol' Judge

    She didn't have to carry petitions or campaign...Mariah Carey gets to be a judge just by being a very pretty songbird of long standing in the music industry.
      Mariah Carey Named 'Idol' Judge | TheWrap TV

Free Face Time Sought by Office Seekers

   The political class is starting to actually send me photos in hopes of posting on this semi-popular and moderately influential blog.
    This one from Jude is a pretty standard local pol mug shot with his boss, Senator Ritchie and the esteemed Mayor of Sackets Harbor.
     As the campaign heats up, the photos are going to have be less staged and more newsworthy to make it past the editors and gatekeepers here at MGV.

A Year Later, No Slippery Slope to Perdition Noted from Marriage Law

      For all the talk about what gay marriage has meant, in New York's heartland the much talked about law of a year ago has created little stir...In fact, even last year most of the chatter was confined to the political class and some in the media.
     In areas like Watertown, I never heard much debate at all and indeed it seemed most people were ambivalent or content to let the measure pass.
      Few such weddings occured and most of the ones involved those with existing long term commitments.
      NNY's wedding capital is Watertown's City Hall and I don't think I have even seen a same sex couple coming into the clerk's office, although there were a handful last summer.
      NY marks 1 year of gay marriage, impact unclear - 24 Hour National News - The Buffalo News

OMG, Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

   Enough is enough on dogs. The ban in areas of public assembly is supported by those who organize those events, including the Jefferson County Fair and the Chamber of Commerce Farmer's Market.
    These events are not venues for attendees to become part of anyone's "training" of animals and I am tired of hearing about people's "right" to bring their animal.
     It's a source of confusion to have "no dogs" signs and then have dogs intentionally being encouraged to interact with event participants.
      The law passed earlier this year was a modest measure to remind people there is a time and a place for everything. If this were some kind of sweeping law to ban animals en masse from City property, I would have an issue with it. That is not what we have here.
       I do concede any posts on this issue generate more comments than other topics.
       Watertown Daily Times | City Council may study ban of search-and-rescue dogs

Incumbents Head to the Links for Cash

   It's an election year in Albany and amidst the County Fairs and parades, candidates like to hold their own golf tournaments attended by donors, who also happen to be lobbyists.

An Embroidered Gym Bag for the "Senate Majority Invitational"
      A trip to the links offers a chance for more bonding and influence peddling than one of those receptions held in the hotels near the Capitol.
       I don't think our Senator holds a tournament but to the east, Sen. Betty Little does.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Bank Transfer Goes Smoothly

   In all fairness to the folks at Community Bank, I noticed tonight I was able to sign on to their on-line banking. This was the weekend HSBC's remaining customers had accounts transferred over.
    I don't trust technology, but this seemed to work and now I have even more pass words to remember.
    I had transferred most of my business over to WSB a couple months ago because HSBC was so unresponsive to queries about what was going on. Now they are gone after decades of making money in NNY.
    This is a matter that affects a lot of local people. Surprising no one else thought it was news.

Dark Knight Shooting Colorado: Witness says James Holmes recently broke up with someone | Mail Online lay the cause of the theater massacre on some chick who had the sense to break up with the loser gunman......It's not the ex...not his parents...not Batman....It's him...he's a loser who ruined a lot of lives in his perverse quest for attention or validation or whatever.
   And nobody is to blame for not doing something.....How would you know and if you had an inkling he was nuts ? We all know people whom if they did something bizarre it wouldn't be a total surprise.
    Most people break up, flunk out, strike out, get fired, or get a bad column written about them and still don't go on a rampage. I've had four out of five and am amazingly stable....At my age the worst I'll do is slam somebody in a harm in that.
Dark Knight Shooting Colorado: Witness says James Holmes recently broke up with someone | Mail Online

Newzjunky: 110mph Cited in City

   Here's an idiot allegedly driving 110mph on very narrow Bronson Street. It's hard to imagine getting to that speed, much less measuring it.
    He didn't have a license either. Guess we know why. Police Blotter

WDT: Mayor vows to stay on the job in Gouveneur...

     OK, the mayor of Gouverneur has judgments filed against him and a broken relationship. Mayor Christopher Miller took office under a cloud as his past criminal record is not normally the stuff of candidates for such an august office.
      Yet, despite what seems an unlikely candidate for high office, Mr. Miller won. Why is that ? Were there no candidates of vision and virtue ?
       Surely, not everytime a judgment is filed against a public official does that become news. Bankruptcies are often not in the news and broken marriages and relationships, even when fiery and same sex are not always written about.
      Mayor Miller must have reached some kind of critical mass where the amount of stuff going on merits a public airing and the chance for him to deny he will resign.

       There is a matter of proportionality when reporting on the personal issues of elected officials...Certainly its fair game and Constitutionally protected to a very high level.
        Just remember, that the "failings" of many people in government or in high profile positions of great influence are not always reported.
        It does sound like the Mayor has more than a few distractions, but he did win and must rally his abilities to do the job expected.  When the going is tough, the tough keep their head up and their mouth shut and soldier on.
       In the end, voters can judge.
Watertown Daily Times | Mayor vows to stay on the job in Gouveneur...

Joe Paterno's statue taken down from outside Penn State football stadium -

    The statue goes....It will be in storage....Good call.
Joe Paterno's statue taken down from outside Penn State football stadium -

Doheny: Seven Must Do's in a Post ObamaCare Nation

     Congressional candidate Matt Doheny says one key aspect of ObamaCare should stay once and if the law is repealed.
     Mr. Doheny wants young adults up to age 26 to be able to stay on parents policies. The Doheny campaign has issued a position paper on what to pursue in the arena of health care reform as an alternative to the path the Affordable Care Act has placed the Nation.
     As for the candidate, like his opponent, the Republican was spotted on the eastern front at the Clinton County Fair. Meanwhile a Dem operative sent me a picture of a crowd of 75 out for a campaign office opening for Rep. Bill Owens in Glens Falls.

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