Saturday, May 19, 2012

NYC Council President Weds Same Sex Partner

    Attitudes towards same sex marriage will get a political test in NYC over the next year as likely mayoral candidate and current City Council President  Christine Quinn today wed her longtime partner Kim Catullo, a Jersey girl turned Manhattan lawyer.
     The newlyweds were walked down the aisle by their father's, both WWII vets in their 80s. Both women lost their mothers at a young age.
       Former Court of Appeals Chief Justice Judith Kaye performed the ceremony with many political figures in attendance.

       A year after the state ok'd SSM and only days after the President professed his support, Speaker Quinn becomes a key test of attitudes towards the matter as she is expected to seek the mayor's job next year.
Council speaker Christine Quinn weds same-sex partner Kim Catullo, in city's highest-profile gay nuptials -

Classic Cars at Historical Society Deserve a Way to Look at Them

   A 1914 Saxon automobile was in the Armed Forces Day Parade today. The car was sold locally and is said to have been the first car ever in Three Mile Bay...
    This car is owned by the Jefferson County Historical Society located in the Paddock Mansion on Washington Street.

    The Museum also owns a Babcock...built in Watertown and fully restored.  These are great cars and it would be great to see them displayed in a venue you could actually see them. It would be nice if the Masonic Temple were gone and a nice modern display building could be put up.

Behling's Spookhill Farms Is Back!

    Jefferson County Legislator Michael Behling is back to what he did best after a sidetrip to pursue other things like government jobs.
     Mr. Behling has reopened his family's Spookhill Farm produce and garden store on Route 11 in Adams Center.
     Its good to see a NNY institution back.
Behling's Spookhill Farms Is Back! | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News

When Is "All You Can Eat" Too Much ?

   Few phrases can pack a room as much as the words "all you can eat."
   A Wisconsin man definately wants to eat a lot. And when Chuck's Restaurant in Thiensville, WI said a dozen pieces of fried fish was enough, the man called the cops.
    Should a restaurant be required to just keep filling your pie hole, no matter how harmful so much food could be ? And should the police be taking time away from real crime to respond to such matters ?
Local man protests restaurant's all-you-can-eat policy - TODAY'S TMJ4

Friday, May 18, 2012

State Lawmakers in SLC Could Field a Volleyball Team with One Left Over

    Even though the population of St. Lawrence County would only entitle it to about one Assembly and one-third of one Senate districts, the Big County nonetheless is now home to parts of four AD's and three Senate districts, thanks to redistricting.
    Final lines were approved today.
Watertown Daily Times | Final approval granted to legislative lines

Armed Forces Day.....A Reminder is Always a Good Thing

   Tomorrow is the Armed Forces Day Parade in Watertown and under sunny skies and pleasant temperatures, the event starts at 10AM at the High School and proceeds up Washington Street to downtown.
    It will be a great day to honor those who serve and those who have served.
    Last night a measure of the sacrifices made came through my door as members of a unit just back from overseas brought one of their comrades out for what for all of them is a typical night out in a bar.
    The young man named Ian had lost both his legs and was in a wheelchair and he came to the Mayor's Bar I am sure happy to enjoy a relatively normal moment.
    He was in far greater spirits than I could have imagined and played darts and enjoyed drinks with his buddies. We decked him out in a Fort Pearl T-Shirt and he seemed to enjoy his visit.
    The point is when the real results of combat meander into your life, perhaps for just a short time, please try to make the service member feel at home and comfortable and appreciated.


Facebook Set for Debut After IPO Seals $104 Billion Value - Bloomberg

   In less than a decade Mark Zuckerberg has taken Facebook from a dorm room project to a 19 billion dollar personal fortune and a social networking site linking 900 million world wide.
    Facebook has gone public with the IPO set at $38 a share.
    Some question whether it's worth what they say it's worth given conflicting assessments of the revenue potential of Facebook through advertising.
     It's still an amazing story.
Facebook Set for Debut After IPO Seals $104 Billion Value - Bloomberg

Polls......Snapshots Yes, But They Still Mean Something

     It looks like Congressional challenger Matt Doheny is finishing up with a lead in the straw poll on this blog conducted the past few days. Nearly 800 have cast ballots so far.
      While both sides surely tried to rally votes for their cause, a win is a win and coming out on top on the area's leading political blog is better than not coming out on top.
     In another survey on the Senate race, Patty Ritchie holds a wide lead over challenger Amy Tressider.
      Comparing the relative strengths of the two GOP candidates would seem to suggest Senator Ritchie is likely to dominate her race, while the Congressional race is much more of a neck and neck dog fight.

Newzjunky - City Condemns High Street Apartment Building Following Blaze

      The burned out apartment building on High Street will have to be torn down. That was fairly obvious the morning after the blaze which was allegedly set by a local man upset over a failed relationship..

High Street Building Likely to Be Razed

Newzjunky - City Condemns High Street Apartment Building Following Blaze

WDT: Stay at Home Mom Question Surprises Candidate

     The best part of this story is the graf way down in the story about someone asking Democratic Senate candidate Amy Tressider ifs she was not quailfied to run due to her status as a stay at home mom.
      Which reporter asked that question ?
       Raising five children and managing a household seems like a job to me. Of course, I have had to answer lots of dumb questions over the years. Last year, having zero children was billed as a disqualifier in some circles. And of course there is the 'can a bar owner be a mayor ?' slam.
       People will always be judged  by a variety of criteria and the list is as long as the list of voters.
       Actually, one of the reasons more people don't run for office is that if you have a regular nine to five job, you do not have the option of becoming what is necessary to win and that is being a full time candidate.
       Actually raising five children as a stay at home mom puts Ms. Tressider on a par with Ann Romney.
Watertown Daily Times | Amy Tresidder, Oswego County legislator, launches bid against Sen. Ritchie

The Vetting - Exclusive - Obama's Literary Agent in 1991 Booklet: 'Born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii'

    Here is a 1991 pamphlet from Barack Obama's literary agent which says the President was born in Kenya and not Hawaii.
    Defenders of the President say this is a mistake.
  The Vetting - Exclusive - Obama's Literary Agent in 1991 Booklet: 'Born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii'

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Donna Summer Dead -- Bummer

   Nothing worse than losing an iconic figure of your generation...I had a lot of fun in the disco era and Donna Summer was the Queen. May she rest in peace.
    Anybody else go the the Twilight 22 at the Bowl ?
Donna Summer Dead -- Disco Legend Died After Battle with Lung Cancer |

WDT: County Arena Plan a Bit Agressive

    In order not to be an affront to the local Community College, I voted for the $10,000 Watertown Trust contribution to a study on reuse of the Whispering Pines site on Coffeen Street.  The JCC Foundation is proposing a $60M multi-use facility for the site, and told county lawmakers they hope to start a college hockey team and house it there.
    I think there should be study of reuse of the Whispering Pines site...and I am a big fan of building dorms at the College. However, the marketplace determines things like arenas and you don't have to be a consultant to know when something is not affordable.
We would love to consider a college hockey team at the Fairgrounds Arena, and I am a fan of higher education, but I think what is proposed is a bridge too far.....
    I look forward to input into the process.
    Also today, my new friend City Council Jeff Smith and I spent time with Parks and Rec brass to discuss what could be done to host the Privateers Hockey Team. It was a productive session.

Watertown Daily Times | Local News, Sports, Features, and Community Information for Jefferson County, St. Lawrence County, and Lewis County in Northern New York

'Day To Remember' Honors Watertown Teen Who Committed Suicide | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News

   There is a justifiable reluctance in the media to cover suicides in any more than most perfunctory way, but a teen taking her own life on public property allegedly due to bullying does make the sad tale noteworthy.
    The death of Erin Foley on JCC property this week has created a stir in social media with fellow students organizing a 'day to remember'.
     It goes without saying the death is a tragedy and the issue of bullying is not new, but has received increased attention of late.
     The Internet provides an amplified venue for such razzing.
      A dialogue on the matter, whether at the dinner table or the classroom, will surely occur.

'Day To Remember' Honors Watertown Teen Who Committed Suicide | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News

On Line Polls.....View Them in Context

    One of the features of the Blogger program I use to compose this blog is the ability to conduct straw polls.
     This week a poll on the Congressional race revealed a close contest between Rep. Bill Owens and likely challenger Matt Doheny.
      While the technology limits you to one vote per computer, it is possible to orchestrate a different result by voting from multiple computers or by creating an email tree of people voting.
     The partisans are carping about the other side manipulating the poll and to an extent that's surely true in both cases.
     However, when you figure all of that cancels out, the close numbers probably do represent the truly close nature of this race.
     The campaigns have their own internal polling and the media cannot afford polling, so snapshots of the race are hard to come by.
      Today we will do a poll on the Senate race, but the results must always be viewed through the prism of the word "straw poll".

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Cindy Fends Off Nonsense on HOTLINE

    On Wednesday, HOTLINE listeners and fill in host Cindy Habeeb were subjected to some utter nonsense from the "hang up guy".....That's a guy with two cell a 'private line' not showing up on caller ID..the other is a cell with a California address.
    The caller who likes to play silly games on both the HOTLINE and Live at Five crossed the line when Cindy was filling in and was offensive to her and insulted listeners...
    Too bad for him, the jig is up....The good news is, Cindy says she enjoys doing the show and will continue to fill in.

Oswego County Legislator to Announce Bid for 48th Senate District Seat

   It's game on in the 48th Senate District as Oswego County Legislator Amy Tressider, 56,  makes official her candidacy against freshman Senator Patty Ritchie of Oswegatchie.
    Ms. Tressider will hold a presser tomorrow in Watertown, which is the geographic center of the three-county district.

    It will be a tough race for the challenger as Senator Ritchie is personally popular and is running in a GOP district where people may not want to cede control of the Senate to Democrats. The Senate is now 32-30 in favor of the GOP.
    The Ritchie campaign had no immediate response to the challenge.
    How about this, "The Senator congratulates Ms. Tressider on her candidacy and looks forward to explaining to voters the need for a Republican majority and detailing  the Senator's accomplishments in office."
     Ms. Ritchie has waged a relentless PR campaign, appearing at many events and leaving no maple tree untapped.
     The Senator is a likeable campaigner and popular with voters.

      From what I hear Ms. Tressider is a well spoken and informed challenger, so its not a slam dunk for Senator Ritchie, but she has to be considered a heavy favorite going in.
      As for my response. "I too congratulate Legislator Tressider on her candidacy and while I support Senator Ritchie as the best option for Watertown voters, I welcome the challenger to our City and hope she enjoys her time here."
Oswego County Legislator to Announce Bid for 48th Senate District Seat

Addie Gets to Vote as She Pleases...Because She Has No Foe

      Assemblywoman Addie Russell voted in favor of raising the minimum wage, even though the Governor's office says it will not become law this session.
       Ms. Russell can vote as she pleases on any issue she wants, as local Republicans now say candidly they have no candidate to run against her in the district running from Watertown to Massena.

            Isn't there a Rose Ward of the GOP they can put up as a sacrificial lamb ?
How They Voted On Minimum Wage

Chipotle Mexican Grill to Open in Late June in Watertown

    An important part of the eating process is good Mexican cuisine....Watertown's new Chipotle Mexican Grill is under construction adjacent to Stateway Plaza near I-81.
    It shares a building with Five Guys burger joint.
    Chipotle's will be open by the end of June.

Chipotle Mexican Grill to Open in Late June in Watertown

White House edits history to insert Obama

   Go anywhere on the White House website and you will find a plug for the current occupant.
   USA  Today reports that in each biography of a former President, there is a reference with links to something President Obama has done.
     As in during the Nixon years man walked on the Moon, meanwhile President Obama walks on water ?

White House edits history to insert Obama

Cap Not a Problem When Its for the Children

   No fewer than 51 of the State's nearly 700 school districts sought to override the 2% tax cap by requiring a super majority of 60% approval of the budget.
   One district in Stillwater failed to make it to sixty but it seems like the rest did.
   Few people vote on these budgets, but in Bethlehem, near Albany, some 6,000 cast ballots.
    Those who vote on budgets are those with a more direct stake in the system and extra spending doesn't bother them.
    Those who vote no are cranky, barren people clinging to their guns and bibles.
Budgets fly with voters - Times Union

School Budgets Get Thumbs Up

     With few participating, local school budgets were overwhelmingly approved in balloting yesterday.
North Country Voters Approve School Budgets | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News

WDT: Evans Mills and A-Bay HSBC Customers Handed Off This Week....Others Have Fled Already

   It's pretty clear Watertown Savings Bank has been the most successful at picking the carcass of HSBC Bank, which is getting out of Dodge this summer and selling off its branches to First Niagara and Community Bank.
    The folks down Dividend Drive have launched attracted more than 1000 new customers.
     Meanwhile the lines of customers have dwindled at HSBC, the bank that used to be known as Marine Midland. In its day, Marine had heated sidewalks at its Washington Street headquarters and the banks were mainstays for local business and institutional customers.
       While it can be said all banks are similar, the place people put their money is a personal decision and folks like to think the institution is there for them as well as offering friendly service.
       While employees at the local HSBC's have always been great to me, the corporate abandonment of upstate has left consumers puzzled and ready to flee.
Watertown Daily Times | Banks launch advertising campaigns, deals to grab HSBC customers

Cuomo Spox: No Deal On Minimum Wage This Session

    A spokesman for Governor Cuomo says there will be no deal on raising the minimum wage this session. The announcement was a surprise as observers had felt the Governor would try to broker a deal between the Assembly which passed the $1.25 hike and the Senate leadership which ostensibly opposes the increase.
Cuomo Spox: No Deal On Minimum Wage This Session

Library Talks Continue

   Talks continue on expanding hours at the Flower Memorial Library, which is not just an architectural treasure, but also a centerpiece for culture and learning.
   This past week, the Library Board of Trustees endorsed the notion of seven day a week operation, and the board outlined staffing and security needs.
    While Council is the primary funding source for the Library, it is technically run by the appointed eleven member board.
     Discussions will take place next Monday as lawmakers wrap up budget deliberations.
Watertown Daily Times | Flower library officials, city to discuss opening on Sundays

WDT: Man Arrested in High Street Fire as Woman Who Jumped from Window Tells Story

      The dramatic story of a Watertown woman who jumped to save her life puncuates the tale of yesterday's early morning fire on High Street that destroyed an apartment house, threatening lives and leaving many homeless.
      Meanwhile a city man, 25 year old Joshua Metzler, will be arraigned this morning on arson charges. Reports say the man was upset over a failed romance, and that prompted him to douse the porch in gasoline and ignite the blaze that spread quickly.
Watertown Daily Times | Local News, Sports, Features, and Community Information for Jefferson County, St. Lawrence County, and Lewis County in Northern New York

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Queen of Hearts Has a Winner

    After 47 weeks and sales of over $200K, the local  Elks Club has a winner in its Queen of Hearts raffle. That makes Dan Ritz richer by $50K and ends weeks of excitement and crowds at the Bradley St.   lodge.
Watertown Elks Lodge 496

Skelos: We Aren’t Passing Silver’s Minimum Wage Bill

   Senate Republicans say they won't pass the Assembly minimum wage bill, but they will surely pass some kind of compromise.
Skelos: We Aren’t Passing Silver’s Minimum Wage Bill

Silver Wants To Keep Sept. 11 Free Of Elections

    And I thought free elections were the best way to acknowledge what happened on 9/11....Now the Albany intelligencia wants to move the primaries from Tuesday to Thursday September 13.
    The smarter move would be have the state and local primaries coincide with the court ordered federal office primaries on June 26th.....I guess the Speaker wasn't thinking that far ahead.
     The first primary election I was in was back in 1991 and it was moved to Thursday because of Jewish holidays.
Silver Wants To Keep Sept. 11 Free Of Elections

Owens spokesman: private groups also funded trips to Canada, Israel « The In Box

     Rep. Bill Owens and his bride also got a free trip to Israel paid for by third party interests.
     His staff says this one was to help him learn the nuances of US-Israeli relations.
Owens spokesman: private groups also funded trips to Canada, Israel « The In Box

Patty Ritchie....Weed Fighter for Us !

    Senator, I have invasive weeds that poke up through cracks in my parking lot. Can I get some state money for repaving ?

Black Lake to receive $50,000 to fight invasive weeds that damage fish habitat | NorthCountryNow

WDT: Take That, You Politician !

   This is why some people call reporters "snarky".
    The Times political scribe ran a little "thinking of you" piece on Matt Doheny's participation in a hospital groundbreaking ceremony in Lowville, even though Mr. Doheny is merely a candidate and does not represent anything yet.
    The media found someone who was uncomfortable...or at least made to feel uncomfortable...due to participation by a politician....
    Sometimes politicians try to hard too look like incumbents, but just like we need a "mayor who's there", what is the harm in a candidate who wants to be there too ?
At least he wasn't in Taiwan.
Watertown Daily Times | Doheny breaks ground, hearts

Early Morning Watertown Blaze Suspicious, Witnesses Say

   A very dangerous situation on High Street early this as flames...possibly set by an arsonist....swept an apartment building. Neighbors and firemen got all the occupants out.
   Witnesses tell TV 7 a person with a gas can poured a flammable liquid on the porch and lit it.
    The 3 AM blaze could have been deadly and this is truly a heinous act.
Early Morning Watertown Blaze Suspicious, Witnesses Say | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News

Voting Today...Cindy Tomorrow

   School Board votes are today. Polls open from Noon to 9PM.
   Here in Watertown, popular School Board member Deltra Willis is running unopposed for reelection.
    Speaking of School Board members....Cindy Habeeb will be filling in Wednesday as host of America's Favorite Noontime Talk Show, the HOTLINE on AM 1240 WATN.

     Cindy is bringing her mellifluous tones and sparkling wit to the airwaves while I attend the Armed Forces Day luncheon.

WDT: Talk About Nattering Nabobs

   Proof positive the glass can be half full or half empty. The City is moving ahead with a long overdue and sought after remake of Clinton Street and the MSM concludes the project will only make parking woes worse.
   I might remind everyone that there has never been a road improvement project that didn't pose some inconvenience. As they say..'if you want to make an omelet, you have to break some eggs.'
   The bids for Clinton Street did come in well under budget, if you are looking for a silver lining for the cloud ahead. And even the most arduous journey always offers the prospect of light at the end of the tunnel.
    The Factory Street project next year will pose challenges for folks in my neighborhood. I will just have to suck it up and put my shoulder to the wheel in the hope better days are coming.

Watertown Daily Times | Clinton Street project may make Dulles parking woes worse

Monday, May 14, 2012

Council Moves Ahead With Aviary Remake...Pauses on Hockey to Get More Info.

    City Council gave the go ahead on renovating the former Zoo Aviary into a learning center and lawmakers also learned this year's reconstruction of Clinton Street is coming in a half million dollars under estimates.
    Council also gave management some more time to see if a deal can be worked out with the Privateers Hockey Team. The sticking point is still locker room space, but lawmakers ask for more information on cost and alternative uses for the space if built.
    Council completed all its budget discussion with the exception of a talk with the Library Board to be set up for next Monday.
    Council also took away a plow truck for the Fire Department and allocated a vehicle for the new Recreation Superintendent.
    There was little controversy as Council adjourned to executive session to discuss personnel issues.

Taiwan Weighs In On Congressman Owens' Controversial Trip | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News

    Wow, when a whole country puts out a statement on a Congressional trip, that's something special. The island nation of Taiwan says there was nothing inappropriate about Rep. Bill Owens trip there last Christmas.
     A website this past week alleged the trip violated House ethics rules due to a lobbyist paying for the trip.
    Mr. Owens office has also denied wrongdoing.
    The Taiwan story is extended by the government's statement and that's never a good thing.
     Meanwhile an on line poll on this blog has Mr Owens up by 25 points in his bid for a third term.  What's that all about ?
Taiwan Weighs In On Congressman Owens' Controversial Trip | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News

Look for Higher Prices as Retailers Add Wage Hike to Energy and Product Cost Hikes

    No surprise here....New Yorkers are in favor of giving away other people's money but not their own.
    A Siena Poll out today shows 78% of state residents favor raising the minimum wage from $7.25  to $8.50 an hour....The same survey shows 67% opposed to a pay hike for state lawmakers who have been at current levels since 1999.
     All of this means the wage hike will happen because there is political cover.

WDT: Work Session to Focus on Zoo, Hockey and Budget

     At least a year after deciding it wanted to keep the former aviary at Thompson Park, City Council will get a look at final plans for the 30 year old structure which is slated for conversion for a learning center.
    Council tonight will also hear an update on whether a hockey team will play at the Arena this coming winter.
    Finally, Council will have a budget review session.  In essence, Council has to decide on the tax rate as the numbers are close enough that a change in revenue assumptions could be used to zero out the levy increase.
     Watertown Daily Times | Council to discuss zoo’s learning center project

Reason #432 Why People Hate Government

     Something new to write tickets for and collect fines for ?
    Fort Lee, NJ, just across the bridge from Manhattan, is writing tickets to people who text while walking on the premise they are not paying attention to what they are doing.
     Has the world gone mad ?

Celebrity Kim Kardashian Texts While Walking

New Jersey town mounting crackdown on people who text while walking - NY Daily News

Cuomo would OK pay raise this year, not during his re-election year -

    Here we go again. The annual debate over legislative pay in Albany. A poll will show overwhelming opposition and the Governor will go along this year but not next year.
   The Governor is complaining that his senior staff is "upside down" in relation to subordinates who get raises and step increases and now make more than the commissioners.
    Is representing the people a job ? Well, yes it is and its one you have to renew every two years.
     Should a Senator make significantly less than someone handing out meds in a state hospital ?
      Should we continue to mask higher pay in hidden lulus and per diems ?
      Should we only elect lawyers who easily have the ability to earn money on the side ?
      Do we even want representation of any kind or can we just let the "professionals" run government on our behalf ?
      All interesting questions as we begin this annual dance in Albany.

Cuomo would OK pay raise this year, not during his re-election year -

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Could Hassig Be This Year's Doug Hoffman ?

     To this day, Matt Doheny attributes his narrow loss two years ago to Bill Owens on the impact of Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman....This year Mr. Doheny is hoping Green Party candidate Donald Hassig will be Rep. Owen's version of Doug Hoffman.

    There are some differences. Hoffman and Doheny competed in a GOP primary and were in essence competing for the same voters.
    The eclectic Green Party voter is not necessarily a person secretly wanting to vote Democrat but is lured away by the social justice and progressive economic policies of the Greens.
    People who vote for a Donald Hassig are in some ways just contrarians to who neither Owens or Doheny could ever lay claim to.
    But the fact is Team Doheny is hoping some of the "free stuff" crowd they feel usually votes Democratic will migrate to Line F on the ballot.
    Our own little on-line poll has Mr. Hassig at 5%, more than enough to make a difference in a really close race.
     Of course the MSM is committed to two party politics and will not cover Mr. Hassig...Plus he does things like dance in the lobby of public buildings, leading to the conclusion he is nuts.
     But when you vote Green, its not for a person, its for a concept. Time will tell on this one.

WDT: Former TIMES Scribe Pens Cover Story

   On this Mother's Day, after all these years I now find out there is something called "attachment parenting"....When I grew up there was a Dr. Spock book in the house so I assume those were the rules under which I was raised. I asked my Mom what she thought of attachment parenting when I called this AM...She didn't now what it was.
     In his later years Dr. Spock became an anti war activist and liberal. Of course we didn't know that in the 50s and just thought he was a doctor and not a Democrat.
       Now a former Times reporter has illuminated us in a TIME Magazine cover story that features yet another cover photo of a mother in a controversial pose. Magazines like what is dubbed "mommy porn" since a naked and pregnant Demi Moore proved a circulation boost some years back.

           Anyway the reporter who wrote the story called me once some years ago and after every premise offered were  the words "confirm or deny".  Mizzou grads know when those are the options, neither answer gets you anywhere you want to be.
        Nonetheless, penning a TIME cover story is an accomplishment and as a NNY native, Ms. Pickert deserves a shout out from the area's premier blogger.     
Watertown Daily Times | Former Times reporter’s Time cover story gets national attention

199 Wealtha Avenue...Noon or 5 PM is Fine...or You Can Call in at 755-1240

   Just what will we find out about our Congressional candidates before its time to vote ?
   Green Party candidate Donald Hassig is off limits as the local paper has a policy of not contacting him as they feel he is unstable and a nut.
   GOP underdog Kellie Greene just won't talk to media as she feels the liberal MSM is out to get her and is shilling for Owens and Doheny.
    As for the frontrunners, I haven't seen much of them of late either, but I did see a picture of Matt Doheny in a radio studio on Facebook.
    I have always been the luckiest voter around as I get to meet and talk to all these folks in my role as talk show host.
    Not that I deserve any more than the rest of you, but so far the candidates have been on the down low.

Hearings a Sign Minimum Wage Bill Coming

  With time on their hands, lawmakers in Albany are expected to increase the minimum wage before going home to get reelected.
   There are hearings being held around the state, a sure sign the Legislature plans on doing something and needs some political cover.
   In Buffalo a crowd turned out in favor of the $8.50 and hour pay.
Minimum wage debated at hearing - Business - The Buffalo News

Buffalo Debates, Rejects Pizzaria Tax Break

The honest debate over what is and is not economic development is not limited to Watertown. Across the Empire State, there is more and more scrutiny of public agencies that hand out goodies.
In suburban Buffalo a debate over tax breaks for a pizzaria resulted in the freebies being turned down.
Many communities have numerous IDA's cranking out exemptions of dubious value.
The debate that is being held on these matters is a good thing and the Legislature is wise to question the crazy quilt system that has arisen around the state in the past fifty years.

A pizzeria doesn’t need a tax break - David Robinson - The Buffalo News