Saturday, July 14, 2012

Sugar lobby sweetens deal for members protecting subsidy | The Daily Caller

   This story says the sugar lobby is sweet on Republicans...but in NNY its the Democrat who gets their kiss.
Sugar lobby sweetens deal for members protecting subsidy | The Daily Caller

WDT: A Lot of People Own a Piece of Our Congressman

     When you read the overview story about how much a candidate raises, its just a big number.  It's interesting to look at the itemized contributors for Rep. Bill Owens.
     There's the usual unions, medical trade associations from anethesiogists right on throught the alphabet....there are corporations and three separate PACs representing the sugar industry.
     Five grand from NARAL, a little from Mike Schell and June O'Neill......Wal-Mart and the Egg Association have a piece of the Owens campaign.
      Yippee...the National Beer Wholesalers are in for 5K...and even Bea Schermerhorn (remember the commercials) chipped in $250.
       My radio bosses gave and so did the picture frame lady who hosted a Patty Ritchie soire. Alex Bay developer Pat Donegan was on the Owens list as were firefighters and some group advocating rural electrification (I thought we had that already).
      Insurance and finance people are is the National Thoroughbred Racing crowd.  There's letter carriers, bricklayers and communication workers.....
       I didn't see Ted Ford....but he's there is spirit, I am sure.
       We will look over the Doheny filing when it's available..
        The interesting thing will be how many of the same people are on both filings...Those are the real players.
Watertown Daily Times | Owens 3-week haul: $163,174

Paterno Statue Should Be Melted Down

   Take it shouldn't have been there to begin with.
    The bronze statue of former Penn State coach Joe Paterno needs to go in the wake of the child sex scandal that has exposed big time college sports as being the ultimate ends-justifies-the means operation.  The idolotry surrounding million dollar coaches is overdone anyway. (There is a college library named after JoPa  as well.)

     The statue at the entrance to Beaver Stadium will only be a chuckle for visiting fans.
      Florida State coach Bobby Bowden calls for Paterno statue to be removed due to Sandusky scandal -

Palin Gives Condi a Thumbs Up

   The last GOP candidate for VP likes talk of Condoleezza Rice for Mitt Romney's running mate. Sarah Palin says it would be a wonderful choice and is willing to overlook Condi's pro-choice sentiments on abortion.
    Ms. Rice would create a lot of buzz as a candidate as did Ms. Palin,
Sarah Palin: Condoleezza Rice for vice president would be ‘wonderful’ -

Anthony Weiner has $4.5M left in campaign fund from aborted 2009 mayoral run -

    The ten or twelve grand you spend on a mayoral race for Watertown is such small potatoes compared to the big leagues.
     Look at former Rep. Anthony Weiner who was run out of office for tweeting his bulge and still has $4.5M in his warchest for a NYC mayoral race that never happened.
     Sure does give Weiner a running start should he ever run for anything again.
Anthony Weiner has $4.5M left in campaign fund from aborted 2009 mayoral run -

A Kennedy Drinking Too Much and Driving ? Or Was It a False Arrest ?

       It's not really a curse ,since its self inflicted, but the Governor's ex got nabbed for DWI by the Governor's police force. Surely no one would reel at news of such an offense.
       However the latest "tragedy" for the Kennedy family may not be as it seems. A family spokesman issued a statement saying Andy's ex too blood and urine tests after the arrest and there was no sign of drugs or alcohol.  (There was an accident she allegedly left the scene of)
       Who do you believe ?
      Kerry Kennedy Arrested For DWAI (Updated)

Letter: Big Cat Show Dangerous and Cruel

   It's not surprise the exhibit attracting the most attention at the County Fair was the collection of  big cats.
    About seven or eight lions and tigers in a cage attached to a trailer with a trainer who did the usual tricks with the cats perched on platforms and a crowd wondering if they will get to see something exciting like a mauling.

Crowds Look at Big Cats Display
     The cage didn't really look lion proof and you couldn't help but wonder about the ruckus if one got loose. The travel trailer housing the animals was at best the size of a mobile home. The handler told the crowd how much longer animals live in captivity compared to the wild, but their life is decidely different.
        Animal rights activists lodged mild objections with a couple letters to the editor, but no one wants to take away from the attractions and besides, how often to you see this kind of animal in the fur ?
       Our own Zoo long ago got rid of lions in favor of watching them on television. Seeing these cats  in these surroundings affirmed the wisdom of that decision.
Watertown Daily Times | Big-cat show harmful to animals, dangerous

Friday, July 13, 2012

County Fair Propsers With Perfect July Weather

   No snake in the grass but lots of other animals during my walk around tonight at the Jefferson County Fair. There were lions and tigers along with the usual farm animals...
      Earlier this week the City was swept by a story of an escaped snake, but we suspect that was more urban legend to draw attention to the Fair....And it worked !

Cuomo’s Big Haul, Yet Again

 Andrew Cuomo just keeps raising money, even though he has no prospect of a significant GOP opponent in his 2014 reelection bid.
    Rich people, unions, trade associations, hospital lobbyists and more are all in for the Guv, who will likely seek the Presidency in 2016.
    Politics even at the local level is more and more a full time fundraising gig.
Cuomo’s Big Haul, Yet Again

Zoo Project Hits Costly Wall

       Time of year, code issues, a non cookie-cutter type project...It could be any, all or even more reasons, but the bids on the proposed remake of the Thompson Park Zoo Aviary came in very high and that will surely force City Council to rethink the project.
         The first question is why over a year of study and engineer work produced estimates so far off.
        Council had wanted to save the 1980s structure which had been the center of a community fund drive in 2003.  The structure is now home to a pair of turkeys and once housed a variety of feathered friends. Zoo officials suddenly ran "a fowl" of the building and ask it be torn down.
          The most recent incarnation was an enclosed learning center with audio visual gear to link lessons to area schools. The building was also on tap to be used for various social gatherings and other events.
          Looks like the turkeys...once pardoned again in November....will spend another winter in their current crib.

Watertown Daily Times | Bids for zoo learning center come in high

JCC Chooses Dorm Design, Location | WWNY TV 7

        The prospect of dorms for the local community college is something I hope comes to pass as the facility needs convenient and affordable housing to continue to grow.
        Dormitories yes. I am not sold on everything proposed for the Coffeen Street Campus, but think this dormitory plan for Rand Drive is a good one and hopefully a deal can be put together with a developer to build and operate the facility.
       JCC Chooses Dorm Design, Location | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News

Reid calls for officials to 'burn' China-made Team USA Olympic uniforms | Fox News

      So Senator Harry Reid says the US Olympic Committee should burn its uniforms to be used in the Opening Ceremonies because the Ralph Lauren duds were made in China.
      Phony protectionism and patriotism is not new to politics, but you would think the Olympic intellects at the committee would have spotted this pitfall.
      However, it is a world economy and maybe the Senator should worry about American industry being price competitive on the world market.
Reid calls for officials to 'burn' China-made Team USA Olympic uniforms | Fox News

Long Island cop’s mistress suing Nassau County over affair -

     A 42 year old Long Island woman who had an affair with a police officer while he was on duty with his patrol car parked in her driveway, is suing finally strapped Nassau County for not preventing the officer from visiting her on about 100 occasions.
     Reports are the officer, who is now retired and could care less, would blow off service calls while at the house.
      Give her the money...The taxpayers should have the same experience she did.
Long Island cop’s mistress suing Nassau County over affair -

WDT:To the grads of 2012: Nobody wants to hire you

     I was reading this generally spot-on column about recent college grads and why they won't get hired as quickly as they believe  they should. Too much hubris and not enough humility, to much entitlement and not enough initiative is Mr. G.'s message.
    Let me add a couple of other traits and tips for those truly seeking a job.
    -Don't call the business and ask whomever answers the phone, "are you hiring ?" 
    -If stopping in cold where there is no apparent opening (that's the best time to make an impression that can lead to a hire), not only look good, but introduce yourself in a way I might feel I would want to spend money on you. 
     -Understand I am looking for someone who will show up and work in a manner that is in my best interest.  If you think 11AM is the crack of dawn or that giving stuff away is anything less than stealing, please don't waste our time.
       In the last year, I have gone through successful hiring drills for two important City positions as well. While the positions are more complicated and the candidates more polished on average, it's all the same in the end.
      Employers want people who show up, have integrity and will make their jobs easier.  Do that and the boss will feel good about paying you and that's the best job security of all.
Watertown Daily Times | To the grads of 2012: Nobody wants to hire you

Drudge Report: Condi Rice near top of VP list

        About the only interesting thing in the Presidential race is musing who Mitt Romney will pick as a running mate, even though history shows the selection will make little difference in the end result.
        Current speculation centers around Ohio Senator Robert Portman, for Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty and for something more interesting, former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.
         Rice would be an interesting selection. Smart, popular, experienced with the office....but does she want the job ?  

         A Rice selection would jazz up the race, but she would be the a target as well, due to her links to Bush Administration foreign policy. She also would underscore the race card Democrats like to play.
          One HOTLINE caller recently said any black American who votes for Romney is a "traitor to their heritage".  Democrats expect loyalty from their number one and most loyal constituency.
           I still think the VEEP choice will be Portman or Pawlenty as both men are very much like Mr. Romney.  I don't think Mitt will attempt to stir up the race with his selection.
Drudge Report: Condi Rice near top of VP list -

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Patty Files for Three Lines.....Heavy Favorite for Second Term

    Despite the photo shop miscue this week and her opponents imagery as a snake charmer, Senator Patty Ritchie is clearly on her way to reelection.
    She filed  lots of petitions today to get on the GOP, Indy and Conservative lines in her race against Democrat Amy Tressider. I signed for her but witnessed none in my new role as a political slacker.
     My advice...No more photo shopping. Just be yourself...that's what people like.
     Besides, who feels good about a woman that comfortable with reptiles ?

Six Figure Trooper Arrests Woman for Stealing Cat

    A 26 year old Old Forge woman was charged by State Police with stealing a black cat from an acquaintance at 3:30 in the morning.
     Isn't there more important stuff than the permanent underclass wasting tax dollars because they cannot get through a day without acting stupid ? Police Blotter

City Takes Properties.....Gets Ready for Auctions

   The City has filed deeds for properties not redeemed after being sold for back taxes two years ago. The list includes the Fort Drum Storage warehouse on West Main Street  and the former Dr. Strange Tattoo Parlor.
    Occupied building dwellers have been given notice and there will be a plan to return any renter property in the warehouse.
    The properties will likely be sold at auction in late summer or early fall.
     The first meeting agenda for new Manager Sharon Addison hit the street tonight and there are lots of things for lawmakers to gnaw on Monday night, including the bid opening for the former zoo aviary project.

Robert Kraft goes over Viagra Falls, but it’s his image in a barrel -

         All that syrupy stuff last year about the team sad over the passing of the owner's wife is turned on its ear this year when Patriot's owner Bob Kraft has taken up with a young lady 39 years his junior and they made a video together.

         How many times does 32 go into 71 ?  Or is it the other way around.  The Pats owner has made Jets fans forgot about Rex Ryan's foot fetish.
Robert Kraft goes over Viagra Falls, but it’s his image in a barrel -

Hockey Team Announces Coach and Sponsors for 2012

  Thousand Islands Privateers owner Nicole Kirnan and her dad and Federal League Commissioner Don Kirnan told team supporters today they are committed to a successful season this winter at the Fairgrounds Arena.
   At an afternoon press conference Ms. Kirnan announced Paul Kelly as head coach and detailed sales and marketing plans for the season ahead.
    For more information contact the team at  or call at 315- 382-5456

Advisory Group Prepares for Meeting With Council in August

    The ad hoc advisory group "Advantage Watertown" this morning discussed an upcoming meeting with City Council and chatted about a variety of other topics from convention centers to parking to the Woolworth and Mercy challenges.
    The volunteer group serves as a sounding board for various issues and advises the Council from the perspective of interested citizens.
     The Chair of the County Leg and I serve as members of the committee which is chaired by John Bartow who runs the Tug Hill Commission.
     Advantage Watertown has been criticised by some lawmakers who see it as a "shadow government", but my take is that it is just a well intentioned discussion group who voice is amplified because the media chooses to cover it.

Privateers Announcements Due Today

    The 1000 Islands Privateers hold a news conference today to announce coaching appointments and begin building excitement for the coming 2012-13 season at Watertown's Fairgrounds Arena.
     It should be a more exciting winter with pro hockey added to the things we can do in the slower months.
      I will be attending to wish the team well as they line up sponsors and put together the apparatus and sponsors needed to run the team.

Utica officials vote to ban bath salts

     A municipal ordinance to ban bath salts is high on symbolism and low on effectiveness. However, the sentiment is understandable as this latest permutation on the drug scene has policy makers and enforcers scrambling to be seen as doing something before more faces are gnawed off and more people are hanging around in a daze doing nothing for society other than cause problems.
     This week's civil suits against select head shops is designed to do the same thing. Make it cumbersome and uncomfortable to sell so called designer drugs.
     Bath salts and related items have garnered pubicity because of their open sale in storefronts instead of on street corners.

Utica officials vote to ban bath salts | NBC-WKTV News Channel 2 - Utica News, Weather, Sports - | Local News

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Crazyray's days

   Crazy Ray in the Bay has a blog....Doesn't everyone these days ?  Check it out !
Crazyray's days

WDT: Like It or Not, Health Care is the Issue for 2012

   Since Republicans want this election to hinge on the Affordable Health Care Act (ObamaCare), today's House vote on repeal tees up the ball and forced everybody on the record again.
   NNY Congressman Bill Owens voted against repeal, saying the current plan may need change but provides the blueprint for a better system.
    On cue, opponent Matt Doheny said ObamaCare is hiking premiums, costing jobs and forcing working families to lose insurance.
     If you are weary of the verbal volleys, better buck up because it will be non stop to November.
     The issue is polling at 50-50, so its not clear how many minds will be changed. Like most elections, this is about getting your peeps out. To that end, telephone voter ID surveys will allow the candidates to identify those pro or con on this issue, and they can then work on turnout.   

Watertown Daily Times | Local News, Sports, Features, and Community Information for Jefferson County, St. Lawrence County, and Lewis County in Northern New York.

Lesbian SuperPAC: ‘Girls only’ club joins the fray- The Washington Post

    Free speech is blossoming thanks to the Supreme Court's "Citizens United" ruling that allows unlimited funding for Super PACs not directly linked to a candidate.
     Even lesbians now have a Super PAC.
Lesbian SuperPAC: ‘Girls only’ club joins the fray - She The People - The Washington Post

A Blue Ribbon for Ritchie from the Jefferson County Fair | New York State Senate

        Senator Patty Ritchie was honored with a blue ribbon Tuesday night...Not the Blue Ribbons her fellow Republican enjoys, but just a ribbon that's blue for her help in resolving some kind of administrative snafu at the County Fair.
        If the Senator comes to Pearl Street, I'll give her a Blue Ribbon to go with her Mayor's Bar t-shirt she enjoys wearing.
 Blue Ribbon for Ritchie from the Jefferson County Fair | New York State Senate

Katie Holmes returns to Catholic Church

   After winning a quick divorce from Scientologist hubby Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes returned to the Catholic Church by registering as a parishoner at a Manhattan parish.
    So controlling was her nutty hubby, she had to use a disposable cell phone to talk with her lawyers in the run up to the split.
Katie Holmes returns to Catholic Church

WDT: Boehner to travel to Lake George for Doheny

   The Times reports Speaker John Boehner will be coming to the aid of Matt Doheny, but it will be in the Eastern Front in scenic Lake George.
    The fundraiser will be a closed affair as it's doubtful the Ohio Republican has that much impact on voters but would be a fundraising draw in the Capital Region.
    The NNY district has brought some big names in the last couple elections including President Bill Clinton and Vice President Joe Biden.
     Former GOP Senator Fred Thompson has visited, as have other lesser luminaries.
     Look for more celebrity this fall as our hotly contested race heads to the wire.
Watertown Daily Times | Boehner to travel to Lake George for Doheny

Snake Pose Likely Rattles Senator's PR Machine

    Senator Patty Ritchie has long been the leader in Facebook posts and photo ops, but her Democratic opponent delivered an Internet wake up call today.
    Senate hopeful Amy Tressider used publicity over a snake loose at the County Fair to release a shocking photo that trumps the Senator's parrot pose and her tree tapping imagery.
    Ms. Tressider is seen holding a large python and she has a wall to wall smile while doing it. The Democrat got some further press this week in the WDT over a ribbon cutting photo in which she was photo shopped out for apparently political reasons.
    Does this kind of bravado impress voters ?  It certainly makes the obscure Oswego County legislator better known, and shows she has a flare for the dramatic.

      Senator Ritchie in Oswego County on Monday announcing free mosquito larvicide she says will halt EEE and West Nile Virus.

My big fat-free Greek fro-yo -

    I recently saw a news story of Senator Charles Schumer doing a press conference on the subject of Greek yogurt.  Sure enough, the Senator was on the cutting edge again..or at least is good at spotting trends.

    Greek yogurt is now chic with its richer, creamier taste and modest calorie count.
We don't have a lot of trendy food outlets up here, so we have to rely on out of town media to tell us what's chic.
My big fat-free Greek fro-yo -

More pre-K, tuition aid for part-time students lead school-reform ideas given to Cuomo committee | The Poughkeepsie Journal

   Testimony to the Governor's new committee on education reform appears to be centering on offering more programs and less testing.
     That may be because the people who will testify at such a hearing are going to be those on the inside. Parents groups, advocacy groups, administrators, unions.
     There is no constituency for calling for fundamental realignment of the structure that has resulted in a six figure superintendent every five miles across upstate NY.
      The system is top heavy with administration.
More pre-K, tuition aid for part-time students lead school-reform ideas given to Cuomo committee | The Poughkeepsie Journal

Owners of Plaza Visit City Hall to Discuss Connector Road

      A road connecting Arsenal and Coffeen Streets through Stateway Plaza is being discussed again and there seems to be renewed interest in the road.
       Development of adjacent properties has left the area not served by adequate roads, but costs have been the traditional stumbling block to completion of what was to be called Western Boulevard.
        Talks yesterday with developers and property owners were a good start towards resolving the matter.
Watertown Daily Times | City, Stateway Plaza officials discuss connector road

Post Star: Owens claims Doheny is inconsistent on economy

     Rep. Bill Owens says its a contradiction to advocate for smaller government and also criticise high unemployment numbers. The gist is that public sector jobs constitute "economic development".
     The other argument is that bloated government may employ some people, but it's drawing money away from private sector investment and hiring.
      The Congressman has touched on the essence of the philosophical difference between him and opponent Matt Doheny.
       Owens claims Doheny is inconsistent on economy

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Court: NY can't scare smokers with gross images - CBS News

   A court says NYC cannot try to scare smokers with gross photos of the health effects of puffing.
    The State is a big phony on all of this....the anti smoking advocates brag openly their salaries are paid by Big Tobacco through taxes and settlement funds.
     Smoking is a dirty, dangerous habit. I can say that without the guilt of being paid by dollars from Big Tobacco.
Court: NY can't scare smokers with gross images - CBS News

Snake Charmer Needed Pronto !

    I didn't find out about the snake until after I left the Fairgrounds after tonights opening ceremonies.....A fifteen foot snake was reported to be on the loose, although its not thought to be venemous.
     There were several politicos on the reviewing stand, some of whom could be thought of as snakes in the grass....but as for the big snake, it was still on the loose Tuesday evening.

Do You Think Senator Ritchie Knew About the Snake as She Watched the Parade ?
     Other than Snakes on the Midway, the fair looked good this year and lots of people seemed to be enjoying themselves, although the small dogs had reason to be nervous.
Feedback: Large Snake On The Loose At Fair? | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News

A.G. Schneiderman Announces 12 Lawsuits Against "Head Shops" Across The State For Illegally Selling Bath Salts And Other Synthetic Drugs | Eric T. Schneiderman

   New York's Attorney General is using the civil courts to halt the sale of so called designer drugs like bath salts. Eric Schneiderman has included a Watertown store among 12 statewide he is seeking to block the sale of the nettlesome and dangerous new twists in the world of drugs.
     I assume the plan is the heat will persuade other stores to halt the practice. Hopefully it will.
A.G. Schneiderman Announces 12 Lawsuits Against "Head Shops" Across The State For Illegally Selling Bath Salts And Other Synthetic Drugs | Eric T. Schneiderman

WDT: Democrat Photoshopped Out of Ribbon Cutting to Avoid Offending the GOP

   Having been in politics there are two things dumb about this scenario. One is that getting into grip and grin, ribbon cutting photos really means something...The other is the apparent ham handed effort to photo shop out a candidate for fear of offending the incumbent.
    So it seems with Senate challenger Amy Tressidor, an Oswego County legislator running against Senator Patty Ritchie.
    While I support Ms. Ritchie, I penalize the GOP five yards for pettiness and post Ms. Tressidor's picture here as punishment.

           I've also been around long enough to know few things in life are unintentional or coincidental.
Watertown Daily Times | Local News, Sports, Features, and Community Information for Jefferson County, St. Lawrence County, and Lewis County in Northern New York.

Performing Arts Center Becomes Skanky Night Club

   Guns, bath salts, heroine, cocaine, LSD (how 60's), nudity, broken bones, lots of arrests. Such is life at the Saratoga Performing Arts Center at this week's Phish concert.
     Guess these folks were not content with a wholesome night of entertainment across the Hudson River at "The Joe" where all those Cuomo bobbleheads were being given out.
      Anyway, a weekend like that would result in sanctions if it happened at a night club...Let's hope state run "performing arts centers" don't get a pass.
Three nights of drugs, guns and arrests at SPAC for Phish concertgoers -

WDT: Owens Tries to Carve Out a Niche a Little Bit Away from POTUS

   The scramble is on to avoid being called a tax hiker but still be seen as making the more affluent among us pay "their fair share" in these deficit ridden times.
     President Obama wants to extend current rates for people earning under $250K while allowing the so-called Bush era rates to rise for those higher than that.
     Anxious to appear to be keeping a little difference from his party's President, Rep. Bill Owens says he wants the threshold at $500K.
     That's a difference without a distinction, or whatever the expression is.
      Only in an environment where you can print your own money can there even be a debate over restricting revenue without being willing to cut expenses.
      The President's ploy is good politics...good class warfare politics.
       I am tired of rate schedules that expire, thus forcing debates over the "largest tax hike in history". Mr Owens playing with the level for what is rich adds nothing to the conversation.
Watertown Daily Times | Owens breaks from Obama on tax threshold

Mayors Who Muse Becoming Commonplace

    Years in politics leaves one with a insatiable desire to muse, opine and bloviate about the world around us....a world we long time pols see through a decidely political prism.
    I see my old friend the former Oswego mayor John Sullivan is doing op/ed in the Albany Times Union.
     John also did a stint as NYS Democratic Chair.
     The former mayor is at a point where he circulates in any political circle where there is a good time. I saw him enjoying some GOP food and beverage at the recent Doheny wedding reception.

      But don't worry....John wasn't a tracker...He was just there for the party.

Rain, with heavy unemployment - Times Union

Politico: Democratic Trackers Leave GOP Candidates Unnerved

      The increasing use of trackers to intrude and expose the lives of candidates is raising eyebrows this year. Politico reports Democrats are leading the way as they attempt to brand opponents as rich and out of touch with "working families".
      Trackers are not new. Having operatives tag along at campaign events produced the famous "mucaca moment" in Virginia.
       Now the technique involves poking around and photographing the homes of GOP candidates to expose their opulence.
        That raises the issue of how far Dems will go to defeat competitive challengers like NNY's Matt Doheny, the wealthy, self-made and aggressive candidate who almost beat Rep. Bill Owens two years ago and is positioned for a close race again this year.
        Still unanswered is whether a helicopter spotted over Doheny's posh St. Lawrence River home the day of his wedding was one such Democratic ploy.  Wedding guests say the chopper looked like it was shooting photos on low passes. The Doheny campaign suggested it was forces hostile. They had fairly elaborate ground security for the wedding to prevent crashers. (Everybody possibly involved now tells the WDT the story is laughable and didn't happen. It could have been sightseers from the Luna)

Fairly Typical Wedding Scenes...But Was There an Eye in the Sky ?
        The campaign had been burned in March when a tracker shot the candidate in some unguarded moments at a DC restaurant.
         If Democrats are doing this, it is certain Mr. Owens would have plausible deniability as the trackers are not directly his people.
         However, the increasing use of these tactics raises real questions about the limits of decency in a campaign. In NNY,  little is reported on personal lives but that has changed.
         The current emphasis on class warfare runs hand in hand with the reality that only the well to do can afford to compete in campaigns.
         In the Hamptons this weekend attendees at Mitt Romney fund raisers ran the gauntlet of media looking for a "let them eat cake" quote.
        It's surely fair game to make an issue out of wealth and in Doheny's case, his island home is a very visible manifestation of wealth. Buzzing his wedding likely didn't reveal anything you couldn't see on any day from a boat.
        The act may have been an example of modern politics at its worst,  but then again politics is not bean bag....especially at that level.
GOP unnerved by Democrats' candid camera techniques - Alex Isenstadt -

Monday, July 9, 2012

Suri Saved from Her Fathers Whackiness....Body Guards Will Be There During Visits to Dad

   Tom Cruise has agreed to a quickie divorce and sole custody of Suri will go to wife Katie. Extraordinary measures will be taken to make sure the girl isn't subjected to Scientology dogma while visiting her father.

    The settlement prevents the inner workings of the religion from coming out at trial. Who will be the next woman to succumb to Top Gun's looks and charm while agreeing to his whacky beliefs ?
Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes divorce 2012: Couple reach settlement behind closed doors - as she gets 'sole custody' of Suri | Mail Online

Fists are Flying and Tensions are High...But Only in the Swing States

    In this nation of fifty states, there is a Presidential race going on in 12 states....The swing states that are in play in any kind of close national race.
    In the swing states, there are lots of TV ads....for the rest of us, just some news coverage about a race we will see little of.
    In NNY, there will be no lawn signs or ads on Channel 7. No need to...Unless its a Romney landslide, NY will be blue again this year.
Swing states poll: A barrage of TV ads, but only in the battlegrounds –

Color of the Week....Teal

   Change comes in all sorts of ways. This week City Hall staff is readying for Monday's arrival of a new city manager. In keeping with recent policy, offices are painted with an accent color of the employee's choosing
   Ms. Addison chose  "Largo Teal".   Whether there is anything you can read into that , I don't know.   Kind of a Jimmy Buffett type choice.
    The new manager will meet individually with Council members who first day and then get to work managing the affairs of City government.


  The Congressional poll got deleted by error while erasing other "gadgets".  The two candidates were even with a couple of votes, so we conclude the race is very competitive.

GOP Has Edge to Retain Senate

   Republicans have a five to one cash advantage in their bid to retain control of the State Senate, while Democrats say they plan a push in eleven districts in a bid to reagain the control they briefly had during the Paterson Administration.
   That control highlighted the role of thugs in the caucus including former Senator Pedro Espada. All of that was a factor in flipping seats like ours back when Patty Ritchie ousted Darrel Aubertine two years ago.

    Now the Ritchie seat really isn't even in play, even though an Oswego County legislator is running against the Senator.
     The GOP will likely get wink of the eye support from Governor Cuomo who does not want the run up to 2016 marred by the governance seen in the Paterson years.

GOP builds cash edge - Times Union

The Journal: Bigger Not Better ? Very Local Bank Celebrates 100 Years

   Here is an anomaly...A tiny local bank surviving 100 years and not looking to sell out. They do it by spurning technology in favor of personal service. It will be interesting to see  if those values can get the bank in Hammond through another century.
The Journal | Hammond bank celebrates 100 years

Who's On That Fancy Boat ? Super Yacht in the Thousand Islands

    Billionaire Roman Abramovich's 377 foot boat is in the Thousand Islands.  The Luna was spotted by the folks  at
      The craft cost over $100M, has bulletproof glass, two helipads, an indoor pool, and a crew of 40.
       No one knows who is on the craft but the guest list in the past has included Madonna.
       The Luna is one of a class of super yachts the super rich indulge themselves with.
Roman Abramovich and Microsoft boss's billionaire battle of the boats | Mail Online

Intercollegiate Studies Institute - Educating for Liberty

    Here is the civics test.
Intercollegiate Studies Institute - Educating for Liberty

Cuomo’s Father Speaks of Presidential Future for Son -

      While Andy has played down his likely Presidential ambitions, his dad broached the issue during a visit to the Executive Mansion in Albany.
      Governor Cuomo is obviously harboring White House plans,but has wisely stayed off the national stage, instead building a record as a Governor who has accomplished things.
      That's a sound strategy Mr. Cuomo should continue at least through his reelection in 2014.
Cuomo’s Father Speaks of Presidential Future for Son -

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Mayor Passes Civics Exam

     So I took a civics test on line sent to me by Johnny Tufo.....They said the average American scored 49% and college professors averaged 55%.  I got an 89. That should be reassuring to you all, although I was sad I didn't do better.

Can Johnson Make a Difference ?

   With a malaise still surrounding certain GOP nominee Mitt Romney, its possible a former Republican governor of New Mexico running as a Libertarian could be a factor in the fall race.
   Gary Johnson likely takes the Land of Enchantment off the table for Romney as his tenure as New Mexico'a governor will make him a draw in the SW..  Disenchanted Ron Paul voters are less likely to embrace Mr. Romney, whose straight laced demeanor offers little appeal to those wanting less government moralizing and regulating.
     Mr. Johnson will be on the ballot in all states.

The Gary Johnson factor - Maggie Haberman and Alexander Burns -

Jordan-Elbridge School District's tab for trying to remove two administrators hits $1.19 million, will grow |

        Once again, it's all about the children....
       A central NY school district has spent $1.2 M trying to fire two administrators and while the proceedings have dragged on for nearly two year, the reasons for the firings are still a secret.
       Funny thing is the media, which always wants "open government" and routinely calls Bob Freeman for quotes on the subject, never digs too far when its a school district. Surely you could poke around and find the reason.
      The elected board members are too scared to say anything because I am sure the district lawyers have 'em convinced to talk is a mortal and not a venial sin.
       I am not picking on schools. We in municpal governments are just as secretive.

Jordan-Elbridge School District's tab for trying to remove two administrators hits $1.19 million, will grow |

WDT: Is He Coming Here ? Candidate to Visit Businesses

   So Matt Doheny is going to tour fifty businesses in fifty days ?  All to point out the onerous...onerous I tell you....anti business policies advocated by his opponent, Rep. Bill Owens.
     I don't think he should just visit businesses owned by donors, so I don't expect to be on the list....But if he were here, I would tell him to advocate for what police chiefs and college presidents see as needed and that is a return to age 18 being the age of majority when it comes to drinking.  I would have him talk to soldiers just returned from various conflicts so he doesn't get brainwashed the way Romney's father did.

    Other than that, it's just the rat-a-tat-tat of taxes, hidden and open, just crush us...Energy costs are a concern as that's how product gets here.
     I would most of all not berate him as I know that little in life will change no matter who is elected. 
      One thing to be careful of care even in those GOP owned businesses to be talking about ending corporate welfare...Lots of those stroking you checks are also among those getting the breaks.
      These days it's hard to tell who is a taker and who is a maker. Indeed some are both.
Watertown Daily Times | Doheny to tour 50 businesses in 50 days

DeDe and Darrel Pass on Bicycle Trip

   Two North Country members of Governor Cuomo's cabinet are taking a pass on a 400 mile bicycle trip the Governor's top people are making along the Erie Canal from Buffalo to Albany.
   The list of participants does not inlcude Agriculture Commissioner Darrel Aubertine or Deputy Secretary of State Diedre Scozzafava.

Governor Cuomo's Cabinet Kicks Off Buffalo to Albany Bicycle Trip | Governor Andrew M. Cuomo

The New Bonnie Castle Unveiled

   Best wishes to the new owners of Bonnie Castle in Alex Bay. They have unveiled their remade resort after purchasing it from muffler baron Don Cole.
    The resort had become shopworn and when I went to the polar dip last winter, the bar down by the water was ghetto. 
     There's a great tradition and great view of the River, so a comeback is possible.
The New Bonnie Castle Unveiled | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News

Poll A Harbinger of Close, Hard Fought Race Ahead

   Our non-scientific straw poll on the Congressional race shows numbers close enough to prove that the contest will be hard fought in the months ahead.
    With two days to go, Rep. Bill Owens has a four point lead over Matt Doheny among our wide ranging audience of political hacks, interlopers and mischief-makers.
     Granted, everybody tries to get their staffs to vote, but assuming that equals out, what's left if a competitive race that is hard to handicap at this juncture.
      Meanwhile, there are no other meaningfull races we are going to bother to poll. The State Senate race is a given for Ritchie and the all the Assembly seats are unopposed since the public is thoroughly enamored with Ms. Russell and Mr. B-bush.

14 Layoffs At PEF

     So even unions have to bend to economic realities and lay people off?
     The Public Employee Federation has done that after a leadership blood letting when the old union boss was too chummy with the Cuomo Administration and a new president was installed who promised to be more in confrontational.
     The ones layed off are "at will" employees and not the union employees represented by th Steelworkers Union.
       Wonder if the union has to be confrontational with the union representing its own staff ?
14 Layoffs At PEF

The Political Class in Glens Falls Reads Us

   There is a sense of political brotherhood growing between cities in the new Congressional district that are miles apart...The Glens Falls paper took note of the comment I made here that so much attention from the candidates will be paid to the new counties that if you want to see the candidates, a visit to the eastern counties is your best bet.
    Reading the Post Star on line is one of the musts for keeping up on the race. Since they read us, I might add if you want to escape from the ubiquitous candidates, come visit the scenic Thousand Islands.
Watertown mayor: '... plan a vacation to Glens Falls'