Saturday, June 16, 2012

City's Three Mayors Gather to Support the USA

   A rare historic moment Saturday morning in Watertown.....The City's three living mayors gathered to affirm their love of country and city Saturday morning in a ceremony on Public Square.

    Tom Walker, Joe Butler and I share the bond presidents, governors and mayors share everywhere having had the chance to serve their community or country.

Watertown Vies for Most Patriotic Honors

     A rapid response by local patriots was needed when yesterday the local Yellow Ribbon Committee learned a pair of judges from Rand McNally would be in town this weekend to judge Watertown against five other towns competing to be named America's most patriotic town.
     An impromptu rally on Public Square and a trip to Sackets Harbor were among the highlights for Rick Griffin and Sandi McKenna who are shooting video and taking in the sights as part of the Best of the Road contest sponsored by Rand McNally and USA Today.

     Watertown's three living Mayors were on hand along with other leaders and supporters of the Army and Fort Drum.
     My remarks centered on the unique perspective Watertonians have in living, working , shopping, and going to school side by side with those who defend our freedom.  So it's not that we are more patriotic than other fine Americans, it's that we have the opportunity to appreciate the gift that is the USA.

WDT: LeRay Rejects PILOT

      Giving away tax base in the name of creating jobs has a double meaning for the towns and villages of Jefferson County.
       Sales tax among those municipalities is whacked up based on assessed valuation, so exempting property cuts that revenue and sends it elsewhere.
       That's why the LeRay Town Board has rejected a PILOT for a biomass plant on Fort Drum, while other taxing jurisdictions approved it.
       'It wasn't worth it' was the mantra of the town board members who voted no.
Watertown Daily Times | LeRay rejects PILOT for biomass plant at Fort Drum

Capitol Confidential » Doheny nearly matches Owens fundraising

    The two candidates planning on spending a lot of money running for Congress are off and running to raise the millions needed to compete.
     Rep. Bill Owens held a ritzy affair at a rich guy's house on Wellesley Island. Matt Doheny holds one this Wednesday at a ranch near Chaumont.
     They are big money events by North Country standards, although by downstate standards, they are probably pretty modest affairs.
       Meanwhile, it was reported recently that Green Party candidate Donald Hassig didn't have the funds to get his own car fixed.
Capitol Confidential » Doheny nearly matches Owens fundraising

WDT: Stopping the Plague of Fake Handbags

      A Redwood woman has been fined for selling fake handbags.....You know, preying on the obsession to have a Coach clutch or for those even more obsessed, a Louis Vuitton.

      I suppose you shouldn't do it as copyright exists for a reason, but its hard to think the authorities need to chase around making sure your Coach is real....I mean really, what makes it real ? Other than you paid more than it's worth.
Watertown Daily Times | Redwood woman fined 15K for trafficking counterfeit purses

Friday, June 15, 2012

Wallenda Walks the Wire...Didn't Need the Tether After All

    Turns out he didn't need the tether ABC Television made him wear so they wouldn't be broadcasting the ghoulish demise of a daredevil....
     Nothing bad happened however as Nik Wallenda made the trek on a wire strung over the Horseshow Falls to the delight of a six figure crowd and a tourism industry reveling in the attention.

     It was a great Friday night attraction. Everyone at Fort Pearl watched with interest and it will be standard front page above the fold photo fare for Saturday morning's slow news cycle.
     The tether took the consequences out of it but not the skill needed to walk the wire amidst the mist and roar of the Falls.
Tethered Wallenda walks wire across Niagara Falls -


    Whoahh Patty...Don't be messin' with our NNY way of life...Who says I can'ts be usin' my welfare benefit card for beer, butts or scratch offs....?
     Senator Ritchie says that's wrong....but is it ?   The sins keep money flowing back into NY coffers...Isn't that the goal ?

WDT:Controversy Over...Start Your Engines !

   It was official today, that Watertown will be one of eight destinations for the Fireball Run "Northern Exposure" road rally.
   While there was controversy, organizers were philosophical about, speculating the faux controversy over closing a street helps increase awareness of the event, which happens in September.
Watertown Daily Times | Fireball Run will finish in Watertown

Is Bill Owens on a Charm Offensive ?

   It's no secret in the office of NNY Rep. Bill Owens that I support Matt Doheny for Congress in the 21st CD. Heck, I already endorsed him.
   But Mr Owens is still my Congressman and I respect that, and the Congressman has decided  that charm beats acrimony in dealing with the mercurial mayor of the largest city in the district.
     Yesterday Mr. Owens called the HOTLINE out of the blue to chat about stuff and today he was affable at the Yellow Ribbon event at the Mall. In fact he posed for a picture and challanged me to put it on the blog.  You see for all my faults and failings, this humble blog is the touchstone for the political class.

Flag Waving This Weekend...

   Patriotism is on display in Watertown this weekend....Today a pep rally for Fort Drum at the Salmon Run Mall featured LG Bob Duffy, Rep. Bill Owens, local pols and a blast from the past as Four Star General Lloyd Austin III came for the resigning of the Community Covenant.
    Meanwhile this weekend some judges from Rand McNally Publishing are in town to weigh Watertown's prospects of being named the Nation's most patriotic city.
     I think patriotism is not measured by flag count or how many times you sing "God Bless the USA."
     I learned the meaning of patriotism early in life when I visited my dad's grave at Arlington after he died when I was seven. You don't forget that.....
     As for whether we are America's most patriotic city, I  hope we win but whatever happens I am happy living here and happy with our close relationship to the military.

HOTLINE to Shine As Sole Spot to Learn of Candidates

       With not even a debate in remote Fine, NY in the offing for the GOP Congressional candidates, next week's HOTLINE appearances between Matt Doheny and Kellie Greene are shaping up as the definitive and sole opportunities for voters to hear about the candidates prior to the June 26 primary.
       Attention will be be keen for next Wednesday and Thursdays shows on AM 1240-WATN.
       Meanwhile, today you can get a different view of the world as Cindy Habeeb fills in for me on America's Favorite Noontime Talk Show.

Mall To Host Event Honoring Soldiers

   LG Bob Duffy will headline a passle of local and state officials at the Salmon Run Mall today at a ceremony to honor Fort Drum troops and pledge community support for them.
   The signing of a "community covenant" will take place at 1PM.

Kirsten's Got the Cash as She Looks to Cruise to Reelection to Full Six Years

   Senator Kirsten Gillibrand's tenure is Washington has been marked by her losing weight and gaining cash.
    The Empire State's junior Senator is looking like a sure bet to win a full six year term as finance reports show her war chest at a cool $10M.
     Three GOP rivals are competing in the June 26 primary, but it's hard to imagine any of the three gaining much traction heading into the fall.
      Ms. Gillibrand was appointed to seat in 2009 and won in 2010 to fill the remaining two years of Hillary Clinton's term when she became Secretary of State.
      Before that, the Senator was a Member of Congress from the Hudson Valley.
Gillibrand Raises $1.3M, Has $9.9M

Police: Busted ! Man Has Can of Beer at Campground

    A 20 year old man was arrested at a campground in Dexter after police responded to a complaint of "underage drinking" and discovered a man with a can of beer and a small quantity of marijuana.
     As a society, don't we have bigger fish to fry ? Police Blotter

Thursday, June 14, 2012

WDT: Mercy Solutions Being Talked About in Advance of Closure

   With an issue so large and so vexing, it's hard for any one individual to claim the mantra of "visionary", but gradually strategies and ideas are emerging in large part due to the initiative of Assemblwoman Addie Russell, who has hosted skull sessions on what to do when Mercy closes next year.
     While in the City, the dilemma is of regional scope and having the involvement of Ms. Russell, County Board Chair Fitzpatrick and Senator Ritchie will help bring about sounder strategies.
      Hopefully, the Watertown Trust will play a key leadership role and there were good ideas that surfaced at this morning's Advantage Watertown meeting.
      Anyone who claims they have the vision and leadership to solve the problem is blowing smoke...It will take an "all hands on deck" approach.  That hopefully is emerging.

Watertown Daily Times | Local News, Sports, Features, and Community Information for Jefferson County, St. Lawrence County, and Lewis County in Northern New York.

Lawmakers Agree On State Brewery, Winery Legislation

   There are a lot of things in the alcohol industry that need to be loosened up, including the monopolistic distribution system that uses bars and restaurants as a human shield for distributors to charge whatever they damn well please.
    The crushing rules devised post-Prohibition were an effort to take baby steps towards allowing the public to drink the devil's brew.
      Now unlicensed head shops can sell industrial chemicals labled as "windex" or "bath salts" with no tax, regulation or accountability....Meanwhile the substance abuse crowd worries about someone playing beer pong.
       I still wait for the coherent explanation of why a liquor store cannot sell cigarettes, but a pharmacy can...And the drug store can sell sugary drinks to boot...
      So now you can brew beer on a farm and the state says its OK....

Lawmakers Agree On State Brewery, Winery Legislation | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News

Fireball Run Gets OK for Downtown Venue

       City Hall will make sure the Fireball Run Road Rally is welcome in Watertown this September. Council instructed City Manager John Krol to work out details for closing the block in front of the Library for an afternoon to allow the rally finish line and video production featuring the Library to take place.
      It's an exciting event put on by Universal Pictures and three upstate cities were chosen to participate. Chamber Czar Lyn Pietroski said the rally will be good for the downtown economy, good publicity for the region and a fun event for families.
    Three local teams are among the forty in the race, which also publicizes the plight of missing children.
     City Manager Krol says its his job to implement the policy affirmed by Council, although initially there were concerns about traffic issues.
      The matter was resolved at an open meeting held at 2PM today in Council Chambers.

Fireball Run Supported........ Garners Support Downtown

    Hosting a nationally road road rally in downtown got a big thumbs up this morning from business and community leaders when I brought it up to them at a meeting at City Hall.
    "It's a no brainer," said one participant, even though there had been staff objections to a plan to close off a short section of Washington Street on a Tuesday afternoon, so the Fireball Run can set up a finish line. The event is sponsored by Universal Pictures and Watertown was chosen as one of a handful of small cities to participate this year.
     A majority of City Council also favor welcoming the event and I am hosting a meeting between the City Manager and the local Chamber, which is coordinating the event.
     One of those voicing the strongest support is Brian Murray, owner the Agricultural Building and the Top of the Square Plaza.

WDT: Fireball Run could be scrapped by city’s opposition to street closure

     A meeting will be held this afternoon to try one last time to make happen a national road rally event called Fireball Run in Watertown this September.  The sticking point has been the request by organizers to close off a section of Washington Street on a Tuesday afternoon.
     There are concerns over the traffic tie ups and effects on businesses near the Flower Statue.
     On the other hand the event is a publicity coup for the City and a fun event for residents.

       Organizers were enamored by the backdrop of the Flower Library and the Historical Society also wanted to have the motoring event play out in front of the Paddock Mansion, which houses a pair of antique cars, including a restored Babcock, built here in the City.
       Other proposed sites were rejected by Universal Studios, organizer of the Run.
Many preparations have been made already, including the taping of welcoming videos.
       The question is whether lawmakers will want to answer complaints about traffic issues in exchange for an interesting and fun event in the downtown that will give the City a national focus.
Watertown Daily Times | Fireball Run could be scrapped by city’s opposition to street closure

One Bite Rule Targeted By Boy With 1000 Stitch Run In With Pit Bull

   New York is a "one bite" state....Current law holds a dog owner harmless for the first time their canine bites...A five year old boy and his parents are lobbying to change that after the youngster has endured years of treatment and a thousand stitches from an attack of a rogue pit bull.
   Previous attempts to overturn "one bite" have come up short.
    Meanwhile the no dogs rule at the Farmers Market in Watertown seems to be working and people there seem to be just as happy with Fido at home.
Frankie Flora Was Attacked By Pit Bull At Age 5, Wants State's One Bite Rule Overturned « CBS New York

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

WDT: AFL-CIO backs Owens

     It's about as shocking as finding out the Pope is Catholic....Rep. Bill Owens has begun to roll out his union endorsements...It starts with the AFL CIO.....
     Labor is always at the heart of the Democratic effort....But the Wisconsin race has made labor the issue and I am sure a Matt Doheny intends to make no overtures to the unions and indeed wants to win without them.....
     Watertown Daily Times | AFL-CIO backs Owens

WDT: Doheny (almost) can't get off Indy, Conservative lines

     The WDT speculates (window into their soul ?) what would happen if Matt Doheny did the unthinkable and lost the June 26 GOP primary.
      He would remain on the Indy and Conservative lines and even without campaigning would ensure a Bill Owens victory.
      Since the rules were written by lawyers, only a lawyer can easily get off those lines by accepting a judicial nomination for Supreme Court. Usually for Republicans, that means hopping on the line in the Bronx which is a throwaway...
     The only other ways off are to move out of state or die....Pretty high prices for party loyalty.
     The chance of that happening is slim...but the  corollary question to Kellie Greene is , 'how do you expect to win without the minor lines ?'
      No matter who you like, the facts are that uniting the three lines are the only path to a win over Bill Owens and even with that I think it will be a close race.

Watertown Daily Times | Doheny (almost) can't get off Indy, Conservative lines

NBC taps new Lily Munster for ‘Mockingbird Lane’: Portia De Rossi  - NY Daily News

   The Munsters are returning to TV this fall...The remake is named "Mockingbird Lane" and Lily will have a Sapphic twist....The Yvonee di Carlo role is being played by Portia de Rossi, the partner of talk show host Ellen Degeneres.

    The campy mid 60s show starred Fred Gwynne as Herman Munster and Al Lewis as Grandpa Munster.
    There is nothing new under the Sun....
NBC taps new Lily Munster for ‘Mockingbird Lane’: Portia De Rossi  - NY Daily News

Busy Second Half to the Week...When is Summer Recess ?

   Thursday is a busy day for the Mayor who's there.
    In the AM, I meet with the shadow government, aka Advantage Watertown.   That's the community leader group that is a skull session to talk about various issues.
The real shadow government meets at Pete's, soon to have a different name.
     In the PM, I host a meeting with the city manager and the Chamber President to try and iron out issues with hosting the Fireball Run Road Rally this September. At issue is use of a stretch of Washington Street on a busy weekday, but I hope we can work it out.
     Then its off to Pete's to get my marching orders from Jim Wright, Ralphie, and whomever else is at the bar.
     Friday, my new BFF Cindy Habeeb is filling in for me on the HOTLINE so I can attend an event at the Mall to honor the Army. We are signing a "community covenant."  That doesn't mean we live in a coven however.   

WDT: Sheriff Patton ?

    Since there's a federal law banning the use of the military as the next best thing...militarize the civilian police....Case in point are the full armor Humvees the County has taken to add to their fleet of vehicles.
    They were free...not for American taxpayers who paid for one vehicle that had virtually no miles on it...but free for the County except for cost of running them....
     One will be used to patrol the perimeter of the airport....
Watertown Daily Times | Jefferson County legislative committee accepts donation of 2 Humvees

Silver Predicts Summer Passage Of Minimum Wage By Senate

   Whether you like Speaker Silver, he is an experienced Albany pol and knows how the capital works.
    The Speaker says once the GOP Senate gets petitioning done and is sure of their own nominations, they will come back to Albany over the summer and quietly pass Mr. Silver's proposed minimum wage hike.
      Polls show public support and Republicans may face pressure from voters and media...Giving in on a wage hike might ensure their relelection.
Silver Predicts Summer Passage Of Minimum Wage By Senate

WDT: Hotels Worried Over On Post Competition

  With a passle of hotels now built in the private sector, a plan to build hotels in the tax free environment of Fort Drum has hotel owners wondering how they will compete in what is being called a saturated market.
   New hotels were needed as there was a shortage, but  the market is satisfied now and a new federal program would allow big corporations to put name brand hotels on post.
    The unintended consequence of improving on post lodging is it will slam hotels nearby built under a different economic model, according to developer Pat Donegan who built two hotels in the City of Watertown.
      To be fair, many off post projects received tax breaks too, but on post businesses are not subject to the continuing taxes like sales tax and the bed tax that off post business must include in their prices.
     Watertown Daily Times | Fort Drum hotel would enter an already ‘saturated’ market

Visit Our Library from Your Computer..

   The Flower Memorial Library Board of Trustees is working with a company on an on line virtual tour of the historic building.
     Check out the product so far on this website.

  After you have seen it on line, visit in person for the real effect.  This is a big step in making the Library more accessible and making people more aware of what a treasure we have.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Wall Street Journal reporter Gina Chon resigns in wake of affair emails with Obama nominee Brett McGurk - NY Daily News

   I had a brief affair with a John Zagame staffer while covering the 1980 GOP Congressional primary for channel 7.   In retrospect, it doesn't make me a bad person, but I did slant coverage in subtle ways. Let me resign retroactively.

Wall Street Journal reporter Gina Chon resigns in wake of affair emails with Obama nominee Brett McGurk - NY Daily News

WDT: Kilt Owners Host Soire for Doheny for Congress

      On the same day Matt Doheny is interviewed on radio for the first time in this campaign, he holds a high dollar (by NNY standards) fundraiser at a dude ranch near Chaumont.
      The soire at the Lucky Star Ranch is hosted by Tilted Kilt (their website link is featured on ) owners Doreen and Jody Garrett and features a range of prices up to a ten grand a couple.
       For the MSM story they own Otis Technologies and Overhead Door.
       The dress code is "ranch casual".   I don't know what that is, but I have been to the Kilt.
       As for the radio interview...It's on the HOTLINE on AM 1240 WATN....The invite for the soire included a nice palm card geared for the primary on June 26. 
       This week, invitees to the Doheny wedding also got a post card update on the logistics for that event on June 30......
        The card asked if I had any special dietary requirements.....Yes I do...Red meat conservatism !
Watertown Daily Times | 'Ranch casual' Doheny fundraiser on June 20

High school senior wins $1,000 a week for life from New York Lottery — and he’s only 18!  - NY Daily News

   Good fortune continues for the guys at what is being called "horndog high" in NYC...Last week a student landed on the front page of the Post for winning a bet to score with a hot teacher....
    Now an 18 year old student has hit a Win for Life scratch off ticket...A thousand dollars a week for life....
     Remember when Watertown resident Matt Young did the same at age 19. He has successfully managed his success and lets hope the latest winner does the same....
     I'd much rather have the grand a week than the hot teacher...Although at 18, I am not sure if I would have felt the same way.
High school senior wins $1,000 a week for life from New York Lottery — and he’s only 18!  - NY Daily News

Patty Plates Indy Nod

   Jeez, that Frank MacKay must have read my mind...endorsing my good friend Patty Ritchie for Senate...Must be the play with the Governor is to keep the upper house in the Republican hands.
    Anyway, I'll sign her petition and get JR to sign too....
Watertown Daily Times | This time, Indies back Ritchie

Alleged 'hockey mom' madam Anna Gristina's bail reduced to $250K bond or $150K bond with ankle bracelet -

        Prosecutors had their chance to break her but the so called hockey mom madam held out until an appeals court righted the wrong a lower court imposed in setting bail at two million dollars on the mother of four who allegedly ran a high priced call escort ring.
       It's a 'who care's" crime and we don't need to see the list of customers. I'd be more interested on her charging sales tax on the transactions.
Alleged 'hockey mom' madam Anna Gristina's bail reduced to $250K bond or $150K bond with ankle bracelet -

Couple separated by immigration snafu : - Glens Falls, Saratoga, Lake George NY area news

    Let no good deed go unpunished.
Couple separated by immigration snafu : - Glens Falls, Saratoga, Lake George NY area news

Expensive Campaigns Here to Stay in NNY

   These days I get more political contribution solicitations than I do credit card offers....
    I keep getting them from Mitt Romney, although I never gave to him and probably will pass since he and the President have enough of their own plus all those fat cat friends.
    Then I got a local candidate solicitation for a $10,000 a couple soire later this month. I had already been to two events and frankly while I am concerned over the path of the Nation, if I had $10K, I would be patching my parking lot and getting a new roof on the house.  I still wouldn't be doing the awning or the furnace this year. That would be another ten grand.
    Real people have real problems and priorities.

Niagara Falls banks on Wallenda's tightrope stunt -

   One time Honeymoon Mecca turned Love Canal and sans half its one time population, Niagara Falls seeks to revive the good old days this week when for the first time in 116 years a stuntman will walk a tightrope across the Niagara River.
   Nik Wallenda will be on the nationally televised event which locals hope is a publicity bonanza for the Falls and tourism.  Since Wallenda is being forced to wear a safety harness, the TV show has about as much excitement as opening Al Capone's vault.
Niagara Falls banks on Wallenda's tightrope stunt -

Syrian army using children as 'human shields,' UN report says -

      Meanwhile, while Barbara Walters friend takes up her studies at Columbia, back home the folks "Sherry" advised are down to using children as human shields in their bid to stay in power.
Syrian army using children as 'human shields,' UN report says -

Syrian activists demand Columbia University rescind admission of Assad’s media adviser Sheherazad “Sherry” Jaafari -

     Calls are afoot to expel the 22 year old daughter of the Syrian Ambassador to the United Nations who foes of the Damascus government advised the Assad regime on media matters, in particular how to lie about massacres of civilians.
      Sheherazad Jaafari got help from Barbara Walters on getting into an exclusive foreign studies program at Columbia University. 
      It's hard to know how much a woman barely old enough to drink really did to perpetuate the Assad regime, and I betcha there's lots of diplomats' kids in NYC and DC enrolled in US colleges.

Buddy of Barbara Walters Draws Fire Over Admission
       Seems the young lady could offer some interesting insight into world affairs the Columbia students wouldn't get from the run of the mill students.

Syrian activists demand Columbia University rescind admission of Assad’s media adviser Sheherazad “Sherry” Jaafari -

Top Aubertine Aide Canned....But You Don't Have a Need to Know Why

      State Agriculture Commisioner Darrel Aubertine has canned an aide but he may want to apply for the aide's job instead.   The now former state employee John Haggerty was making $144K when suddenly let go without explanation over the weekend. Secretary Aubertine makes $120K.
         Everyone is being tight lipped, as the public doesn't have a right to know what led to the dismissal.
          Sometimes transparency is really quite opaque.
Top deputy abruptly let go - Times Union

Candidates discuss 'Rooftop Highway' proposal : - Glens Falls, Saratoga, Lake George NY area news

     On the face of it, the proposal to build a "rooftop highway", or I-98, connecting Watertown to Plattsburgh has always been an outlandish idea devoid of a rationale.
     It's amazing it still gets talked about, yet this year again the Congressional candidates answer the obligatory questions in the most predictable ways.
Candidates discuss 'Rooftop Highway' proposal : - Glens Falls, Saratoga, Lake George NY area news

Scott Congel's mall proposal in Rochester shows corporate socialism at work |

       Sometimes, somebody writes the truth about corporate welfare...Such is the case in this piece on one of the real welfare families in upstate NY, the Congels of Syracuse.
        This is a worthwhile read.
Scott Congel's mall proposal in Rochester shows corporate socialism at work |

Monday, June 11, 2012

Imagine What FOX News Would Say if This Happened to Sasha or Malia ?

     If you or I had done it in the USA, you'd be charged......but for British Prime Minister David Cameron and his wife, it was OK to leave their 8 year old daughter in a pub where they had been drinking. In the States, just utter a harsh word in front of a tot and their charge you.  
      In the live and let live world of European life, its OK to visit a pub and if you leave the little one behind, the barkeep takes care of her till you remember.
Pic exclusive: David Cameron caught unwinding at pub where he left daughter, 8, alone as Downing Street plays down gaffe - Mirror Online

Council Okays Privateers Coming to Fairgrounds

    Despite hemming and hawing and reservations, City Council voted 5-0 to ratify a one year franchise agreement to bring minor league hockey to the Fairgrounds Arena.
     The Privateers will play their 2012-13 season in Watertown, and despite concerns over the team and the effect on other ice users, lawmakers concluded the team deserves a chance to bring new users and new spectators to the Arena.
      Team owner Nicole Kirnan fended off objections from two Council members in a private meeting last week.
      I look forward to dropping the first puck.
Team Owner Nicole Kirnan Thanks Councilmember Burns for her Support

     Council also travelled to the Hilton Garden Inn to hear a pitch for finishing the road informally called Western Boulevard that was to connect Arsenal Street to Gaffney Drive.  Developer Pat Donegan ask Council to reopen discussions as he says the lack of a public street is hindering development of what is one of the fastest growing sections of the City.

Wendy Long the Only Sensible Choice to Bring the Message to Gillibrand

    The Republican primary you don't hear much about is the three way contest for US Senate...The reason you hear little is the political establishment and media have decided that Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand is a shoe in for reelection.
     The only candidate that makes sense for GOP voters is Wendy Long...The reason is simple.  She already has the Conservative line, and without it no Republican nominee could even think of beating Senator Gillibrand.
      So it makes little sense for Republicans to vote for anyone other than Ms. Long. Besides, I can't remember the other two which shows the futility of their races.
Wendy Long’s 14 Words

WWNY: Name Change Coming with Owner Change at Pete's

    Channel Seven reports a name change is coming along with a new owner/operator of Pete's Restaurant on Breen Avenue.
     Geoff Puccia reportedly will change the moniker when he takes over in the fall.
     For 42 years, Tom Costanzo has run the restaurant, first on Factory Street, then in its current home on Breen Avenue.
      The popular eaterie for Watertown's political class is a favorite of mine and Tom has been a great friend and host over the years.
       Makes me remember, I have been in the gin mill business 27 years.
Local Restaurant Changing Hands | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News

WDT: GOP Hierarchy Lines Up for Matt

      Republican insiders, leaders, and elected officials continue to endorse Matt Doheny in the upcoming GOP Congressional primary against unknown and underfunded challenger Kellie Greene.
     Today it was Senate Republicans endorsing Doheny.
      Since only an estimated seven to ten percent of registered R's will be voting on June 26, and many of those are the insiders and leaders, it's reasonable to expect Mr. Doheny's margin will be north of 70%, but a number in the mid 60s would be very good.
      Meanwhile both candidates announced signing of some "no tax" pledge...Hope it wasn't the one the first President Bush signed.

      I am not big on pledges, but if one signs it pretty much forces the other to follow suit.
Watertown Daily Times | Doheny gets more support from GOP

WDT: Time to Grow Up, Man Up and Cut the Crap With Debates

    You know the easiest way to resolve this debate nonsense is for the MSM to step up....The local Public TV station has all the facilities and people. The commercial stations could help too....Put a 90 minute debate on and make the tape available via Time Warner and the Internet as well.
    Everyone who is interested could see it...Those who don't care can go camping in Wanakena.
    Television stations operate on public airwaves...When I was in the biz the buzz words were the "public interest, convenience and necessity." 
     I remember the live radio and TV debates as a youngster on local TV and radio.
     If Public TV had put a fraction of the effort into public affairs that they have put in to fishing over the years, they might better have earned the moniker "public". As for the commercial stations...they are looking at who is in the best position to spend on advertising in the fall.
     Bu I did appreciate being featured on WWNY's 'Blast from the Past" last week. I have gotten many comments, mostly on how good I used to look.
Watertown Daily Times | Doheny agrees to debate -- Greene '99 percent sure' she won't

WDT: Privateers May Be Voted on Tonight

   If the final wording can get worked out today, I would hope City Council to approve a contract for hockey at the Fairgrounds Arena tonight.
    Because it's a franchise agreement a super majority of four-fifths is needed for approval. Three members are on record supporting the deal.
    The opportunity to have hockey as entertainment this coming winter is something I think is worth trying to make work, even though there are logistical challenges.
Watertown Daily Times | Council may vote on Privateers move

Dicker: Bubba Eyes Hill's Job if Andy Wins in 2016

   Bill Clinton likes to be where the action is and if wife Hillary doesn't run for President in 2016, Mr. Clinton is being talked about as a Secretary of State in an Andrew Cuomo administration. Wow, talk about putting the cart ahead of the horse.....
    Meanwhile, at a joint appearance this week, the Governor and former President revealed former Governor Mario Cuomo was indeed offered a Supreme Court nomination in 1993, but turned it down.

Bill Clinton has eyes on secretary of state job if Cuomo wins 2016 presidential election: sources -

Deputies: Cape Vincent Woman Called Antwerp Man 50+ Times a Day

    I like to get a call here and there from an attentive lady, but I am not sure  I would want fifty calls a day.  But then again for the man from Antwerp, that's a pretty active social life he likely was not used to . Of course you can always scoot over to Oxbow where more is going on.
Deputies: Cape Vincent Woman Called Antwerp Man 50+ Times a Day

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Woman goes on $2.1m spending spree with tax return given to her in error... and may have to hand it back | Mail Online

    There are those who say if the system is flawed enough to give it to you then it's OK. I heard that said more than once locally when alcohol licenses were issued despite violations of the law...
     So how can you fault Krystle Reyes of Salem Oregon for filing a false income tax return claiming $3M in income and demanding a $2.1M refund.....They gave it to her in the form of a debit card with all that money on it...
     She starting spending...all was OK...Then she lost the card and reported it missing, prompting further scrutiny. She is in trouble now, as even though the state erred in giving it to her, she is on the hook for the cash.
     Fun while it lasted.

Curiosity Over Restaurant Sale Drives Story Views Up

     With this weekends story on Pete's Restaurant now the number two story of all time on this humble blog, we remind you of the number one...
      Remember the Mayor of Alexandria Bay worrying about bikers in his town and the row that caused with motorcyclists ?
      That story drew 11,186 views and 115 comments.....Pete's is at 7543
 right now and climbing.

WDT: Court Ruling Halts Access to Detailed Pension Data

    Apparently, a court has blocked release of individual data on pension recipients in NY, severely limiting the public's ability to understand the scope of how upside down the system is. In recent years, pension spiking stories have helped increase scrutiny of the system which relies on ever increasing assessments on current taxpayers to pay for pension commitments in the past.
     The Times opines for more transparency which is fine. I might add another problem is we live in a society where Washington can routinely spend more than it takes in, with no apparent ill effects.  The public no longer sees a downside in spending beyond one's means because we have all collectively done it for years.
     That is why whenever someone criticises the system, defenders say "I paid into that" and deserve what I get....when in fact the average person doesn't pay in, an amount anywhere near what is drawn out, whether its a pension or Social Security.
     That doesn't mean they are not "entitled" to the payments by law, but it does mean a lack of math skills has left a whole society ill equipped to understand why what we routinely do is wrong.
Watertown Daily Times | Pension data

Beer Dog a Steal at $40

    Bar and beer memorabilia is commonplace but some pieces are more interesting than others.
    One item I have held on to since the 80s is a light-up Spuds MacKenzie statue from the makers of Bud Light.
    The dog was an icon for years till the do-gooders impaled Spuds on the sword of political correctness that also took down Joe Camel.

    I always thought it an interesting piece and tonight a guy showed up with one on "Pawn Stars" the popular A&E show about a Vegas pawn shop that buys all sorts of stuff.
    The guy took $40.    What an idiot....He should have kept it as an heirloom like his dad had.  It looks better in the house than two Jacksons look in my wallet.

Theologian and Candidate

     Political insiders say she doesn't have a prayer of winning the upcoming GOP Congressional primary, but Kellie Greene is still a person of faith, announcing today her graduation with a masters in theology from a West Coast seminary.  Ms. Greene travelled to Phoenix this weekend to accept the sheepskin.
      Ms. Greene returns to the campaign trail this week in the run up to the June 26 primary against likely nominee Matt Doheny.