Saturday, May 26, 2012

WDT: The Big County Wants 8%, Or At Least the Pols Do

      It is a two to three hundred dollar savings on a car if it stays at 7%...But the way to get the increase is cut the towns, villages and the Maple City in for a little more. Then they will all be calling their Senator too.
Watertown Daily Times | St. Lawrence County pushs for sales tax increase

A Weekend for Remembrance

   A couple of tragedies overnight.
   One was the Coffeen Street housefire that claimed the life 93 year old Ida Alteri, widow of the late Councilman Steve Alteri, for whom the Fairgrounds pool is named.
   Mrs. Alteri was always hospitable to me and was well known in the Flats.
    In Oswego County a 31 year old State Trooper named Amanda Anna was killed when her troop car flipped. Trooper Anna had six years on the force and Governor Cuomo says NY is a safer state for her efforts.
     Meanwhile, don't forget to take time Monday to remember the Nation's war dead.

Council Video Posted

  Today's special meeting of the City Council is posted on Steve Weed's site.
Steve Weed Productions - Live Media - Sports - Local Government

Measuring Reaction Not Easy as On Line Critics are Always Vocal

     It will be interesting to see response to City Council's naming of a City Manager. People at the press conference today seemed positively impressed by Sharon Addison, but as one would expect there are those who are on line with criticism.
     Some weighed in here...some on Newzjunky's Facebook page.
      Some common themes are too much money and she's not local.
     I am always inclined to congratulate someone and wish them well in this situation.
But as one person told me some time ago, Watertown can be the "city with no pity."
I don't think so, and I hope everyone gives our new manager their best wishes.
(19) Wall Photos

Newzjunky: Candidate Learned of Job from the Other Guys

    Newzjunky did a good job summarizing the appointment of a city manager...but one point in the press conference underscored the intense rivalry between the Internet upstart and the old guard media headed up by the WDT.
    When asked how she learned of the job opening, Sharon Addison said she saw an ad in the Times last winter.
     That prompted a wave of preening by the Times scribe, but to their credit Junky reported the fact in their own story.
      Still a victory for the Internet as I had suggested to Krol using the Times on-line version in addition to Newzjunky on-line.  The display ads on the screen stand out much more than a classified.    
New Watertown City Manager Introduced at Council Meeting

Who Needs That Much Reality ?...Todays YNN Coverage in High Def

   We are certainly glad to see the media cover events at City Hall, especially when its good news like the hiring of the manager.
   However, I noticed the reporter out of their Syracuse office was shooting in high def.
I just watched myself in excruciating detail.
   I can see why my career has gravitated to radio.  High def could end a lot of careers in NNY broadcasting.
New city manager appointed - YNN, Your News Now

Manager Hired...Strong Local Ties Cited as Reason for Wanting to Trade Maryland for New York

   City Manager Designee Sharon Addison watched with family and friends as Council approved her two year employment agreement along with a budget for the coming year.
   Ms. Addison spoke of her upstate roots and strong desire to locate here when talking to reporters after the meeting. She said her management skills in various tasks in a federal agency will allow her to be  ready when she takes over the managers post on July 16 from John Krol.

Newly Hired Manager Sharon Addison Meets Local Media
   Mr. Krol and Ms. Addison will coordinate the transition.
   With her parents from her native Schenectady there and her two school age daughters joining other friends and relatives, Ms. Addison was also greeted by the third floor office staff.
                                       Tick-Tock of Hiring            
     Last January Council had no plan for recruitment and transition. At my urging a bare 3-2 majority approved the hiring of former Ogdensburg manager John Krol to lead a recruitment effort. Since the March 20 application deadline, Council has thinned the herd of 37 applicants (30 men and 7 women...Two residing in Jefferson County and 35 elsewhere).  The decision really came last weekend when Ms. Addison delivered a solid in-person interview that left Council members comfortable with her qualifications and persona. A final decision came Monday and by Thursday Mr. Krol and I had negotiated the final contract before calling the special meeting Friday afternoon.
    We welcome her and her experience to the post.

Half of Households on the Dole

    No wonder we are broke...We are about to achieve a situation where fully one half of all US households get some kind of government assistance...
    In short, the takers are about to surpass the makers...
Number of the Week: Half of U.S. Lives in Household Getting Benefits - Real Time Economics - WSJ

Rare Saturday Morning Meeting Will Give Manager Designee A Look at Where She Will Be Spending Her Monday Nights

     This morning Sharon Addison will watch her first City Council meeting along with proud family members who join her as lawmakers act on the five resolutions and one ordinance on the agenda.
      One of those resolutions will approve the two year contract to hire her as city manager effective July 16.
      For Council it is the conclusion of a three month recruitment effort that took a stack of 37 applicants down to one person who will soon be the one to implement Council policies and administer the day to day operations of the City and its 300+ work force.
      Last year's successful hiring of a City Clerk, during an election year, was in retrospect a key lesson in working together behind the scenes. In both cases, I tried to keep the group focused and working discreetly so as not to make a hiring into a pageant.
       Council and I are convinced Ms. Addison will do a good job. Today she is introduced and over the next several weeks will surely work quietly with City Manager Krol to become familiar with the issues at hand.
       In the meantime, Mr. Krol is still the manager and the City staff looks forward to Ms. Addison's start. There's work to do.

Friday, May 25, 2012

WDT: Blogger Takes a Nap.....Other Media News

    I see the Times political blogger is out of town for a week....and won't be posting. I post when out of town....So does Liz....Come on Brian, be a workaholic.
     I did as instructed on his blog and took a query I had today to Mr. Gorman who was quite affable.

       YNN blogger Liz Benjamin working while on a vacation, showing the dedication to the craft we expect from political adicts.
         In another media tid-bit, YNN Watertown bureau reporter Amanda Kelley tells me she is leaving the market for a gig in Scranton-Wilkes Barre, PA.  Good luck to her. Amanda was the master of the walking stand up and a very pleasant person.
Watertown Daily Times | Politics blog to go silent for a week

WDT: Addison to Bring Range of Management Skills to City

     The cone of silence came off City Council's choice of a new manager with the announcement lawmakers will meet tomorrow to ratify a contract to hire Sharon Addison to a two year term as the city's chief executive.
      Council started with 37 candidates two months ago and has carefully and collegially whittled the field. Last Monday Council designated Ms.Addison as their choice pending negotiation of a contract. City Manager John Krol and I worked on that, sealing the deal yesterday in a phone call.
     Last weekend Council interviewed two men and two woman who had become finalists for the post.
      Mr. Krol had acted a facilitator for the recruitment.
      Council was in a tougher spot in January but upon my recommendation Krol was hired and Council drew together, working quietly and for the most part discreetly.
      Ms. Addison's ties to the North Country and her strong desire to relocate here were also factors. In fact all the finalists had strong ties to upstate.
      Ms. Addison will meet the media at a meeting tomorrow morning and will start her duties on July 16.
       We welcome her to the City of Watertown.
Watertown Daily Times | Mayor: New city manager brings ‘range’ of management skills

Albany Times Union Editor Says Police Targeted His Wife’s Spa -

   A pot boiler of a story in Albany pitting the local MSM against City Hall....The investigative reporter for the Times Union says local police staged a prostitution arrest at his wifes downtown spa in retaliation for negative stories about the City written by the reporter.
    Nah, that could never happen....
     Spas are borderline prostitution anyway depending on whether there is or is not a happy ending.
     If its just to relieve a sore back, its called physical therapy.    

Albany Times Union Editor Says Police Targeted His Wife’s Spa -

WDT: Now I Was There All Day Yesterday and Didn't See Anyone Abuzz

    By its nature, speculation tends to run rampant, or so reports the WDT about the pending appointment of a new city manager.
     The great thing about speculation is that the usual rules about accuracy don't apply, but it's my goal to lift the cone of silence as soon as an agreement is reached and ready to be voted on.
      I think that's what I said on Tuesday.  We expect to put out a notice of meeting this afternoon.
Watertown Daily Times | Speculation runs rampant on city manager choice

Turning In Your Kids Made Easier With New Hotline

     The State of NY wants you to call in to a hotline if you spot a person under 21 drinking.
      Which reminds me of prom parties. Do people still have graduation parties with beer as a rite of passage ?
       When the 21 year old age was enacted, some parents got the idea that a highly supervised party with the devil's brew would be an acceptable way to celebrate the transition to adulthood even though society had passed the noble experiment of a higher drinking age.
        I think we now have been conditioned to not do those things as someone will turn you in, so its better to just act like people really obey the law.
        I urge anyone of any age to avoid driving if they have been drinking too much. However, I don't see myself snitching to Big Albany if I hear or see someone enjoying graduation with a cold one.
         At prom time, New York sets up underage drinking hotline, 1-866-UNDER21 |

Donald Trump Starts Super PAC and Mulls Vice Presidency for Himself Of Course

     The vanity of the Donald never ceases to amaze. He didn't want to take the chance of hurting his TV show, so he didn't run for President despite a lengthy media tease. Now Donald Trump is trying to tease again by suggesting he would be a great Vice Presidential candidate.
     For starters, a careful and plodding man like Mitt Romney is not taking any chances on a running mate who would be a distraction, which Mr. Trump would be.
      Plus the Donald does not give you a state you need. Senator Portman, Senator Ayotte, Governor Martinez, Senator Rubio, all do.
      Mr. Trump does claim he could take on the Chinese on trade issues.
Donald Trump mulls vice presidency, starting a 'super PAC' [Video] -

Thursday, May 24, 2012

NY Senate Democrats: Minimum Wage = Poverty

   Let me clue the Senate Democrats into something...If you are poor at $7.25 an hour, you are still poor at $8.50.  
   The minimum wage cannot promise prosperity. Everyone's situation is different.
NY Senate Democrats: Minimum Wage = Poverty | New York Daily News

Various Items

    It was a busy day for me, but one highlight was a nice call I got from the owner of the Privateers Hockey Team to tell me she is pleased witht he progress of talks on relocating to the Fairgrounds Arena.
    While contract talks still have to occur, I am optimistic.
     Earlier this week, I also issued a statement on the city manager recruitment, to the effect I would have no comment on the Council designee until CM Krol hammers out an employment agreement.
     While I would like everything to happen instantly, some things take a little time and as such, I have no comment on the matter until it is resolved.
     A bit of good news....a thoroughly dilapidated building on Factory Street is in the process of coming down, and that's a nice prelude to next year's reconstruction of the street.
    Hate to sound old, but I remember trains going down the middle of the street.

Owens in Town

     North Country Congressman Bill Owens was in town today for a visit to the Community Action Planning Council. Mr. Owens greeted students at the Davidson Street facility.
Rep. Bill Owens (D-23rd District)

Top Paper to Go to Three Days a Week

    As the news business continues to evolve, one of the nation's premier newspapers is going to three day a week publishing in a bid to cut costs and stay viable.
    The New Orleans Times-Picayune will publish Wednesday, Friday and Sunday and supposedly will try to beef up content in the fewer editions. Of course, day to day news can still be published on line.
    The institutional knowledge and in depth capabilities of many of the nation's daily papers is of value, but consumers just don't relate to the format in the Internet age.
     Now that classifieds, sports scores, financial tables, obits and other staples have gone elsewhere, papers struggle to justify what they do.
     While some are anxious to dance on their grave, I think there is value in content and it's an open question whether other vehicles can provide that if all the daily papers fold.

[UPDATED] New Orleans Times-Picayune to cut staff, reduce publication schedule | JIMROMENESKO.COM

Oxley Thinks He Should Be Compensated for All He Went Through

    Three trials and five years in prison and no conviction has left Wayne Oxley a little bitter towards the establishment in the Maple City.
     The once accused and actually convicted but later overturned murder suspect was actually found not guilty in his third trial.
     Now he wants his emotional suffering paid for by the City of Ogdensburg.
Daily Courier-Observer | Oxley files $23.8 million notice of claim against city of Ogdensburg, police department

Female Soldiers Sue U.S. Challenging Restrictions on Combat

   Two female soldiers are using the courts to try and open up combat roles for women. Their basis for the suit is that their career advancement and income potential is limited by current restrictions which have been loosened in recent years.

    Women have been killed in recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
     Army Secretary John McHugh of Watertown is among those named as defendants.
Female Soldiers Sue U.S. Challenging Restrictions on Combat

Is Obama Buddy Zuckerberg Just Another Greedy One Percenter ?

    Even though he wears hoodies to board meetings and hosted President Obama at a town hall meeting at his company HQ, could it be that 28 year old wunderkind and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is just another "vulture capitalist" ?
     The circumstances around the Facebook IPO last week and Mr. Z's sudden dumping of a bunch of the stock are causing howls.
      Facebook IPO: Morgan Stanley to reimburse investors ripped off by Facebook trades... as embattled social network may switch to New York Stock Exchange over bungled IPO | Mail Online

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Watchdog Group Calls for Probe of Lobbyists Behind Congressional Trip to Taiwan - ProPublica

      Whatever traction the campaign of Bill Owens thought it got off the gotcha photos in Gawker, has been lost with the discourse over Mr. Owens lobbyist funded trip to Taiwan.
       Now a watchdog group is calling for a probe.....Nobody in politics benefits from "probe launched" headlines. On the other hand, its not a death knell as I know.
       Watchdog Group Calls for Probe of Lobbyists Behind Congressional Trip to Taiwan - ProPublica

MG Milley and Sen. Ritchie Honor 10th Mountain in Albany Ceremonies

   Fort Drum and 10th Mountain Division Commander, MG Mark Milley was in Albany today for special events to honor the Army post and the Division.

   Gen. Milley was greeted by Senator Patty Ritchie, and a good time was had by all.
(18) Facebook

Not Done at the Mayor's Bar...New App Scans Faces To Let Barhoppers Know Where the Hotties Are

   This won't be coming to a bar in Watertown soon, but the technology is both nifty and creepy at the same time.
    Cameras in bars using facial recognition technology lets app users know the gender and ages of those present so the I-phone user can decide what the most happening spot is.

      What people need to remember is that people don't go to bars to be seen elsewhere.  Hence the expression, 'what happens on Pearl Street, stays on Pearl Street.'
SceneTap: The creepy app that scans bar-goers' faces - The Week

Downstate Parents Line Up to Get Their Kids Out of Regular School

   So called charter schools are the bane of teachers unions, but do they also create a caste system among youngsters as only a fraction of kids who apply will be admitted to the schools whose students score higher on tests ?
    The NY Post reports charter school applications are at an all time high as parents seek out the best for their kids, and in essence spurn traditional public education avenues.
     Charter schools are not part of the nomenclature of NNY education, but in the city it is a popular alternative to oft neglected urban schools where a janitor is sometimes paid more than a teacher.
Charter school applications hit record highs — as do charter school waitlists -

Poll: Same Sex Marriage Support Grows Slowly but Steadily

   Blasphemy is not a word that lends itself to gradations between black and white...but attitudes...that's something different.
   The latest polling shows 53% of Americans favor same sex marriage being allowed, compared to 36% six years ago.
    That's why its becoming safer to advocate for it in public, although most pols still choose the safer course of sticking with tradition.
Washington Post-ABC News poll

WDT: Remember When This Happened and Parents Didn't Call the Cops

     I am so glad my parents didn't have me arrested for having house parties on Schley Drive when they were away on vacation. One time a window did get punched out, but my old friend Marty repaired it before the folks got home.
      A Natural Bridge dad actually had his 17 year old daughter arrested for doing what countless teens have done when left alone at home.
       Of course 'back in the day', the drinking age was 18 so a party while attending JCC was OK. In fact they used to have beer blasts at the school.

       Before a parent has their kid arrested, they should consider their own parenting. Perhaps a 17 year old needs a sitter in a society intent on having a 21 year old drinking age.
       As for any indescretions in my life, I feel the statute of limitations has passed on teenage house parties, although the NY Times has decreed a prep school bullying incident is relevant if running for high office.

Watertown Daily Times | Natural Bridge teen partied while dad gone

Sundays are No Longer Blue and That's Why Council is Exploring Library Hours

     Years ago, debate over being open on Sundays revolved around what used to be called "blue laws", banning commerce on Sunday.
      It's hard to imagine a day when you couldn't go to the mall or Wal-mart on one of your two days off from work.
      Of course the blue laws stemmed from the notion of not working on the Sabbath. 
We still have some vestiges of the belief.
      For instance, you cannot sell alcohol in a bar until noon on Sunday, while its 8AM the other days. That was loosened a couple years ago when selling beer was ok'd in stores on Sunday morning because so many people were headed out to the golf course or boat on Sunday morning instead of going to church. Liquor stores are now open on Sunday too.
      These days people expect to be able to do what they want on Sunday and its hoped enriching the mind is the appetite for some. That is why City Council and the Library Board are considering a pilot plan to provide Sunday hours at the Flower Library.
     Today's consumer expects the convenience.

Watertown Daily Times | Council mulls Sunday hours for Flower Memorial Library

WDT: Fancy Speaking Gets Our Congressman a Seat near the Head of the Class

    I guess you can measure anything....A group took 530 members of Congress and ranked them by grade level according to the length of words and sentences in speeches they gave.
    The idea is to determine who speaks intelletually at the highest level, and our Congressman scores well. Rep. Bill Owens speaks at a grade 12.8 level.
     Since he spent his career as one of Plattsburgh's top lawyers, I would hope he can articulate, but nonetheless, having a Congressman who scores towards the top in this category is better than the alternative.
       We need to rank our local officials too, except some of them never say anything. I remember covering as a newsman the old 34 member Jefferson County Board of Supervisors. I'll bet you in a given year, 20 of them never uttered a word...What grade level does that get you ?

Watertown Daily Times | Owens speaks more better than other NY senators, reps

WDT: Campaign Volunteer Quitting May Show Lack of Path for Greene

    With five weeks to go til the GOP primary, a Kellie Greene "deputy campaign manager" has quit. Since the campaign has no paid staffers, the word "quit" may be a little strong....Volunteer losing interest may be more like it.
    This is barely a campaign. There is no perceptible feel to it other than occasional blog posts. Those who follow and write about politics may want something more, so a non paid deputy quitting is somehow noteworthy.
    There needs to be some sizzle along the way as the only "victory" that Greene might achieve is to somehow exceed expectations, but that is not a victory. That is not a win, but if she did somehow win the primary, her opponent Matt Doheny is still on the Indy and Conservative lines, so a win in November against Bill Owens is impossible.
    Fact is, there is no pathway for Kellie Greene to be a Member of Congress. Maybe her "deputy campaign manager" realized that and didn't think further effort was worth it.

Watertown Daily Times | Greene deputy campaign manager out

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

the circus: Alex Bay Hires New Police Chief

   Alexandria Bay's new top cop is the former City cop who ran against me for Mayor in 1995.
    Websites in the Bay report Mr. Marshall is the choice to ride herd over law enforcement over the usually sleepy but sometimes rowdy river village.
    Jim is a great guy and in 1995 finished second in the City Mayoral primary setting up a race against me. While I won, Jim was always a stand up guy whenever I ran into him at BJ's or other spots around town.
the circus: Alex Bay Hires New Police Chief

State’s Primary Now On Sept. 13

   We will NOT allow terrorists to change our American way of life and usurp our freedoms, especially the right to vote....
    But we will change our day of voting so the pols can spend September 11 uttering the aforementioned paragraph without have to take time out to vote.
State’s Primary Now On Sept. 13

Keith Wright And Stephanie Miner To Co-Chair State Party

   New co-chairs for the State Democratic Party mirror the upstate/downstate theme of late. Assembly Keith Wright and Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner provide the geographic and gender balance wanted by Governor Cuomo.
    I thought the Mayor had Andy's eye when she was a featured speaker at the recent Pension Reform bill signing I attended in Albany.
Keith Wright And Stephanie Miner To Co-Chair State Party (Updatedx2)

WDT: Can You Use Rapprochement in a NNY News Story ?

   Actually, Mr. Smith and I have been getting along during the search for a manager, as have all the Council Members. The reason of course is we have to in order to get the job done.

                                   This WDT Photo from 2011 Shows a Couple
                                               Guys Ready to Pounce
    But that was last year...this is this year.  And of course the young Times scribe had a strong interest cultivating a narrative of invective.
Watertown Daily Times | Jeffs getting along

WDT: Council Selects Manager....Details to be Worked Out

   Obvious I know more about what's going on than I choose to discuss here, so I will rely on the MSM take on the hiring of a city manager.
    Watertown Daily Times | Council members have selected their choice for a city manager

WDT: Don't Mess With Mo

     A woman was arrrested for not paying her 3am food tab at Mo's Diner on Factory Street. She is a taker....Mo is the maker.
Watertown Daily Times | Watertown woman “not responsible” for meal tab; arrested

Bonnie Castle Resort and Marina Begins Revival

    The once elegant but recently flagging Bonnie Castle Resort is fluffing up its image, starting with a new website. The place has a great location overlooking the Village of Alexandria Bay and the St. Lawrence River....but boy, when I was at the Polar Dip this winter, the place was looking tired.

     Bring back Alexander's Ragtime and the Swinger while you're at it.
Bonnie Castle Resort and Marina

Business tax cut bill pushed in Albany amid minimum wage debate - Albany - The Buffalo News

  Despite predictions by the Governor that there will be no minimum wage hike this year, rumors persist. The latest is the possibility of the wage hike being linked to reduced business taxes being touted by Senate Republicans.
    Memo to GOP.....I know that's how things happen, but the impact of an amorphous business tax bill has nowhere near the implications on small business as artificially inflating wages and creating a mechanism to keep raising them every year in perpetuity.
     Business tax cut bill pushed in Albany amid minimum wage debate - Albany - The Buffalo News

Monday, May 21, 2012

Budget Talks End With 1% Levy Increase

   City Council wrapped up budget deliberations with a commitment to replace the Library fountains this year while cutting the proposed levy increase from two to one percent.
   There were only a handful of changes to the proposed budget. Council will officially adopt the spending plan on May 31.
    Lawmakers also learned the Privateers hockey team is coming to terms  with a City proposal on locker room use that protects current users by requiring the pro team to remove gear to a storage trailer after games.
    Council also shopped the idea of a trial program for Sunday hours at the Library for this fall to see if the concept works.

Man survives unprotected trip over falls

    Wow...only the fourth person ever to go over the falls with no protective device has survived....Lucky...and what a story to tell your grand kids.

Rescuers Lift Survivor from Falls
Man survives unprotected trip over falls - Southern Ontario - The Buffalo News

WDT: Manager, Budget, Hockey and More on Docket for Tonight

     Since I have not had anything to say about the manager search up to now, I will stick to that as it is the Council's decision whom they want working for them.
      This WDT story today accurately describes where we are.
      Council is hoping to wrap up budget deliberations tonight and will hear an update on talks to land the Privateers Hockey Team.
       Several resolutions are on the agenda and lawmakers will learn what it may cost to install new HVAC gear on the roof of City Hall.
Watertown Daily Times | Council may select finalist for Watertown city manager tonight

Volunteer Tax Preparers Feted at Breakfast in City

   Volunteer tax preparers were honored this morning at a breakfast at the Jefferson County Children's Home.
   The event is sponsored by the Community Action Planning Council and these dedicated people volunteer each year to help prepare taxes for those in need.
Long time tax volunteer Clayton Jank gets a thank you from Jen Dindl-Neff of Senator Ritchie's office and Caitlin Donovan of Congressman Owens' office.

Editorial: Open Government Still Eludes Albany

   The Rochester paper is chiding Governor Cuomo for being too secretive in his dealings, in particular events leading up to passage of same sex marriage. The gay marriage law is now mired in a court fight over the issue of whether the genesis of the bill was conducted in compliance with the state's Sunshine Laws.
    Government and politics is all about relationships and cutting deals and that often does not lead to "open government", whatever that means.
     While it is certainly the job of media to pine over transparency, the Governor continues to get high marks for his style. Voters will continue to like what he is doing until they don't like it.
     In any event, Mr. Cuomo is likely to be relected in 2014 over token opposition, opening the door to a White House bid in 2016.  That path is readily transparent.
\Open government continues to elude Albany | Democrat and Chronicle |

WDT: City Running Smoothly Under Krol's Direction

    While his tenure is expected to be relatively short, City Manager John Krol is proving to be capable of working through problems and keeping the City running smoothly.
      A dispute over fire inspections is an example, but there are other examples of where his experience and calm demeanor have been a force for good in City government.
      The retired manager from Ogdensburg was well thought of in the Maple City until leaving that post several years ago.
Watertown Daily Times | Fire department, city meet over building inspections flap

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Mea Culpa...There Were Other Pols Who Walked the Parade

   OK, a correction is in order. GOP Congressional candidate Kellie Greene was in the Armed Forces Day Parade in Watertown on Saturday. I had missed seeing her float when walking around before the parade.
      As the region's preeminent, independent political blog, I certainly want to be fair to all as they make their way around the district.
     I don't believe I saw the Congressman there, but if he was, I am glad to post a photo as well.

     GOP presumed frontrunner Matt Doheny works the crowd prior to parade.    

Syracuse University finances reveal pay bump for Jim Boeheim to $1.9 million |

  Let's see, he had what was arguably the best SU team ever (or in some time) and he didn't make it to the Final Four...And he created the team culture where the Bernie Fine case could erupt, regardless of what exactly happened....and he had to apologize sheepishly for his comments when the scandal broke...
   All that and Coach Boeheim gets a 33% raise to $1.9 Million.
    Coach is the hightest paid SU employee once again this year.
Syracuse University finances reveal pay bump for Jim Boeheim to $1.9 million |

With Hot Weather, It Could Happen Here

     A 29 year old dancer showed her wares in a NYC park this weekend. Moira Johnston caught the eyes of many in Union Square Park as she demonstrated the legality of  a woman going topless in NY.

     A 1992 Court of Appeals ruling on Rochester's Topfree Seven made it OK for the gals to do what guys do and take their shirt off as long as its not done in a lewd or lascivious way.
     So far no reports of nudity in the North Country this year.
Perky protester spreads word about topless equality -

WDT: Candidates Show the Love and the Money

   People running for Congress can became like their own Super PACs, helping other local candidates run for office and by implication building the network of political support needed to win an election played out over about a dozen counties.
    While endorsements don't mean much per se, anyone who runs for office obviously has a network of supporters. The network can be influenced by the support of a local pol and by drips and drabs those small groups add up over the  many communities that dot the 21st Congressional District.
      At a time when turnout is lower and lower, the small affiliations and the handful of votes that come with them loom larger and larger.
       While press confernce endorsements mean little, a town supervisor who owns the corner store in remote Hamilton County can make his customers familiar with and favorable towards a candidate. Sometimes a little walking around money in that venue, means more than buying tons of ads on the Albany, Plattsburgh, Watertown and Central NY TV station.
Watertown Daily Times | Owens, Doheny share the wealth

As Primary Approaches, GOP Outsider Attracting Little Attention Beyond Her Own Facebook Page

    Apparently Congressional candidate Kellie Green was at the Armed Forces Day Parade, but I didn't see her.....So far voters are not seeing much of her campaign for the GOP nomination for Congress and even Republican strategists and insiders are surprised (and pleased) at the lack of a coordinated effort to defeat likely nominee Matt Doheny in the June 26 primary.
     The fear is not that she would would win...but that she could outperform expectations, revealing antipathy within the party towards Doheny. There is also the notion she could attack Doheny and soften him up on women's issues using the Gawker photos that frankly were doing Doheny no good til the manna from Heaven story broke about an allegedly unethical trip to Taiwan by Rep. Owens.

      Meanwhile prior to the parade, I spotted Mr. Doheny working the crowd and "making friends."  He poses here with members of the Black River Rollers.
       He is a hard working campaigner.
(29) Kellie Greene

EDITORIAL: Owens wrong to take Taiwan trip : - Glens Falls, Saratoga, Lake George NY area news

   The  Post Star newspaper in Glens Falls has taken time out to harshly admonish Rep. Bill Owens for the trip to Taiwan (and Israel) that was revealed through the reporting of a watchdog group unrelated to media in the NNY district.
    Glens Falls is in the heart of the three county swath newly added to the district and being fiercely fought over as voters are now just forming their initial impressions of Mr. Owens and his likely GOP challenger Matt Doheny. (Green candidate Donald Hassig is on the ballot and there is a Republican primary challenger named Kellie Greene)
   Only the most sycophantic Democrats are willing to accept that the lobbyist-paid for, luxury trip had something to do with creating jobs for North Country families.
    Newspaper headlines and editorial quotes are often used in television ads. You can bet this one from the Post Star will be used between now and November, as the incident speaks to a core suspicion voters have about the political class.
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Facebook Czar Weds Girlfriend of Nine Years

      Internet billionaire Mark Zuckerberg had quite a week..Making billions on the initial public offering of stock in Facebook, the social website he invented and which serves 900 million users.  Then the next day he gets married to Priscilla Chan, his girlfriend of nine years who just graduated from medical school.
    Guess he wanted to make sure she was employable.
Mark Zuckerberg marries Priscilla Chan in secret a day after $104bn Facebook IPO | Mail Online