Saturday, May 12, 2012

Catdaddy Catches On !

   The new and popular Catdaddy Spiced Moonshine sold only at The Mayor's Bar (Fort Pearl) has prompted the creation of a new dance....The Cat Daddy is performed on the Internet by Sports Illustrated model Kate Upton.
    After watching the dance you will want to stop at the Mayor's Bar tonight for a Catdaddy !
Catdaddy Carolina Moonshine // Age Verification

Hockey Team: PA Option Not Related to Watertown

      A Williamsport PA newspaper story to the contrary, Watertown is not competing agianst the Keystone State for the privilege of hosting the Thousand Islands Privateers.
       The Federal League commissioner told me that today.
      Talks have been going on to relocate the Privateers in Watertown at the Fairgrounds Arena and City Council is to get a briefing on the talks Monday.
New York town vying with city for hockey team - | News, Sports, Jobs, Community Information - Williamsport-Sun Gazette

D'Amato is Poker Players Friend

     The Bill Owens trip to Taiwan story can be tied back to something called the Poker Players Alliance, which is headed up by none other than former Senator Al D'Amato, who arranged for the Congressman's free trip to the island nation.
     I guess the PPA claims to represent over a million people on matters of Internet gambling. The poker reference came up in a WDT story I was reading today, so I Googled the former Senator and this PPA thing was right there.
     How was on line poker going to bring jobs to NNY ?
Poker Players Alliance - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

WDT: Seeds of Owens Trip Planted Years Ago

   While we are taught the world is divided between two rival parties and you have to choose sides, the trip to Taiwan story swirling around Rep. Bill Owens shows its really more about power and money.
    Mr. Owens was an independent for years and is now a Democrat, but he had long time GOP ties through his former law firm as well as with former Senator Al D'Amato.
   It was Mr D'Amato who lined up the free holiday trip to Taiwan for Mr. Owens and his wife.
    That trip is under fire from a good government group and of course from Mr. Owens likely GOP opponent.
     Add to that the subject of Internet poker is a part of this timeline story by the WDT.
      Those offended by all of this probably are no longer part of the pool of likely voters, and the rest of us are so jaded we see junkets as something that is just done.
       Does make you wonder if there are other trips, since this one was so easy to keep on the down low.

Watertown Daily Times | The politics of Owens story

Poll:Mitt Romney leads Barack Obama by Seven Points

   The craven, calculating way he did it may have been worse than the actual position he took. In the wake of the President's epiphany on gay marriage, Mitt Romney has surged to a seven point lead in one poll, the largest margin he has held to date.
    The marriage issue does what it does to the race and Mr. Romney should just stay fixed on the economic issues.
Mitt Romney leads Barack Obama by seven points in new national poll -

ABC Televising Tightrope Walk Over Niagara Falls

    What a tourism bonanza for Niagara Falls. Nik Wallenda making the first ever tightwire walk over the Falls and its all on TV...
ABC Televising Tightrope Walk Over Niagara Falls - ABC News

Doheny Campaigns Sees Opening On Taiwan Trip

    There is the usual back and forth over Rep. Bill Owens trip to Taiwan over the Christmas holidays. My question is how did our Member of Congress slip off to Taiwan with no one noticing ? It's almost five months later.
    The Matt Doheny campaign criticised the trip, saying the district could do better.
     The Owens loyalists (or Doheny haters, I don't know which) are busy with their 'our guy was kissing up to lobbyists but Doheny was kissing an operative' rationale.
     This is an opening for Mr. Doheny to take the shine off Mr. Owens who so far has avoided personal controversy in seeking a third term representing NNY.
      Its going to be a spirited campaign with the rival press flacks cranking out daily jabs at their foes.
Doheny Campaigns Sees Opening On Taiwan Trip

Friday, May 11, 2012

The Hard Sell from Scott Gray

  A couple weeks back I texted Scott Gray to get some flower sent for Secretary Day, which is clearly a make the florists rich holiday....
   But get this....the local florist promptly reminded me it had been a while since I sent flowers to my Mom.  After that shaming, I of course ordered flowers for Mother's Day and the ones that arrived in NC were, as always, wonderful.
   Thank God, we have a local florist willing to put the hammer down on slackers.

Get Your Motor Running....Looking for Adventure...

    We finished up taping today the Chamber of Commerce video for the Fireball Run Road Rally coming to Watertown in September.
    We had to do a sequence in a car...We being Chamber CEO Lynn Pietroski and I.....The car was a Nissan 370Z...I remember in college my folks had a Datsun 240Z. This was an OK car for $50K.

     I would have preferred a Charger with a hemi from Billy, but the Chamber had made the deal with Davidson's for the foreign car.
    Anyway Lynn and I looked pretty hip tooling around....Well, I just assume people thought that...Maybe they though Lynn was giving her dad a ride in her new sports car.
     Can't wait to see the video.

WDT: Owens Has His Kiss in the Restaurant Story

    Rep. Bill Owens has released a statement on a story so far only covered on the Internet, so it must be seen as a potential problem.
    The topic is the trip to Taiwan.
     Here's the deal..Being in Congress has its privileges and sometimes that means a free trip dressed up as promoting trade or jobs.
     I remember as a youngster, my folks would go on trips to attend professional conferences and they were always somewhere really nice....Same get to a point in life and you like a little extra...and for the Owens, ascending to Congress is a great capstone to a successful and distinguished legal career in Plattsburgh.
    They got a trip to the Orient....and since its an election year, that becomes an issue...Nobody would cover it or care about it otherwise...
    I do agree with Danny Francis that if a trip is for official purposes it should be charged to the taxpayers...But that can be controversial too.

Watertown Daily Times | Full Owens statement on Taiwan trip

Bill Clinton calls Obama ‘amateur’ president: book -

     Despite all the party niceties, who ever really thought Bill Clinton got over his treatment in 2008 and who really believes he is a big fan of Barack Obama ?
     A new book says Mr. Clinton thinks of Mr. Obama as an "amateur" and begged wife Hillary to take on the uncumbent President this year.
Bill Clinton calls Obama ‘amateur’ president: book -

Obama hangs with Clooney in L.A. - The Washington Post

      With his affirmation of gay marriage official, President Obama could venture safely to George Clooney's house for a $40,000 a head fundraiser expected to raise as much as $15million for the President's reelection effort.
      Hollywood is a big part of Mr. Obama's support base, and support had been waning because the President was not liberal enough on some issues.
Obama hangs with Clooney in L.A. - The Washington Post

Judge Canned for Ticket Fixing

    A rookie cop who didn't know what "SMA" vanity plates were wrote a ticket to the wife of a judge...The ticket was "fixed" and a big probe is launched. The decision was to remove a judge from office and a pious admonition about how ticket fixing creates two systems of justice.
     That's a revelation ?

 Former Judge Diane Schilling
      SMA stands for State Magistrates Association and motorists are supposed to get some slack within reason. A professional courtesy if you will since police have to regularly appear before justices.
      It's like those PBA stickers that get you out of a ticket. Members of the State Legislature get those as a courtesy.
       I am sorry if I am not shocked to hear tickets are fixed.

Judge kicked off the bench - Times Union

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Politico- Lobbyists Fund Owens Trip to the Orient....Ooops I Mean Asia

    North Country Congressman Bill Owen's got a shout out on tonight for a free trip he and his wife took to Taiwan last year.
     The journey is said to have been sponsored by a lobbyist...which I guess is a no-no.
      Of course, its important our NNY representitive have a thorough understanding of the island nation.
       Good story to get planted, but whether the NNY MSM goes with it is doubtful.
Lobbyists behind N.Y. lawmaker’s $22K Taiwan trip - Justin Elliott - ProPublica -

Romney: Gay couples should have right to adopt

     It's OK to adopt children if you are a gay couple in Mitt Romney's world....But the GOP candidate for President still insists marriage should only be between a man and a woman.
     So in a nation $16trillion in debt all anyone is talking about this week is same sex stuff.
Romney: Gay couples should have right to adopt - The Washington Post

Twin Bats Baby Blues and Sells Radio Package

    I bought advertising today from Kari Plumpton at Community Broadcasters. I thought I was buying the package proposed and all of a sudden she upsold me to spots on the FOX.
     I can see how she sold all those cars back in the day. She started by asking me to look at her new eyelash extensions and when I looked in her eyes I wanted to spend more.
     The Mayor's Bar is doing an add blitz in June as with a full nest at Fort Drum, its a good time to get new customers sampling Watertown's authentic neighborhood tavern.
    Stop over and have a Catdaddy today !

Mitt Romney apologizes for high school pranks that ‘might have gone too far’ - The Washington Post

    Who cares what dumb pranks the Mittster did while in prep school in Michigan. So what if he pinned a kid down and cut his hair ?
     We know nothing of the President's time at Occidental College or Columbia University.
     As for Mr. Romney, he has led such a prissy life, the littlest things come to light.
Mitt Romney apologizes for high school pranks that ‘might have gone too far’ - The Washington Post

WDT: Mercy Closure Date Firming Up

     The pending closure of the Mercy Hospital complex on Stone Street is coming into focus, with next April 1st, the likely date all patients will be out of the nursing home operated by Samaritan Medical Center.
       At that time the building becomes vacant.
       In an effort to update City Council and other persons interested in the matter, I distributed a memo updating closure and ownership issues, along with a recommendation that talks resume on devising a response plan.
       The memo will also be discussed at this morning's meeting of Advantage Watertown.
Watertown Daily Times | Samaritan Medical Center begins process to figure out Mercy closure plan

Guy in Jail Scores 41% Against Sitting President

     With nominations not in doubt, primaries are now perfunctory...But in West Virginia on Tuesday Democrats gave a felon who is serving time in a Texas prison a whopping 41% of the vote against President Obama.
     Keith Judd has run before.  His strong showing is attributed to the "war on coal" some feel the President is conducting.  A HOTLINE caller referred to Mountain State voters as "hillbillies" and "goobers".....
Keith Judd: How the felon won -

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mitt Romney Reiterates Opposition To Gay Marriage And Civil Unions Before Obama Backs Gay Marriage

   GOP Presidential candidate has had his own "evoultion" on the matter of same sex marriage, but today he said he is against it.
   He is against civil unions too.
    Just as the President has done for years, Mr. Romney is saying what he feels he needs to say to fit the moment.
    Mitt Romney Reiterates Opposition To Gay Marriage And Civil Unions Before Obama Backs Gay Marriage

Elks Making a Bundle......Good for Them

      A fifty cent sign in pool be damned....The local Elks Club is on the verge of netting $150K on a raffle called the Queen of Hearts...And that doesn't count the week after week of dinners and drinks at the weekly Tuesday drawing.
      Good for them...They picked the lock.
      A legal way to make a lot of money doing what would be illegal in other venues.
      Watertown Elks Lodge 496

Homer Perkins Dies at 87

     A longtime friend and supporter, Homer Perkins, passed this morning at age 87.
      Homer was a fixture in the City as a businessman and a supporter of the fire service. He had a truck named for him some years ago.
      Over the years, Homer and his family have been supporters of me, and we both overcame the divide between a Baptist and a bar owner.
      He will be missed, as will his wit and wisdom.
                     Call hours are Friday a Calarco and a funeral is Saturday at Brookside.

Finally....POTUS Embraces Gay Marriage

   Today the President of the United States put aside the political facade and embraced same sex marriage.
    The new position comes after the Vice President floated the issue over the weekend and a day after North Carolina voters pass a Constitutional amendment banning the practice.
    My mom voted against the amendment.
    The American people have been moving towards support for same sex marriage with a Gallup Poll this week showing a 50-42 margin in favor.
     New York State legalized the ceremonies last year.
     It has long been standard among pols to submerge their own views and tow the line on supporting the premise that marriage is only between a man and a woman.
     Of course there are also those who vehemently oppose gay marriage.
State of Politics Blog

Clerk: New Car Numbers Continue to Surge

   Locally, new car sales continue to chug along at or above pre recession levels. 544 new cars were registered last month at the Jefferson County Clerk's office.
   NNY consumers are looking for a hemi as well. Dodge and Chrysler sales lead the pack.... :: Jefferson County Clerk :: New Vehicle Registrations

WDT: Obamacare to be the Issue Used on Owens

    With commercials set to begin ripping Rep. Bill Owens for his vote in favor of Obamacare, it's clear the GOP and its surrogates plan on making the health care makeover the centerpiece of their 2012 effort.
     NNY challenger Matt Doheny is also banking on the Supreme Court striking down all or part of the law.
     It's clear that Obamacare, once implemented, would through the marketplace create a single payer system. The fine for employers to not cover workers is far less than the cost of covering, thus creating the economic incentive for employees and employers to abandon their current arrangements.
     The dilemma for the GOP is to explain their points in a manner that makes sense and persuades average people that the new health system is too expensive and not in their best interest.
     That won't happen in 30 second spots featuring fuzzy, slow motion black and white images of Mr. Owens and former Speaker Pelosi. Doheny says villification of Ms. Pelosi is no longer a tactic.
      I think the old Ross Perot flip chart style would work, but that's not what the consultants and handlers want to produce.
       Since many people support what they see as the pluses of Obamacare (like pre-existing condition coverage) and since much of the law doesn't kick in til 2014, it's a confusing issue that is hard to explain in the usual formats.

in ads starting Wednesday for his vote in favor of President Obama's heath care overhaul

County Hopes To Expand Business At Watertown Airport | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News

   It's not the first time this was talked about. I can remember Mayor Karl Burns, back in the day he chaired the Airport Commission, talking about the Watertown Airport becoming an incubator for small business.
   It didn't really catch on and a period of decline for the airport ensued as the industry changed and the City was unable to commit the resources to really run it.
   The County takeover a few years ago proved a good move, not just because it removed a burden the City could not sustain, but because it brought a greater range of people into funding and building the airport.
    The facility is much better under County stewardship and people are using it again.
County Hopes To Expand Business At Watertown Airport | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News

23-Year-Old Sackets Harbor Woman Opens Own Business

     It's always a pleasure to read of someone starting their first business and having the drive and initiative to make something happen...I think some people call it being a maker instead of a taker..
     That sounds harsh but its true...It takes a lot of work to succeed in small business, but its those like this 23 year old in Sackets who remind us there is still an entrepreneurial spirit.
      Kate Johnson opens her Harbor Paws Grooming Boutique later this month.
23-Year-Old Sackets Harbor Woman Opens Pet Grooming Salon

Senator: Dredging work on Henderson Harbor "cut" Is My Doing

   Its a good thing Senator Ritchie has such a prolific PR team, or we wouldn't know what a good job she is doing.
   State money is clearing out the "cut", a narrow water passage between Association Island and the mainland. The "cut" allows easy passage from Henderson Harbor to Lake Ontario, but it had become filled with rocks and silt.
    Without Facebook, I wouldn't even have known this was going on.
Dredging work on Henderson Harbor "cut" - YNN, Your News Now

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Do What You Want Hill

    Hillary Clinton can let her hair down...or do what she wants with it...The Secretary of State and former First Lady says she is glad to be at a point in life where she can't look anyway she wants and doesn't have to conform...
    It is, I am sure, a liberating moment for someone so long in the public eye.
TRENDING: Clinton addresses ‘au naturale’ moment – CNN Political Ticker - Blogs

4 kids strapped to car driver arrested

Was he a Romney supporter ?
4 kids strapped to car driver arrested | The Journal Gazette

Scoop Jardine tells TMZ: 'I'm going to buy my mom a house' with first NBA paycheck |

    You gotta at least like the start this NBA player is off to...SU star Scoop Jardine when ask what he would do with his first NBA check...his answer was to buy his mom a house....
     What, no skanks....?
Scoop Jardine tells TMZ: 'I'm going to buy my mom a house' with first NBA paycheck |

Video on Watertown Features Library

      Watertown Chamber CEO Lynn Pietroski and I were at Flower Library today taping segments for a promotional video on Watertown to be used as part of the Fireball Run Road Rally coming to town in September.
       Ms. Pietroski took to being on TV with her flowing locks and sassy demeanor. (Don't worry, the statue is not in the final product.)

The roughly three minute video is being produced courtesy of Steve Weed Productions and Steve is nice enough to be doing it for free. 
Steve is a good citizen for sure.

Obama In Albany

   President Obama was on the ground a little over two hours, but he crammed the photo ops into his trip to Albany today. His purpose was to tout high tech development and jobs...but for the President NY provides a friendly venue and for Governor Cuomo a national stage to advance his 2016 prospects.
Obama’s Albany Blueprint

Team Doheny Touts Optimistic Analysis of Race

   Political pundit Stu Rothenberg is listing NY 21 as a winable seat for the GOP and that has the Doheny campaign trumpeting the analysis.
    It is certainly winnable given Doheny's three primary plusses...the traditional voting patterns of the area...his access to resources...and his personal energy and intellect.
    On the flip side, NNY has been trending Democrat of late, Rep. Owens looks and sounds like a Member of Congress...and the recent Gawker piece opens the door for unfortunate comparisons in the newly added eastern parts of the district.
     I think a lot of Doheny's prospects hinge on how Mitt Romney is faring in the national beauty contest. If President Obama's approval hovers in the 40s and Mr. Romney makes a strong case, I think it helps here.
     It also depends on Doheny's ability to keep the race focused on his core economic and tax issues as that is not where Mr. Owen's wants the campaign to head.
     If Doheny comes out of his primary with 70+,  and talks about what he is an expert at, then its competitive...and he can win.
     A lot can happen in six months and except for dolts like us, most people are not really focused yet...

POTUS in Albany for Gala Political Show and Tell

   It's a really big show in Albany today as President Obama visits the Nanotech Center at the State University at Albany.
    A lot of threatrics go into such a visit and most of the prominent pols will be there to bask in the glow...
    Governor Cuomo will be showcasing himself for the national stage he expects to be on in 2016.

    Pol to watch...Will our Congressman be there with the President ?  Or is it too risky for Rep. Owens to be too closely linked to a White House with only so-so approval numbers?
     That won't be an issue on the other side as Mitt Romney will likely never venture to NY, a state he now trails in by 22 points.
State of Politics Blog

Maple City Offers On Line Bill Paying

    For all the hits the Maple City took in the Knox Street mess, our friends in Ogdensburg do have a nice municipal website and they offer on line bill paying.
    Trashing the 'burg is a cottage industry for some anonymous commenters, but Mayor Nelson and company got it right on this one.
Ogdensburg, NY - Official Website

Policy Keeps Teachers & Students From Being Facebook Friends

    Inappropriate contact between teachers and students has always happened from time to time, but the Internet sort of turbocharges the problem and that's why schools like Heuvelton now have policies banning Facebook friending between teachers and students.
    There is so much social media and a new generation is on line so much, it seems difficult to control, but guildelines and policies are a start and remind everyone how easy it is to get carried away on line.
Policy Keeps Teachers & Students From Being Facebook Friends | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News

Moving Targets...Will Primary Dates Change ?

   It's possible the  June 26 primary for federal offices will be moved to coincide with a new date being contemplated for primary elections for other offices including those on the state and local level...Or Albany may actually move all primaries to June 26.
    In order to comply with a federal law on sending out military ballots on time, a court ruled primaries for US Senate and Congress had to be held earlier and June 26 was picked.
    Actually all primaries used to be held in June til the GOP led the charge for September primaries way back in the 70's.
     There was a reason at the time but no one remembers what it was.
     Holding separate primaries in June and September seems at the least confusing.
      For NNY, there are GOP primaries for Congress and US Senate.
      Party insiders say turnout will be ten to fifteen percent at best.

Media grows bored of Occupy Movement -

      The MSM paid less attention to Occupy activities on May Day, according to a study of such things by a media watch dog group. The contention is that media is bored with covering the issue of income inequality and the 99% versus the 1%.
       The same really could be said of the Tea Party which was a big deal for a while.
       Media is really like people in general...Short attention span and a need to move on to the next circus act.
       Occupy protestors are expected in Watertown this Saturday, but are not expected to garner much attention.
Media grows bored of Occupy - Occupy Wall Street -

Monday, May 7, 2012

WDT: What Percentage of the Public Knows What "Franking" Is ?

     Banning free mailing for elected officials sounds good..  Free mailing (franking) is self serving, but it also allows the electeds to stay in touch with voters...That's the prerogative of winning. Congressional hopeful Matt Doheny wants it banned.
    Senator Ritchie does all sorts of mailings and surveys...They all do...Both parties...
    This could be a canary in the coal mine issue to point out government waste...or it could be a bullsh-- issue that makes little difference.
     The problem with wanting to cut spending is it puts you at odds with the prevailing view, which is free sh-- is good.
     I will say, you can't oppose franking and be in favor of I-98....Of course, Bill Owens favors both franking and I-98, so he can't claim the moral high ground either.
Watertown Daily Times | Doheny: End 'franking'

Council to State: Have You Considered the Private Sector ?

        City Council approved a zoning change on Washington Street to allow a fine local buisnessperson to actually use her property for something.
        Council also deferred on leasing City parking space to the State for use by workers while the SOB garage is closed for repairs.
       At my urging, Council urged the State to approach nearby lot owners including the Medical Arts Building and Masonic Temple to see if they want to rent space. They are closer and why not help the private sector.
      Besides, State workers and anyone else can park where they want anyway...
      Lawmakers also approved a contract with City firefighters.

White House spokesman grilled over Biden’s same-sex marriage comments - The Washington Post

   The President is in favor of same sex marriage but can't say so till after the election. That's we the Administration is using its dog whistle, Joe Biden, to signal the support to core constituencies while the President utters the 'marriage is between a cat and dog'.
    I've carefully monitored the City Clerk's office since the NY same sex law took effect. So far no evidence of social decay other than the usuals who file into City Court across the hall.
White House spokesman grilled over Biden’s same-sex marriage comments - The Washington Post

Assembly Dems May Consider Bill to Legalize Human Cockfighting

   One of New York's endearing examples of over governing is that it is one of only three states not to allow human cockfighting (ultimate fighting) within its borders.
   Now we learn the Assembly may allow a vote on a Senate-passed bill to coarsen the State by providing the entertainment.
     Its ironic that Assembly Democrats would consider a bill like this given their tendency to want to outlaw so many other things.
     Human cockfighting is degrading and contributes to a debasing of basic values. Sure, lots of other things do to, but why speed the decay of the empire, or in this case, the Empire State.
Legalizing casinos in New York won't hurt gambling in Atlantic City, Donald Trump says - NY Daily News

WDT: A Retail Approach to Government Services Needed

     In some ways its a minor thing, but in other ways its an example of developing a retail-based approach to the City's interaction with the public.
      Installing ATM's at City Hall and the Arena would be a convenience for consumers and a modest revenue stream for the City.
       The devices are just about everywhere as folks access cash to make purchases they do not want to charge on a credit card.
        The use of plastic and on-line payment systems has become a pet issue for Councilman Joe Butler and I. City Clerk Ann Saunders also sees the need everyday as the public crowds her office to pay for various fees and licenses.
        Mr. Butler has been a strong advocate for revamping City systems to allow on line payment of taxes, water bills, trash bills and other routine expenses.
         Councilman Butler has a banking background and I am in retail, so we appreciate the changes in consumer practices and attitudes.
Watertown Daily Times | City ponders ATMs in City Hall, ice arena

Gender law next up for gay rights - Times Union

    With same sex marriage already the law of the land in NYS, there is a move afoot now for a gender protection law to protect the rights of the transgender community to express themselves.
      This may be a bridge to far for lawmakers who felt gay marriage was a reasonable accommodation.
     Critics have dubbed the legislation "the bathroom law" because they claim it protects the right of trannies to use whatever public rest room they feel is appropriate.
      Some years back a Watertown industrial company built a third rest room on the production floor when a transgender worker made members of his past and future sex uneasy.
       My guess is the goal of advocates is to outlaw such responses to an awkward situation.
Gender law next up for gay rights - Times Union

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Time to Man Up ? Danica Delivers Brushback Pitch to Old Rival

       Sometimes you have to let 'em think you are a little crazy...Danica Patrick gave a bump to longtime rival Sam Hornish yesterday at Talledega, sending Hornish into the wall on the cool down lap after the race.
       If you like Patrick, it's gutsy, aggressive, in your face driving.
       If you don't like her it's poor sportsmanship and evidence of her cavalier attitude.
        There will be no discipline...just a warning not to do it again....I think the point was made.
        Like a little chin music from Bob Gibson.
Danica Patrick, Sam Hornish Jr. at odds after NASCAR Nationwide race –

BBC News - Socialist Francois Hollande wins French presidency

   Socialist Francois Hollande has won the French Presidency with a three point win over one term President Nicholas Sarkozy.
    Its the first leftist government since the Mitterand Presidency in the 80s.
BBC News - Socialist Francois Hollande wins French presidency

The Top of the World For Sale... …A History

With word the Thousand Islands Skydeck was for sale, I couldn't help wondering about its history....Why anyone would build it since we know it would never be built today...You could never get it by the DEC, various planning boards, and others who would argue its ugly.
  It was a product of its era and while I can't imagine who would buy it, it's an interesting bit of Americana.
The Top of the World For Sale... … > Thousand Islands Life Magazine > Thousand Islands Life Magazine All Archives

Nelson Sworn in Monday as NYCOM President

   Ogdensburg Mayor Bill Nelson is sworn in tomorrow at President of the NY Conference of Mayors. The Conference meets for its annual meeting in Saratoga Springs.
   Mayor Nelson has been active in NYCOM for years and the North Country should be proud of his leadership and hard work.
    Mayors like Bill commit a lot of their time and effort at the espense of their regular job and family to make sure their community is represented.
     As one who has done it for years as well, let me offer congratulations and thanks to Bill.
                                    Mayor Nelson During a Recent Trip to Pete's
(19) Bill Nelson

For Christine Quinn’s Wedding, Politics an Uninvited Guest

     The political wedding of the year in NYS is later this month in Manhattan when NYC Council President Christine Quinn walks down the aisle with long time partner Kim Catullo in a ceremony noteworth as Ms. Quinn is considered the leading candidate to succeed Mayor Michael Bloomberg in Gracie Mansion.
     The mayoral election is in 2013.
      Ms. Quinn had been a high profile advocate for marriage equality and her wedding is less so, even though the Governor and the State's two Senators are invited.
      In this arena, everything has a political component but in today's NY, and given Ms. Quinn's long standing in public life, this affirmation between two long time partners is not likely to raise the eyebrows or cost the votes it once would have.
For Christine Quinn’s Wedding, Politics an Uninvited Guest -

WDT: Despite New Laws Plastic is Expensive Way to Spend

     As more and more people use plastic for the most minor of purchases, the size and scope and cost of the credit and debit card processing industry becomes known. Retailers and consumers spend lots of money on fees.
     People now routinely buy a cup of coffee, or a candy bar with their card. Restaurants barely deal in cash anymore.
      Everybody has plastic and every transaction costs.
      Of course there is a loss of liberty too as your life can be traced through purchase records.
       Like cell phones and the Internet the conversion to a cashless society changes a lot of things.
       It wasn't long ago the factory workers would line up at the nearby taverns to cash their checks so they could have a pocket full of cash...
       While cash still is the primary instrument in my business, a lot of it comes from the ATM so its still really plastic.
      Now the government wants to know who processes your cards so they can track your cash flow....
     It's eerie and expensive.
Watertown Daily Times | Debit card fees