Saturday, June 30, 2012

On Heels of Primary Win, Doheny Weds.....Large Crowd Attends Gala Reception

      A sign on the boathouse declaring Republican Parking Only....and a few passes by a helicopter possibly doing opposition research were the only overt signs of the campaign mode just about everyone at the Doheny wedding is in....But for today it was a respite from the endless stumping as Mr. Doheny took a wife in a church ceremony in his native Alexandria Bay.

     Attorney Mary Reidy and Mr. Doheny said their 'I do's' and then marched their crowd with a bagpipe leading the way from St. Cyril's Church...past visiting bikers...and on to the Uncle Sam docks where chartered craft took some five hundred to the storybook island home Doheny has spent eight years having built.
    The visitors from 18 states and the District of Columbia milled around Shamrock Island, mingling, eating and drinking....It was a great day for the political class to hang out...I saw people I hadn't seen in ages.
    Later it was on to Caprice Island across a newly constructed span. More socializing and then dinner. The menu was standard buffet style fare with slabs of grilled chicken and pork tenderloin joined by some fairly standard salads and shredded carrots or asparagas. Dragging all the food and catering gear to the island must have been a pain.
Hors d' oeuvres served earlier were excellent and the beers available were Labatts Blue Light, Michelob Ultra and the groom's favorite, Pabst Blue Ribbon.

Wedding Cake....I Was Told This is an Important Photo to Take (Bottom Layer Not Lined Up With Next Layer)
     All in all it, aside from the setting, it was a pretty North Country type wedding, but I didn't stay to see if there was a garter retrieved...a bouquet thrown and God forbid a dollar dance...Splendid weather and solid logistics made everyone's trip to the Island smooth. One sad note along the way there was the now defunct Pine Tree Point Club now in a clearly deteriorating state.

     Lots of people were taking pictures, but clearly my presence made aides nervous, as the only other media present was a newspaper executive and a cable news reporter who was off duty. I'd be glad to send a couple photos to the paper or Newzjunky if they want them.
      Pictures from the Church were distributed by Mr. Doheny's staff and many guests posted their own photos on Facebook.
      No Liz Benjamin, perhaps showing NNY weddings can never really be "A" list affairs.  As fancy as this event seemed to some, it's standard fair for Saturday's in the Hamptons.
       As for the helicopter, I didn't see it, but Sheriff Burns says it looked like someone flying low for pictures. A couple people reported seeing boats off shore but I only found this suspicious craft with the camera disguised as a blond in a bikini.

      My point is there was nothing  out of the ordinary to photograph, although the NNY media may want to note that I noticed Assemblyman Blankenbush was on crutches, although he was in good spirits.
     So was Assemblyman Will Barclay seen peaking out from behind the centerpiece.
     For the record, I left the soire at 6:30, but enjoyed the day and the hospitality.
I did leave my gift in the car, so I will have to drop it off Monday with an operative.
Wedding Played Out as Hundreds of Bikers Flooded Bay
Some Cheered as Couple Passed By on Way to Boats
      The wedding will quickly yield to the rigors of a campaign for Congress, as the recent Supreme Court ruling has defined the race with Rep. Bill Owens to be all about Obama Care.
        While spurning wedding coverage over the weekend, one news outlet did report Mr. Doheny doing significant fund raising off the health care issue. 

WDT: Average of four Watertown students kicked off bus daily

   It takes a while for long form coverage of certain things, but that video of the potty mouthed youngster on a city school bus has revealed widespread behavior problems on the busses, that on average four times a day result in a suspension.
    The kid in question in the Internet video has been kicked off the bus for the school year, which is now over. Shorter suspensions are routinely handed out and cameras are on the busses, so this incident was well known weeks before it went viral on the Net.
    Its a sign of the times we have this extensive a problem and its a shame it took a You Tube posting to let us know just how ill mannered many in a new generation have become.
     Makes it tough for the kids who do behave.
Watertown Daily Times | Average of four Watertown students kicked off bus daily

Romance Trumps Politics Under Sunny Skies in Thousand Islands As Doheny Nuptuals Held

    It's wedding day for Congressional candidate Matt Doheny and his fiance Mary Reidy, a Bay State native and Manhattan attorney.
    The pair will say their vows at 11 AM at the Catholic church in his native Alexandria Bay.  An elaborate and gala reception will be held under sunny skies this afternoon at the groom's estate on Caprice Island.
                          Happy Couple Seen With Friend Lee Hector at a Recent Campaign Fundraiser
         No update on the blog for a few hours while I attend the event and wish the couple well.
          Meanwhile you can stop by Fort Pearl and visit our Second Annual Car Wash and visit with Diana and Emily.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Alexandria Bay, NY Web Site With Attitude !!

      The excitement this weekend in the sleepy Village of Alexandria Bay is the Thunder in the Bay Motorcycle Rally.
       A couple of years back the event sparked controversy when the mayor declared the visitors to be of dubious value.
      There was a lot of push back...not just from bikers but from business people anxious for the dollars in their town.
      Meanwhile the Bay sports one of the best small town websites anywhere.
Alexandria Bay, NY Web Site With Attitude !!

Fresh Face for Possible Vacant County Seat ?

   A rebel GOP lawmaker who fought a sweetheart PILOT deal in the Town of LeRay may be in the hunt for a County Legislature seat soon to be vacated by the likely move of lawmaker Steve Harter from District 5.
    It will be an insider choice by appointment as it is too late to get the race on this year's ballot.

    Town Council Member Jennifer Dindl-Neff says she is happy where she is but her spunky fight against the PILOT in favor of a better deal for town residents may elevate her over other choices preferred by party bosses.
    Dindl-Neff also works for Senator Patty Ritchie.
     At age 30, she would be a fresh face on the board. She was also recently featured on the cover of NNY Business.

Oops...I Set Off an Alarm

       Sometimes one last bit of business you could have done without. After reviewing with the Comptroller the list of properties the City is in line to take over for taxes, I decided to check out one curious parcel on the list.
       A West Main Street warehouse used for car storage had seen the two year redemption period lapse and that seemed strange. I went over to see if it was still in use and if anyone was there. I knocked and pulled open an unlocked door to see who was there...Of course the alarm started beeping.
     I called 911 to let 'em know it was the 'mayor who's there'.  The police came and I told them what happened. I guess the good news is I discovered an unsecured building.
     As for the building, City Council will review the list of eight properties, which includes the warehouse, a tattoo parlor and six houses.
      After a review by City staff, Council usually sends them to public auction, although I think the warehouse is full of cars, so I don't know what happens.

Great Day to Visit Zoo

   Today, I spent some time riding around town including a trip to the Zoo to take a look at the former Aviary. Director John  Wright ask me to stop by to review the proposed floor plan. Yesterday potential bidders had a pre bid meeting there. About 15 contractors showed up.
    There is concern the actual square footage is not as large as thought once you add the bathrooms, kitchenette and other things related to today's codes.
    However I do like a plan for high tech distance learning equipment, which will cost a bit more ($48,000) but will allow programs to be braodcast to area schools, a useful tool as field trips are being cut.
    I am still enthused at the prospects and await the bids.
    Other than the Zoo trip, I also stopped in at a retirement party for Judy Fiorentino who is wrapping up in the Assessment Department.

NNY's It Girl Skipping Wedding

        Sounds like my style advisor Keri Plumpton and her hubby will not be attending the premier social event on the River tomorrow....Setting up their summer cottage is on the agenda instead, although Glenn Curry and I have been urging her to attend the Doheny wedding in Alexandria Bay.

Missing Out on Much Talked About Event
        The rumor mill is that upwards of 800 guests will crowd Caprice Island for the reception, and then there's the security, caterers, entertainers , operatives and others..
There are electeds, media types, friends, family, business associates among the guests. Given the density of people for the day, the Island may briefly qualify for its own zip code.
       There are Uncle Sam's boats ferrying revelers to the  island downriver from the Bay.
       Tonight there is a pre wedding dinner at the Clayton Opera House.
       Hopefully it will be a weekend away from talking about Obama Care and Nancy Pelosi. All of that resumes next week and will go on non stop until November.

Krol's Last Week in the Office Coming Up

       Monday brings the last meeting attended by City Manager John Krol and next Thursday is his last formal day in the office, although he remains as manager until midnight on July 15th when incoming manager Sharon Addison takes over.
        Ms. Addison will be getting a series of transition meetings on July 5 when she visits City Hall, meeting department heads and getting the lay of the land from Mr. Krol on current issues and personalities.
         There are not a lot of burning current issues, but there are a few things the new manager will have to tackle fairly soon.
         As for manager Krol, his successful new career as a recruiter behind him, he will return to his Waddington home and spend the rest of the summer enjoying his retirement, after a brief and very able sojourn to Watertown.     

Hockey Working With Licensee on Getting Beer Available at Games

     With a full schedule of hockey games coming to the Fairgrounds Arena, selling beer will require an individual licensing the facility for a period of time as securing individual catering permits for 30 to 40 separate dates is not practicle. The Privateers are working with a vendor, but City Council will have to grant  any such franchise.

     On a licensed premise, only the licensee can sell and other groups cannot come in for a day using a one day permit secured by a "not for profit."
     The matter is being reviewed by the City as the Privateers have been working with a local restaurateur and caterer on the matter.
      I will ask the City Attorney to outline the issue to Council on Monday.

The 6 Biggest Health Care Hotspots - Hotline On Call

     New York's 21st CD...that's being tagged as a hot spot for debating health care as a result of the SCOTUS ruling.
     Rep. Bill Owens is a rarity...a Democrat in GOP leaning district who voted for Obama Care and still got reelected.
      It's expected Republican Matt Doheny will make Obama Care his rallying cry.
The 6 Biggest Health Care Hotspots - Hotline On Call

Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Mayor's Bar ? How About the Mayor's Tattoo Parlor !

      Looks like the City is picking up eight properties with structures on them after the owners failed to redeem the two year old tax sale certificates.
      One property is a prominent local tattoo parlor...there is a big warehouse....and six residential properties.
      This is the first time in a while the City has picked up so many properties through sale.

      One northside home picked up carries a fascinating and eerie story as it was abandoned when the owners died decades ago and allowed to deteriorate slowly while the last dinner setting was still in place on the dining room table. Neighbors frustrated over the situation will be happy over this.
     The City Council will have to decide the fate of the properties, which will likely be auction. Those with tenants will be vacated...No Knox Street nightmares for us.

Clerk Canned for Refusing to Sell Butts to Welfare Recipient

   A 65 year old New Hampshire woman will become a conservative folk hero after she was fired from her clerk job at a convenience store for refusing to sell cigarettes to persons with welfare debit cards....

     Her biggest offense was telling the smokers, they need to get a J-O-B.
     Jackie Whiton symbolizes the Granite State's "Live Free or Die" motto until it became a blue state of late.
Store clerk fired for refusing to let customer buy cigarettes with EBT card |

Candidates Comment on SCOTUS Ruling

      Reaction continues to roll in to the SCOTUS ruling on Obama Care...Predictably along party lines as the issue shapes up as a focus in the NNY race.
     Rep. Bill Owens was a key vote to approve it two years ago. His opponent says its a job killing law. wary of promises to repeal it on January 20.  The GOP would have to hold the House (likely), get a 60 vote majority in the Senate (impossible) and win the White House (50-50).
      Likely, we are stuck with it for better or worse.
       The interesting thing will be how this area's historic love of free stuff coexists with alleged conservatism....
      I don't think Obama Care cuts much either way....Those who are livid about it already know who they are voting for.
      Many others will accept the Court's ruling and see what happens in 2014 when key provisions of the law take effect.
Statement Regarding Supreme Court Ruling On ObamaCare | Doheny for Congress

WDT: A Big Wet One from Doug Should Boost GOP Prospects in 21st

      A marriage of a different sort just two days before the much talked about nuptuals.....
      Matt Doheny is finally getting the love, or at least an in-person endorsement, from conservative nemesis and almost-Congressman Doug Hoffman.
      A bitter GOP primary two years ago left opposition to Rep. Bill Owens divided. The results was a narrow loss for Mr. Doheny.
      Today Mr. Hoffman appeared with Doheny in Canton for the formal annoitment of the area's tea party icon.
      Kellie Greene should follow suit.   If parties mean anything, you should back the nominee even if you don't like him.
      What's interesting with Ms. Greene is her lack of working for her "team" leads to the next obvious question...How long will she be a resident of Sacket's Harbor. She could have pivoted and run for Assembly to help the party with it's glaring lack of a candidate in the Russell district.
Watertown Daily Times | Hoffman endorses Doheny

Obama Gets a Win.....As the Chief Justice Gives Edge on Individual Mandate

    The Obama Administration is being given credit for a win in the Supreme Court as the Justices upheld the individual mandate in the Affordable Care Act, although the nuances of the opinion still need to be analyzed.
     I will leave it to others to determine the impact, but this certainly ramps up health insurance as a campaign issue, although the GOP belief that this issue will defeat Democrats is unknown.

       Look for all of this to be a big talking point in the NNY Congressional race, with Rep. Bill Owens only a week ago reaffirming his vote for Obama Care and GOP candidate Matt Doheny likely to continue railing against the controversial legislation.
BREAKING NEWS: Supreme Court UPHOLDS individual mandate in Obama's health care reforms | Mail Online

SCOTUS Ruling Rivets Chattering Class

    The new will be dominated today by the Supreme Court's decision on the Affordable Care Act, better known as Obama Care.
     The decision is so far a mystery hinging greatly on whether Congress can impose a mandate for insurance coverage as part of their power to tax.
      The issue will be the subject of much rhetoric for months to come.     
High court to deliver health care ruling Thursday - SFGate

WDT: Excuses Abound for Graduation Rate

   Stop.....We all know any statistical system of measurement can be interpreted and distorted. We have all heard that figures lie and liars figure.....
     However, its the "professional educators" who produced the methodology for the motley graduation rates at Watertown schools. Now they tell us to pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.
      I know how in government we spin and obfuscate to engage in the covering up of what we are embarassed over. I've done it.
      Now, we all know there are a lot of good things going on in the local schools and its fair game to point that out as a counter balance to the lousy numbers.
      Just stop telling us to ignore the numbers the system produced. As the overused expression goes...."it is what it is".

Watertown Daily Times | Local News, Sports, Features, and Community Information for Jefferson County, St. Lawrence County, and Lewis County in Northern New York.

WDT: In One of the Nation's Swing Districts, Dems Come Out of the Gate Swinging

   It gets a lot tougher now that the Matt Doheny machine takes on a Democratic Party anxious to hold on to current seats and perhaps pick up enough others to either take control of the House or come close.
      A sitting Congressman like Bill Owens has the staff and resources Kellie Green did not.There are no constraints on what can be said or the tactics used.
       There is no room for a ball bobbling like after the Gawker story. The "young guns" in Doheny world are up against the Congressman from central casting who will have the millions needed to compete.
      Even this weekend's wedding provides no respite as the radar has to be up looking for trackers, gawkers and trouble makers. You need to bring ID to the nuptuals and there will be security in addition to caterers, florists and live entertainment.
      Kellie Greene was offering up batting practice. The Dems will be serving up major league pitching. It's the top of the first, so sit back and enjoy the game.
Watertown Daily Times | Owens on Romney, Obama and China

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Motor Heads Invade Fairgrounds

     The City's Fairgrounds was a very busy place this evening with the Great Race Road Rally rolling in with over 80 cars making the trek from Traverse City MI to Dearborn MI.  The motoring buffs are spending the night in Watertown.

Chamber Czar Lynn Pietroski Shows Off Back Packs
Given Racers, Courtesy of CarFreshner

      Also, in the Arena a concert with John Michael Montgomery.
       Tomorrow night, Cheap Trick plays there.
       The Fairgrounds is coming alive.

Sweet Accident in SLC....Chocolate Truck Flips

     A truck carrying 20 tons of chocolate flipped in St. Lawrence County today....
Truck carrying 41,000 pounds of Hershey’s chocolate flips over - YNN, Your News Now

Rangel Poised To Return To DC

       Despite all his problems, Rep. Charles Rangel will do another two years in DC after winning a bruising primary in his newly redrawn Harlem district where he has been a Congressman for more than 40 years.
Rangel Poised To Return To DC

The Margin Did Matter and By Getting 70%, Doheny Passes First Test

        The Doheny for Congress campaign was pleased with their margin of victory in Tuesday's primary with the 71-29 margin edging out the 70-30 margin enjoyed by GOP Rep. Richard Hanna in the adjacent district based in Utica.
         After the fact, candidate Doheny said a showing in the 50s would have been a problem in terms of image but the larger margin and the early primary date leaves him well poised to take on Rep. Bill Owens.
        Hours after his win, Mr. Doheny took off for a visit to other parts of the district. A brief victory lap before taking three days off to get married Saturday in  ceremony in Alexandria Bay.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Doheny Wins Sleepy Primary....Vows To Take the Fight to Obama-Owens Team

        Nobody thought it would be a race....and in the end, it wasn't.
        Self made millionaire and Alex Bay native Matt Doheny rolled to victory in the GOP Congressional primary. Doheny doused political novice Kellie Greene by a larger than expected 72-28 margin, according to unofficial tallies late Tuesday.
         Turnout was in single digits and the victory party crowd at the Italian American Club featured as many campaign staffers as supporters. This race never really caught fire as the underfunded Greene tried to live off the land against a well heeled and well oiled Doheny effort.

      However, Doheny benefited by tuning his message and his organization for the much steeper hill ahead...a second run at Rep. Bill Owens in what is considered one of the Nation's swing races.
      In remarks to supporters, Doheny repeated the mantra ahead....the Obama-Owens team...the moniker comes after Mr. Owens announced he will not attend the Democratic National Convention, presumably to avoid the linkage to Mr. Obama.
      Health care, the deficit, and the economy loom as the issues ahead for Doheny, while Democrats will no doubt try to draw personal comparisons.
      For tonights winner, a busy week ahead as he prepares for his gala St. Lawrence River wedding to fiance and NYC lawyer Mary Reidy.

Long Wins Senate Nomination

      The guy who spent a personal fortune finished third and the glitzy, blonde, conservative attorney who once clerked for Justice Clarence Thomas was the winner.
      Wendy Long will now pursue a long shot bid to unseat Senator Kirsten Gillibrand.
Long Wins Senate Nomination

Former City Police Chief Dies at 64

    The City mourns the passing of former Police Chief Otis Reff.  Chief Reff had a distinguished career and his passing at 64 leaves many a heavy heart.  I last saw Chief Reff last summer when he was displaying his antique car at a show downtown. He really enjoyed his new hobby. :: Newzjunky | Death Notices

All Sides Working the Angles on Turnout in a Race With Many Unknowns

         While driving through Public Square I noticed Congressional candidate Kellie Greene and her supporters holding signs urging people to vote. Times scribe Brian Amaral was there too. I stopped by and grabbed a photo, but scampered away as they were trying to make me a part of their event....

        The affable candidate chided me for shilling for Doheny and suggesting it was time to stick a fork in her. I thing I was quoting her opponents people, but in any event she is a long shot, but as Yogi said, "it's not over til it's over." 

Ah, The Devil's Brew Being a Vexing Issue At Times

   We so want to cling to our piety, but can't stand it when it interferes with our current lifestyle.
    Alcohol sales had always been banned till noon on Sundays in deference to Church people, until the law was recently loosened to allow stores to sell beer before noon for the benefit of thirsty boaters, campers and golfers....Now lawmakers want to allow sports stadiums to sell the Devil's Brew starting at 11AM Sunday, in order to short circuit the ubiquitous "tail gate" parties ourside stadiums.
     For years, liquor stores were closed on Sundays, and now that's been lifted.
      Just what are we holding on to by keeping Sunday blue laws on alcohol, when nobody cares anyway ?
     And a side note to the temperate in the world. While I don't participate, I think the allure of tailgate parties is not abated by being able to buy overpriced beer in the stadium....Just my observation, for what its worth.

Earlier beer sales at the Ralph sought - City & Region - The Buffalo News

WDT: Shrewd Lawyer Gets Payday Off County/State Feud

    Here's the level of government suing another level of government to get $500K of our money and paying an out of town lawyer $250K to make it happen.
     Jefferson County has disputed Medicaid reimbursement from the State and an attorney who "understands the process" was brought in  to be the rain maker. A Google search shows she has been involved in numerous Medicaid disputes around the state, so I guess she does know the process and is the go-to person on these cases.
     She made it rain, for herself. Local officials say the state may pick up her tab as well. As if the State is not funded by tax dollars as well.
     Lawyers of the world unite !
Watertown Daily Times | County gets half-million state check after lawsuit

Record Low Turnout Predicted in Some Areas Due to Rate June Primary

     The early primary for federal office is expected to attract a miniscule number of voters. In Onondaga County, officials are predicting GOP turnout at three percent in the statewide contest for the Republican nomination for US Senate.
      In some areas like NNY there are also primaries for House seats that could result in slightly higher turnout.  In our area if turnout is at say, 6%, the number of voters would be about 11,000, meaning as few as five or six thousand votes could spell success for either Matt Doheny or Kellie Greene.
      Despite few showing up, all the automatic absentees went out, meaning that group will have a disproportionate impact on the race.
      The primary for federal offices was moved up to comply with a law making sure ballots for those races are ready in time to send to overseas voters in the fall. Many military voters were missing elections due to the September primary and delays in getting ballots printed.
     Of course those voters may still miss out on voting in state and local races, but the Albany brain trust didn't think about that.

Record low turnout predicted in today's primary election |

Political Tid Bits on a Tuesday

    My campaign treasurer texted me today to ask how I wanted to spend the final $13 from last year's campaign fund before she closes out the account and makes the final filing.
Since the John Edwards trial, I am very careful about using funds properly and in the public interest.
     I suggested we meet Wednesday at Pete's. With the war chest, we can get two sodas and an order of Ralphie Wings.
     Another pundit has weighed in on the Doheny-Greene primary...A top aide to Senator Ritchie pegs Matt's win at 67-33. Everbody agrees anything in the 50s will cause a raising of eyebrows and over 70, a big boost....
     My high water mark was 84% in 2007 against a guy who didn't think women should be teaching men.
     The real Doheny talk is not the primary but the wedding of the decade in Alex Bay. What to wear ?...what to give ? long is the party on the island ?  If there was a society reporter in the local MSM it would be a field day. I will be anxious to see what media is there...Will big wigs like Liz be there ?
     The factoid of the year is the disclosure that Kellie Green has in the range of a quarter million in student loans for a divinity school. That's what is wrong with this country. You shouldn't be allowed to accrue that kind of  debt.
    All this and now word Regis may be back on morning TV....Talk about sensory overload.

Monday, June 25, 2012

YNN: Voters Likely Confused

  What is YNN going to do when Bill Carey retires ?   Bill hit the nail on the head in this piece about voter confusion in tomorrow's Congressional primaries in districts redrawn.
   People in Glen's Falls who think they should vote will be seeing names of people they never heard of.....That's why the candidates are practically living there.
   The good news is that 90% of Republicans will not bother to vote, meaning the small cadre who do have a big impact.  Heck one veteran voter in Carthage texted me to say he is voting for Kellie Greene to prove there is no GOP "war on women".   People vote for all sorts of reasons.
Primary Day confusion - YNN, Your News Now

Grunt Meters at Wimbledon

   Don't tell Councilman Butler about this one....At Wimbledon, they are cracking down on grunts from the players by using sound meters. Apparently, the audible manifestation of physical exertion known as a "grunt" is offending someone. Maybe it has some sexual connotation that conflicts with family enjoyment of the match.
    Biggest offender....French Open winner and former Russian, Maria Sharapova. There is nothing worse than a gorgeous, six foot two woman grunting  while sweating out a match in front of England's la-de-dahs.
Umpires to get a grunt-o-meter in new WTA plan –

More Free Health Care...This Time It's For the Horses Among Us

  The only phrase more popular in Heuvelton than "all you can eat" would be "free vaccinations for your horse."
    The State of NY  is providing free shots against EEE, a nearly always fatal malady faced by our equine friends. One of the clinics is in the Ogdesnburg suburb.
     Well, rabies is always fatal, but I have to pay for my dog's shots.
                                                       Wants Free Shots !
      Why can't owning a horse carry with it the responsibilty of paying for its health care....or is this also covered under Obama Care ?

Final Hours in Primary Campaign Most Don't Know Much About

      The Doheny HQ on Court Street was abuzz today when I stopped by, although I never made it to the inner sanctum to see the candidate. Today is a day to remind those likely to vote, to actually vote...Likely they are using the list of people who voted earlier this year in NY's Presidential primary....Those are the hardcores.
      Meanwhile, opponent Kellie Greene just can't stop reminding us she just moved from AZ....Ms. Greene put out a statement on the SCOTUS ruling on the AZ immigration law.
Today's ruling is a victory for State's rights and the State of Arizona in that the US Supreme Court finally admitting the federal government's negligence in enforcing immigration law. Hopefully this ruling will force this administration to finally take seriously its job in enforcing border-national security. I believe that this battle is far from over, especially if the Obama Administration continues to push executive directives that ignore immigration law.
        Pundits from the blogosphere (of which I think there are only two) predict Doheny wins...Me by 63-37 and the SU grad who works at the Times by 65-35.
        Parties tomorrow night include Doheny at the Italian American Club and later at Fort Pearl.....Ms. Greene is at the Savory Downtown at the Best Western.
       Polls are open from Noon to 9PM and only registered Republicans can vote. The rest of us watch.

WDT: Provisional Police Chief Named

   Its not my job to announce it since the manager appoints, but it is the job of the MSM to poke around and find the pending appointment of a provisional (not interim) police chief is not likely to remain top secret available only on a need to know basis.
   The official announcement will occur after Chief Goss wraps up his 30 year career.
    In other City Hall news, the Clerk continues to muse over new furnishings in her office and, well that's about it....Dog days come early.
Watertown Daily Times | Local News, Sports, Features, and Community Information for Jefferson County, St. Lawrence County, and Lewis County in Northern New York.

Carl Paladino Endorses Wendy Long...That Should Clinch It

      While turnout will be very low tomorrow in the GOP primary for federal offices, its looking like attorney Wendy Long will win. She is the only one getting attention and has picked up the backing of the party's 2010 gubernatorial candidate, "Crazy Carl" Paladino of Buffalo.
       Long will face a long road in defeating fellow blonde, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand. However, she will provide at least spirited competition as the GOP fight to keep or pick up various House seats, including Northern New York's 21st CD.
     Polls are open from noon to 9PM for all you registered "R's".
Carl Paladino and Rus Thompson endorse Wendy Long « Albany's Insanity

Dicker: Andy Links Pay Hikes to Other Reforms

   Governor Cuomo is using legislative pay as a carrot to get other reforms passed including cutting of a long standing extra stipend for lawmakers...They currently get a per diem for every day they are in session, and Mr. Cuomo reportedly wants to get rid of that.
    He also wants changes to the Triborough Amendment, an aspect of state labor law favoring unions in their dealings with local government.
     Nothing is perfect in Albany, but this governor seems adept at working the Legislature for getting at least some of what he wants.
     We hope his skills continue, as there is no shortage of changes needed.
Cuomo links legislative pay hike to spending, union reforms -

WDT: Mayor appoints three to city’s Planning Board

    Quick action has brought the City Planning Board back to full strength after an untimely passing and a pair of resignations left the seven member board with a bare four person quorum.
     Working with staff and Board President Sarah Freda, I made the appointments last week.
Watertown Daily Times | Mayor appoints three to city’s Planning Board

Speedway Owners Seek More Corporate Welfare

    Not only was there a lot hanky panky during the Pataki years to bring NASCAR racing to formerly rock ribbed Republican Lewis County, but the owners of the failed race track in New Bremen now say they want more tax breaks so they can reopen the Adirondack Speedway.
    The owners say the $95,000 annual tax bill is the difference because success and failure in their business model. If so, they should find another line of business...It's just something for nothing.
    Deal In Works Could Reopen Adirondack Speedway | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Slow Pace of Summer Punctuated by Occasional Bits of Excitement

   The week ahead is a rather quiet one at City Hall, as City Manager John Krol counts down the days till he returns to retired bliss on the St. Lawrence.  Most everything that needed to be done has been wrapped up and Mr. Krol's last role will be July 5th when he meets with the incoming manager and introduces her to department heads in advance of her starting the job on July 16.  Sharon Addison also does an e-board meeting across the street that day and I will chat with her as well.
    This week, I have an important Watertown Trust meeting on Wednesday as we scurry to resolve some issues created by those who bill by the hour.
    Other than that, its a week to dabble in politics...The GOP Congressional primary on Tuesday likely results in a Matt Doheny win and his team is said to be confident but worried the margin won't be awesome enough...It's OK...NNY media has no panel of talking heads to set expectations and judge results against them...Well, I do that, but what do I know ?   63-37 and turnout of 16,000.
    Then to cap the week the bigger than life Doheny wedding in Alex Bay and its environs.   I haven't been to a wedding in decades short of walking by the Clerk's office when one is going on.
     This is one of those weddings where who is there matters and the optics are important......After seeing that someone can be dispatched to a restaurant to spy on someone, I figure this will be of interest to the same people.  A long lens in a boat reminiscent of Jackie and Ari on their honeymoon island.
      Other than that, my life revolves around selling enough product to pay for paving repairs to Fort Pear and a new awning.
       Welcome summer of 2012.

Mayor's Bar to Host Car Wash on Saturday

     This Saturday we will hold a car wash at Fort Pearl. Starts at 11AM and our own Emily will be in charge of the sponges while I attend a social event.

       You can help Emily earn some extra money before she heads off for basic training.  And pop inside Fort Pearl and have a cocktail with Diana..

Key Endorsement from the Eastern Front: Doheny is right pick for GOP

   A key newspaper in the newly acquired eastern section of the NNY Congressional district has endorsed Matt Doheny as the GOP best shot at winning back the seat from Rep. Bill Owens....The endorsement came in todays Glens Falls Post Star and seemed the perfunctory, conventional wisdom choice selection from an editorial board that knows challenger Kellie Greene doesn't have the traction or money needed to win Tuesdays' primary, even though the first several paragraphs of the endorsement praised her.

Doheny Meets With Post-Star Editorial Board
     Party regulars...the hacks, and insiders who vote in obscure, end-of-June primaries...they want a winner...That's Mr. Doheny's ace in the hole. He has the resources and personal energy to challenge Mr. Owens. Ms. Greene has the remnants of Hoffman Nation and those who will vote for her either because they want a female candidate or just don't like the frontrunner.
     In a low poll primary where only ten to 12 thousand vote (out of 170K registered), all of this could make the race closer than the MSM would predict, but the sheer number of personal contacts by Doheny should put up over the top.
      No matter what you think of Ms. Greene's spunky, mad-as-hell conservatism, she cannot win the general.
       The Post Star tags Mr. Doheny as the more moderate of the pair and in their view that makes him more viable. Newspaper editors and publishers like moderates, and they don't like Tea Party types railing against the "liberal main stream media."
        From reading the editorial, its clear the paper will endorse Mr. Owens in the fall, but for now Mr. Doheny is getting a key boost in the new section of the district where fully one third of registered Republicans live.
     As much as we like to think the largest city in the district (Watertown) is the center of the political universe, the district's eastern front is where the action will be.
ENDORSEMENT: Doheny is right pick for GOP

WDT: Letter Writer: Vote for the Underdogs on Tuesday

  An occasional letter to the editor is about the most you hear about Tuesday's Congressional primaries in NNY and in the adjacent Utica area district.
   Tea Party challenges to the party choices are what's on tap and in the absence of much other coverage we offer up this letter as a balance.
Watertown Daily Times | In Tuesday’s GOP primary, vote for the real Republicans

What's The Difference ? Cabbies Asked to Decide Between Hookers and Women Dressed Like Hookers

    NYC has done it again...Now there is a law banning cab drivers from "knowingly" transporting prostitutes...but not after some controvery...
     Mayor Bloomberg's 29 year old daugher Georgina says she wants to cut down on sex trafficking....but she wants to show off her assets as well.
    The mayor's daughter says women like to show off their bodies at night and the law banning hooker fares could be used to deny cab service to women who dress provocatively to attract the attention of men who might take them clubbing or to dinner.
        How do you tell the difference ? Fishnet stockings ? Or less politically correct, skin color ?
       This is an undue burden on cabbies, many of whom don't even speak English and now have to judge intent while glancing at the leggy woman hopping in the back seat.

Bloomberg’s daughter Georgina praises him over anti-sex-trafficking taxi law -

WDT: Hey, Did You Hear About Pete's Restaurant ?

    Wow, Pete's is changing hands !    Breaking news is more of an evolutionary process in these parts.
     The story I want to hear more about is that wise ass kid mouthing off to the school bus driver. Saw a snippet on TV 7, but that's one that cries out for more, especially in light of the Rochester incident involving the 68 year old bus monitor.
     Anyway...message to Tommy, now that its duly documented, congrats on your retirement.
Watertown Daily Times | After four decades, Tom Costanzo to retire as Pete’s Restaurant owner this fall