Saturday, June 2, 2012

Can a Free Marketeer Prosper in the Land of Free Sh-- ?

      In a tome posted today to District 21 residents, Matt Doheny exclaims, "you can't love jobs and hate the job creators."
      Well, that's true, but for too long in NY the job generators have been public enemy number one.  The takers have succesfully villified the makers.
        It will be interesting to see if Mr. Doheny's free market manifesto sells in the land of   free sh--".
       With cameras on poles, nary a job without a tax break, everybody looking for subsidy and not-for-profits the number one growth industry, I think Matt will have trouble selling his message.
        We will find out if he can make the case when he appears on America's Favorite Noontime Talk Show on June 20.

MoTown Voters to Decide on Pot

     Voters in the City of Detroit may soon be voting in a referendum to legalize marijuana.  Maybe they should get some cameras on their utility poles first.

County Beefing Up ?

   A county legislator told me last night Jefferson County now owns a surplus Army Humvee with a gun turret.  Wonder what they are going to use that for ?

Weatherman John Bolaris tells story of being drugged and swindled out of $40K by Russian beauties in Miami - NY Daily News

     Wonder where the Russian beauties lie in wait in NNY to drug and swindle the well to do ?
Weatherman John Bolaris tells story of being drugged and swindled out of $40K by Russian beauties in Miami - NY Daily News

Krol Proves a Successful Bridge Over the Roiled Waters of January

      City Manager John Krol has provided to Council the outline of an agreement for professional hockey at the Fairgrounds Arena, and that was one of the tasks he has been trying to wrap up before his departure from City Hall.
      In his short tenure, Mr. Krol has been dealing with filling management jobs, labor relations, wrapping up the budget, a host of other duties as well as successfully assisting Council in the hiring of a manager.  
        All since his hiring in February to help with recruitment. His availability has made a world of difference in dealing with a challenging situation.
        Mr. Krol is anxious to return to retirement and because of pension restrictions has a limited number of days he can work until the new manager starts July 16.
        A lot has gotten done despite use of the word "interim".

Finding a Cone of Silence Getting Harder and Harder

   It's not just in the wide open spaces of St. Lawrence County that you are being watched.
    In stores or in your favorite restaurant there could be cameras. Some bars have them too. Sometimes its the novelty of the equipment that attracts use, but often its to limit liability and prevent crime.
     What about having dinner with a new "acquaintance" or maybe with a business rival your boss wouldn't like seeing you with ?
       There's as many what ifs with this technology as everyday life becomes crime because cops, divorce lawyers and crusading media get pictures they can weave into a narrative.
        In fact, didn't that happen recently ?

WDT: Source: State Grant Paid for Cameras...Oh It Was Free Money..

      It probably amazed "law enforcement" that people are upset over those cameras all over St. Lawrence County paid for by a "state grant" and put up secretly to prevent "border crime".
       People don't like being watched. I have always heard complaints about the incessant road blocks along the border. Sometimes its to prevent terrorism or there's the old saw about the war on drugs.
       Maybe its to stop people not paying New York's $4.60 a pack tax on cigarettes.
        The images are available to any police agency. A boon to reality shows not seen since dashboard cams turned traffic stops into entertainment for the masses.
        Watertown Daily Times | Source: State grant funded north country cameras

Friday, June 1, 2012

Ritchie Machine Gears Up for an Old Fashioned Whoopin' of Opponent

   One thing about Patty Ritchie campaigns. They are energetic and well staffed. Tonight at the Dairy Parade, I walked with the Senator and wore one of her "lookin' out for us" T-shirts.
    The people are true believers and would walk over hot coals for their candidate. Little children were chanting "Vote for Patty Ritchie" the entire route. They will repeat it twice tomorrow in Canton and Brownville....
     The adulation is friendly...the unintiated might say cult-like.
      According to the Senator, her team worked too hard to get there two years ago to take any chances.
      Her Democratic opponent I am sure is a decent candidate, but no one...I mean no one...will out hustle Patty Ritchie on the trail.
      When I asked her if she was going for 80%, she didn't deny it....

Progress Made To Bring Hockey Team To Watertown

    An agreement may be coming soon to bring the Privateers Hockey Team to the Fairgrounds Arena. City Manager John Krol is distributing an outline for hosting the team to City Council this weekend after weeks of on and off talks.
    The agreement will allow existing users to coexist and will not result in significant expenditures in the initial year.
     If the final deal is inked, it will be an exciting winter.
Progress Made To Bring Hockey Team To Watertown | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News

Silver Walks Back ‘Big Brother’ Comment

    Shelly had to walk this one back...Imagine Speaker Silver lamenting too much Big Brother after Mayor Bloomberg's call for a ban on large sugary drinks.....
     That Speaker Silver would even utter it, shows how far left the Mayor is.
Silver Walks Back ‘Big Brother’ Comment

Surveillance Camera Mystery Solved...Sort Of

   Like anyone will believe this...We have to learn from the Franklin County DA that all those suveillance cameras throughout St. Lawrence County are just license plate scanners to detect wanted vehicles...
    No one will say who put them up or what they cost....Big Brother is on the Border.
Surveillance Camera Mystery Solved...Sort Of | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News

How Not to Leave a Job Whatever the Circumstances

Internet sensation and sometimes bartender Brittnee apparently got canned from her bartending job in West Carthage and chose to mark the occasion by ripping her former employer on Facebook.

Like so many these days, Brit tends to live out life on the Net. The explicit photos, the brutal candor, the racy talk is done without thinking about what prospective employers might think.
Postings and pictures are your calling card for the rest of your life.
(21) Brittnee Kriner

WDT: Sitting in Maryland, Watching a Street Corner in Massena..Feds are Spying on NNY

       It is the feds installing the cameras to look at us. And it was all done without anyone knowing.
Watertown Daily Times | Cameras being installed across north country

Massena Police: Utility Pole Cameras 'Shouldn't be Alarming to Anyone'

   The cameras on utility poles in St. Lawrence County didn't just get there on their own. Since questions started being ask, there have been few answers and even the Massena Electric Department has claimed not to know how they got there.
   But its National Grid that operates most poles in the County and Grid isn't saying much.

    The police in Massena initially knew nothing but now say not to be alarmed...Clearly they have been told what to say.
     It's probably Homeland Security as they already have a large presence in border areas.
      Today's technologies mean there are cameras of all sorts everywhere. Some say even the little cameras in your laptop or cell phone can be accessed by Big Brother so they can watch you.
Massena Police: Utility Pole Cameras 'Shouldn't be Alarming to Anyone'

Reader Says I Shouldn't Interview Doheny

     One frequent participant in this blog says I should not be allowed to interview Matt Doheny on the HOTLINE on June 20.
  Graham should not conduct the interview - he is in the tank for Doheny and cannot be expected to "fair or balanced."
A neutral third party should conduct the interview, if it is to have any credibility.
   That's what Dan Francis says.
    I am a supporter of Mr. Doheny and have contributed to his campaign, but my job on the HOTLINE is not to be "fair and balanced".   The HOTLINE is an opinion show and if someone else is brought in to do interviews, then it's just an interview done by someone else in our studio. It is not the HOTLINE.
     Frankly, I am surprised a candidate would risk the unscripted format and unanticipated questions. My history is one of always being courteous and trying to bring out the guests beliefs. However, I do have to ask certain questions as there is an obligation to the listeners.
      Anyone who comes on the show realizes this and that's why some don't come on.
       There's nothing I could ask that would be a shocker and any decent candidate will have rehearsed possible zingers.
       Besides Dan, who would you have interview the candidate ? 

WDT: Grants Funding Competing Boutique Still Operations

      Why do people get government grants to create hobby businesses like distilleries to make boutique liquors ?
      A second distillery planned for Jefferson County is being started by a former executive at Venus Swimwear.
      He says a grant funded Clayton distillery is a threat...Whatever happened to the democracy of the market place ?
Watertown Daily Times | Developer says grant-funded Clayton business jeopardizes distillery plans

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Senate Passes Bill Waiving 24-Hour Waiting Period For Military Members to Get Married | New York State Senate

   Try hanging out in the City Clerk's office and you won't think you are doing the military a favor by waiving the 24 hour waiting period to get married after getting a license.
     Those who stand in defense of marriage would be shocked at how cavalier attitudes are towards the institution.
      Marriage is too easy to get into, not too difficult. There should be a ten day waiting period and a three day period afterwards to cancel it all without prejudice.
Senate Passes Bill Waiving 24-Hour Waiting Period For Military Members to Get Married | New York State Senate

Doheny Throws the Bomb.....To Appear on HOTLINE on June 20

    Congressional candidate Matt Doheny has agreed to appear on America's Favorite Noontime Talk Show on June 20,  just six days before the GOP primary that pits him against upstart candidate Kellie Greene.
     I will attempt to invite Ms. Greene for a date of her choosing. I sincerely hopes she appears.
Candidate Doheny With His Signature Footballs

In preparation for the interview I will bone up by reading the Economist, The Wall Street Journal, and Gawker.

WDT: What did the new city manager do at the National Security Agency?

      For the MSM the city manager designee is an enigma shrouded in a mystery. They want to know what she did at the NSA and want to know all sorts of other stuff that I told them was none of their business.
      Sharon Addison takes over the job on July 16 and in the meantime John Krol (who celebrates a birthday tomorrow)   continues doing the manager job.
      City Council vetted all the candidates carefully using their own criteria. The appointee was presented at a news conference at which there were few questions ask. I am sure there will be plenty of time for everyone to get to know her, but the first priorities are her learning as much about city operations and staffing before July, and finishing out her duties at her current job.
        My advice to her was that Mr. Krol is the manager and there's not much to say until she other words, stay under the cone while you can.
Watertown Daily Times | What did the new city manager do at the National Security Agency?

Mayor Bloomberg Seeks Ban on Large Sodas

       The city that never sleeps won't let you get a soft drink over 16 ounces if Mayor Bloomberg has his way. Hizzoner wants to halt those establishments regulated by the City Health Department from selling sugary drinks over a pint.
       Of course the City doesn't regulate stores, so you can't stop sale there, Mr. Mayor.
       Oh, the reasoning for  all this nanny state stuff....Fighting obesity.
Mayor Bloomberg wants to cap the size of sweetened drinks in bid to cut obesity -

WDT: Nude man on Watertown street

      Was I the only would-be scribe to ask if nude walker Robert Palmer was addicted to love ?
Watertown Daily Times | Nude man on Watertown street

NY POST: Manhattan student who 'bedded' teacher Julie Warning won $400 in wager from his buddies

       Here in Watertown today, I noticed the local paper led with the "Nude Man in the Street" story in its on-line edition.  That's pretty edgy for here as usually it's something about water levels or not-for-profits that leads.
       Imagine if we had what the NY Post has this week. A hot-for-teacher story in which Manhattan students pooled their money in a bet on who could bed the hot history teacher.
      The lucky student was pictured smooching on the cover of the popular tabloid and the teacher is quickly reaassigned to a rubber room, but still is getting paid.

                          18 Year Old Student Eric Arty Wins $400 and Notoriety
 Today the 18 year old student is mugging for the media, crowing over his wager winnings.
        This kind of story would be sensory overload for the staid and sober NNY media barons.
EXCLUSIVE: Manhattan student who 'bedded' teacher Julie Warning won $400 in wager from his buddies -

The Daily News Has Their Own Steamy Story from the Education Beat

   And at the rival Daily News, their teacher-sex story involves a 35 year old Brooklyn teacher "tutoring" an eleventh grader with a month-long "sex romp."
Married teacher accused of having monthlong sex romp with student at same school where two female colleagues were caught naked together - NY Daily News

WDT: Interest in Primary So Lean, Letters to the Editor Comprise Coverage

      Not everyone is lining up behind the prohibitive favorite for the GOP nomination for Congress in the newly minted 21st District.  A letter writer to the Times says the local Tea Party group is not in lockstep behind Matt Doheny although the groups chairman is holding a fundraiser for the Watertown businessman thought to be the likely winner of the June 26 primary.
       There is a rival faction backing or at least considering upstart candidate Kellie Greene.
        No one knows what to expect out of this primary. Mr. Doheny has been travelling the district relentlessly, focusing on the three new counties added to the eastern end of the sprawling land mass.
        For their part, Team Doheny is playing down the expectation game arguing a showing in the 40s by Greene would not be significant and that a 60-40 win would be huge. Besides they say only seven or eight percent of the party registrants will likely vote since the primary is for the first time in decades not being held in September and there is no media hype or advertising being done in the run up.
         Observers (and there are few of them) would chatter that a Greene showing north of 30% would be an indication of softness in party support for Doheny, which would make a party line win November more difficult. Numbers in the 40s would prompt head scratching.
         This race is not about reaching across the aisle. It's about whipping up what's left of the true believers in Republicanism.  The registration advantage does not guarantee a win, as we know.  It's about turning out the faithful and that's what a primary can demonstrate.
         Ironically, Ms. Greene cannot win in November anyway, since Mr. Doheny already has the two minor party lines. Without uniting the Indy and Conservative line with the GOP line, no one can beat Rep. Bill Owens.  That's not being mean, just being honest.
Watertown Daily Times | No endorsements from the Tea Party

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Always Updating...The Mayors Bar Website Continues to be the Gin Mill Leader

    Some updates to the  website.
    We added a link to the local newspaper at their request.  And we added a link to Liz Benjamin, which she did not request.
     We also have a coupon offer that the drinking public will want to take note of......

Don't drink more than 3 glasses of wine a week: Oxford study claims slashing the official alcohol limit would save 4,500 lives a year | Mail Online

    Geeeez...I thought I was being sociable having my three glasses of merlot with dinner...Now the do gooders say it should be three glasses a week.
     Holy cow...I don't smoke or snort...and I eat broccoli and try to stay active...and I'll be damned if the health nuts take away my sociability....
      They'll have to pry my Yellowtail from my cold, dead fingers !
Don't drink more than 3 glasses of wine a week: Oxford study claims slashing the official alcohol limit would save 4,500 lives a year | Mail Online

Governor Cuomo Launches Summer Tourism Advertising Campaign | Governor Andrew M. Cuomo

    Go with what works....That's why Governor Cuomo is bringing back the successful "I Love NY" tourism campaign.  The catch logo and jingle made New Yorkers feel good about living in the tax capital of the nation.
    It's just like Mario is back....
Governor Cuomo Launches Summer Tourism Advertising Campaign | Governor Andrew M. Cuomo

Dog Days Don't Include Wednesdays at the Farmer's Market

      Today  was the first Watertown Farmer's Market  sans dogs since last January's passage of a law limiting canines at certain public events. Organizers had wanted something done after a mauling of a child last summer.  City Council Member Roxanne Burns proposed the restriction which only affects high density events on public property.
One Merchant Sports a No Dogs Sign at the Farmers Market
in Watertown

WDT: Chamber Does Not Seek Exemption for Dogs at Its Market

      The organizers of the Farmer's Market are not seeking dogs be allowed at an adoption booth for the County Dog Shelter. The local Chamber of Commerce runs the event and had supported a ban on dogs at high density public events. While the city manager could have and likely would have granted an exemption for the Shelter, that was not sought.
      The Chamber had been concerned over dog attacks even before last summers mauling of a little boy at the Market.
       Allowing an exemption may have sent a conflicting message on enforcement, and there may have been insurance concerns as well.
       Whatever the reason, the organizers didn't seek permission and that is to be respected.
       Watertown Daily Times | Farmers market bans adopted dogs at shelter booth

Channel 7 Offers Advice to New Manager

      First of all, the city manager is not a deity or a celebrity. She will be a manager of assets and people.  Her job is to deliver services proscribed by the City budget and carry out the broad policy initiatives of City Council.  All of this involves a hands on approach, so that Council doesn't have to intercede.
      The manager will have the confidence of Council as she was hired with an enthusiastic 5-0 vote. Events will test the relationship, but the assistance of staff and the outgoing manager will aid in the transition.
       With the initial bit of publicity over with, I am sure Ms. Addison is anxious to work behind the scenes on getting ready while current manager John Krol continues to administer the City.
A Survival Guide for Watertown's New City Manager? | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News

WDT: Paper Cautions About Secrecy

      The choice of Sharon Addison as city manager involved only the City Council and current manager John Krol.  With little knowledge of her other than what was presented at a press conference and in a resume, the local paper is taking a cautious approach to her pending arrival, using its initial editorial response to caution against too many secrets.

    Because Ms. Addison comes from a career in the National Security Agency, the Times opines that the tenor of that agency need not carry over to City Hall.
    It's not like you are going to have to have a retina scan to get to the third floor.
    She will do a great job and despite whatever criticisms folks have of the City Council, they worked in a diligent and collegial manner on this appointment.
Watertown Daily Times | City manager

Weiner a year later: out of Congress, playing Mr. Mom with wife Huma Abedin and infant son Jordan Zain -

   Time does fly. It's been a year since Anthony Weiner left his House seat after a photo scandal. Now the defrocked pol is a stay at home dad while wife Huma Abedin has resumed globe trotting as an aide to Secretary of State Clinton.
   Mr. Weiner is still jobless. I guess no networks need his commentary yet.
Weiner a year later: out of Congress, playing Mr. Mom with wife Huma Abedin and infant son Jordan Zain -

Capitol Confidential » Bruno re-trial set for Feb. 4

   Eighty Three year old former Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno is going back on trial next February for alleged corruption. His first conviction was overturned. Now that Mr. Bruno has learned to live with being under indictment, maybe this sword over his head doesn't bother him.
    Capitol Confidential » Bruno re-trial set for Feb. 4

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Image Wars Underway in NY21

   Its all about optics and so far the visuals have served incumbent Rep. Bill Owens well. He has central casting good looks and is the GQ Congressman.
    Today challenger Matt Doheny posted a photo of himself and very pretty bride to be Mary Reidy, posing in front of some North Country barn wood.   Good photo.
    I think people have to feel comfortable with the look and demeanor of their public officials.
    Of course the Dems will ridicule the photo and MCM will try to use it as the hook to chatter about Gawker.  As long as they don't honeymoon in Taiwan courtesy of Alfonse, I think people will accept the photo for what it is...two nice people on the run-up to getting married.

Information About Manager Sought

   Curious media folks wanting to know more about the new city manager can mull her resume and application cover letter which they received today after two outlets requested it.
     Council looks forward to residents learning more about Sharon Addison and her career path that led her here.
     Despite hiring someone who worked for the NSA, that doesn't mean City Hall will be under a cone of silence. Our commitment is still to be open.

A Little Calm After the Storm

        A lull in City Council action this week with no meeting scheduled. With the manager hiring complete, the Council and current manager will look to wrap up some loose ends before Sharon Addison takes the administrative post on July 16.
      A contract with the Privateers tops the list along with some more mundane things on John Krol's radar.
      Over the coming days and weeks, we all will surely learn more about Ms. Addison as the media's curiosity is surely peaked by a process the Council kept to themselves until the weekend announcement.
      Among those helping the Council with their decision in addition to Mr. Krol was Clerk Ann Saunders who showed finalists around town and provided other insights into the process.
      There is a level of wondering about what the new manager will bring and department heads are certainly curious as they continue to do their job.
      Obviously, I am pleased with how smooth it all went given the open wound present after events in January.

Is Marrying Your Mother Worse than Marrying Your Pet ? Candidate Says Strange Thing

       With a month left till Republicans decide who will lose to Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, Conservative Party candidate and GOP contestant Wendy Long has found out the danger of speaking in hypotheticals.....In other words, over-intellectualizing an issue like gay marriage.
      Ms. Long espouses the requisite views on the matter as the nominee of Mike Long (no relation).  However to make a point, she told Liz, "of course I would have like to marry my mother."

       She was making a point about the slippery slope she sees in same sex marriage that could lead to people marrying their parents or their pets.
        No, I don't think Wendy Long wants to marry her mom, but she said something strange and quirky.
         The slippery slope argument about marrying pets is a bridge too far for conservatives. 
         Ms. Long should win the GOP primary on June 26 as having the Conservative line too is the only remote way a Republican can challenge the incumbent.
State of Politics Blog

Owens: Staff to take ethics training in light of Taiwan trip : - Glens Falls, Saratoga, Lake George NY area news

   Some things you just know if its right or wrong and taking a free trip for you and your spouse is clearly wrong whether or not it fits the definition of ethically wrong spelled out by House of Representitives eithics experts.
   So the assertion by Rep. Bill Owens that he is arranging ethics training for his staff is worth a chuckle. Handling the aftermath of a kerfuffle is important, as both major candidates for Congress should know.
    In this case, how about "I was wrong, I'm sorry, it won't happen again."
     Don't get me wrong, these things are often dangled in front of lawmakers.
     It had been a common practice for school officials to get trips to Florida resorts to help them as they decided on multi million dollar construction awards.
      The Congressman has handed his opponent a significant issue in a race sure to get nasty as the months drone on.
Owens: Staff to take ethics training in light of Taiwan trip : - Glens Falls, Saratoga, Lake George NY area news

Monday, May 28, 2012

Lady Gaga's appeal grows in Indonesia despite concert cancellation -

      Islam is a peaceful many times have we heard that as a counter to those who blame 9/11 on religion extremism. So those friendly Muslims have issued sufficient death threats to have a Lady Gaga concert cancelled in Indonesia.

Lady Gaga in Singapore on Tour
      Gaga has a lot of fans in the world's most populated Islamic nation, and her concert was sold out...but the amen corner of the faith would have none of her.
       No burqa needed for the pop diva. And that's what galled the old guard and those who use faith as an excuse for violence and intimidation.
       Certainly not everyone in Muslim nations is up to no good, or else the concert would not have sold out.
Lady Gaga's appeal grows in Indonesia despite concert cancellation -

Those Who Served Honored in Watertown

    Everyone has their thoughts on Memorial Day. I joined vets at the American Legion on Sterling Street this morning to honor those who have served and sacrificed.
    County Vet Coordinator Pete Fazio  told those gathered not to lament those who are gone, but instead celebrate that they were among us.
     Memorial Day and Veterans Day observances do no gain the attention they once did, especially from the pols. There was a Memorial Day message from one Congressional candidate which I linked to in this post. I didn't receive anything from anyone else.

    "Every day the people of Watertown awaken free of of tyranny....and living in peace and harmony with their neighbors. That is why we love our Country and celebrate the memory of those memorialized this day. May God continue to keep an eye on our City and may he continue to bless the United States of American," were my words at this somber moment.

The Journal | Slew of uncontested state races is possible

        It now looks like Assemblyman Ken Blankenbush and Senator Joe Griffo will join the ranks of state lawmakers unopposed this year.  A changing election calendar and uncertainties over redrawing district lines surely contributed, but really, who would want to run for office ?
        First you need an interest in the topic....maybe even a knowledge of how a bill becomes a law. Then you need to want to travel a lot and represent the people's interests against a sometimes obstinate bureaucracy.
        Well, you have to have a lot of money for a campaign and then you had best be either retired, self employed, wealthy, or willing to give up whatever occupation you have now. (What boss is going to put up with you taking time off to campaign ?)
       You need to be obsequious to a party and willing to say outlandish  things to endless people you see at front doors and parades.
       It's all to get a job that pays OK by NNY standards but is still less than most people with that skill set already make.
       Then you have to line up to have people anonymously ridicule your weight, marital status, fashion sense and whatever else they can think of.
        Sinde most challengers lose, you must almost be a masochist to even think of getting involved in running for state office...Most are not and most don't.

The Journal | Slew of uncontested state races is possible

Sunday, May 27, 2012

WDT: Paddock Club Lauded for Pub Grub

     Well deserved kudos for Robert Dalton, owner of the Paddock Club. He has done wonders with the downtown club and eatery since a friend and I opened it in 1999 in what was the storefront for the former Catholic Shop.
     Robert is the kind of hard working businessperson that makes a downtown happen.
His new food menu looks great.
Watertown Daily Times | Paddock Club raises the bar with pub fare

Blotter Light as the Drinking Class Flees City for the Waterfront

   On what was one of the slowest nights of the year in the Watertown hospitality business, police were out with "sobriety checkpoints" and only netted a couple of DWI' at .08 and the other at .09.

    That's really straining to get numbers.
     Nobody was out Friday or Saturday nights in town. They could have gotten better numbers in Sackets. Police Blotter

WDT: New Manager Lauds Local Ties....

Watertown's new city manager comes from a small city in Maryland not much larger than Watertown, but with different demographics. Severn, MD is a bedroom community nestled within an easy commute of Baltimore and DC, but is also near Fort Meade, giving a military component to the city. Obviously federal employment is a big part of the economic mix, as it is here.
Average household income is $66K, a bit more than twice that of Watertown. Severn is far more racially diverse as well.
Both cities are represented by a Democrat in Congress although Anne Arundel County is often GOP leaning, having voted red in the 2010 Gubernatorial race.

That's Me Hiding Behind the Camera  (Photo: Watertown Daily Times)
Average homes in Severn sell at $328K, as is the case in much of the greater DC area.
However Sharon Addison's roots mirror Watertown. Schenectady, where her parents still live, is demographically similar to Watertown, as a former industrial city making a transition to a new economy.
The amount of time spent visiting NNY in recent years would suggest upstate NY is more her choice, although as we know people go where they have to go to make a living.
  During the city manager search process, those candidates with local ties or some kind of affinity for upstate life stood out. Indeed all the finalists fell in that category.

Watertown Daily Times | Watertown City Council introduces new city manager

Our Circulation Area is Large but Sparse

   This week there were three clicks on this site from Bangladesh....a handful from China...and folks in Russia, France and the Netherlands read up on MGV as well. While most of our readers are from the good old U-S of A, we welcome the diverse international community sharing in our rambling tomes.

Prospect Park’s ‘Ghost Dog’ Finally Caught After Four Years on the Lam

   In a story reminiscent of the Hancock Street dog that has eluded captors for years, a "ghost dog"  living a feral life in Brooklyn's Prospect Park for four years has been captured.
    The brown and black Mastiff became well known but everytime the law came looking the dog faded into the landscape.
     The Brooklyn dog is at a shelter for retraining and may be adopted out.
      In Watertown, a Hancock Street family and the county dog warden have chased a pooch on the wooded hill in that neighborhood, so far with no success.
Prospect Park’s ‘Ghost Dog’ finally captured after four years of feral survival -

WDT: Graffiti Sprayer Arrested

        While there are crimes that make bigger headlines..crimes that merit task forces and special operations, little is more galling than people who deface property through things like graffiti or tire slashing or keying.
        You want to hit me over the head and steal money to buy whatever, I can at least understand the motive...But destroying or defacing property for no reason other than it feels good..that's moronic.
         One of those perpetrators was nabbed this weekend when an alert citizen called police and it resulted in the arrest of a 30 year graffiti sprayer. (notice I did not say 'artist')

          Normally, we chroniclers of the human condition don't even write about that kind of crime...not because its not important, but because pubicity is just the kind of encouragement these people need.
         Thank you to Amber Plummer for spotting the crime and calling it in.
Watertown Daily Times | Watertown woman takes the quack out of Daffy Duck