Saturday, June 23, 2012

Getting Married ? Redirect Gift Giving to the Leader

      You better be sitting down for this one....The Obama campaign now has a gift registry for campaign contributions...That means if you are getting married or having a birthday, you forego a gift from Pottery Barn and direct gift buyers to the campaign registry which will offer a variety of contributions in lieu of toasters or cutting boards.
      It's all part of the cult of personality that is President Obama.
      What's next ? Let your kids go to a cheaper school or let Mom going without Mother's Day dinner and instead contribute to The One we've been waiting for.
The Obama event registry — Blog — Barack Obama

And the Holiest Candidate Is......

   No rallies today for Mr. Doheny's opponent, but according to Kellie Greene's Facebook page, she did get an A+ from a website rating candidates on their adherence to Judeo-Christian values.
   Mr. Doheny got a B.  My theory in college was always one of balance...Better to take a B and have had some fun than graduate to real life with nothing more than a good report card.
    Under the circumstances a B is pretty good.  As for an A+, I am electing a Member of Congress, not a candidate for sainthood.

Trooper fired over prostitution parties

 An 18 year State Trooper has been fired over his wild soires with prostitutes and his gangsta' lifestyle outside of work.  Titus Taggart was probably writing seat belt tickets by day and getting down with the ho's at night....And you can bet it was common knowledge for a long time.
        Only two years away from full retirement...
Trooper fired over prostitution parties |

Limited Edition Mayor's Bar T-Shirts Now Available

    A second wave of the popular Mayor's Bar t-shirts is available at Fort Pearl Tavern on Pearl Street in Watertown.
     Better graphics and varied text are featured.

     My style and pop culture advisor ask me if we would imprint the logo on unmentionables.  I can't offer that service, but the graphics are available at Robbe Sales on outer Pearl Street. 

Doheny Rallies Supporters at Watertown HQ

       With three days till the primary, likely GOP nominee Matt Doheny rallied his supporters at his Court Street headquarters this morning before heading off to the battleground eastern end of the newly drawn 21st CD.
    I got there early enough to hear the security guy being briefed on how to deal with any Democratic "trackers" looking for a mucaca moment.  There were no trackers or mucacas.

    A couple of people commented on this week's HOTLINE interview...One scolded me for not being hard enough on Kellie Greene and for not pinning her down on her personal finances (I think her situation was laid bare by my tactful questioning)...Another hack told me I "came at" Doheny in my questioning of him.

     I thought I was in the Way Back Machine listening to an introductory speech by Assemblyman Blankenbush about how we need to get back the North Country Republican team like in the old days...Reminded me of that commercial with Martin, Barclay, Nortz and O'Neil sitting around a table nodding with approval at each other....
     What the Assemblyman forgot was the the team can't happen because the GOP has no candidate to run against Addie Russell, although one county lawmaker continues to play Hamlet on the St. Lawrence by talking about a last minute challenge.
      As for Mr. Doheny, he ask supporters to get their friends out for the Tuesday primary when polls are open from noon to nine.
       As with most of the campaign, little or not media coverage, proving that a campaign without TV ads is not newsworthy.

"Bank Happy" is Mantra for Community as It Takes Over HSBC Next Month

   Local HSBC customers wondering about where their money will go finally got some answers this week as information packets arrived outlining the takeover of local branches by Community Bank.
   Under the slogan "bank happy" the attractive brochures feature many photos of smiling people.
    The transition has left many migrating all or part of their business to other banks, although Community certainly has had a long presence in the area and is home to many happy customers.

Love is Blind in the Most Conservative of Families...Cheney Lass Weds

      After a 20 year courtship the daughter of former VP Dick Cheney has married gal pal Heather Poe.  The ceremony happened in DC where same sex marriage is legal, even though the couple lives in VA where the "defense of marriage" is still strong.
      While the former Veep is a conservative icon, he has since leaving office taken issue with the normal dogma from the right on SSM.
       It's not known if Mr. Cheney directly participated in the ceremony, although with his new heart, that's a possibility.
Mary Cheney gets married - The Washington Post

WDT: GOP Senate primary candidate Wendy Long visits Watertown

    It certainly looks like Conservative Party US Senate nominee Wendy Long is the odds on choice to also win Tuesday's GOP primary for the right to oppose Senator Kirsten Gillibrand in the fall.  Ms. Long is a NYC attorney who faces two men on Tuesday in a primary election expected to feature very low turnout.

    Republican voters in NNY also vote in a primary for Congress. Both candidates in that race have also endorsed Ms. Long.
Watertown Daily Times | GOP Senate primary candidate Wendy Long visits Watertown

Friday, June 22, 2012

So Much for Sleeping In on Saturday..(I Work Till Close on Friday)

   Saturday morning at 9AM, the Doheny campaign is opening its a Watertown HQ, even though the Court Street storefront has been open for weeks....
    Campaign insiders are predicting only six to eight percent turnout in Tuesday's GOP primary battle against Kellie Greene...That means about 10,000 to 15,000 will turn out.
    In that group are the usual party poobahs and insiders, who mostly support Doheny. Also in there are the remnants of Hoffman Nation, who likely don't. There are others who don't know either of them and others who will vote for the female...
    It's hard to imagine a perfect storm gathering that would defeat Doheny...For him 65% is a solid win...75% is a crusher....
     Anything in the 50s is not so good...and the 40s...well, that would ruin the whole week.
     On unrelated matters, some swarmy guy in a rented van came in the bar this morning offering to sell me an 80 inch TV....I declined......
     I also keep getting Romney solicitations in the mail and this week got a bumper sticker I threw away...I am not donating anymore to anyone this year...I will let the fat cats and super PACs pay for my entertainment.

Feedback: Wiley Student Bullies Bus Driver

  Ill mannered students right here in Watertown...TV 7 reports on a video of a student ripping a bus driver with obscenities and crude comments....
   The incident mirrors the Rochester area harassing of a bus monitor by punks there.
    Time for Mr Skye to suit up and start kicking some ass in today's schools.
Feedback: Wiley Student Bullies Bus Driver | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News

One Answer in an Hour Cripples Greene Prospects

       Sometimes the media taking a powder on covering things is a blessing for a candidate. Yesterday's appearance on the HOTLINE of Congressional candidate Kellie Greene got only blogger coverage, so her affirmation for the notion the President was not born in the USA was lost on most voters.
      While that bit of birther red meat may entice some GOP primary voters, it's a widely discredited viewpoint and makes Ms. Greene's prospects dubious if she were to pull off an upset next Tuesday over likely nominee Matt Doheny.

       The birther line was in response to a question I posed to both candidates this week.  "Do you think President Obama was born in this country?"  Doheny said yes and Greene said no. (Greene qualified her statement that the biggest problem with Mr. Obama is that he is a poor President, but the damage was done)
       For all her charm, enthusiasm and quick answers on issues, being a birther is not going to win a general election, regardless of what people think of the job Mr. Obama is doing.
       A Greene win on Tuesday would be a big surprise, although the expected low turnout makes predicting with certainty difficult. 
        Doheny is more electable for a variety of reasons...Not being a birther is just one of them.  Media insiders predict low to mid 30s for Ms. Greene. (Well, at least the two of us who mused about it yesterday)

Teachers Get a Shield from Accountability as Legislature Gets Out of Dodge

    Republicans have joined the Governor in restricting access to teacher evaluation scores...That had been the last big issue swirling in Albany as session ended....When  it was all done, the "three men in a room" held a press conference to proclaim what a great job they did and what exemplary public servants they are.
     All has been declared well in the Capital, and teachers can vote for GOP senators.
     Gov. Cuomo’s bill to limit access to teacher evaluations sails through the Legislature -

Trust Must Unravel Employment Deal Now Found Improper

     Much has been written about those 12 employees of the Industrial Development Agency who were deemed ineligible to participate in the NYS Retirement System because they were in fact working for local development corporations. Special legislation is awaiting the Governor's signature that validates their participation in the system to date but halts the practice in the future.
    In all fairness, the employees had been hired under the premise they were in the system and had been receiving annual statements from the system for years. For them, there was no reason to believe things were different than what they were told was the case. Two of the twelve effectively worked for the Watertown Trust, an agency created with funds from a grant initially loaned to NY Air Brake and turned into a revolving loan fund.
     However, putting the personal aspect aside, Comptroller Tom DiNapoli has been both right and wrong on these type of issues..Right in that contrived arrangements to access the generous system needs to be restricted. Mr. DiNapoli is wrong in thinking this isolated situation with its unique circumstances represents saving a system that is fiscally unsound to begin with.
      The Comptroller has been among those blocking a conversion to a more sustainable defined contribution system. The reason there is a scramble to get a state pension is that the system's benefits bear no resemblance to what is put in it.
       Organizations like the Watertown Trust will revert to its previous practice of actually employing its employees and end the practice of giving employees a boss on paper different from the Board the employees should answer to.
        The Trust is the only entity directly targeted to development issues in the City and will have to play a central role in matters like Mercy ownership.
         This issue and the angst it has generated has been an expensive diversion that hopefully will end soon.

Watertown Daily Times | Watertown Trust schedules special meeting on pension issue

Thursday, June 21, 2012

No Embrace of Bam for Bill-O This Year

   He may have voted for Obama Care, but he won't be in Charlotte this summer to adulate its author.
    North Country Congressman Bill Owens will be skipping the Democratic National Convention, which will be the ultimate pep rally for President Obama.
    Observers say Democrats in close districts will stay away fromt he DNC in hopes of presenting an independent image in their home district.
     I was a delegate to the 1992 DNC and it was a lot of fun. Quite the experience, but it was being held in NYC and not in the Tar Heel State.
      Western NY Rep. Kathy Hochul is also skipping Obama-mania...She will stay home as well.

Bucking Convention - The Daily

WDT: Was She Just Playing for the Headline Or Does Kellie Really Believe Obamas Hawaii Birth a Fake ?

   The traditional lead out of Kellie Greene's HOTLINE appearance is she professed her belief President Obama was not born in the USA....Surely a view shared by some, but not likely one to garner votes in purple NNY.
     On the whole though, Ms. Greene was quick and witty in her responses to my taunts and questions for the full hour.
     The Oswego native was measured in her critiques of Rep. Bill Owens as well as primary opponent Matt Doheny, but delivered gentle barbs such as when she apparently caught Mr. Doheny fudging ignorance that there would in fact be no Saturday debate. Ms. Greene claims Doheny dodged the proposed debate by claiming another committment in the eastern counties.
      Ms. Greene defended here status as a 44 year old single woman without children..."I come from a family, I have a mom and cousins" she said in response to me prodding her on the same silly issue leveled at me last year.
      At five foot  three, she was shorter than I anticipated,  but far more affable than I had been led to believe. She seems conversant on issues and denied being a Democratic Party mole....
    All in all, a  fun interview.

Watertown Daily Times | Kellie Greene, birther

No Debate After All | WWNY TV 7 - News

   Just as well. Who wanted to work on a Saturday evening anyway ?
    Meanwhile, the definitive source on the candidates in next Tuesday's primary is the humble HOTLINE on AM 1240.....Hosted by a former journalist, now mayor, with a popular political blog, where candidates figure its better to endure the hour than be taunted for not showing.
     Kellie Greene will be the guest today. Matt Doheny was on yesterday. Must hear listening for the political class.
No Debate After All | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News

UPDATE: Awful children who should be grounded for life - Schools - Education blog - - Albany NY

    Makes you wonder about the parents of these Rochester area punks caught on school bus video taunting a 68 year old monitor.
     Children can be cruel, but these are in need of more than one swift kick in the ass.
UPDATE: Awful children who should be grounded for life - Schools - Education blog - - Albany NY

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

WDT: Who Are You ? and What Are You Doing Here ?

   With Kellie Greene the guest on the HOTLINE tomorrow, my focus turns to coming up with questions....And since I never met her, I have a lot...Like why she moved here to Sackets Harbor...was it really just to run for Congress ? How does she earn a living ?
     As a poliltical blogger, I am glad she is running...Makes my "job" more interesting, but I really don't know her end game.
     She did get a committment from her primary foe to support her should she win...Not much good though, since Matt Doheny remains on the minor party lines, thus ensuring an Owens win in November.  
       Anyway, I look forward to the encounter.
Watertown Daily Times | Greene changes tune on why she moved to NNY

WDT: No Debate

     No I originally predicted...There is no upside for the front runner and little downside by being unavailable...
     Those poor young Republicans learned a lesson in electoral politics.
      There should have been one held...I have participated in them over the years, even though some times I would have preferred not to.
       It was a debate I forced in 1991 that launched me to an upset win over two favored candidates.
        Watertown Daily Times | JeffCo Young Republicans gives up on debate

Doheny Sticks to What He Knows...Money.. in HOTLINE Gabfest...

     GOP Congressional hopeful Matt Doheny was confident of his chances both next Tuesday and next November during an interview on the HOTLINE program.
     Mr. Doheny faces Kellie Greene in a Tuesday primary for the Republican nod to face Rep. Bill Owens to represent the 21st CD covering all of NNY.
      A disciplined Doheny stayed on message, stressing fiscal and finance issues and avoiding direct attacks on his opponent, even though I raised both the speeding ticket and the trip to Taiwan for him to take a swat at. He did make the obligatory linkage of Mr. Owens to Obamacare and Minorty Leader Nancy Pelosi.
      Mr. Doheny says he is a hard working, self made man from Alexandria Bay, where in ten days he gets married to fiance Mary Reidy. He also explained what he does for a living and his role in the trucking industry with Yellow Line. He bristled when I ask if he was a day trader.
      The candidate did say he believes President Obama was born in the USA and cringed at having to deal with GOP social issues, instead preferring money and national security issues.   He pledged to be an advocate for his district and said his role in a likely GOP House majority was preferable to that of Mr. Owens.
      On the political hit piece last March in Gawker, Mr. Doheny said he had no idea there would be a tracker photographing him in a DC restaurant.  He says he is trying to meet as many voters as possible, in part to dispel the Democratic Party narrative painting him as a party animal and an out of touch rich guy. (He did say a corporation is not the same as a person)
      Doheny points to his non stop campaigning as evidence of his committment to the district and its residents. His command of facts allowed him to rattle (at a fast clip) off all sorts of things. He does his homework.
       One interesting note....Doheny says he would rather play in a foursome with President Obama, President Clinton and VP Biden than hitting the links with Mitt Romney, John Boehner and Mitch McConnell.  He knows where the fun is.
      Tomorrow Kellie Greene is on the HOTLINE.

WDT: Candidates Make Media Rounds as Quiet Primary Campaign Concludes

      A joint appearance is still being worked on and the candidates are making the media rounds.
      Kellie Greene was on Capital Tonight last night and Matt Doheny is on the HOTLINE today.  Yeah, Kellie got the better of that deal...
       Meanwhile a small group of say 15,000 Republicans scattered over a dozen counties are the target group...They are the ones who will turn out for the June 26 GOP Congressional primary pitting Ms. Greene against Mr. Doheny.
       The talk shows will not affect much unless there is a huge faux pas, something not likely.
        You can bet Mr. Doheny is well prepped for today and there are answers ready for the obvious "tough" questions. With three years of campaigning and a brisk schedule this year, he surely has this down pat.
         The fact that no one can help the local Young Republicans come up with a venue for a Saturday debate is sad...A church hall...a hotel conference room....anything will do.
Watertown Daily Times | Greene on Capital Tonight

WDT: The Principal Lives in Liverpool ?

     The school principal may be your pal but not your neighbor. Buried in this editorial is the news that the local high school principal lives in Liverpool, a Syracuse suburb seventy miles away. Meanwhile the numbers tell the tale...Only six of ten WHS students are graduating.
     The official excuse is the area's transient military population skews the numbers, but the fact is the numbers are disturbing and the cadre of six figure administrators needs to be held accountable.

      But by whom ? School boards are made up of nice people who volunteer to do what they can to oversee the process. They can ask questions but ultimately have little say in what goes on.  Besides, can the public really demand anything of these folks ?

Watertown Daily Times | Graduation rates

Clock rules Capitol game - Times Union

      Lawmakers enter their final hours of session and the flurry of bill passing continues in Albany.  It will be interesting to see what passes and what doesn't.  Looks like the minimum wage bill sunk while teacher evaluation scores seems to be the headline issue.
       Clock rules Capitol game - Times Union

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

When It Comes to Education, Is Watertown the New Bronx ?

   Is it a problem that nearly 40% of Watertown High Students from 2007 failed to graduate four years later ?
    Watertown Daily Times | Local News, Sports, Features, and Community Information for Jefferson County, St. Lawrence County, and Lewis County in Northern New York.

Alec Baldwin punches Daily News photographer after obtaining marriage license in New York with fiancee Hilaria Thomas - NY Daily News

     Alec Baldwin needs to calm down...He is marrying a young, very hot woman....So why get testy when the media wants pictures of you getting your marriage license...
      The 30 Rock star punched out a Daily News photographer for what seems no real reason...

        Looks like Alec has slimmed down for his child bride....He's got a lot to be happy over and doesn't need to pick on some photog just doing his job which is to satisfy America's obsession with keeping celebrities famous.
Alec Baldwin punches Daily News photographer after obtaining marriage license in New York with fiancee Hilaria Thomas - NY Daily News

Urban Mission Gets a Boost

    The NNY Community Foundation is giving $200K to help the Urban Mission get started on their efforts to rehab their Factory Street building.  All that and they get new sidewalks when the street is rebuilt next year !  When it rains, it pours.
    It's a great investment in the lives of those in need of a helping hand. Hope Rande can help with my pet project too...

Old Building Singing a New Tune

        The ribbon was cut today on two housing projects on Stone Street in downtown Watertown. 
         The Music Center Apartments are a three unit house on the corner which at one time housed a music school.  Next door is the former Social Security office which is now a dozen or so small apartments for the homeless.
Music Center Apartments
      The projects were overseen by Neighbors of Watertown.  It's a nice plus for downtown.
        While for the homeless the small studio and one bedroom units are what many a single person of any age would like in an urban setting. Too bad the marketplace can't support that kind of housing.
       I have always though the former Madonna Home  up the street would be great for that kind of housing. Not everyone needs townhouse villas or garden apartments when first starting out in life.

Timing Your Influence to the Time it Takes to Fill the Order...Retail Politics Keeps Some in Touch

         Whether you are a barista or a bartender, direct contact with the public is a valuable tool in public office.
          Public policy has become standard fare at the Brew Ha Ha on Coffeen Street much as it has at the Mayor's Bar.
Brew Ha Ha Barista and Councilwoman Teresa Macaluso brews up politics too

       The powerful and those who think they are regularly approach the window hoping to get a word with an elected official or perhaps to influence a vote. They leave with an earful from the Councilwoman and her voluble yet charming sister Karen.
        My experience is staying close to the public is on balance a good thing, especially in the sometimes sequestered world of governing.

Liz: Rep. Owens Talks Politics and Pragmatism

        Rep. Bill Owen's, like anyone running for office, has to have a narrative...for himself and his opponents.
        In an interview yesterday on Capital Tonight, Mr. Owens gave a hint of his strategy, referring to himself as a "moderate" and a "centrist" and suggesting that next to jobs, the public's top concern is "why can't you guys in DC get along "
        Mr. Owens specifically sidestepped the deficit and seems to be anxious to use his demeanor and Congressional look to make his case.
        By comparison, the incumbent will surely hope to suggest his opponent is too strident...too unable to get along...and not a centrist.
         Of course the flip side for Mr. Owens is to be seen as too willing to go along and not standing for anything. Just a guy going along to get along.
        Time will tell.
Rep. Owens Talks Politics and Pragmatism

Study: Asian Americans value hard work, family. –

    Identity politics is OK but outright racism is wrong...Judging whole groups by stereotypes is frowned upon, but what if the data takes a group like Asians and says good things about them ?
    On average, Asian-Americans are more successful, better educated and more satisfied with their life and the direction of the country. In short, work ethic matters.

     Drawing conclusions based on statistics and surveys can get you in trouble sometimes, but what identity group is going to argue with be sterotyped as "successful".
Study: Asian Americans value hard work, family. –

Channel 7 Sting Finds One Head Shop Selling "Glass Cleaner"

      Channel 7 News visited four local head shops and found only one willing to sell them the new drug rage called "glass cleaner".
       Whether they were being coy or actually didn't carry the substance is not known.
The public has been bombarded with news this year of "spice", "bath salts" and now "glass cleaner", all in reference to chemical compounds now legal but able to be used by pleasure seekers as recreational drug.
        New & Dangerous Drug Emerges: 'Glass Cleaner' | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News

Session to End With the Usual Flurry of Unread Bills

     Governor Cuomo is inviting lawmakers to the Mansion on Thursday to celebrate the end of session.
     It's hard to know what will pass in the final hours....Often, no one really knows what is passing or what they are voting on.
      Keep an eye on Albany the next couple of days.
Lawmakers Invited To Mansion, Will Senate Dems Attend?

Monday, June 18, 2012

Media Upset Over Three Dollar ATM Fee

   City Council approved a bunch of resolutions tonight to purchase all sort of chemicals and other things.
    Among the resolutions was one to OK a contract to place ATMs at City Hall and the Arena.
    Nowhere would that be news other than here....Prior to the meeting, the Channel 7 reporter wanted to interview me about it...That was the story her bosses had told her to cover...No matter what else happened...
   The news hook was the producer of the late news was outraged over the three dollar processing fee on transactions..
    If you don't like paying a fee, don't use the machine...
    Anyway, I couldn't believe how long the reporter interviewed me about the topic...If I didn't know better, I would think she just enjoyed my company.

Legislators will make $100,000 a year -

      State least the ones from up a lot of work and it takes of lot to get elected...I have no problem with them making as much an any number of other people at the State Office Building.
      I know we'll get the usual responses on this, but so what ?  I would cut out the lulus and impose a defined contribution pension plan on the lawmakers...but beyond that, they perform an essential function in a representitive republic.
    Besides, you should beware the pols who brag about how little they want to work for...Usually you get what you pay for.
Legislators will make $100,000 a year -

WDT: Candidates Getting Ink Prior to Primary....

    Gradually, the "issues" are making their way into the coverage of the 21st Congressional District race.  Greene is against a more lenient guest worker program...Doheny says those cameras on utility poles are an erosion of freedom.
    Both are skeptical of wind farms.
    People want sharp elbows under the hoop...Taking real stands and not the namby pamby political doublespeak so prevalent in an era when you have to spend a good part of our waking hours just reacting to the latest nonsense.
    I am so interested in what the GOP candidates have to say during my unique opportunity to talk to them on live radio. I can't vote in the primary on June 26 and I know that one person can't change much..But I still like ideas and conviction and I want red meat on Wednesday and Thursday....

Watertown Daily Times | Doheny on cameras

Distinguished Journalists Line Up for Saturday Debate Duty

    Slowly a Congressional debate is taking shape for this Saturday evening between the two Republicans competing in the June 26 primary.
     The Dean of North Country Journalists....John Moore...says he has been asked to moderate and WDT scribe Brian Amaral is a panelist.  I might suggest reporters from the dailies in Plattsburgh and Glens Falls be ask, as that would make it more of a districtwide event.
      The problem so far....venue...OMG, with all the empty rooms, someone cannot be community spirited enough to make space at the inn.   Heck, they can hold it at the Mayor's Bar if all else fails.
       Sunday's US Senate debate on YNN proved that television studios make great venues.  The cameras and microphones are already there.
       Liz was host of the YNN inquisition. She was showing a lot of leg having come out from behind her Capital Tonight anchor desk. Maybe she is contemplating a move to Fox News.
       As for John Moore, he is clearly the most debonairre anchor in NNY.
        If this thing doesn't come off due to lack of venue, the mandarins of local broadcasting should be run out of town on a rail.
Watertown Daily Times | Local News, Sports, Features, and Community Information for Jefferson County, St. Lawrence County, and Lewis County in Northern New York.

WDT: Young Republicans close to settling on debate

     The debate could happen after all...and if it happens, thank a new generation of voters.
Jefferson County Young Republicans are scurrying to set up a forum with GOP Congressional hopefuls Matt Doheny and Kellie Greene prior to the June 26 Primary.
     This Saturday is looking like the likely date and a location needs to be determined.
      How about helping out these young voters ? Maybe a well to do broadcaster could make their studio available. And how's this for innovation...turn on the microphones and cameras and put it on the air or better yet post it on that new fangled Internet.
     In a district extending from Lake Ontario to Lake Champlain,  allowing people to see and hear candidates they may not have heard of seems a reasonable proposition.
     Thankfully the debate is to be held in the most important part of the district.
Watertown Daily Times | Young Republicans close to settling on debate

WDT: ATMs Coming to City Buildings

   The longest march starts with one step. Tonight Council will approve a contract to place ATM's in City Hall the Fairgrounds Arena. The ubiquitous devices are just about everywhere now, as Council wants on line bill paying to be the next step towards being more consumer friendly.
     Council will also act on a variety of resolutions on purchases and other matters.
Watertown Daily Times | City Council to decide putting ATMs in City Hall, fairgrounds

Businesses make $4.2M off students by storing their cellphones during school hours -

   Here's an industry that didn't exist when I was in school...Due to a ban on student cell phones in schools, mobile vans are set up outside the school that charge students to store their phone while in school.
    Critics say its unfair to the poorest students....Well, no it isn't...You can always leave the phone at home even though I know its viewed as an appendage these days...And by the way, if you are affluent enough to have a phone, you have already decided what your priorities are.

     Cell phones are an extraordinary distraction in schools and the work place.
     The message NYC schools are sending is a good one that will benefit students in the work place later on.

EXCLUSIVE: Businesses make $4.2M off students by storing their cellphones during school hours -

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Far East (as in Glens Falls, not Taiwan) is the Focus of NY 21

       Anybody ever heard of the Whipple City Festival ?  Its held in Greenwich NY in the newly acquired eastern side of the 21st District. I see Kellie Greene was there..
       The Glens Falls area is the focus of the candidates for Congress.
        Matt Doheny is there constantly and Rep. Owens is working it too.

      Ms. Greene is the guest on the HOTLINE on Thursday and Mr. Doheny is on the show on Wednesday.  

Rodney King, victim of brutal LA police beating, dead at 47: report -

    The symbol of police excess and the catalyst for brutal riots in LA is dead at age 47.
Rodney King was found at the bottom of his swimming pool in Rialto, CA. No foul play is suspected.
Rodney King, victim of brutal LA police beating, dead at 47: report -

Occupy Mom and Dad’s House - NYPOST

   It's true....would be empty nesters are having a hard time getting the next to empty.
It's nice to live at home well past the age where it used to be you were expected to be out on your own...
    Meals are made, housecleaning gets done, you just put dirty dishes in the sink and they clean themselves....and the biggie...You put your laundry in a hamper and a day later its cleaned and pressed, hanging in the closet.
     No rent, no utitlities....And as for rules, the old days of "as long as your are under my roof you live by my rules"...well that's the old parental mantra.
    Sure, you lose a little privacy and some self respect, but its a small price for what you get.    
Occupy mom and dad’s house -

Mallory Hagan wins Miss NY pageant

   Brooklyn native Mallory Hagan competing as Miss New York City has won the the Miss NY Pageant held on Staten Island. Twenty Five women competed.
Mallory Hagan wins Miss NY pageant -

Mizzou Grad Reduced to Writing Social News

      Not that I want to make this the Page 6 of local media,  but for those not good at wedding gift selection planning to attend the Doheny nuptuals on June 30, the couple is registered with Williams-Sonoma  and Sur La Table.
      Many had asked, so I agreed to be Cindy Adams for a day. 
       And frankly I wanted to help out the serious political journalists as I don't think Dicker, Benjamin or even Amaral would want to sully their work with news of wedding registries...I do draw the line on describing what the bride will wear.
        Note to operatives. Save the snarky comments on this one. I won't print them.

WDT: So Called Debate Unlikely for Best of Reasons....No One Needs It

      There is still no GOP debate being held prior to the June 26 Congressional primary...For that matter, I haven't heard of one prior to the US Senate primary either UPDATE  THERE IS A SENATE DEBATE ON YNN Tonight at 7PM. Imagine that....a news organization holding a debate in their studio and airing it in prime time. What will they think of next ?
       At this late date there will not be one for Congress in NY21.
       This Times story mentions veteran newsman John Moore as a possible moderator. There could be no better choice for professionalism and fairness.
         However a debate...better called a joint appearance....offers only the chance to make a mistake and to elevate the status of the perceived loser in the race.
         The media is not interested in hosting it or covering it either.
          Even a simple interview show like this week's HOTLINE appearances by Matt Doheny and Kellie Greene carries more risks than rewards. While I am not there to play "gotcha", somebody could botch an answer, or say something intemperate.  Even then it only matters if the other media were to concur a mistake was made and consent to cover the issue.
        It would have to be a doozie of a mistake.  That's not likely.
        Those seeking a moment of clarity as a result of a debate likely are not voting anyway. Those who are have already decided, as the 10% or so of Republicans voting are the serious, engaged part of the party. Trust me, they have decided and only if it is the closest of races would nuances in turnout models even matter...
      So don't look for a debate.  There should be at least two or three live debates on Public TV held in the fall featuring the three or four candidates on the ballot. That's not likely to happen either.
Watertown Daily Times | Still no resolution on debate

Bath Salts: Deep in the Heart of America's New Drug Nightmare | SPIN

      I was picking up some debris from the storm drain in front of my business Saturday and saw an empty packet for a product labled as "window cleaner".  What I had in my hand were "bath salts", the new and pernicious entry into the get-high market and available in a store near you.

     "Salts" is the inoccuous term for this latest attempt to satisfy America's desire to be high with an easy to get product. People don't like to deal with shady people on the street when they can simply buy in a store or on-line with their debit card.
       Anyway, this story in SPIN magazine is a good primer on the subject since we will no doubt be hearing more about it as the whack-a-mole 'war on drugs' enters a new phase.
Bath Salts: Deep in the Heart of America's New Drug Nightmare | SPIN